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X dude - Part 6

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As night start to fall im still thinking about eveything that happened today,and my head was spinning.Just to prove to myself that this shit was real in pulled up homegirl page just to look at the status on her page again,and damn if it wasnt real,real as day.

I couldnt believe this,i wanted to just whop Rah ass upside the head with his petty ass.As im just staring at my cellphone screen at the status Rah wrote i see somebody reply.Who is this,and where do i know you from,where you know X from? i see homegirl reply,then after a few minutes i see the blank account leave a reply to the girl reply.

Im just somebody who know how trifling your nigga is,ole dl ass nigga,you need to check him girl,obviously Rah as another alias reply to homegirl.Who is this,and what the fuck is dl? the girl write back.When your man fucking other men sweetheart,Rah reply to girl.

I dont who the fuck you is or what bitch he then fucked,but bitch obviously he dont want you no more,and thats why you coming at me,huh,ratchet ass bitches,my man aint gay bitch,i know this some trifling bitter ass female he then fucked,im glad you told me this,i will be having a conversation wuth his ass,now leave me alone before i block you bitch,homegirl reply to Rah.Im like oh my fucking goodness,its bad enough what Rah did,but now he making it worse,this shit then gone from one to one hundred,shit getting real.

I couldnt help but call my friend,i had to tell him he was right about Rah.Hello? my friend answer his phone.Oh my goodness,do you know Rah then put this dude i was messing with on blast,no lie,now he online taunting the dude girlfriend,she going in too,i speak to my friend over the phone,in disbelief,even tho i knew this shit was real life.I told you about Rah,but naw,you never listen,you want me to call his ass? my friend speak to me,like i told you so.

Naw,then again,yea,just tell him to stop,he aint listening to me,i speak to my friend.Im about to call him right now on threeway,Rah is not the type of friend to tell your business,he the type you just have fun with every now and then,my friend speak to me.Naw,is wasnt me,he got X to tell him his business,X,the dude i was messing with,i speak to my friend.

Ok,here he go,im calling him right now,my friend speak as Rah phone ringing,we waiting for him to pick up.Hello? Rah answer his phone like nothing happened.Rah why you do some cruddy shit like that? my friend speak to Rah mad as fuck.What you talking about? Rah speak back to my friend.Montez told me how you outed some dude he was seeing,my friend speak to Rah again.

Oh,that fool was playing Montez anyway,his ass deserved it,what the fuck Montez bitching so much for? Rah speak to my friend,not even realizing im on the phone too.Because you did some foul shit,even when i told you not to,and you only did it because he rejected your conceited shallow ass,you couldnt take the fact that dude was biting on you,but why do it to a dude im seeing,why you dont put your own business out there,why you dont tell motherfuckers how you be stealing gucci?! i speak to Rah,i then hear he get a attitude in his voice.

Yall really called me for this,bye yall,Rah then hang up in our ear with a attitude,i then pictured me choking the fuck outta Rah,but it was just thoughts.Oh fuck naw,we call him back,thats how he know he in the wrong,because he dont wanna hear it,my friend speak as he click over and call Rah again.

As we sitting there waiting for Rah to answer his phone its just ringing,and ringing.We sat their and let the phone ring until it went to voicemail,that just made me madder.

This shit aint done,hold on,im about to call him back,my friend speak to me,now his ass madder than me,especially after Rah hung up on us.Naw,fuck him,let me just sleep on this shit until tomorrow,thank you Levon,i call you later,i speak to my friend one last time over the phone.Alright,i talk to you,Levon speak one last time too,as we then end our call.

I swear its crazy what can happen in one day,i just closed my eyes to sleep,tomorrows a new day.

The next day as im getting up i hear somebody knocking at my door hard as fuck.I slide into warmer clothes as i go answer the front door,then i see its X.I open the door for X as we me eye to eye.

What the fuck is up with you man,huh,why you going hit up my girl and tell her some shit like that dawg,huh? X speak to me at the doorway,his face mad as fuck.Before i could even say another word dude X just start going in on me hard.Nigga you a snitching ass bitch ass nigga yo,fuck is you sending messages to my girl for,i swear i didnt think you was that ype man,my girl threatening to bleach my clothes and shit,what the fuck you got to say now cuz,huh? X speak to me.

Dude you got this whole situation backwards,it aint go down like that,i speak to X.I got the situation backwards but yet my girl confronting me as soon as i get back at the crib,ole fruity ass nigga yo,you run you fucking mouth too much cuz,too much for your own fucking good yo,X speak to me mad rude,and as if he aint gay.

Dude that dude that was at my house the other day hit up your chick,i didnt do shit,so all that shit you just said to me was foul ass fuck,i speak to X,he lokking stupid now,but still mad.Man why you aint check that nigga yo,fuck you just let him do some shit like that for? X speak to me.Dude it was only so much i could do,that dude do what he wanna do,im not going take all the blame for this one,i speak to X.

X pause,and then give me this serious but angered look.Where that faggy ass nigga at yo,where he live? X speak to me,asking me about Rah.I dont know,me and him aint cool like that,what for? i speak to X.Because im going fuck that nigga up yo,im going rock that nigga cuz,faggy ass snitching ass punk ass nigga,watch fuck his shit all up,X speak to me,his face looking like he eager to harm Rah,see Rah then got hisself into some shit,as much as dude was wrong,i hope X dont really beat him up.

Look,im out cuz,keep in touch in case you hear from that nigga,you got my number yo,X speak t me one last time as he storm away from my front door heated as fuck,i just shut my door quietly behind him.

God forgive me,but maybe Rah needed his ass whopped,but naw,i hope dont nothing really happen to Rah,hopefully X calm down before he do some stupid shit.But X the one telling Rah about his girlfriend,trying play like he so into girls,nigga please,fuck is you at my place for then?

I know for sure im done with Rah,including X.

To be continued.........

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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 10:14:13
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: 387

: 66

How come these bottoms stay weak?

Let x stranger ass fuck you raw and nut in you you don't even know his name.

And you let pussy ass rah play you and everyone else involved with his bitch ass.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 01:52:43
: 1
: 0


: 4026

: 77

That my friend is why I'm a lone wolf in my private life.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 22:30:13
: 3
: 0


: 1709

: 41

Rah needs a good down ass kicking, he didn't have to do that that's why I am very careful of my gay friends and more careful of what I let them see at my house, I'd have to find him and lay hands, and not in a praying manner...lmao
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 19:22:06
: 0
: 0


: 456

: 21

Honestly I truly want to know why Rah did that bullshit. I say X a couple of days to calm down.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 19:11:18
: 3
: 0


: 49

: 1

X needs to putt hat bitvh 12 ft under the ground. That's some sissy shit for real. For that very same reason I don't have gay friends
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 19:03:44
: 1
: 0


: 223

: 23

Rah was so wrong for telling his girl, about X... He did it because X didn't want him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 18:45:26
: 0
: 0


: 2909

: 86

wow is all I can say that 🐩tch ass Ralph is full of shit. It's sad to say but he is going to get his ass beat.

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