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X dude - Part 7

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After X was gone i called up Rah,because he was fucked.Even tho Rah was in the wrong i aint wanna see him get his ass whooped.Rah you know X looking for you right? i speak to Rah over the phone.

Huh,for what? Rah speak to me with confusion,like he really aint remember what he did.You put his personal business out there like that,when he was ready for that to be shared with somebody else that shouldve been his time,not yours,i speak to Rah.So what is he looking for me for,what he trying fight me or something? Rah speak to me,oh now he worried,you wasnt worried whe you was telling this man business.

Yea he is,i think he planning to beat your ass when he see you,im telling you this so you can keep your ass in the house and away from trouble,he dont know where you live,but still,be careful,wait until dude cool down,i speak to Rah.Its whatever,if he wanna be bitchy over me helping his little girlfriend out then its whatever,and that bitch aint going be satisfied until he cheat on her stupid ass again,Rah speak to me,he trying play like he still fine with what he did,but i can hear worry in his voice.

Dude i agree dude shouldnt be dragging homegirl into his mess he making but you still need to own up to your part,you even had this dude banging on my door,i thought he was going beat my ass,i speak to Rah,he just listening,but not really saying too much.Well,i do apologize for dragging you in it,but he really trying fight me over his dumb ass getting caught up,i guarantee if i aint do it some other little queen wouldve did it,Rah speaking to me,still not really having regret for what he did,but hey,its his life,and well being.

Alright,well do what i said,and make sure you lock up your house,and im sorry but you too much damn trouble to be associated with,we can be cordial but thats it,no disrespect,i speak to Rah,ending any further relationship we couldve had,because i knew what type of person he was now,i saw his true colors.Well,ok,if thats how you feel then whatever,Rah end our call with a slight attitude,secretly im like good riddances.

As im about to put my phone back down it start ringing loud as fuck,scaring the fuck outta me.Hello? i answer my phone.Yea man,this X,ay yo call dude Rah,and tell him to come over your crib yo,X speak to me over the phone,im like huh? For what? i speak back to X with confusion.Man it dont matter,just tell dude come over your crib yo,X speak to me again,with more depth.

Man i aint stupid,you want me to get him over here so you can beat him up,i speak to X,catching on to why he wanted me to invite Rah over.Man just invite nigga over yo,that nigga gotta get his ass whooped for that foul shit he did cuz,just invite him over,what you think im going lay hands on you too or something? X speak to me,he pausing.Naw,thats not it,i just dont want you doing something you might regret,let dude have his,karma get him,i speak to X.

Naw dawg,i dont wanna hear all that shit,im going fuck that nigga up yo,since he like running his fucking mouth,i think you bitching up on me because you scared you going get the hands or something,look man,i then told you,you aint the one who ran off at the mouth so you good,aint got shit to worry about,X speak to me,reaffirming me that it was only Rah he wanted to fuck up.Man i aint down with setting nobody up,i speak to X.

Man you pissing me the fuck off right now cuz,thats your dude you know so get him over there,i just run up behind him in then wreck his ass right quick,and leave,he aint even going see me,X speak to me,pressing me to set Rah up.Man i then already told Rah what was up,so even if you do it he would know it was you,and think about it,you his main enemy at the moment,i speak to X.Man what the fuck you tell him for? X speak to me mad as fuck.

Dude i was just trying diffuse this situation before it get too outta hand,i speak to X,he then get even madder after that.Nigga dude took it outta hand when he ran his fucking mouth,let him get what he get,X speak to me.

I understand where you coming from dude,i do,but i would be wrong if i call that dude over just so you can beat his ass,i speak to X,he aint hearing none of that,he just wanna lay hands on Rah,i can hear it in his voice.Man you acting real funny right now cuz,you are,you defending this nigga when he then got my girl trying check my phone and all kinds of shit yo,X speak to me over the phone.Dude im going keep it a hundred with you right now,dont take offense,but man i cant keep getting down with you,especially after everything thats happened,we still cool tho,i speak to X,he pause.

Oh,i see,so now that boy put a nigga on blast you wanna act funny now,nigga what i then been through you owe me nigga,if i was to wanna crack you nigga you should be like alright whatever,no questions asked,X speak to me,then waiting for me to respond.I feel you dude,but i think its best we go our separate ways now while we still on good terms,because this shit with Rah and your girl is getting serious,i speak to X,he get quiet again.Dawg my girl aint your issue,let me deal with her,and why you acting strange now cuz,wasnt you letting me smash you just a week ago,why the sudden change now man,huh,whats really good dude? X speak to me,curiosity on his tongue.

Dude i aint know you had a girlfriend,im not down with that like that,i mean no disrespect tho,i speak to X.Nigga so now you holier than thou now cuz,huh,you tho,same nigga that let me fuck when he was up off that weed yo,huh? X speak to me.Look man,i gotta go,i speak to X one last time,about to hang up.

Alright yo,i got you,just for you acting all funny im going really fuck that nigga up,mock my words yo,watch me wreck that nigga,alright,X speak one last time too as we end our call,i can still hear him talking shit in the background as he hang up.

You never know sometimes what you got yourself into,until you way deep in it..........to be continued

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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 10:18:56
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: 404

: 67

I swear the bottoms in your stories are the weakest links for life.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:30:45
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: 0


: 2780

: 75

Learn to mind yo biz...that's why I'm the ultimate lone wolf. Too many NFs with no life who want to live someone else.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:29:51
: 0
: 0


: 12

: 4

Kudos! I like the story...waiting for the next chapter(s). No disrespect as it is your story but can we get a name for X?
I read all of your chapters tonight and enjoyed each!!!!

Thanks for sharing!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 23:02:11
: 0
: 0


: 427

: 18

X old hit headed ass. He big mad now that he ain't getting no more ass.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 22:29:40
: 0
: 0


: 182

: 16

Im loving this story.. its kinda hitting home for me
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 22:25:09
: 1
: 0


: 3113

: 105

love it and X is mad AF oh boy is going to get that ass beat.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 22:25:08
: 3
: 0


: 1467

: 148

He should've stayed out of it! Don't call Rah and warn him about shit! He brought unnecessary drama to your house! What he gets is what he deserves!! I do agree though about X. He needs to handle that in his on. Y'all not about to be tearin up my house! Nope! When and wherever you see Rah, that's when you get him. Not at my crib!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 21:54:32
: 1
: 0


: 215

: 17

Great story as usual..... Rah needs that azz beat!!!!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 21:51:09
: 1
: 0


: 2119

: 152

X funny yo I like him though...he a hothead thats needs to chill sometimes lol, rah def got an ass whooping coming i like to see happen.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 20:16:32
: 1
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: 1455

: 41

I show wish the chapters came more often and were a little longer...this is a good story

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