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The Hospital & Gifts !

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FT with Rula

Nell- you what Rula ?

Rula- i have to leave for 2 months .

Nell- stop lien to me .

Rula- i have to do some buisness .

Nell- we were just starting to ...

Rula- baby i know ... I wish i can take you with me .

Nell- how long have you new about this ?

Rula- since i went to talk to the people that day .

Nell- what are you doing for 2 fucking months .

Rula- buisness ight .

Nell- i dont believe you .

Rula- dont start this .

Nell- 2 full months you got to be kidding me Ru ...

Rula- im not ...

Nell- dont go ...

Rula- i have too .

Nell- no you dont ! You been doing good here .

Rula- ( sighs )

Nell- theres more to it i know there is .

Rula- there isnt ...

Nell- so what do you expect me to do honestly ...

Rula- i dont know ...

Nell- i feel like you should have never approached me . I shouldve never let you come to see me ! Bye Ru .

Rula- Nell do not say that shhh...

I ended the FT

He called back

Rula- dont end this FT i swear man ( starts driving )

Nell- yo i dont care what you do . Just go fuck with someone else thats how im feeling . You have to be fucking kidding me. Why 2 months ?

Rula- okay okay ! The babies mother lives in Texas . I have to go out there .

Nell- sooooo ?

Rula- im engaged to her .

Nell- 2 months ... So its like your telling me your going to live 2 lives .

Rula- no its not like that .

Nell- Then what is it ?

Rula- i just want my daughter to see that Her mother and i have a great relationship . Im leaving her im going to break it to her . I want you Cornell .

Nell- Nah you dont ...

Rula- yes i fucking do .

Nell- 2 months ... You think im dumb huh ?

Rula- no ...

Nell- you know what ... Go do whatever you want . I know you arent going to be no lil saint out there . Im glad we arent deep in this relationship .

Rula- will you be there when i come back ?

Nell- will you even come back ? Now thats a great question . Thanks for telling me this shit from the jump .... Btw you have a beautiful daughter and i hope everything works out with you and your family .

Rula- it sounds like your cutting me off Cornell .

Nell- take it how you want too . I guess ill see you around .

Rula- baby stop . Your going to see me when i get back . Youll be the first person i see . I cant be without you .

Nell- you will for 2 months .

Rula- for real man ? This is for my family .

Nell- travel safely .

Rula- When i get back i need to see you .

Nell- i dont think thats best .

Rula- ( turns his face ) please dont do this to me . I aint never did this emotional shit for nobody . This is real what you and i have .

Nell- What do we have ?

Rula- ...

Nell- right nothing because we cant even start it . But like i said i wish you the best .

Rula- where are you Cornell ?

Nell- I have to go .

Rula- baby please .

I ended the FT and sat there for a minute . I really couldnt believe him right now ... I tried to get my shit together and i walked into Teys house . Everyone was talking and drinking .

Tey- ayeeee there goes the kid !

Everyone- Nellayyyy !

Jai- damn took you long as fuck .

Nell- yeahh.. My bad .

Amiya- you okay ?

Nell- yea im good ( goes to sit on the couch )?

Leo- no hes not go check on him Amiya ...

Amiya- whats wrong babes .

Nell- ( looking at his phone getting blown up by Rula ) its nothing im good ..

Amiya- come on now ive known you for a long time now .

Nell- Ru is engaged and has a daughter . Hes leaving for 2 months to go down there . He said he was going to break it off with her . But i just cant believe him .

Amiya- Cornell listen now i know it does sound bad as hell . But hes been doing shit for you and all this emotinal stuff you tell me about . I think hes telling you the truth . I know its probably hard to believe .

Nell- i want to believe him but i just cant .

Amiya- why 2 months though .

Nell- he said so his baby knows that her mother and him haves a great relationship .

Amiya- understandable but why 2 months . He cant go back and forth ?

Nell- something is off . But im not about to have this in my head all day . Fuck it i need a drink .

Amiya- dont get crazy

Nell- i wont .

I got up and went into the kitchen to pour me a shot . I downed it and went back into the dining where everyone was chilling and getting ready to move into the living room to watch a movie .

