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Surprise !

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I stood there pissed off as fuck . How in the world was i suppose to know that he had feelings ?! Im not a fucking psychic . I was so confused with all of this shit happening . I dont know whats true or not . I walked back in the house and went into the basement .

Nell- Tey i dont have a ride anymore . So can i come with yall ?

Tey- yeah we got 1 seat left . But what happened with Jai .

Nell- i dont know i have to talk to him.

Ty- yeah he was acting weird .

Nell- yeah i know .

We sat there for awhile talking but i was quiet just thinking about everything . Like im only into Rula i dont have time for the back and forth games or being confused on what you want . But each time i say im talking to someone im the problem ? I cant control anyone elses feelings . I can only control mine . And for that bitch to call me a slut or ho whatever she did . I dont even fuck around . But im gonna get her ass back just watch.

Amiya- nelly ! Snap out of it .

Nell- sorry

Amiya- you were mumbling .

Nell- im just ready to go home .

Amiya- i understand . You need me to slap that bitch ?

Nell- nah its fine she'll get hers .

Tey- come on ill bring you home .

Nell- ight

I dapped everyone up and hugged Amiya . When we got in the car Tey started talking to me .

Tey- you can not let shit get to you like this espically if it isnt true . I know the real story behind it all . I know you tried to keep Leo away but he wasnt having it . You was right for that . She was lien she wants to get a arguement out of you .

Nell- yeah i know ...

Tey- and Jai ... Whats going on ?

Nell- what?

Tey- i seen how he was laying on your bed with that attitude . And yall were texting each other .

Nell- apparently he was jealous of me and Leo . But there is nothing going on with me and Leo . Like im talking to a guy already i dont understand how you come out the damn blu talking about something that happened months ago that we both said we wouldnt bring up . And then he kissed me outside as if he was making a point . Like what the fuck am i doing wrong ? I didnt do shit to noone !

Tey- well you arent wrong for being lost on why he would bring it up now and be jealous . Its just he probably likes you . And MAYBE to see you and Leo so cool pissed him off cause hes probably jealous that you guys tried to have something . And you didnt with him...

Nell- but we were like bestfriends ! And he wasnt acting like he wanted me . So we both agreed to not bring it up . But everyone puts the shit on me .

Tey- chill Nell you good . Just stop worrying . Worry about this relationship you got now . You cant worry about the haters . Keep it pushing . And you have to avoid the distractions . Which your good at doing apparently .

Nell- look at you being Dr. Phil .

Tey- just helping out a friend . Your a good dude .

Nell- Thank you i appreciate you .

Tey- thanks i try haha .

The rest of the ride i thought about what Tey said to me . When we reached my house i dapped Tey and went into the house. Some of my family was still inside laughing and drinking . I just went right upstairs in my room and layed at the end of my bed i FT Rula .


Rula- ( eating ) wassup ?

Nell- your still eating greedy ( smiling )

Rula- yuuuuup missed me ?

Nell- no

Rula- yea okay .

Nell- well alot happened today . Thought id tell you .

Rula- am i going to get upset ?

Nell- one part of it you will .

Rula- puts his fork down and goes in the basement . What Cornell ? ( looking serious )

Nell- well for one Leos ex Gf came at me calling me a ho saying that i was thirsty for Leo . But she just tried to get me to come at her .

Rula- i thought that was his GF ?

Nell- we went over Amiyas house and she was sitting on some other niggas lap so he broke up with her .

Rula- tell me what i need to know .

Nell- Its 2 things actually my friend Ty when we was down in Miami i helped him cum by giving him a handjob.

Rula- okay ?

Nell- yesterday he put my hand on his dick cause he wanted me to do it again but i declined and told him no .

Rula- ( bites down on his lip ) why the fuck you let him do that ?

Nell- i was turning off my game i wasnt face to face with him Ru.

Rula- i dont give a fuck .

Nell- Ight ...

Rula- what else do you have to tell me ?

Nell- my friend from when we was lil kids . Apparently he likes me now ? We had kissed months ago and we said we wouldnt being it up ever again . Then today he showed out . He got mad cause he found out that Leo and i had tried to have some kind of relationship . So when he left he kissed me i guess trying to prove a point ... He kept saying remember this .

Rula- what are you doing to these boys ?

Nell- i didnt do anything ?

Rula- well since we are telling it all .

Nell- ( sits up ) what

Rula- i messed up but i mean we arent together remember ?

Nell- nah nah you got upset with me . What the fuck you do Ru ?

Rula- i was drunk out with my boys we went to a strip joint and ol girl sucked me off .

Nell- so you actually had some kind of intercourse ?

Rula- ...

Nell- i guess ... Ill talk to you later .

