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Damn Momma !

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Thanksgiving Eve !

I woke up to music blasting from my phone . I went to grab my phone and it was Rula inside his car driving .

Rula- your finally up .

Nell- haha yes you really stayed on FT this whole time .

Rula- yes

Nell- that was nice of you .

Rula- i got it like that ! But stay on here cause i want you to meet my baby momma . Shes cool i swear .

Nell- alright but im staying in this bed.

Rula- your fine they way you are .

Nell- ight . How far away are you ?

Rula- like 15 minutes .

Nell- okay . I might doze back off so wake me up when you get there .

Rula- then hang this up and put your ringer on high .

Nell- ight talk to you in a few .

I ended up falling my ass back to sleep . It was mad early like 8 o clock i need rest ! But that lil sneak peak of sleep i got sucked cause he definetly called back .

FT with Rula AGAIN

Nell- mhmm

Rula- wake up ! Myra here .

He hands the phone to a beautiful brown skin woman with some good ass hair . She had her make up on fleek !!!

Myra- Hey haha ( looks at Rula ) he is sleepy Dre !

Nell- im so sorry ( sits up in the bed ) how are you ?

Myra- im good hunny . Im gonna actually step away from the baby and him so i can talk to you .

Nell- alright .

Myra- okay ( sits on the bed ) so let me start off by saying im Myra !

Nell- Hey im Cornell nice to meet you.

Myra- pleasure is mine boo . But i just wanted to let you know he told me everything and trust me i figured he was going to find a man . Ive known Dre for years now . So its no surprised he actually is falling for a dude . Your a very handsome young man . I see he likes them young .

Nell- aw wow thank you very much . And to be honest at first i thought he was lien to me . I thought he was going to go down there with you and end up staying .

Myra- let me tell you this hunny . Dre is a great person and verrrry over protective . He might come off harsh sometimes but its all love .

Nell- well he hasnt really came off like real harsh towards me .

Myra- ohhhhh excuse me ! You must be some kind of man huh ... We use to get into big arguements alot . He would break shit grab me up . But he would never put his hands on me . I can admit i was a fire cracker . But he always kept me in check .

Nell- im glad we are having this talk .

Myra- so am i . I hope your coming for Christmas we would love for you to be here .

Nell- your so welcoming .. Thank you so much .

Myra- no problem hun

( baby starts crying )

Myra- let me give this phone back to Dre the baby is crying .

Nell- no its fine you can end it . Yall do what yall need to do . Nice meeting you again .

Myra- same here hun talk to you soon .

( ends FT )

I laid back down and my heart felt so good right now . It seem as if it was too good to be true !

Text Message from Jai

Jai- tell your mom im coming over and i want breakfast :)

Nell- she gonna cuss you out haha

Jai- soooo haha just tell her ill be there in 20 minutes .

Nell- ooookay .


Nell- Momma ! ( Yells )

Momma- what boy !?

Nell- Jai said hes coming over and for you to cook breakfast !

Momma- ( mom busts through the door ) tell his ass imma smack the hell out of him !

Nell- i told him .

Momma- now i gotta cook breakfast too and start the food for tomorrow . Remember you aint going nowhere today soo get ready to cook .

Nell- i know thats why im laid up in this bed .

Momma- mhm ! ( leaves out )


About a hour later

Jai- yoo stop cheating !

Nell- nigga you mad cause you SUCK!

Jai- ( tries to take my remote control )

Nell- Stop mutha fucka !

Jai- ( scores ) ayeeee lets go my nigga !

Nell- you suck im still winning by 10

Jai- not for long .

Nell- ( scores a 3 ) whats up now !?

Jai- shut up .

The game went on for about 10 more minutes and i won by 15 .

Nell- ayeeeee ( hits the quan ) .

Jai- ( smacks the fuck out of Nells ass ) ayeee

Nell- ( goes to hit Jai ) nigga imma fuck you up .

I put Jai in a choke hold knowing damn well it wasnt going to last long at all cause he stood up and slammed me on my bed .

Nell- your lucky nigga .

Jai- come on im ready for you .

Nell- nigga

I jumped up and tried to pick him up . It was a total failure . He just stood there . Then he started smacking my ass again and i pulled away .

Nell- ight nah i quit .

Jai- we gotta get you a lil more buffer .

Nell- im good like this .

Jai- okay then . ( shrugs )

Nell- you need to put that away .

Jai- ( looks down ) man we boys . Its all good .

Nell- what you doing hard though ?

Jai- man i aint bout to play witcha .

Nell- i mean it just a question . ( gets up )

Jai- cause your ass thats why .

Nell- ohhhh okay .

Jai- mhm . But in finna go loose booty hole .

Nell- my ass aint loose . Get me a new name .

Jai- let me check .

Nell- no crazy !

Jai- hahahaha im serious . But i got a question .

Nell- go ahead i kind of think i know what this is about .

Jai- how do you do it !?

Nell- do what ?

Jai- take dick up your ass .

Nell- i mean its just what i like .

Jai- your sex game prob whack .

