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phattiest ass

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After we finish fucking we are laid up on the couch with Mea in the middle.I get a text message from my young cuz that go to VSU.Asking me if he could use my spot for couple hours.I ask why? He said met this girl i been trying to fuck but my roomies are having a frat meeting here.So i told him you have your key and wrap it up. He text ok.So grab my clothes kissed Mea and left.I jump in my whip and head up brood street.I pull over at WaWa to get some gas.I go in to pay for the gas and i get in line im standing behind this Brown skin dude close hair cut with the phattiest ass ive ever seen.Damn he pays for his stuff as he turn around i notice he is cute and had on a work badge that says his name and Wachovia Bank. I pay for my gas and walk out and he hangs the gas pumps up get in his black 96 mustang and pulls off.

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Post Posted: 2015-12-02 14:32:15
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I bet he want some of that...LOL

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