Nell- Tey theres mad ppl here .

Tey- i know . You good though .

Nell- ill be good . But what we about to do ?

Tey- watch a movie

Nell- there asses going on the floor .

Bball player- shut up lil nigga .

Nell- ( ignores )

Tey- come on .

When we went into the living room leo and Alise was chilling on the three seater couch so i went to sit with them . Leo was in the middle .

Leo- you good ( turns his head )

Nell- yeah im good .

Leo- ight

Jai came over and sat near my legs and everyone else just packed in .

After everyone got started . We watched the jurassic movie .

I went to check my phone and Rula mustve called me over 15 times . He texted me once though .

Text message from Rula

Rula- I see that your ignoring me but im not leaving until i see you and make this right with you ...

I just read the message and went to check my IG .. That dude that had no pic finally wrote back .

IG Messages

???- I might invite you to 1 of my shows .
Nell- eh i dont have time for games .
???- i play no games but its cool . I understand .
Nell- who are you ?

They stopped replying again .

Rula Texted again

Rula- Your just gonna read it ? Can i see you ?

Nell- tonight i guess .

Rula- okay .

I sat on the couch and started to get cold so i got up crossing over people to go get a blanket .

Tey- your cold huh ?

Nell- yeah

Tey- bring out a couple .

Nell- okay ...

I went into the closet and got a couple of blankets . When i came back i gave 1 to Tey and 1 to Leo i kept 1 and threw the rest at all the other people who were on the floor . When i sat down Jai pinched me toe . So i put my foot on his shoulder . He tried to hurt my damn foot . So i put my leg over his shoulder and i kept it there the whole time . He ended up taking some of my covers and he left my leg over his shoulder . I kept kicking him in his stomach each time he pinched my leg .

Then i got a text from Tey .

Tey- yall over there flirting .

Nell- nahhh this is my nigga since day 1 ..

Tey- righhhhhht .

Nell- shut up


About 3 hours later the movie was over and it seem like this place became some sex party . Girls were sittin on niggas laps . People were drunk dancin on each other . Dudes were in corners tryna get them a quick feel . While my ass sat here looking stupid and lonely as always !

Jai- man they wildn im ready to go . None of these bitches can handle daddy ...

Nell- im ready too . I really couldnt enjoy myself either .

Jai- lets go

I got up and left out with Jai .

Jai- aye we going to see Mike or nah ?

Nell- we can tomorrow maybe . I just want to go home .

Jai- ight bet let me bring you home .

Nell- k


As we pulled up to my house i seen Rulas truck across the street . I dapped up Jai and got out the car and he left . I walked over to his truck and he rolled down his windows a little and stepped out and leaned against his door .

Rula- So ...

Nell- So what ?

Rula- So listen i just want you to believe me . I know this is all sudden but i really want to be with you .

Nell- Dre im just over this shit . Everytime i get to know someone theres always some shit . You couldve been told me about this . I just need someone whos down for me without all this bullshit . WHY COULDNT YOU BE THAT 1 PERSON HUH ?!

Rula- I am !

Nell- Your not ... You kept shit from me .

Rula- im sorry . Im here now to prove to you that i want you !

Nell- how am i suppose to believe you . 2 months !? Why cant u go back and forth .?? You need 2 months to tell her its over ? Huh ?

Rula- no i dont and your pissing me off . At the end of the fucking day my nigga we arent together and we never was . So you dont have to believe shit i say until i get back . You think i would ask you to be with me knowing i had shit on my plate ? Thats why i waited to do everything with you .

Nell- 2 weeks ...

Rula- your not telling me how long im going to be around my family .

Nell- im not trying too .

Rula- sounds like it to me .

Nell- who says your not gonna go down there and end up re kindling the fire . Huh ?

Rula- man ...

Nell- exactly ! 2 fucking months you think im stupid ? You expect me to think yall aint gonna be fucking or nothing .

Rula- i am not with you like i said before . Babe just listen to me .

Nell- nah you made yourself clear . Im not with you . So its like whatever im saying doesnt really matter . Your a grown man your gonna do whatever you want .

