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Drama Thanksgiving !

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Happy ThanksGiving !

Grandma- ( Singing )

Give thanks with a greatful heart
Give thanks to the holy one
Give thanks because hes given Jesus Christ, His son .

My mom, cousin and i joined in 3 part harmony .

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"
Let the poor say, "I am rich
Because of what the Lord has done for us"

Give Thanks .

We bowed our heads while my grandmother prayed . All my friends had came through . I stood next to Leo on 1 side and Amiya on the other . Leo looked kind of shocked when i started singing . All i could do was smile. After my grandmother prayed . Leo put his arm on my shoulder and leaned on me .

Leo- how you been ?

Nell- i been good . How about you ?

Leo- my face is back . Haha

Nell- i see . How is that going with you and Alise ?

Leo- its good . But imma need you to unblock me now man . I cant even talk to you unless i see you . I dont like that .

Nell- ( tries not to smile ) ight i got you ill unblock you from everything .

Leo- better i was gonna have to take it and do it myself . Im finally off of punishment huh ?

Nell- this flirting is not helping me right now Leo .

Leo- ( puts hands up and smiles ) i mean i wasnt trying to .

Nell- well you are kind of .

I walked away smiling shaking my head and he squeezed my shoulder as i walked away . I went over to talk to my grandma .

Nell- hey grandma

Grandma- hey baby, how are you ?

Nell- im good . How about you?

Grandma- im blessed and highly favored ! But do you have your license yet ?

Nell- i got a road test soon .

Grandma- finally . Its about time !

Nell- everyone is saying that !

Momma comes over .

Momma- MOMMA ! SON !

Grandma- girl bequiet . Act like i didnt already talk to you girl .

Nell- ( smiles at Momma ) mhm .

Momma- sorry gesh ma . You want me to fix you a plate ?

Grandma- yes ma'am love you !

Momma- love you too .

Nell- Grandma imma go keep my friends company just wanted to speak to you .

Grandma- Alright hunny and whos that sexy piece of man over there .

Nell- which 1 ?

Grandma- the 1 with that healing black eye . Hes a strong looking young man . Very handsome .

Nell- oh thats Leo .

Grandma- i saw him peaking his eye over at you while i was praying . Mhmmmm

Nell- haha hes just a friend .

Grandma- okay now go on ha .

I smiled and walked over to my friends Amiya, Tey, Jai, Ty, and Leo.

Tey- this macaroni is good !

Amiya- i know right ! Yesss god !

Jai- greedy asses . Ayo Nell give me some of that upside down pineapple cake though .

Tyrell- this nigggga !

Leo- ( puts his hand on his chest ) i meannn can i just get unblocked .

All- ( laughs )

Nell- i got you hold on .

I took out my phone and unblocked Leo from everything .

Nell- done

Jai- ( looking at Nell strange )

Tyrell- oooo this punch though ! Who made it ?

Nell- i did pimpin' !

Tyrell- its good yo . I want a to go cup .

Tey- get me some Nell .

Leo- me too .

I went to go get cups of the punch . Then we all went upstairs.

Jai- ( laying on Nells bed ) what time are we starting this house hopping ?

Nell- i dont care when ( sits next to Jai on the bed ) .

Amiya- My house next ! ( sits on Teys lap next to Nell )

Leo- aint nothing going on at my house . My parents left to go see fam . They wont be back until sunday .

Nell- Turn up time !

Leo- hell nah . Theyll go crazy

Tyrell- nothing is going on at mine either .

Jai- We can go to mine . But i got some ghetto ass family members yall.

Nell- thats fine . So Amiyas then Jais ?

Leo- sounds good to me .

We chilled in my room a bit talking about random shit . But Jai was acting weird . So i text him .

Text Messages

Nell- whats wrong with you ?

Jai- nothing

Nell- why you being dry bro .

Jai- im not

Nell- tell me ...

Jai- whats going on between you and Leo ?

Nell- nothing ? I just had to block him for some reasons but now we good .

