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No disrespect to some of my readers,but please and i say please be reminded that this is a fictional story,how many times do i have to explain that? I mean dang.Its been awhile since i posted a message of this type,because i been so content and humble but dang.

And once again,please stop associating me with the characters,im just the writer.And please stop swearing up and down you know me based on a story my dudes,because thats mostly the only thing you do know of me is my writing,nothing more nothing less.

And no disrespect but those who choose to turn on me so quick simply because something aint childishly going your way all the time youre just proving you wasnt on my side to begin with,its all good as long as the story going how you want it to go.News flash,your not the only reader,you aint the only one who might not like things in my story.

But true readers as i call them kick back and just wait for the next one,without passing harsh judgement on me over a story chapter,especially when they already know the kind of material i post.If you cant handle the bad in my story what makes you think you deserve the good,ying and yang dude.Im a realist,i dont try to sugar coat.Life is not always peaches and cream,sometimes its bitter tart,and i like to incorporate that in my stories sometimes,slash that,most of the time,most of my long time readers know i evoke human emotions in my readers.

As i see im doing a good job at it,but to the point of you lashing out at me over a story is above and beyond,and a little too much,stop taking this so literal and to heart.Please learn the difference between reality and fiction,if my stories still bother you even if you do know the difference then why waste your time reading them? on to the next one,like seriously,bye.

And when you leave please stay gone,because some of yall bounce but then wanna be back talking about oh i love your new story,bye n*gga,as long as its catering to your needs you just love it huh,sit your a** down,lmao.You really have the audacity to show back up like im suppose to welcome you with open arms,especially after you then went in on me? Im no longer tolerating traitors or two faces,if i catch you creeping around my stories you getting muted straight up,no warnings or nothing,especially if you claim you was done with my stories.Why the heck is you back then? take your a** back where you came from,peace.

Some of yall know dang well i dont cry over petty easily weak in the stomach a** readers when they go MIA,and you know this.Well you should know this by now,thats why its kind of annoying.

State your opinion but be respectful in doing so,is that hard to ask? Once you start attacking me thats no longer an opinion,thats an insult.Last but not least i write what i want and choose to write,deal.

Sorry if this offended anyone,but it was not meant for all my readers,and if you do take offense then maybe it could be you im talking about too then.

One of my characters commits genocide,and its oh you are evil and this and that.Meanwhile i could be donating money to hurricane victims in my spare time.Reality/fiction,anybody with basic common sense would know that.

My expression when im reading some of these outta pocket comments that dont know reality from fiction,especially when they be going awf tho,lmao.......http://static1.gamespot.com/uploads/original/1555/15552995/2917128-5757512390-anigi.gif

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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 14:40:22
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I love your stories!!!! Keep them coming....
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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 11:43:41
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Keep writing bro.. I LOVE THIS STORY!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 09:56:46
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Please don't end it.

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