Nell- its whack but the 2 people i had sex with are still in contact with me though . Well 1 i cut off which is my ex ... But he wants me back . So whos sex game is whack ?

Jai- ight you got that .

Nell- your shit is probably whack .

Jai- ( takes off shirt ) boy ill show your ass right now .

Nell- stop playing yo put your shirt back on .

Jai- its ight couldnt handle this if you tried ( grabs and shakes dick ) .

Nell- uhhh dont want too bye .

Jai- ight ill text you .

Nell- you better make sure my mother isnt in the kitchen while you walking out with this hardon .

Jai- oh yeah i forgot . Help me get it down . ( pulls out his dick )

Nell- you play to much nigga move .

Jai- ( walks over smiling ) come on just sit it on your lips ... Just breathe on it im sure your hot ass breathe would make it go down .

Nell- ( stares at Jai ) you got jokes huh ?

Jai- ( put his dick away ) hahaha that was good huh ?

Nell- no not at all punkass .

Jai- fuck it im just gonna leave out . Ill text you tomorrow i might swing through .

Nell- ight !

As Jai started walking out Tyrell was coming in . They dapped each other up and Tyrell came in and sat on my bed .

Nell- whats wrong with you ?

Tyrell- this bitch man . Shes crazy

Nell- your the 1 staying with her .

Tyrell- i know . Im a dumbass but i love her crazy ass .

Nell- then stop complaining . Either try to fix the problem or walk away from it all .

Tyrell- its easy for you to say that .

Nell- well what you gonna do ?

Ty laid back on the bed and you can see his dick print in his shorts .

Tyrell- man i dont know . The sex hasnt been the same either . I kid you not i havent came in the last 2 days .

Nell- maybe it just takes awhile for you to cum .

Tyrell- how nigga when you beat my shit for me twice and i came .

Nell- shes not me nigga . Yall just need to spice it up .

Tyrell- ( dick jumps ) man spice shit up . Fuck all that . And she be stopping during the sex talking bout it hurts your too big .

Nell- nigga your shit aint small .

Tyrell- but i been with her for mad long . Just take the dick damn .

Nell- ( bursts out laughing ) your a fool .

Tyrell- nah shes gonna be 1 i cant deal with this man . Imma just have to get over her .

Nell- i dont know yo .

I stood up to turn off my game and i heard Ty get up as well and when i stood up from turning it off . Ty grabbed my hand and put it on his dick .

Tyrell- please ?

Nell- ( moves hand ) no i cant do that

Tyrell- why not your single . Plus its not like you havent before . Its just a lil handjob. I need this nut man . I been walking around hard all day .

Nell- not my prob im sorry .

Tyrell- so its like that for real ( pulls his shorts down a lil and starts jerking it a little )

Nell- no take that in the bathroom .

Tyrell- you not gonna help your best friend out ? We aint fucking .

Tyrell grabbed my hand again and put it on his dick and pushed my hand up and down on it and closed his eyes licking his lips . All i could do was think about Rula . I quickly took my hand back .

Nell- you just came over to get a handjob ?

Tyrell- hell no i was gonna chill here with yall and get your opinion on my shit .

Nell- but i cant do it im sorry .

Tyrell- why your dick hard then .

Nell- yes it might be but still no .

Tyrell- ight i understand . ( puts his dick away )

I sat on my bed pushing down my hard on . Was it bad that i actually thought about going through with this shit ?

Tyrell- your hands were made with magic .

Nell- shut up .

Tyrell- im serious last night i could feel your hands on my dick and how you stroke it .

Nell- Stop !

Tyrell- haha chill out . ( dick still jumping ) fuck i need to cum .

Nell- go call your girl .

Tyrell- ive been thinking ...

Nell- about ?

Tyrell- a 3some what you think ?

Nell- haha nahh .

Tyrell- come on ill even let you fuck the shit out of her . She kept talking about you after we saw you .

Nell- she want this dickkkk .

Tyrell- come onnn man RIGHT NOW .

Nell- umm ill have to ask my readers about this 1 ...

Tyrell- your readers ? What you talking about ?

Nell- nothing ...


About 2 hours later Tyrell fell asleep on my bed and i went to go cook with my momma .

Momma- boy took your ass long enough . You better not be up there working like some hoe .

Nell- really ma why would you think that .

Momma- cause Jai left out trying to hide his dick .

Nell- that had nothing to do with me .

Momma- better not i will fuck your shit up . Now start making that macaroni and chesse .

Nell- yes motherrrr ( trying to be a smart ass )

Momma- mhm and who is that nigga in the black truck ?

Nell- ( gulps ) huh ?

Momma- who is that man Cornell .

Nell- someone im talking too .

Momma- he looks like a gang banger . I dont want you invovled in that shit .

Nell- ma !

Momma- dont ma me ... How can he afford that truck ? And he real good looking too a strongggg mann yessss god hunny ! Woooo ( shakes her head ) no but honestly . He seem like he into women .

Nell- ma trust me theres alot of dudes like him .

Momma- hmm okay but once shit get weird you know me im asking questions ...

Nell- yes i know .

Phone vibrates

FT from Rula .

Nell- here he is now you want to meet him ?

