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Pain & Secrets

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When he said it was all mine i just stood there ! I couldnt believe he really bought me a car.

Nell- babe wait wait ! Did my mom know about this ?

Rula- yes

Nell- how did she become so cool with you ?

Rula- i explained to her that im really feeling you and how im trying to change ...

Nell- ( smirks ) now you know you are nnn..

Rula- shhh ( looks over at momma )

Nell- haha wow !

Rula- not but ive been trying to switch up . But itll take sometime .

Nell- yes i know ... But this car thing is a joke right ?

Rula- no its yours !

Nell- why are you giving me all of this stuff ? Whats the catch ?

Rula- you are the catch babe . I didnt just come here to give you the jeep but i came to take you out tonight .

Nell- are you sure ...

Rula- kinda ...

Nell- babe we dont have to do it if your not ready ...

Rula- i just wanted this day to be special .

Nell- it still can be .

Rula- how ?

Nell- think hard ...

Rula- you want it ?

Nell- i mean i can wait but ...

Rula- just admit you want daddys dick .

Nell- shut up . I want to drive !

Rula- lets go .. Actually you and your momma can go for a drive first .

Nell- ( smiles ) ight babe ! .... MOMMA ! Come on

My mother started walking our way .

Momma- where we going ?

Nell- me and you i want to drive it .

Momma- oh well alright lets go .

We got in the jeep and i was off . The whole ride my mom and i was talking about how nice it drives and how dope the interior was .

Momma- this Rula must really have something going on with you ...

Nell- ma how do you even know him .

Momma- i know his mother .

Nell- where is she ?

Momma- she died a couple years ago . And he went downhill ever since .

Nell- why didnt he recognize you ?

Momma- he still says he doesnt remember me . They were never around anyways .

Nell- oh him and Dee ?

Momma- yes Dee ..

Nell- ohhhh alright .

I made my way back home and Rula was still there leaning on his car . I got out the car and walked up to him and kissed him .

Rula- haha what was that for ?

Nell- cause your amazing

Rula- i am not .

Nell- what did i say ?

Rula- oh excuse me boss !

Nell- let me drive you now .

Rula- you gonna try to kill me .

Nell- why would u say that .

Rula- im just kiddin babe !

Nell- better be ! But now i dont feel like driving you .

Rula- thats fine . ( snatches the keys ) get in .

Nell- ( gets in the car ) where we going ?

Rula- to my house .

Nell- when are you going back to Texas ?

Rula- tomorrow morning ..

Nell- oh ( sinks in the seat some and looks out the window ) cool

Rula- ( puts his hand out ) dont do that ...

Nell- ( holds Rulas hand ) ight its just i dont want you to go again . Cant wait until your here to stay .

Rula- only like 1 month left .

Nell- well i cant wait to come there for Christmas .

Rula- i cant wait either . ( squeezes Nells hand a little ) .

Nell- i need a new tattoo .'

Rula- what do you want to get?

Nell- i dont even know .

Rula- i want to get my mom, dad and my grandparents on my back . I want it to cover my whole back .

Nell- what happened to them ?

Rula- they all passed away .

Nell- oh im sorry ...

Rula- its cool im a tough nigga . I get by ...

Nell- so thats how you know my mom ? From your mom ?

Rula- yea but i dont remember her though ...

Nell- yeah she told me .

Rula- oh you need to get the car registered in your name . I paid for the jeep fully and imma pay a years worth of car insurance .

Nell- no your not .

Rula- ( looks over at me quickly ) haha you cant stop me .

Nell- why do you want to do that ?

Rula- cause i can and i want too .

Nell- well thank you !

Rula- no problem babe .

When we got to and in the house . Rula started acting weird .

Rula- something isnt right ...

He ran upstairs and i went with him . When he made it into his room i saw his draw drop . I ran in the room and the safe that had the money in it was gone .

He turned to me looking furious .

Rula- what the fuck did you do!! I TRUSTED YOU !!!

Nell- What ? I didnt do shit !