Rula- why ?

Nell- cause i will ...

Rula- no

Nell- i wouldnt dare have any kind of intercourse knowing how serious we are getting . That shit is so fucked up . But its all good . Have your fun

Rula- stop it was a mistake .

Nell- so tonight i can make a mistake and fall on a dick ?

Rula- dont try to be funny ...

Nell- im serious as a heart attack .

Rula- it was a mistake Nell ...

Nell- mine would be too . Ill just get drunk

Rula- this isnt a joke .

Nell- its fine ... We aint together why am i even sweating it .

Rula- really ?

Nell- you said it .

Rula- are you about to get back at me ? Just let me know now .

Nell- i would never .

Rula- im sorry honestly.

Nell- so you wasnt gonna tell me huh?

Rula- i was i didnt know when the right time would be .

Nell- yup ...

Rula- hey i have to go Tanya is calling .

I just Ended the FT, turned over and fell asleep .

About 3 hours later i woke up and layed there the first thing that came to my mind was Rula ... I turned my phone back on and i was getting so many notifications. Like 10 text from Rula and 5 missed calls from him . 3 text messages from Jai and 2 from Leo .

Text Messages -

Rula- Why would you just end it ?
Rula- answer me .
Rula- Nell ?
Rula- Baby ... Im worried
Rula- i tried calling you ...
Rula- BABE .. Im getting pissed now.
Rula- Fuck it then .
Rula- this is fucked up ... Why arent you answering me .
Rula- you better not be doing no stupid shit man ...
Rula- i guess your really not speaking to me . Does this mean whatever was to come is over ? I need to hear from you .

Nell- yes ?

Rula- where the fuck you been ?

Nell- stop cussing

Rula- dont tell me what to do . Now why wasnt you answering me .

Nell- cause i was fucking sleep thats why .

Rula- for real ?

Nell- yes

Rula- oh ...

I didnt even reply back

Text Messages from Leo

Leo- Wyd are you up ?
Leo- do you still think im lien ?

Nell- i was sleep at the time .

Leo- oh ight wyd ?

Nell- laying here still sleepy

Leo- aww okay, well ill let you go was just seeing what was up .

Nell- aw well thats nice of you

Leo- Thanks for kind of sticking up for me tonight .

Nell- its nothing your a friend .

Leo- well your a good ass friend .

Nell- haha thanks homie .

Leo- no problem goodnight .

Nell- goodnight .

Text from Jai

Jai- Sorry about earlier .
Jai- hello ?
Jai- ight well we need to talk ill be at your house in 7 minutes .

Nell- nah its fine im not in the mood tonight .

Jai- let me just talk to you for a minute .

Nell- just not a good idea . Anything can happen .

Jai- and if something did happen . Remember everything happens for a reason .

Nell- no im fine honestly .

Jai- please

Nell- why would u make that account ?

Jai- at first i just wanted to fuck with you as a joke . But the more and more i stared at your pics . It always made me remember that kiss .

Nell- how was i suppose to know you liked me ?

Jai- i know i know i apologize for that . I just wish things happened a lot different back then maybe ?

Nell- well...

Jai- ill leave you alone even though im outside your house .

I got up and looked through the blinds and He was sitting outside on the front of his car . We made eye contact . I walked down stairs and decided just to see what he wanted .

Nell- wassup ? ( walking towards Jai )

Jai- i know i pissed you off ...

Nell- it was just you had me lost as shit . And why did you kiss me .

Jai- cause i didnt tell you this but i use to have dreams about you ever since that day . It could be me though . I always thought about how it would be with you and me . Like what would people think .

Nell- so you decided to keep it to yourself .

Jai- yes but it sucks that your with someone now .

Nell- i dont know what to say .

Jai- you dont have to say nothing . I blame myself .

Nell- plus you know all you want to do is get in my pants .

Jai- ( smiling ) is that wrong of me ?

Nell- your cray !

Jai- atleast i can admit i want to have sex with you . Lets be friends with benefits .

Nell- No cause you catch feelings . And just No !

Jai- mhm you know you want this .

Nell- nah i dont

Jai- ight loose booty .

Nell- shut up ! Are we good now ?

Jai- yea we good . But who is this dude ?

Nell- none of your buisness .

Jai- ight well can i get a hug ?

Nell- i dont trust you .

Jai- ( grabs Nells arm and pulls him into a hug )

Nell- your big ass . Thats enough

I tried pulling away . But he wouldnt let me go i pushed my head back to look at him and he was smiling .

Nell- get off Jai

He then grabbed my ass and bit down on his lip smiling .

Nell- for real mutha fucka let me go .

He let me go and i almost fell down because i was already trying to get out of his hold .