Rula- i didnt mean to come off like that . You mean everything to me . What you say does matter .

Nell- trust me it doesnt .

Rula- Baby just stop !

Rulas Daughter- dada !

Rula- yes Mya ( opens the door and takes her out holding her ) whats up mama .

She was so beautiful her grey eyes and two long curly pigtails . Her skin complexion was a dark caramel . A beautiful complexion ! She had lil earrings in. She looked over at me and put her hand out at me .

Nell- Hey Mya !

Mya- hi ( looks at Rula )

Nell- hey im gonna go okay ?

Rula- Babe dont .

I touched his shoulder and rubbed her hand .

Nell- Bye beautiful !

She waved her hand at me and started smiling really hard .

Nell- have a safe trip Ru .

Rula- can i atleast have a hug before i go . ?

Rula put Mya back in the truck and closed the door . He turned around to me and took my hand and pulled me into his chest and hugged me tight . My heart started beating fast and so was his . He bent his head down and kissed the top of my head and said " i promise ill be back for you baby okay ? " ... I just stood there hugging him back then he let me go and i walked away .

Rula- hey ill text you everyday okay ?

Rula- and FT !

Rula- Everyday ight Nell!?

I unlocked my door and went inside .

A part of me feels like hes being genuine but the other side of me is saying let him go .

I walked up stairs and took off all my clothes . I ran some bath water and soaked my body . All i could think about was Rula ... Why couldnt he just tell me this from the start !?

( Phone rings ) FT from Adrian

Adrian- yoooo wassup ?

Nell- hm nothing ...

Adrian- whats wrong ?

Nell- just going through something . With a future partner .

Adrian- oh like what ?

Nell- he just now told me about a kid and being engaged . But he told me that hes going to break it off with her . But i dont believe him

Adrian- im glad you wasnt deep in the relationship .

Nell- i was saying the same shit to myself . Then hes leaving tonight to go to Texas ... For 2 months to be with them .

Adrian- well shit .

Nell- but he said its for his daughter .

Adrian- it could be .

Nell- right ...

Adrian- this might cheer you up .

Nell- what ?

Adrian- im on FT with you ( cheeses )

Nell- ( laughs ) your corny . Hows Jae ?

Adrian- hes straight . He wants to go back to miami soon .

Nell- that would be cool .

Adrian- yea this dude love traveling .

Nell- i do too . I want to do a cruise .

Adrian- ive never been on 1 .

Nell- Lets do it !

Adrian- haha just like that huh ?

Nell- i mean we have to set a date but lets do that .

Adrian- you just want to be near me huh ? Nahhh im just fuckin witcha .

Nell- now what if i said yea .

Adrian- you can still say it .

Nell- nah ... But im serious lets set it up ! I kinda miss Jaes crazy ass .

Adrian- oh you miss Jae but not me ? Trueeeeeee .

Nell- i missed you too Adrian .

Adrian- i didnt miss you sorry .

Nell- ( stares at him )

Adrian- you know i did . You in the tub ?

Nell- yup

Adrian- i was just getting in the shower .. Just came from the gym .

Nell- aw okay . Well go wash ya stank self .

Adrian- yea yea ill talk to you tomorrow .

Nell- bet .

( FT ends )

I stood up in the tub and drained the water . Then i turned on the shower and washed myself . After i was done i put on my shorts and socks . And climbed in bed .

I went to check my IG .

And it was dry like hell . I went to check FB and that was dry as hell too . So i said fuck it and just went to sleep .


The Next Morning .

I was woken up by a phone call from Rula .

Nell- hello...

Rula- Get up before your late for school . Just wanted to let you know im here . I been here but yea .

Nell- thats nice .

Rula- i miss you .

Nell- i missed you too .

Rula- you did ?

Nell- just a little .

Rula- glad you answered

Nell- where are you staying ?

Rula- Hotel .

Nell- where are you now ?

Rula- at her house .

Nell- oh nice .

Rula- yeaa ...

Dre!!!! ( someone yelling in the background )

Nell- well imma let you go .

Rula- ill FT you later okay ?