Jai- stop lien

Nell- why you acting like this ?

Jai- you know exactly why man.

Nell- really ... Dont bring this up right now ...

He didnt respond ...


Jai's POV

Yeah i didnt respond to Cornells text cause maybe me bringing up what happened a couple months ago is being petty . But hell yeah im jealous . Not only did i almost fuck Amiya . But i kissed Cornell . And now that i see this lil chemistry between him and Leo its making me jealous ... Even though i shouldnt be but i mean the kiss wasnt a mistake at all .

Text Message from Cornell

Nell- why you acting like that .. I thought we would never bring that up again ...

Jai- yeah not until i seen that shit that happened in the kitchen . You out of all people know im a jealous mutha fucka . I told you about my past relationships so you know .

Nell- why are you coming at me the fuck ... It doesnt even matter though cause we dont talk like that and im actually talking to someone . So you need to chill .

Jai- chill ? And with who ?

Nell- this is why i stayed away from you .

Jai- wow thats real as fuck .

Nell- this is too much man . Your in your feelings for what though ?

Jai- its nothing im just over thinking the shit . Just stay away like before i guess that works out fine .

Nell- wow so your dropping me as a friend .

Jai- no you just did that .

Nell- i did not . Listen i didnt mean to say it like that . I still want to be your friend .

Jai- yup .

Nell- plus your coming at me like you like me ... Is there something i dont know ?

I looked at the message and didnt respond .. Because there was something he didnt know about but ill just leave that right here ... Back to Nells POV though .


Nells POV

Why was he acting like we had something ? To be honest having all these people catching feelings is whack as shit . Its to much drama and jealousy . The whole time Jai and i was quiet . Leo watched me closely giving me strange looks . Then he text me .


Leo- you good ?

Nell- yeah im chillin . You good ?

Leo- yeah im good . Gotta talk to you about Alise though .

Nell- yall good ?

Leo- i just think shes seeing that nigga still . Ill talk to you later though

Nell- ight .


Amiya- lets go to my house guys my mom just text me saying the food is done .

Nell- ight lets go .

We all got up and started walking out . As i was leaving out Jai kind of bumped me as i was turning off the light . So i pushed him back . And when i did he just kept walking .

When we got downstairs i told everyone bye and went in the car with Jai . Because thats what we agreed on .

Jai- ( starting up the car )

Nell- so are you not about to answer the text or ?

Jai- i dont like you . Im just a selfish friend maybe .

Nell- yeah okay .

Jai- you dont got to believe me .

Nell- okay .

The car ride was silent . But my day had got a lot better when i recieved a picture message from Rula . It was a photo of Rula and his baby smiling and it said Happy Thanksgiving on the picture .


Nell- awww you guys look adorable !

Rula- she looks adorable i look just good as fuck ;)

Nell- or that haha .

Rula- hows your thanksgiving babe?

Nell- its going good about to house hop now . Hows yours ?

Rula- its going good .

Nell- ight well imma let you enjoy ill talk to you tonight .

Rula- ight baby :* .


Amiyas house

Amiyas house was packed out . People were everywhere ! She was introducing us to mad people . There was a certain group of her cousins that kept staring at us . Ty and Jai kept talking shit acting tough .

Jai- yo what the fuck he staring at ?

Tyrell- hes looking at all of us like that .

Nell- yall chill out ignore it .

Jai- ( mumbles ) man shut up .

Ty- ( laughs )

Nell- ight ... Whatever ( walks away and goes to Amiyas mother )

Nell- Hey Ma Tanya !

Tanya- hey hunny ! ( hugs Nell )

Nell- how have you been?

Tanya- i been great you look so good ! Growing up to be a handsome young man i see .

Nell- i mean i try haha .

Amiya- ( walks over with The crew ) Maaaa ! These are my friends and you already know Tey .

Tanya- hey everyone ! Yall go enjoy yourself downstairs . Thats where some of Amiyas other cousins are .

Nell- alright .