Momma- hell yes .

I answered the FT

Rula- Baby wassup ?

Nell- not much cooking with my mom ...

Rula- aww tell her i said hi .

Nell- she wants to meet you .

Rula- okay ..

My mother walked over and she looked shocked .

Momma- Dre !?

Rula- Uh yes ? Do i know you ?

Momma- End this shit right now Cornell ! Now !

Nell- ma whats the problem .

Momma- hes a fucking drug dealer thats why . ( Ends the FT ) i dont want you talking to him .

Nell- ma i..

Momma- dont Ma me ... Im serious about that shit . Mess around and you gonna be doing drugs .

Nell- all he does is smoke weed ! He dont do that other shit .

Momma- watch your mouth . Your not to speak with him end of conversation .

I walked out of the house and sat down on the curb .

I FT Rula .

Rula- what was that all about

Nell- i guess she knows you sell drugs .

Rula- shit ...

Nell- she doesnt want me speaking to you .

Rula- what ? Nah come on .

Nell- this sucks

Rula- this cant be like this babe .

Nell- i know ill try to talk to her but she keeps shutting me down .

Rula- i dont want yall to get into it during Thanksgiving just wait it out ight ?

Nell- i guess . Wish you was here .

Rula- wish i was too ...

Nell- well imma get back inside .

Rula- alright FT befor you go to bed .

Nell- i will .

I ended the FT and went back in the house .

Momma- i hope while you was talking to him you told him that yall are through .

Nell- ma im going in my room .

Momma- you aint gonna finish cooking ?

Nell- ( stares at her )

Momma- what ? Am i suppose to be okay with you tagging along with some thug ? It was bad enough you was with that Demitri boy and look what happened .

Nell- hes not Demitri .

Momma- boy bye ill finish this myself . Go upstairs and think about the goodness of jesus .

I walked upstairs and i forgot that Ty was still here sleep . I tried to wake him up but i couldnt . I went to go take a shower and thought about everything my mother said . I mean she wasnt wrong about it . But was she leading me in the right way ?


What do you guys think about that threesome ?

Do you think Nell should listen to his mother ?

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Post Posted: 2017-09-14 16:28:00
: 0
: 0


: 20

: 4

hell no ,no threesome...............i agree keep him with Rula
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Post Posted: 2016-05-12 16:01:38
: 2
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: 5

: 0

She said go upstairs and think about the goodness of Jesus. LMAO, translation be glad I didn't just kill you.
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Post Posted: 2015-12-09 18:47:52
: 0
: 1


: 131

: 31

I want Nell and Tyrell to fuck
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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 12:01:52
: 0
: 0


: 2880

: 86

no threesome ok do not do that and his mother needs to let him be happy. Rula might sell drugs but he is a good man.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 02:28:23
: 1
: 1


: 131

: 11

I think he should do it I also think Ty is going to try to fuck Nell to But noe with Rula I think he should lisen to his mother this time
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 15:08:23
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: 0


: 232

: 15

I feel his mom but it's his life. He just needs to be careful. And hell yeah do the threesome while he's still single.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 10:32:30
: 1
: 1


: 759

: 43

I feel his mom is right because I still don't trust Rula. As for the threesome well I think Jai just want Cornell and forget that damn girl.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 08:58:59
: 1
: 0


: 130

: 32

His momma know more than wat she saying. And I think Nell should fuck tyrell. Get the shit over with
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 08:53:47
: 0
: 0


: 23

: 2

Isn't Dre Rula's older brother?
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 08:39:05
: 0
: 0


: 56

: 2

Moms always wants what's best for their kids and if they know the right and wrongs they will try to lead them towards a good path. even though Rula is a very nice a great guy there's only time that will tell if something was supposed to go down and something bad might happen to Nell
Back to top
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 06:30:32
: 1
: 0


: 747

: 30

No to the three some, Ty just betting greedy. I also say that Nell should keep fucking with Rula. Rula is a good man, yea he sells drugs and shit but other than that he treats Nell right.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 02:09:11
: 0
: 1


: 120

: 10

hmm mama saw Rula and shut that down quick. yeah he should leave Dre alone. but for the sake of the story, hell naw. lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 02:01:38
: 1
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: 419

: 15

Mama know some tea. Can't wait.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 01:12:03
: 0
: 0


: 14

: 3

I say threesome to spice things up... The mom not liking Rula is not spicy enough..
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:42:25
: 0
: 0


: 0

: 0

He sounds like he going to try both of his "best friends".
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:33:08
: 3
: 0


: 204

: 17

#TEAMRULA His mother had lived her life. Did she not get it in while in Miami?
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:23:27
: 2
: 0


: 20

: 2

No 3 some but Ty can cum git some in the shower....see if Mimi was lien bout that shower rod...
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:15:19
: 2
: 0


: 194

: 16

No three some.. keep him and Rula together. .
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:01:58
: 1
: 0


: 172

: 17

Mama wasn't playing lol. Good chapter but where's Leo lol.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 23:58:01
: 1
: 0


: 13

: 2

So is TY gay or do he just like HJ?

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