He grabbed me up and slammed me against the wall .

Nell- Rula i swear i didnt take anything . Get the fuck off of me .

He threw me to the side and went downstairs . I went over to where the safe was and there was a paper folded on the floor . I opened it and it read ..

From your brother Dee,

Sorry man i owe you ... Please forgive me ...

I got up and started running down the stairs . As i got down to the last step Rula was standing there with the door open as if he was waiting for me to get out .

Nell- babe what are you doing ?

Rula- man get the fuck out i dont ever want to see you again ! All this shit i did for you . You ungrateful lil bitch !

It felt like he stabbed me in my heart . I just stood there and looked at him like are you serious .

But i didnt even respond . I just took the note as i was walking out and threw it behind me .

Nell- your going to regret everything you just said to me ... Oh and ( throws the keys on the counter ) take those too . Thanks for trusting me though .

I walked out feeling hurt . I just kept walking and walking . I had my head down the whole time not knowing where i was going . Until i heard a horn beep at me . But i just knew it was Rula so i ignored it . But they kept beeping . So i looked over and it was A familiar face ... I squinted and it was a female in the passenger side that looked like Alise and a group of guys . When the window came down it was this " ex " ... I went running . I knew something was up . As i started running i heard them running after me . I guess i wasnt running fast enough cause 1 of them put me in a choke hold as the other guys started punching me in my stomach and face . Then they let me fall to the floor and i tried fighting back but i was getting hit from every direction " oh this nigga still got a fight huh " . Then i felt kicks to my body . I felt my nose and lip bleeding . When i opened my eyes i seen Rula with a gun running towards the fight . He shot up in the air . And they went running . I got up slowly limping . Rula came to help me . But i pushed him away blood was dripping from my nose . My clothes were ripped and dirty .

Rula- you have to come with me !


He grabbed me and carried me .

Nell- ouchhhh fuck !!!! Just put me down please .

I was in so much pain a tear fell from my eye .

Rula- listen baby im sorry i mean it .

I ignored him as he rushed me to the hospital .

When we got there i was treated . I had bruised ribs and glady my nose wasnt broken . But my lip needed stitches .

After the treatment was over i guess Rula told my mother cause she came running into the room .

Momma- my babyyy ! What happened to you ?

Nell- I got jumped ill be fine ..

Momma- who did this to you .

Nell- i dont know them but i know the girl who was with them .

Momma- who ??

Nell- Alise ..

Momma- who is she .

Nell- 1 of my friends ex . Shes fucking crazy . She had friend jumped too .

Momma- oh hell nah ( takes out phone )

Nell- ma stop dont !

Momma- hell nah im calling your father ( walks out cussing )

When she walked out Amiya Tey and Leo came inside .

Amiya- oh my god !

Tey- who did this !?

Leo- Cornell ...

When Leo said my name a tear dropped from my eye . Cause i felt like he knew who did this and i can feel the pain he felt seeing me like this .

Nell- its that fucking bitch Alise . Her and those boys and her Ex .

Amiya- fuck that im whooping her ass . Dont stop me nomore .

Tey- fuck this .. Its getting out of control . Imma do something about this !

Nell- chill its just gonna get worse !

Tey- fuck that .

Leo came beside the bed and held my hand like i held his .

Leo- im sorry this is my fault ... I shouldve left her ass a long time ago .

Nell- its not your fault . I will be fine .

Rula comes in with a smile but that smile turned into anger . He walked in and stood in back off Leo . Leo turned and looked at Rula .

Leo- We got a problem .

Rula- get your hands off of him . So yes we do .

Leo- ( gets in Rulas face )

Rula- you dont want this ...

Tey- Leo come on .

Leo- ( looks back at Nell then back at Rula ) so this is him huh ?

Nell- ...

Rula- ( balls his fist up )

Tey- come on Leo !

Leo stepped back and walked out slamming the door .

Rula- i ... Im sorry i read the note .

Nell- ok

Rula- i apologize for going off on you like that . And calling you out of your name ...