Nell- sure

Rula- ight

I ended the call and tossed my phone away from me . All i wanted to do was sleep alllll day ! Plus we have a half day today . But ! I just got my lazy ass up to go . DAMN i need my license that should be my goal before the new year !


Nell- yes ma ? Why you yelling ?

Momma- someones here to see you .

Nell- who ?

Momma- boy come down stairs !!

I walked down stairs and i seen Tey there pacing the floor .

Nell- whats wrong Tey .

Tey- Leo man !

Nell- what ?

Tey- Leo ! That ... Come outside i dont want to be disrespectful .

We went outside .

Tey- They jumped him !

Nell- wait who !?

Tey- that fucking bitches ex or whoever he is . Im fucking pissed. Last night i got the call . They jumped him and stabbed him .

Nell- ( puts hand on his head ) what hospital is he at ?

Tey- Im trying to reach his cousin .

Nell- shit !

I ran in the house and threw on a jogging outfit and some sneakers and came back outside .

Nell- lets go ..

Tey- FUCK !!!

Nell- calm down Tey hes going to be fine .

We got in the car and went to get Amiya . We had finally reached his cousin and she told us where they were .

Once we got to the hospital Tey was asking everyone he seen wheres Leo . When we finally got someone to tell us we walked down the hall where the waiting room was and Alise was sitting there with some other girl . And some of his family was there .

Tey- Bitch the fuck are you...

Nell- ( pushes him back ) NO ! Not the right time for this .

Amiya- ( pins up her hair )

Nell- Miya no

Amiya- im good nelly .

Alise- i think you guys are over doing this right now . Hes going to be fine .

Nell- ignore her you two .

Tey- we need to see him.

FrontDesk- you are ?

Tey- we are his cousins .

Alise- ( mumbles- lies )

Frontdesk- room 117

We walked down the hall and i was walking kind of behind them . I didnt want to see him like this at all . I let Tey and Amiya go in without me at first cause i heard Tey crying . It made me tear up . Was it that bad ?

After about 5 minutes Amiya came and took my hand and pulled me inside . When i walked through the curtain he laid there with his eyes closed . Tey was still weaping . My eyes just started running . I kept wiping but it kept coming . I walked over near him and he was beat up badly . His face was swollen and his body was wrapped up .

Amiya- he hasnt been responding really ...

I went to hold his hand softly .

Nell- Hey its Cornell just letting you know im here .

Then he moved his head a little and a tear left his right eye . He tried to grip onto my hand but he was so weak .

Amiya- hes crying ...

Nell- ( tries to hold in breaking down ) yeah im here Leo .

Tey- i cant take this shit man . Im going to kill them . Why is she even out there !

While tey was talking Leo tightened his grip onto my hand a little bit more .

Amiya- shes crazy ... I cant wait until you get better Leo !

2 hours later we were still there in the room chilling with him he just laid there .

Tey- Hey bro we are going to get something to eat . We'll be back ight ?

Nell- come on .

We walked out of the room and Tey put his arms around me and Amiyas neck .

Tey- i love yall real shit .

Amiya- we love you too !

Nell- i hope hes going to be okay .

Tey- i know he will hes strong .

Nell- yeah he is .

Tey- he cried when he heard your voice Nell .

Nell- yes i know ...

Tey- damn man wish it wasnt like this .

Nell- me neither .

As we started walking out the hospital Alise got up and followed .

Alise- excuse me where are yall going ?

Tey- stop speaking to us . You need to leave actually .

Alise- im not going anywhere i love Leo it was not my fault at all . Leo started arguing with my Ex .

Amiya- bitch how did they even see each other .

Alise- ( rolls her eyes ) We were already at school so we decided to go to the store and my ex was there and they started arguing in the store then when they got outside they started fighting and Leo was winning then dudes came out of My exes car and they jumped him . I would never want to hurt Leo . You guys have to believe me .

Nell- stop the bull crap you just kissed your ex at mcdonalds that day i saw the whole thing .

Alise- ugh ! Just forget it ! But you know what when he comes back to himself he will still be mine ! So dont get tired of me just yet !!!

She walks off flipping her hair ...

Nell- this is not good !


