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pulled over for being black

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I wake up around 10 am and pick up the phone and call to my stores to get a report of how's business going.Then I get off the phone run my sales report at both stores and check the live camera feed.After that I jumped in my car and I head down to Virginia State University in Petersburg Va.As soon i get off the interstate to Colonial Heights I get pulled over by PoPo.Now I know damn well I wasn't speeding.He walks up to the car and said license registration.Whitch I gave go him.I ask what's the problem officer and he said you weaved across the line.Smh.He ask how much you had to drink. None How much you smoke ......None ANY guns...No guns sir. Are you wanted. No.Well hold tight while I go back to my cruiser and run you for warrants.He leaves and go to his cruiser.I keep my hands so he can see them.Then I look 2 more units pull up.IM starting to wonder my self do I have warrants.They all approach the car and the officer ask me to step out the car.I step out he pat me down and put me in cuffs and click them tight.He takes a tint meter and check my tint and tell me it's not legal.Then they all search my car.People driving by slowing down looking as I'm paraded in cuffs.I think back to the young brother Rodger I heard speaking on AL Sharpons radio show this Sunday morning.Saying that black men are treated by the police because of the way they act towards one another.So Rodger tell me what did I do to deserve this treatment. Some of our black people I don't know where you live but it can't be in America. This PoPo shit is real and not nothing that I baught on my self!!!

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Post Posted: 2015-12-01 02:40:44
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it's real and they needs to stop thst shit frfr
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Post Posted: 2015-11-30 18:54:47
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I really don't care anymore, in the last few years I've seen how blacks treat each other especially the disrespect towards anyone over 40 so fuck them. Don't ask for my help now since I'm still treated that old stupid fuck
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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 14:16:45
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Yes some of them get off fucking with people for no reason at all.

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