Nell- Dre im good . Honestly i just thank you for trusting me ... You can have everything back . Fuck you man .

Rula- stop you dont mean that . Ill do whatever it takes . Im sorry !

Nell- i mean it .. Take the car take the jewelry cause you hurt me bad ! I dont need this shit if your going to throw me away like that .

Rula- dont make it seem like that ! You know my situation. ! I cant trust anybody . My life wasnt fucking easy ! You cant leave me like this .

Nell- YOU said you didnt want to see me anymore . So you dont .

Rula- i was just angry and you know i cant be without you !

Nell- shut up

Rula- what ?

Nell- you heard me ... Shut up !

Rula- ( walks closer to Nell ) watch your mouth ...

Nell- just leave . So i can be a lil bitch ... The same lil bitch that has your back STILL .

Rula- ( gets on 1 knee ) baby im sorry okay ! I would never react like that with you again .

Nell- ( i just stared at him )

Rula- im sorry .

Nell- i forgive you ...

Rula- listen they said i can take you home . They said its not that bad . I need to take care of you . And i want you to look at me like you did before . I never meant to hurt you . I just went crazy ...

Nell- right ...


3 hours later

Rula- what else can i do for you .

Nell- nothing im fine ! Im not crippled . But you can call Dee and ask him what is going on .

Rula- ( gets upset again )

He gets his phone and calls Dee on speaker .

Dee- yo?

Rula- YO ? Nigga YO ?! Im gonna kill you how could you do this shit ! Your my brother all you had to do was ask and you know that.

Dee- i know man its just i needed it now ...

Rula- fuck that shit man . But you know what im moving again and this time FUCK YOU !

He hang up and threw his phone at the wall and let out a huge roar .

Nell- Ru calm down !

Rula- ( tries not to cry ) hes the only fucking family member i got and he does this shit to me !?

Nell- im here ...

Rula- ( looks over calming down )

Nell- yes im here . I got you .

Rula- I love you Cornell .

Nell- wait what ?

Rula- i said i love you and i mean it .

Nell- ive been wanting to say the same to you .

Rula- so tell me now tell me you love me .

Nell- i love you babe .

He came on the bed and kissed my forehead . And the laid his head on my leg . I put my hand on his chest and his heart was beating so fast .

Nell- babe calm down whats on your mind ?

Rula- who did this to you ...

Nell- no ..

Rula- Cornell this is not the time to not cooperate .

Nell- my mother got it handled . And tey is trying to get shit done . Everyone cant do something . Its fine ! Theyll get whats coming for them .

Rula- i dont have for no petty back and forth shit imma make these niggas know we aint nothing to fuck with . Call your mom and Tey . Cause im about to handle this shit .

I called my mom and then Tey and told them to let Rula handle it . Then Rula stepped out the room and i heard him on the phone but couldnt hear him clearly . When he came back in the room he sat at the end of the bed and started massaging my feet .

Nell- um what are you doing ?

Rula- massaging your sexy feet . I owe you so much right now i need to make up for it . I wish you wasnt hurt cause i would bury my dick inside you . But i cant .

Nell- ( smiles ) your so corny .

Rula- i love you ...

Nell- i love you

Rula- im not leaving until i this shit is handled . And if you see a Black expedition following you thats my people . I need you safe at all times .

Nell- haha you must be some kind of celebrity ...

Rula- no im just that nigga .

Nell- yea yea yea .

Rula- so do you still want the car ?

Nell- hell yes !

Rula- i knew you wasnt giving that up so easy .

Nell- noo noo trust me i was serious .

Rula- i know ( smirks )

Nell- what you gonna do about that money .

Rula- baby theres more where that came from lots more . You think that was the only place there was a safe ?

Nell- haha uhhh yes .

Rula- downstairs under the living room carpet a safe . In my old tv downstairs a stash of money . Trust me itll never run dry .

Nell- excuse me .

Rula- but im letting you choose the next house .

Nell- Damn thanks.