Amiya took us downstairs and i was the first to walk down and i couldnt believe what i saw . It was Alise sitting on some dudes lap . I turned quickly and grabbed onto Amiya and Leo and i told the rest to go . I guess Tey seen what i seen cause his face expression was everything . But he stayed downstairs .

As i took them outside they were looking at me like im crazy .

Amiya- boy whats wrong with you .

Nell- uh ... Uhm

Leo- spit it out ..

Nell- Alise is in there .

Leo- what ?

Amiya- oh hellll nah what you mean ?

Nell- listen Amiya just go in and be calm ...

Amiya- ( walks away ) ill be calm mhm...

Leo- Nell whats going on .

Nell- shes in there with someone else Leo . She was sitting on some dudes lap ...

Leo turned away from me and put his hands on his head .

Nell- Leo just calm down .

Leo- man fuck her im not even about to act up today its thanksgiving im just going to see it and keep the shit pushing fuck her . Lets go in .

When we went back in Amiya was talking to her mother so Leo and i went passed her and went down stairs . When i went down Alise was still on his lap i guess she didnt see Tey ... As we went down i saw Leos face get so upset . But it wasnt anger it was kind of embarrassment.

We went to sit in the corner and Leo sat next to me talking .

Leo- this shit is so fucke up Nell . After i just got jumped for this bullshit . Now you out with some other nigga . This is it

Nell- im sorry

Leo- why are you sorry it isnt your fault i shouldve dropped her ass when i found out she was with her ex .

Amiya comes over and sits on the other side of Leo .

Amiya- this bitch ... I dont even know that dude . I guess its my cousins bestfriend ...

Nell- shes fucking crazy .

Leo- its ight though . Look at her she just peeped me .

I looked over and she looked nervous . But she got up an approached us .

Alise- Hey um can i talk to you Leo?

Amiya- ( folds arms )

Leo- nahhhh you good go do what you do best .

Alise- come on stop in serious

Leo- we really have NOTHING to talk about now . Your free to do whatever you want we are done .

Alise- no we are not .

Nell- you need to step for real . Pissing me off now .

Alise- Can you please get this confused ass lil boy to shut up .

Nell- im not confused bitch . Your the confused one hopping dick to dick .

Alise- shut up gay ass . I heard you tried to get with him . But anyways can we talk .

Nell- excuse me ?

Alise- you heard me thirsty bitch . Everyone doesnt want to be gay like you hunny im just saying :) .

Ty looked at me and told me to let it go ... But i was confused why was she calling me thirsty as if i was after him on his ass about shit .

Nell- thats fine everyone doesnt but only if you knew the real story your played out pussy having ass wouldnt be hear looking stupid .

Alise- oh my gosh you must be really mad . Youll be okay theres other dicks for you to ride but Leos it will not be .

Amiya- you know what bitch get away .

Leo- you do need to leave cause i dont have shit to say to you . Bye man

Alise- okay then be a bitch like the rest you chill with dont call me dont text me nothing . Goodbye !

As she was walking away Amiya had stood up but i grabbed her hand .

Nell- this isnt the time .

Leo had went to say something to me but i gave him the cold shoulder . Apparently something that wasnt true was said . And im not with the bullshit .

Jai- hey you okay .

Nell- im fine .

Jai- your not

Nell- i am though .

I got up and left from downstairs and went to go sit outside . I just needed some air . Everything was just getting to overwhelming .

Leo came out and stood infront of me .

Leo- listen i didnt tell her anything . All i said was you and i at one time was trying to become something .

Nell- haha okay . Coming from her it seems like im thirsty . Like ive been hitting you up begging for dick .

Leo- man you dont see that shes just trying to piss you off . She hates you cause she thinks me and you are talking on the low she thinks that your after me . But little did she know i was after you .

Nell- i dont want to talk about it honestly but thanks for letting me know .

Leo- can you atleast look at me Cornell ..

Nell- no im looking at something on my phone .

Leo- ( takes Nells phone ) just look at me in my eyes .