Nell- you play to much .

Jai- youll be ight ( gets off the car and stands up straight ) look what you do ... And you wonder why i want to get in that . And i know theres others that prob want too .

Nell- ( looks down at it ) well that has nothing to do with if people want to do that with me . I bet you they arent . If so its on my terms nigga . Now whats up ?

Jai- i can make it on my terms trust me on that one .

Nell- im not about to play with you

Jai- i know you arent cause you know better . You know i can get it .

Nell- you cant .. Im going inside !

Jai- yo wait Mike said when we gonna play power rangers again ?

Nell- never !

I shook my head and walked away . I heard him get into his car . Well atleast i thought i did . When i opened my door i smelled his cologne near me again when i turned he picked me up and brought me inside .

Jai- ( whispers ) i know you want it let me give it to you nice and slow .

Nell- ( whispers ) your crazy get out . ( gets down from Jai )

Jai- ( acts like hes fucking in a animated way ) let me just taste it then ?

Nell- ( tries not to laugh ) no get out

I pushed him out the door and locked it . I went upstairs and checked through my blinds to see if he left . And before he got in his car he stuck up his middle finger . I got my phone and texted him saying " dont get blocked " . He replied " i wish you would loose booty " . I didnt respond .

Text Message from Rula

Rula- you up ?

Nell- why ...

Rula- its a yes or no question ...

Nell- what do you want ?

Rula- you already know what i want . So stop asking . Wyd

Nell- nothing ...

Rula- you aint about to pull this shit with me . Answer your FT

FT with Rula

Rula- aye

Nell- ( looks at him )

Rula- guess what ?

Nell- what ...

Rula- it never happened .

Nell- lies

Rula- you can ask Tanya i been here everyday .

Nell- so why would you say that shit .

Rula- to see how much you cared . But YOU on the other hand need to control whatever these niggas got going on with you . You know i dont play that shit .

Nell- i know shit Ru . You dont think i tell them im speaking to someone ?

Rula- imma have to show my face a few times i see .

Nell- sureeee ...

Rula- sure ? Ight bet on it .

Nell- okay

Rula- i dont want to hear nomore shit about some nigga touching you or you touching him kissing nothing . Let me hear that shit again . Its done Cornell i swear ...

Nell- oh forreal ?

Rula- im dead ass right now .

Nell- good cause it aint happening .

Rula- ( smirks ) okay

Nell- ( mocks him ) okay my ass

Rula- yea yea what you doing ?

Nell- about to shower .

Rula- so am i

Nell- lets go .

Rula- ight come on .

We both got up and took a shower together on FT . He had me cracking up trying to sing in the shower i think he had forgot i was still on FT .

After we showered we layed in bed and talked to each other until we fell asleep .

When i woke up Rula was still sleeping looking sexy as fuck . I just watched him like a creep .

After about 10 minutes he started stretching and then he finally looked at me all i could do is smile .

Rula- stop being a creep .

Nell- baby im taking the test today ! I hope i pass .

Rula- you will trust me . I want to get myself a new car though .

Nell- what kind ?

Rula- i dont know but i want a truck .

Nell- omg the other day i was looking up random cars and shit and the 2015 jeep summit though !? DOPE !

Rula- ew you like jeeps ?

Nell- dont ew them . There nice as shit .

Rula- righhhhhht !

Nell- but let me get up and get dressed so i can go take this road test !

Rula- good luck babe . Let me be the first to know after your mother .

Nell- i will .

Rula- ight

I ended the FT and did my morning workout then took a quick shower then woke my mom up so i can get this over with .

As i waited to be called i was nervous as fuck . And when i was called my mother started cheesing getting all excited!

Momma- you got it baby !

I shook my head and went with the instructor . When we got in the car he asked me questions i answered them right . He said he was surprised on how quick i was to answer . Then we started driving i was so nervous . He looked at me and told me to relax . So i did i started rambling and making him laugh . Which was hard to do . Before i knew it i had did everything i was suppose to do .

Instructor- Done !

Nell- im done ? Wow that was quick .

Instructor- well when you went on a rampage about random stuff you started relaxing . And you passed by the way good job .

Nell- i did !?

Instructor- yes haha

Nell- Thank you !

When we got back to the RMV my mother was waiting outside on the phone . When i got out i started cheesing .

Momma- you got it !? You got it !!!!? Yesssss !!!

I walked over to my mom she all hugged me tight haha surprised the hell out of me .

We went inside and got everything situated . When we got in the car my mother started rambling .

Momma- ight so now you gotta get a job . Cause you need a car . We work our way up in this family .

Nell- your not gonna buy me 1 ?

Momma- um no ! But you can use mine when you want . Ill put you on my insurance .