Rula- not to switch up the convo but it just came back to me . When you told me to shut up twice i wanted to shove my dick so far down your throat .

Nell- ( dicks gets hard a lil ) oh shit kind of turned me on .

Rula- i see haha . You like it rough huh ?

Nell- not gonna answer that . Big bitch .

Rula- oh you got that !

Nell- i know i do .

Rulas phone vibrates .

Rula- ight good shit they found the car .

Nell- how ?

Rula- i saw the plate number .

Nell- what are you having them do ?

Rula- just to teach them a lesson .

Nell- they jumped Leo too .

Rula- yeah i know ... Maybe im too nice cause in this message there about to get . Its for you and Leo .

Nell- really ?

Rula- its your friend right ? It seems like there out for you two . Plus the lil man got heart stepping to me not once but twice haha .

Nell- ohhhh the party huh .

Rula- yeah . Why was he holding your hand .

Nell- cause i held his when he was in the hospital .

Rula- thats it ?

Nell- yes babe ...

Rula- just checking ...

Nell- it seem like they wasnt trying to hurt me as bad as they did Leo .

Rula- thats because i bet they had no reason too . You dont go around starting shit .

Nell- exactly . Im not going to school until my lip is a little healed .

Rula- i love you .

Nell- ( looks at Rula strange ) i love you too Dre ...

Rula- what ? I just keep feeling i have to say that .

Nell- aww babe in his feelings !

Rula- can i be honest with you ?

Nell- ive known who you was ever since Demitri told me about you . When my money was slipping i followed him . I saw when he dropped you off and everything . I felt bad for you cause the shit he did . He told me how your young and dumb and you didnt know he was cheating .

Nell- i dont want to talk about this .

Rula- just hold on ... You know all those " gifts " he gave you ?

Nell- yup .

Rula- they were from me .

Nell- are you serious ?

Rula- why would i lie about that . He never deserved you .

Nell- so what you just felt bad for me ? So you gave me stuff ?

Rula- you deserved it .

Nell- so all of that " kidnap " shit you pulled was just to get with me ?

Rula- kinda sorta . Funny thing is , i told Demitri to treat you better before someone else comes and takes you . But he never listened .

Nell- what else ?

Rula- maybe what im trying to say is that . Ive been checking you for awhile now . And you didnt even know ...

Nell- your a low key creep Ru

Rula- a creep for you shit .

Nell- wish i can kiss you .

Rula- i know right .

My phone vibrates

Text Message from Ty

Ty- Aye Amiya just told me ... Are you ight ?

Nell- yeah im good thanks for asking.

Ty- thought i was gonna have to call the goons .

Nell- no its being taking care of !

Ty- when you feel better we need to talk about this threesome . She keeps asking me .

Nell- im in a relationship kind of . That probably wont work .

Ty- shit ... Just think about it .

Nell- bye Tyrell .

I look up from phone and Rula was staring at me .

Rula- why that smile on your face ?

Nell- ( laughs a little ) cause my friend keeps asking for a threesome with his girl . She keeps talking about me i guess .

Rula- so why you smiling though ( sits up )

Nell- babe ...

Rula- dont babe me . Answer me why you smiling .

Nell- because it was funny but not funny . So i smiled .

Rula- i dont see nothing funny about a threesome ?

Nell- its cause he act like it needs to be done .

Rula- no threesome . No nothing

Nell- ( turns head ) i wasnt going to anyways so chill out .

Rula- how can i when you talking about a threesome with another nigga ?

Nell- atleast im letting you know whats going on. Just dead it forget i said anything damn .

Rula- im not about to argue with you about this .

Rula got up and left out the room i shrugged my shoulders and laid there . I ended up falling asleep .

I woke up about 2 hours later with Rula laying his head on my leg knocked out with just his boxers on . I put my hand on his chest and rubbed it . Damn his body was tight as fuck . He moved a little putting his hand in his boxers falling back to sleep . I took a picture of my hand on his chest . I still had my hospital ban on . I posted the picture on Instagram and FB and put the caption as " My Life Saver " with a heart .