Nell- what

Leo- i would never hurt you like i did before ight ? So dont think that i told her lies about you cause i didnt .

Nell- ight . Phone ?

Leo- no do you even believe me ?

Nell- yes i do believe you ...

Leo- so act like it .

Leo gave me my phone and walked back in . Did this nigga really shut me up like this ?

Jai comes out and walks pass me and unlocks his car .

Nell- where are you going ?

Jai- im leaving ...

Nell- ( walking towards Jai ) im not gonna have a ride ... Whats wrong with you ?

Jai- so you and Leo huh ?

Nell- whats wrong with you ! ( walks over to his car door where hes standing )

Jai- nah you know what this is useless .

Nell- yes it is . Cause im lost as shit .

Jai- you gonna try to fuck with ol boy but when we kissed . I got a automatic shut down .

Nell- because i didnt want to mess up our friendship thats why .

Jai- well fuck a friendship ight ...

He walked up on me and kissed me .

Jai- yeah .. ( kiss ) remember that shit Nell ?

I kept backing up but he kept coming close . Then he started backing up and went into his car . I just stood there confused as fuck . But before he drove off he said ...

Jai- by the way ... I am that guy who has been writing you on Instagram . Happy fucking thanksgiving ....



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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 16:59:33
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: 924

: 7

Leo got to be lying. Alise didn't just come from nowhere with that ish. It's something else he told her. We're just not getting the full story. Remember, a lie by omission is still a lie!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 22:50:24
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: 747

: 30

Nell wants Rula and I want him and Rula together too. Not on some rebound type shit but if Rula and Nell don't work out then Leo would be a good fit for Nell cause he has Nell's best interest at heart. Ty and Jai, Jai in particlular, need to go somewhere with this last minute "I'm feeling you, be with me" shit. V annoying.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 19:56:23
: 6
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: 1044

: 81

To be honest it's kind tiring that all his friends want him
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 14:53:00
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: 23

: 3

Yes I feel like Leo is telling the truth I wish u would put them together
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 12:53:05
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: 759

: 43

Good chapter. I know more shocks about to be coming soon so I will wait to see them.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 12:04:49
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: 39

: 1

😁😁😁😫😫😫 this nigga got all the niggas on him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 06:01:40
: 3
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: 232

: 15

On some real shit it's hard to trust any dudes especially bi niggas idk if I trust Leo yet. Been knew jai want Nell, and Ty is hella curious too, but Alisa is acting hella disrespectful and out all them On blast and ain't no way she'd be sitting in my crib tf! Miya need to get that bitch out frl before shit gets bad cause it ain't over lol. Rule seem cool but something just don't fit, maybe it's got something to do with what Nell moms said...
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 03:26:56
: 0
: 0


: 131

: 11

I knew Jai liked Cornell he was doing things friend don't do Ty tooo but his just have'nt come out yet and yes trust Leo I think she is getting informatin from some were may she been reading Leo's message
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 02:56:27
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: 521

: 29

good chapter!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 02:50:54
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: 60

: 29

Need some pics of these characters...........Leo is getting there......fuck the others
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 00:31:57
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: 22

: 0

I wasn't ready haha we need Leo POV
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 00:23:17
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: 0


: 457

: 22

I want see how this plays out. I mean his mom has a point about Rula. But these other two. Now that is the hard part.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 23:49:40
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: 120

: 10

These dudes stay in their feelings like Cornell is supposed to read their minds.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 23:48:17
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: 204

: 17

More please!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 22:31:48
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: 56

: 2

oooooo craziness and I love it
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 22:24:56
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: 34

: 7

Okay... Nell needs to make up his damn mind. Stop making him into some wishy washy thot. He knows exactly what he's doing. These love triangle stories with 50 million love interests aren't that exciting to read when the main character acts so innocent and like he doesn't know what's up with all the guys after him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 22:03:18
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: 134

: 5

Yo 3 men after him I hope he get with the right one
Good workπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 21:40:59
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Keep it coming!

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