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X dude - Part 10

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It start getting real late,and i hear everybody getting in the bed,except for X,he come knocking on the door lightly after everybody was sleep.As i open the door he whisper for me to come in the living room with him,then as we creeping out into the living room still in only our short towels and shower shoes X lead me to the patio.

The patio was facing the woods,so as soon as you go out you see trees and deep woods,not other apartments or houses for that matter.As we standing there side by side outside the patio after he opened the slide door we just silent,the air wasnt really cold but luke warm,only cold when the breeze blew,it was still in late january.

Whats good? X whisper to me as he loosen the towel around his naked waist,letting it fall to the patio tile in a light thump from his hard naked body,as he then eased me down to my knees,my knees feeling the stone tile as X positioned my mouth near his exposed swinging dick.Suck it yo,X speak to me silently,then i ease the head in my mouth as i start sucking his dick sloppily right on the front patio,popping sounds echoing in the night as my lips met his dick.

As im sucking X dick hard while using my hands he start moaning low as he caressing the back of my head,then i feel his hand glide down into the back of my towel ass he loosened it from around the waist of my naked body,my bare skin instantly feeling the air circulate all over,but i got thrill for some reason,this was so risque and erotic,as im still devouring dude dick back and forth in swallowing sounds while we right outside butt booty naked,checking every now and then to make sure nobody was watching.

As im still sucking X dick i start feeling all up his chest,caressing his abs as they flexed,then pushing his crotch into my face hard like he was fucking my face,i loved the way the dick tasted,smelled,and felt,damn i hope i aint catching hard feeling for this dude.

As i feel X precumming in my mouth i pop it out as i stand back to my feet,he looking like why you stop? Turn around,i speak to X,he pause.Nigga for what,i fuck the ass,not the other way around yo,X speak to me,he joking but serious.Naw,just turn around,i speak to X again,then he finally ease hisself around,but hesitantly,looking like what the fuck? Once X turned around,i boost his ass in the air more with my hand,then get back down to my knees.

Even tho im open to recieving i still love ass,laughing to myself,ass is universal,even some women like a nice ass.Ah,what the fuck yo? X blurt out as he felt my tongue go up inbetween them round hard ass cheeks of his,this nigga caught way by surprise.As X ass all in my face i start tonguing it hard,while my hands grip his bare waist,this nigga start moaning like a big bitch in response,laughing to myself,but yet he the mr tough guy.

Ah,fuck nigga,X start moaning hard as fuck as im eating his ass good,he gripping my shoulders and feeling all on my ass and back too from the back.Me and X stat playing with ourselves as i was still licking them buns,X trying his best to hold onto his masculinity im licking him so good,he stroking his dick hard as fuck,trying play it off like he aint like it.

As im still eating X ass i notice he stop stroking hisself,then he mutter the word oh hey baby girl,why you aint sleep? in a guilty voice,then i look around and see Laquisha standing there inside the house looking out the patio at us,i think i died a little inside.Baby girl go back in your room alright,mee and Montez was just playing ok,X speak to Laquisha as we both stand up straight,our hands covering our exposed genitals.

Tears start forming in baby girl eyes as im like awe shit.Naw,come here baby girl,X hurry up and put his short towel back around his naked waist as he went ove to baby girl and picked her up,soothing her tears,shushing her quietly.Sh,sh,its ok pookie,X calming baby girl as i go do the same,then after awhile we get her to stop crying,but giggle instead.

Look,baby girl what you saw was grown ups communicating ok,but dont tell mommy alright,pinky swear ok,X make Laquisha promise not to tell what she saw us doing,phew.Yes,i promise,pinky promise,Laquisha speak s X then kiss her on the forehead silently.then both us putting her back to bed,Stacey way in the other room knocked out,she snoring.

Man me and X getting caught by baby girl was a wake up call,me and X aint do nothing else after that,nothing..........to be continued

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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 00:03:24
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: 86

wow really dawg you need to leave walking hell lol. good chapter tho
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 23:06:53
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: 1968

: 39

#1. The little girl is at her house with her mother, those two motherfuckers should have been more careful.

#2. He never should have let it go that far the first time was enough.

#3. Its a thin line between love and hate X ass is no fucking good, if a man came at me like that, if he would've blinked an eye he would've never seen witch way I went.

Now I need a square I need to smoke,
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 20:55:06
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: 1311

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Her little ass should be sleep and not being so damn nosy, but xaiver was definitely loving his ass ate lol thats was hot...
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 20:39:03
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: 4438

: 57

Man why does the story have to go in this direction... guess you don't care about kids or others. That's fucked up

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