About 2 weeks later

So let me catch yall up a little . During the past 2 weeks Rula has been calling me everyday . He even would FT me when hes with his daughter . As much as i tried to act like i was upset i couldnt . Leo on the other hand was doing much better the swelling went down his eyes are starting to heal and go back the color of his skin . He was stabbed in his stomach so thats still healing . We went to see him almost everyday . He actually would talk to me alone and get my advice on what he should do about Alise . It seems like he was really into this sneaky ass bitch . But i mean if hes happy im happy .

Since we were only 2 more days away from thanksgiving My mom and i went shopping since alot of family was coming over this week .

Momma- you gotta help me cook so no going out with your friends .

Nell- Ma i know gesh !

Momma- boy dont do it in this store i still whoop ass you know .

Nell- ight ma what are we getting .

Momma- i need you to make the macaroni and cheese this year and the ham thats allllll you have to do ! And maybe the peach cobbler .

Nell- yay ! Easy stuff okay imma go get my stuff ill find you soon .

Momma- yup !

As i started getting the cheese from out the fridge . This guy kept looking at me and i felt as if he was following me .

After i got the cheese i went to go get the macaroni . When i went down the aisle i seen Tyrell and his Gf .

Tyrell- wassup boy .

Nell- shit just shopping .

Tyrell- yeah thats why im here with her ...

Nell- Hey i havent met you yet its good to finally meet you .

Girl- hey nice to meet you too im Lisa . Since he couldnt introduce us .

Tyrell- chill .

Nell- im Cornell .

Lisa- aw your Cornell . The miami party animal huh !

Tyrell- ( shakes his head )

Nell- i guess so haha .

Lisa- was he good out there ?

Nell- ( thinks about the handjobs ) um yes he was very good actually . He released alot of stress it was like flying everywhere . Proud of him .

Tyrell- ( gives Nell the eye ) okay lets go babe .

Lisa- awww hes nice though !

Tyrell- we'll see him on thanksgiving

Lisa- fine !

Nell- talk to yall later .

Tyrell- ight yo ill text you .

As they walked away Ty turned his head and mouthed " Im gonna kill you " . I laughed looking at him and started pushing my cart as i was turning my head to the front i had hit that guy who was looking at me strange ...

Guy- damn you good .

Nell- my bad was distracted .

Guy- you look familiar like very familiar .

Nell- My name is Cornell if that helps .

Guy- ohhhhh shit ! Its me Mike !

I looked at him up and down he was still a tall slim nigga . We use to call him bones . Still had on them damn glasses . Ol geek ass .

Nell- ayeee how are you ?

Mike- im good im good . Wheres Jai ? Tonight we need to chill . Its been awhile .

I looked at him again and he had on sweats with this white shirt and some converses . So innocent looking . Crazy ass

Mike- why you keep looking at me .

Nell- cause you havent changed 1 bit.. You still into them white girls ?

Mike- you funny huh ? Yup i am and they love this meat .

Nell- i bet they do weirdo .

Mike- ( pushing his glasses on his face ) turn around ( smiling )

Nell- no ( starts cracking up ) your a creep !

Mike- ( laughs ) give me your number.

Nell- ( gives him the number ) ight ill talk to you soon let me finish shopping .

Mike- okay good seeing you .

I stsrted moving my carriage pass him and he tried to sneak look at my ass . I turned and shook my head and he shrugged his shoulders and looked again .

I went to get the rest of my stuff and met up with my mother .

Momma- boy guess who i saw ?

Nell- mike ..

Momma- yes haha he still look like a gamer .

Nell- yea i saw .

Momma- i know those white girls be loving it . His mother told me she caught him fucking a girl when he was 18 and that he was big . But you know its always those kinds that be freaks .

Nell- okay momma stop lets just go .

Momma- what boy shut up . I heard the whole family is gifted down there . Yesss god hunny !

Nell- i cant with you momma . Lets go !

After we bought everything we went home and put it away . I went upstairs in my room and sat on my bed to check my phone .

Text Message from Tey

Tey- hey hes home now .

Nell- alright ill swing through later .

Tey- bet ..

Text from Jai

Jai- aye loose booty !

