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slam it in her ass

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To keep me from saying something I might regret later. I stood up and said I got to go.As I turned my back i heard her crying as I went to walk away.I turned around and went back to Mea and hug her I told her that it be ok and said I fogive you babi.We started kissing and touching.Next thing I know she sucking my dick talking in Spanish.Her mouth feel so good around my dick.I start to 69 her eating that good pussy tasting like red beans and rice with a sprinkle of goya spices in it.Soon I start feel the warm flow of her baby seed going down my throat.I grab a condom and put it on and inserted it in side Mea's was hole.I fuck her in the ass she moaned ... it her so bad Papi.Then started pound her so fucking hard she started to cry.But I thought about the baby that I would never see and just went crazy fucking her in the ass.I turned her on her side an pounded that hole .Then I made her grab her ankle and I fuck her about 15 hard hits in the ass.That hole is open now I grab one of her legs and pinned it behind her head and exspose the pussy and ass. I finger her pussy and slam the dick in the ass hole damn this shit so good.Then her brother walks in the room naked stroken his dick and bent down and started eat her pussy while I'm deep n her ass hole.

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dam what part of Richmond you in
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