Nell- i guess that will work .

Momma- it will !

I took my phone out and went to text Rula !

Text Message

Nell- Babe ! I got it !

Rula- aye good job i knew you would .

Nell- thanks ! Wyd

Rula- Shit something just came up ill text you back .

Nell- babe is everything alright ?

He didnt respond . I kind of got nervous cause that wasnt like him .


2 days later still had no word from Rula i tried hitting him up and i got nothing . I begin to really worry now cause i hoped nothing bad happened to him .

I was in my last period not even focusing . I kept playing with my pencil inticipating a text or something from him . But still nothing !

When i got home i walked inside looking unhappy .

Momma- boy whats wrong with you ?

Nell- nothing it wouldnt matter to you and youd probably get mad.

Momma- is it that nigga i told you to stop messing with .

Nell- ...

Momma- what happened .

Nell- i havent heard from him in 2 days ...

Momma- see i told you .. You dont listen !

Nell- what if hes dead ???

Momma- you need some air dont you think thats a bit much ?

Nell- i dont know .

My mother walked outside with me and she was smiling .

Nell- why are you smiling ? Your evil you know that ?

Momma- Oh im evil now huh ?

Nell- im only kidding .

I smiled and Looked straight . And i seen a car parking in front of our house .

When the person got out my face lit up ! I couldnt believe it was Rula ! He stood there smiling . I walked over to him and he held me tight . I looked up at him and he kissed me .

Rula- i need you to do something for me ...

Nell- what ?

Rula- go get that empty box i gave you and come back . And also tell your mom i said thank you .

Nell- okay ?

I told my mother what he said and she just nodded her head . I ran upstairs and got the box and went back down . My mother was now talking to Rula and i walked over to them .

Rula- now wait .

Momma- ( hums )

Nell- whats going on ?

Rula- open it now ...

I stood there and opened the box . And as i opened it i heard a horn and a bow wrapped around a jeep summit . I looked in the box and it was a jeep key .

Rula- Surprise baby .

Momma- ( smiles and walks to the curb )


Rula- All yours babe . All yours .


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Post Posted: 2015-11-30 19:30:52
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: 60

: 29

Like you still riding in your new jeep.........spit more chapters my nigga..........
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Post Posted: 2015-11-30 12:49:34
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: 39

: 1

Lol nigga you got 18 comments come on with the next chapter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 22:26:27
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: 0


: 2880

: 86

no Jai will not stop trying to get in his pants. Rula is going to have to show his face from time to time. I am all team Raul got to live that man even tho he is a drug man.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 16:11:43
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: 232

: 15

Dope ass chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 13:58:47
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Lovong these story ! & these was a great charpter ? Wen did Ma change her mind bout Rula ?
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 10:15:57
: 0
: 2


: 5

: 6

Good chapter but I think him an Leo relationship should move a lil further because Cornell seem to be happy but I think he would be happier with Leo becuz that how the story start out an rula to me seem to good to be true
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 10:15:56
: 0
: 1


: 5

: 6

Good chapter but I think him an Leo relationship should move a lil further because Cornell seem to be happy but I think he would be happier with Leo becuz that how the story start out an rula to me seem to good to be true
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 03:25:51
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: 3


: 60

: 29

What about Demitri........Feel Rula and Tanya in an open relationship..........something not right.......his mom steups........I am singing "LEO IS THE ONLY MAN FOR YOU"
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 03:12:42
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: 759

: 43

This is a beautiful chapter but I hope Rula don't end up hurting him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 01:07:18
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: 120

: 10

Awww, I knew Rula was gonna get him a car! Now he wont be stuck with Leo tryna hold his hand in the back seat lol.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 00:43:40
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: 56

: 2

Awwwwww Rula is such a great and caring guy
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:51:23
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: 39

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☺️☺️ great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:44:23
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: 130

: 32

I think that Nell should be with someone his own age and maybe Jai would be good for him. Rula just seem sneaky as hell and I think he too old n mature and got a kid. Nell is. Young high school kid that need to experience life. Playing step daddy ain't going be cool
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:37:54
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: 21

: 3

Awwwww that was so sweet! But can we get a filler of how Nell's mother ended up accepting Rula
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:20:00
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: 198

: 7

Aww I soooo love Rula.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:12:14
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: 747

: 30

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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:03:57
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: 33

: 3

I like the fact that this character is not fuking everything coming his way...that's what's up....

still hoped he and leo would work shit out tho...that would have been interesting to see...especially with leo dealing with those type of feelings
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 22:55:10
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: 457

: 22

Awe congrats Cornell.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 22:43:45
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: 41

: 1

Gr8 chapter, No Jai will not quit... Next chapter please!!

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