Nell- what ho ?

Jai- let me spit on your booty hole ?

Nell- no

Jai- nah but Mike told me he saw you .

Nell- yeah i seen him .

Jai- he said he wants to put it inside you ... This nigga !! You shouldve heard how he said it . Like a lil punk .

Nell- leave him alone haha .

Jai- nah but hows Leo?

Nell- hes doing better im about to go see him .

Jai- ight bet ill ttyl then .

Nell- yup .

Text From Mike

Mike- Its Mikey

Nell- Hi Mike !

Mike- hi, you still play video games ?

Nell- ( crying & laughing emoji ) yes kinda . Why ?

Mike- whats so funny ? And so we can play today . Ill beat you in 2k

Nell- no you wont you tripping now .

Mike- come over today watch me win.

Nell- ight ill see .

Mike- okay .

Text from Rula

Rula- Aye baby wassup ?

Nell- nothing much just got home from Thanksgiving shopping .

Rula- aww so did we .

When he said we my heart dropped . Cause that we didnt include me .

Nell- oh sounds nice .

Rula- yeah ... Miss you

Nell- miss you too .

Rula- i plan on telling her after thanksgiving .

Nell- okay .

Rula- you dont care do you ?

Nell- not really honestly .

Rula- well ight then ... Ill leave you alone .

Nell- ok .

I put left my text messages and called the rmv . I need to get my license ! So i called and set up a road test ...

Nell- MOMMMMA !!!

Momma- yeah ?

Nell- i made an appointment .



A few hours later i was with Amiya, Tey , Leo and Alise .

Tey- man we are happy your home !

Leo- man so am i .

Alise- yeah baby i missed you !

Nell- ( smirks )

Amiya- ( looks through her purse ) this bitch .

Leo- chill Amiya she is still my girl .

Alise leaned over and kissed Leo .

Then Leo looked over at me and nodded his head . I guess he was happy with her and thats what i told him . If hes happy with her then stay . We cant make him see what we see we can only say so much ...

Tey- yo when you get 100% we throwing you a party !

Leo- ( smiling ) thatll be dope .

Amiya- Leooooooo !

Leo- what crazy ?

Amiya- nothing just happy your back that is all .

Leo- but im about to take a nap .

Nell- well wait i have good news !

All- what ?

Nell- i finally set up a road test !

Amiya- ( stands up and does a church hop ) wont he do it !?

Alise- too much ...

Leo- aye stop babe .

Amiya- its you dont gotta tell her nothing cause while you sleeping imma have her ass sleeping too . Try me ( smiles )

Leo- nah wont be none of that .

Tey- Amiya sit your fighting ass down . But yea finally man . Proud of you .

Nell- yeah but now imma need a car .

Amiya- your mom probably would buy you one .

Nell- no she wont haha .

Alise helps Leo get up and they both go into the room and close the door .

Nell- okay our cue to leave .

Tey- lets go .

We left out and Tey took me home .

When i got in the house my mother was sitting on the couch and told me there was something upstairs for me .

I went upstairs and when i opened the door there was a big box and balloons that said thinking of you . On the box was a card i opened it up and it said

Baby ,

Dont for 1 second think that im not thinking of you babe . I cant wait to get back and make right with you . Here are just a few things i wanted to give you .

When i opened the box there was all kinds of clothes . And there was 2 jewlery boxes . I opened 1 and it was another MK watch and the other was empty .

I took my phone out and FT him .

Rula- aye babe .

Nell- thank you i really miss you .

Rula- you just made my night saying that .

Nell- its true . I wish you were here honestly .

Rula- soon babe and good news .

Nell- what ?

Rula- i let her know about everything and shes actually cool with it . Ill actually let her tell you the story when im with her .

Nell- oh she knows about me .

Rula- um yes i told you i want you . I wasnt joking .

Nell- wow im shocked .

Rula- did you get the empty box ?

Nell- yes ...

Rula- that gift is coming soon . Still thinking about what i should get you .

Nell- nothing its okay .

Rula- i dont want to hear all that .

Nell- anyways guess what ?

Rula- what ?

Nell- im going for my road test !