I started getting family members commenting what happened ? And some dudes and females messaging me like " oh you got a man now " and the females were surprise i was with a man . I saw Jai like the picture on IG . Then he DM me talking about " life saver ? "

Direct Message from Jai

Jai- what you mean life saver .

Nell- i got jumped .

Jai- what the fuck by who ?

Nell- i dont know them . But its all handled im good . Just a few bruises and stitches .

Jai- stitches ? Hell nah not my nigga . Tell me who ?

Nell- i really dont know them ! Chill Jai im fine and its fine .

Jai- if i see anything weird in school imma go knocking niggas out .

Nell- haha i dont think that is needed .

Jai- when you coming back to school ?

Nell- probably not until next week .

Jai- ight .

After i exited out of the DM i went to check the likes on the photo and Leo had just liked it . Then i got a text from him ...

Text message from Leo

Leo- Nice photo .

Nell- Thanks

Leo- i guess your really happy huh ?

Nell- i am .

Leo- well im happy that your happy .

Nell- :) thanks again lol

Leo- sorry for earlier today didnt mean to make a scene .

Nell- its fine i was actually glad you came .

Leo- you came for me so why wouldnt i do the same for you ? I saw that tear .

Nell- it was only because i was glad to see you guys .

Leo- lmfao ok Cornell .

Nell- well i saw your tear too .

Leo- i know you did . Thats why it happened the way it did .

Nell- ... No words

Leo- lol its fine well when are you coming back to school ?

Nell- in like a week when my lip gets a lil better .

Leo- man Alise is crazy . Amiya said shes gonna fuck her up . I told her to do what she gotta do .

Nell- now you know Amiya is a crazy ass fighter she doesnt stop lol .

Leo- shit has Alise stopped ?

Nell- true ...

Leo- i missed you ... Dont respond back though . I know your in a relationship so ill respect that .

Nell- its fine you miss me as a friend. Its cool

Leo- yeah that haha .

Nell- i missed you too nigga .

Leo- yea...

Nell- why that dry yea ?

Leo- ehhhh nothing ill ttyl ight ?

Nell- um yeah ... You okay ?

Leo- im actually great . But ill text you later .

Nell- bet . Sorry if i said something wrong .

Leo- haha no your fine . Its just me .

Nell- well okay ?

After i wrote that text i threw my head back more on the pillow . And just started thinking about everything ...


Leos POV

After i texted Cornell i laid across my bed . I cant believe i told him i missed him what was i thinking ? Of course i missed the fuck out of him but im still not there mentally to go full out for Cornell . Plus me seeing him today with that dude and how he was standing up for Nell like that . Hurt like shit . It couldve been me by his side not that nigga . But it will all fall in place hopefully ...

( Phone vibrates ) FT from Alise

I debated on answering but i wanted answers !

FT with Alise

Alise- ( smiling flipping her hair ) oh you answered ? ( laughs )

Leo- what the fuck is wrong with you ( sits up on the bed )

Alise- no whats wrong with you haha !

Leo- your a fucking psycho !

Alise- hows your bitch ? Is he fucked up like you ?

Leo- dont fucking disrespect me or him like that . You got shit coming to you . If i was you you fucking no titty having ass bitch ! I would be scared . Oh yeah and dont act innocent when you get that ass handed to you BITCH !

I ended the FT and sat there staring at my phone . I was so fucking heated right now i wanted to fucking explode . And there was only 1 thing that calmed me down . I went through my photo gallery and stared at the picture of Cornell and i cuddled up on his bed . I covered my hand over my eyes and shook my head .


Cornells POV

I was still laying there with my hand on Rulas chest . He ended up waking up just laying there playing a game on his phone .

Rula- fuck i cant beat this level !

Nell- cause you suck ( sits up slowly ) shittt

Rula- babe what are you doing lay back .

Nell- its only a little pain .

Rula- i dont care . Lay back


Rula- dont be an ass haha .

Nell- okay gesh .

