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X dude - Part 11

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The next morning as me and X going out to the car for dude to take me home i notice we both being antisocial toward each other.Its cold as fuck out too,to where you can see your breath,me and X got our coats zippened all the way up its so cold.Once we in the car we still quiet,then as X hit the highway his cell ring.

Hello? X answer his phone as one of his hands guiding the steering wheel,his eyes still on the road.Look,i cant keep putting up with your shit,my baby father was the same,all yall niggas the same,im glad his ass got shot last year,his family expecting me to bring Laquisha to see him in the hospital,he aint even want her there,still saying she aint his,his sister was the one begging me to see his own daughter,niggas aint shit! i hear Stacey all the way through the phone talking to X,he looking like what the fuck? What you baby daddy got to do with me Stacey? X speak back to Stacey.

You just like him,i know Laquisha going miss you since you been in her life ever since she was 3,ever since i broke up with her trifling ass father,but i gotta find better,im going call up my ex T maine,thats what i think im going do,i continue to hear Stacey over the phone,she heated.Call up your ex for what,what you implying you about to leave me for that nigga yo,if thats the case then why the fuck you up in my house then yo,huh?! X speak back to Stacey.

Fuck you and the house,i thought it was our home,you bringing people over anytime or doing what you wanna do so why cant i,i saw that bitch number in your phone,then who knows what else you fucking,whats really going on,who else you be sticking your tired ass dick in,huh,thats what i wanna know? Stacey still going berserk on X,she not playing.

Man where is you getting at Stacey,huh,where you going with this yo? X speak to Stacey.No,where you going with your dick nigga,thats what i wanna know? Stacey reply back to dude,being sarcastic as fuck.Look man,im on the road right now,we aint going do this over the phone yo,i be back home once i drop my mans off,alright,X speak to Stacey.

No,i probably wont be here when you get back,thats a bet,like i said,im going just call up my ex,Stacey speak to X.Alright man,you do what you gotta do,like i said im on the road,you then got me all shooken up and shit,i be back home,if you wanna discuss this like grown ass men and women stay in the house,X speak to Stacey calmly.I think about it,but this shit aint over,Stacey speak to X,but then she pause as i hear Laquisha in the background.Girl get the fuck away fro me,please dont get on my nerves today,i be then beat your little ass up in here! Stacey yell at Laquisha in the background,then pull the phone back to her ear.

Yea,but like i said i might be here when you get back,and for the record i was fucking Tmaine that day i found that bitch number in your phone,i did it outta spite,he been trying get back with me for the longest,maybe i should go back,i might as well keep it real and lay all the cards on the table,now you know we both got dirt,Stacey speak to X,im like oh my goodness in my head.Oh alright,i got you,so you was with dude when you told me you went out to the store that day,X speak to Stacey,he calm but hiding his anger.

Yep,i surely was,and we kissed prior,before i even knew you was cheating,but outta love for you i told him to step off after,but i let your cheating go on long enough,sure,i might of kissed Tmaine but i aint fuck,but you just fucking all around town,Stacey speak to X,i could tell X probably wanted to hurt that girl,if she saw the face i did.

I be home later yo,im going remember your words too,i got you,X speak to Stacey with a calm but deadly voice.As X end him and Stacey call i notice his driving change,this nigga speeding through the highway,pure hidden rage on his face.

I know i might be wrong to say this in a time like this but you reap what you sow,X then cheated too,i even take the role i played in it too,but i feel we all had dirt,wasnt nobody in this car innocent,nor was anybody back at the house,except for baby girl,just wish she wasnt brought into this.I hate how kids can sometimes get mixed up in the drama their parents or guardians are in.

Man me and you gotta quit that shit yo,we then got caught up,i aint attend for all this to go down dude,you feel me? X speak to me as his eyes still on the road as he driving.I got you,i been saying that tho,but i guess we let our bodies run our minds,i speak to X.Yo im going see if i can make shit right with my girl,and you just chill until then dawg,you know,dont hook up with no other niggas,stay clean,you a clean dude,leave them thirsty niggas alone cuz,just stay to yourself until i link up back with you,alright yo,stay clean,X speaking to as he still driving,his eyes half peeping over at me,like he talking to a child.

Was X really expecting me to stay single just so he can get back with his girl and leave me high and dry,was he really expecting me to put my love life on hold until he was ready tho? im thinking to myself.I had o say what i was thinking out loud,i wanted to get it off my chest and out in the open.So you want me to turn down anybody except for you,while you go live happy with your girl dude,you think thats fair tho man? i speak to X calmly,not really trying piss him off any more,sometimes you gotta be careful when a person is on the edge,because they might snap on your ass,and i aint that dude.

Nigga you one of the reasons me and my girl having problems,own that shit yo,you owe it to me to wait dawg,i admit my role,but your little innocent card went out the window when you let me fuck back at your house,then when i dug up in you at my crib,X start going in on me,being slick as fuck with his tongue.Man i didnt even know you had a girl back then,not until Rah did that shit,i speak to X.

Ok,so what about last night then,huh? X speak to me sternly,i just get quiet in response.Yea,you aint got nothing to say now,thats right,own your part nigga,X speak to me one last time,then i just turn to look out the window as we still driving me home.

Sometimes your desires can become your worst nightmares,if you dont learn to balance them.........to be continued

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Man lovin this story, pls bring more chapters....

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