Rula- finalllllly !

Nell- shut up .

We sat there and stared at each other for a bit .

Rula- your so sexy babe .

Nell- so are you .

Rula- if i flew you out here for the weekend would you come ?

Nell- ummmm i think so .

Rula- good cause for christmas i want everyone special in my life around me .

Nell- ( cheesing ) really ?

Rula- yes really . Damn im falling hard for you i dont know what it is .

Nell- im surprised at just us being something .

Rula- well stop being surprised cause im not going anywhere .


So i decided NOT to leave yall with a cliff hanger .

So how do yall feel about Alise !!?

Do you guys like Jais character ?

What do yall think about Rula now ?

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22 . Surprise !
23 . Pain & Secrets
24 . Do You ?
25 . Rewarded Suspension ?
26 . Miami Again !
27 . LEO NO !?
28 . Surprises !
29 . Still In Love ?
30 . I Want my Brother Back !
31 . Why Tey !?
32 . The Necklace !
33 . Rula Rula Rula !
34 . Still Nervous ?
35 . Why are you here ?
36 . Leo CHILL OUT !
37 . Stop Fucking Up !
38 . First Day of Work / The Kiss

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Post Posted: 2016-04-12 23:14:13
: 1
: 2


: 3

: 2

I been team Rula.... He got money and he sweet. I'm glad Leo is out the picture now if only Nell can not feed into the temptation of these other lames.... Smh
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Post Posted: 2016-02-09 18:03:10
: 1
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: 80

: 12

Something is very fishy about Rula . I believe that Leo would be the best person for Nell.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-29 11:46:39
: 0
: 0


: 2880

: 86

I love Rula and Leo lil 🐩tch makes me sick but her day us coming
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Post Posted: 2015-11-27 01:54:03
: 1
: 0


: 131

: 11

This AliseI don;t like her ass she is a snake, Jai is ok kinda get that he like Cornell and I think he may want to fuck him and Rula I don't thank he is good for Nell I still think Nell and Leo is good together they really do love each other and I would like to see it go that way ys Rula can get him everything he want if he wanted but I really want to Leo and Nell together and get ride of this Alise bitchass
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 01:35:08
: 1
: 0


: 120

: 10

putu wrotes:

Does Cornell have to give his number to every male that asks him for it?
That's a great ass question! Lol.

Idk, Rula's makin good on callin Cornell everyday. Cant wait to see how it all unfolds.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 21:42:46
: 0
: 0


: 457

: 22

Rula and that wantch needs to leave. Alize whatever name is starting to work my nerves along side of Rula. Just saying.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 20:57:07
: 0
: 0


: 60

: 29

Time to give Leo some bussy and it should happen by mistake.....to wake up his ass...............I tired of the female character (Amiya) up in gay dudes business. I feeling Leo because I acted the same way to my ex when I was 17. We been together for 11 years before we parted ways.

Really feelings this story

CORNELLeo forever
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 19:43:17
: 0
: 0


: 16

: 0

love it but I'm addicted and u take to long to post such a head ache
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 05:11:21
: 1
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: 759

: 43

No matter what I still think Rula is hiding something from Cornell still.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 03:31:32
: 0
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: 39

: 3

I kinda don't like Rula. Even with all the extra shit I don't like him. I do like Jai and the friendship they have going on tho
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-25 00:26:01
: 2
: 2


: 380

: 46

bottomd wrotes:
Leo is still the only one
Please choke on many dicks as you have many seats.

You're the type of person to be abused in a relationship and won't leave that abuse unless you are dead in a casket being lowered into the grave.

And your ass wouldn't even haunt you abuser either.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 00:23:16
: 2
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: 380

: 46

I did Not mean to hit dislike this stupid phone. And ignorant cheap ass bgc won't let you unlike something once you've liked it.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 00:21:35
: 3
: 0


: 380

: 46


Does Cornell have to give his number to every male that asks him for it?

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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 23:29:32
: 1
: 2


: 1044

: 81

Leo is still the only one
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 22:53:49
: 3
: 0


: 10

: 3

Feeling this chapter, am ready for the next one asap!!!!

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