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X dude - Part 5

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Whats the but part? i ask Rah again.He got a girlfriend,he told me they been together close to a year now,i be telling people about these dl ass niggas,Rah speak to me.To be honest what Rah told me didnt really surprise me at all,some dl dudes have females as coverups,couldve been worse,but now i knew i had to leave dude X alone.

I wasnt the type to breakup a happy home,nor was i that grimey or petty,it wasnt in me.I used to bash my friend for messing with dl dudes with girlfriends or wives,so i would be a mad hypocrite if i continued to mess with X.Im not going tell him Rah told me but i am going think of a way to stop our flings.

Im going call him out for you,he got a nerve to play like he aint want me to suck his dick,aint nobody ever turned me down before,boy please,Rah speak to me as he pull out his cellphone.What you talking about call him out? i speak to Rah with confusion.Im going log in to one of my accounts and expose his ass,these niggas doing the black women in our community wrong as fuck,Rah speak to me,im like are you serious right now? You really going try and put this dude on blast tho? i speak to Rah.

Yea,watch me,he already told me her name,i going find her right on facebook,Rah speaking with a serious facial expression.Im like Rah you just mad because your bitch ass was rejected,learn to take it and move on,everybody not going be your type,and you not theirs,im thinking to myself.Mind you Rah then mess with not only just plain dl dudes but married ones,with kids too,like is he really being a hypocrite right now.

Rah being petty as fuck right now,im not into dudes messing around on their wives or girlfriends with other men or women for that matter,but let karma take care of dude,let homegirl find out on her own,maybe im wrong,i dont know?

I found her,here she go,this bitch ugly too,ah,im about to send her a friend request,Rah speak to me,while he operating his cellphone,sitting on the couch.You do know your boyfriend mess with niggas right? Rah speak the words out loud as he typing them on his cellphone,then i grab his phone before he can send it,the words getting scrabbled and misspelled as i snatch it from him.Naw,let me do it,please,Rah speak to me,begging me,but i ignore him as i start to erase everything he typed.

Im going confront dude myself,let me handle it,but dont do that,im going tell dude we aint messing around no more anyway,i speak to Rah,he suck his teeth in annoyance.If i give you your phone back please promise you aint going do nothing,i speak to Rah.Whatever,im not going say nothing,if you wanna be his little secret go ahead,Rah speak to me,then i finally give him back his phone,but hesitantly.

Once Rah get his phone back he get up and then go to the kitchen,im thinking he pouring hisself a glass of water,but then i see him typing on his cellphone.Once i walk up behing him he show me his cellphone screen with a smirk.Your dude not to be trusted,he dipping out on you with everything under the sun,dudes included,i know you dont know me,but trust what i said,Rah posted on this girl page,im like oh my fucking goodness! Why would you do that?! i speak to Rah.Naw,he gotta learn,he cant have his cake and eat it too,he probably wouldve tried it with me if you wasnt here,Rah speak to me.

Bye,get your ass out,you wrong as fuck Rah,i told you not to do it and you still did it,people be right about you,i kick Rah ass out,he sucking his teeth with a attitude while gathering his stuff.Whatever,Rah leave out with a attitude,like how you going have a attitude?

Damn,i wish it was a way i could delete that shit Rah left on homegirl page,my mind racing like fuck right now.

I shouldve took my friend advice when he warned me about Rah,its one of them situations where you dont see the person true colors until they do something to you.

To be continued......

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Post Posted: 2015-12-04 04:50:03
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: 60

: 29

Rah need to be killed
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 10:35:06
: 2
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: 4026

: 77

This is why I'm solo...
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 00:49:45
: 2
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: 283

: 40

Rah need dat ass beat that's messed up n very petty all because he was rejected. Said thing is there are dudes out here just like him they can't take rejection so they tried to out ppl Hell you knew he was messy when he tried fuck with X while ole boy was in kitchen he should got his asswhipped then
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 00:26:27
: 3
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: 456

: 21

X probably gave him a fake name of a person. Or a person he knows just to see what kind person Rah truly is.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 23:43:45
: 2
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: 223

: 23

People like Rah are just messy. He was just jealous that X didn't want him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 22:36:25
: 2
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: 1709

: 41

I hope that Rah gets his ass beat to a pope. Lesson learned keep your mouth shut, and don't let messy ass people up in your house.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 21:39:02
: 1
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: 2909

: 86

Smh that's on you boo boo ok you should have listen to your friend. And that's one reason why dudes don't fuck with the messy queen type. smdh X had no damn business telling his business rule #1. great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 21:29:46
: 1
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: 1402

: 128

I blame X. Why would you tell a random stranger your business!? You so "DL" but you tellin him to baby momma name and all that??? Smh trade my ass! When he seen that he had company he should've just came back!!! Rah ain't no good

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