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After leaving this shit with popo I pull up on campus VSU home of the Trojans I know that's right with all this phat ass walking around here.My causin walks up to the car and I ask how's school and he says a lot of work cuz.He says I wanna go back to NY.I tell him to get that shit out yo mind.There is a bigger world out side of NY nuckle head.A lot of bro's back home don't want shit out of life.Life is more then just a husle.Get to know these guys and girls out here enjoy yo time here but do yo work.If you need anything you know where I am.By the way how's the Honda doing.O it's straight
and thanks for loaning me that while I'm in school cuz. Well I stop by to give you some money. Well bout head back I luv you cuzn I luv you too cuz.Back in the car head back to Richmond.With in 30 min I pull into Mea's as drive way.

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Post Posted: 2015-11-30 18:57:04
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Positive thinking... I LIKE THAT!!!!!

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