Rula- i have another surprise from you before i leave .

Nell- what is it ?

Rula- youll see !

Nell- ugh .

Call from Momma

Nell- hello ?

Momma- when are you coming home ? Your Dad just got here he flew in .

Nell- Ma why did you call him !

Momma- hes your father boy .

Nell- all hes gonna do is blame it on me liking guys ! Watch !

Momma- no he will not . I spoke to him .

Nell- im on my way .

I hang up the phone and told Rula i had to go home . He got up and put on his clothes and helped me down the stairs to the car . I tried to tell his ass that im fine i can walk myself but he wouldnt listen .

When we pulled up to my house . I got kind of nervous . I know my dad and hes nothing nice ! We walked up to the door and my mom opened it . I saw my Dad standing behind her and Rula was standing behind me . When she opened the door my Dad stared at Rula .

As we walked in My dad put his hand on Rulas chest for him to not come in . To my surprise Rula put the keys to the jeep in my moms hand and stepped out the house . When the door closed My dad turned to me and came to hug me . I looked over his shoulder at my mom like what the fuck . My dad was no saint he was in and out of jail . Hes 1 bad ass . And he has never hugged me . So i was very surprise that he hugged me .

Nell- um are you okay dad ?

Dad- im good lil nigga . Who did this to you .

Nell- its taken care of .

Dad- Oh Dre got it huh ?

Nell- yes .... Wait how do you know Dre ?

Dad- ( Looks at Momma ) ...


If you want to talk to me about my story or anything KIK me !

Kik- Cakecakez

Hit me up !

Well well well ! Theres alot going right now !

15 comments for the next chapter !

How do you think Dre ( Rula ) and Nells father know each other ?

What do you think Rula is planning for this next surprise ?

Do you think Rula should still be trusted for not telling Nell that he knows his father and has some kind of buisness together ?

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Post Posted: 2015-12-13 11:46:18
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: 131

: 11

This is one crazy ass story and it keep going away from Leo and Nell I realy wanted to see then togher
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Post Posted: 2015-12-09 03:23:47
: 1
: 1


: 759

: 43

I wonder what the surprise is and how his dad and Rula know each other.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-02 09:03:17
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: 232

: 15

Dope chapter and I bet Dre daddy is Rula's boss.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-02 00:49:43
: 3
: 3


: 130

: 32

I hope rula is his brother or something. I don't like them together. I rather see him with Leo. Hell ir even Ty. But rula Naw. It's something bout him
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 23:28:55
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: 134

: 5

This shit is getting real good ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ we need more ASAP
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 21:35:19
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: 110

: 1

This is some bipolar ass shit lol
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 20:40:52
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: 14

: 1

I hope we can get another chapter tonite
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 20:37:44
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: 2880

: 86

I just love it and my man Rula hmmmm ๐Ÿ˜š. it's time for thar ๐Ÿฉtch Alisa to get what's coming to her. And Leo, Ty, and all the others need to fall the hell back. Now I wonder how do his dad know Dre he better not be his dad I would just die.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 20:12:34
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: 39

: 1

๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„ love this story !!!! Great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 20:09:50
: 3
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: 141

: 10

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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 19:46:42
: 2
: 1


: 120

: 10

Please let Amiya get that ass!!

How old is Rula???

#teamrula he needs to watch that temper though. I was surprised at the way he went off on Cornell.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 19:31:24
: 2
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: 10

: 3

I need another chapter asap!!! You have the best story up here man!!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 19:23:32
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: 98

: 5

This is definitely one of my favorite stories! Hopefully Alise finally gets what she deserves!!
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 19:02:55
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: 172

: 17

I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!! I just wish Leo got a whole chapter to himself.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-12-01 18:35:30
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: 2


: 204

: 17

Great chapter.... I am still #TEAMRULA
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 18:09:40
: 3
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: 457

: 22

Great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 17:36:20
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: 81

: 2

Great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 17:23:59
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: 60

: 29

I am really loving this story...............Nell and Leo love getting stronger

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