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Things Can Change !

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Rula- Go upstairs Nell .

Demitri- shut the fuck up . Nells coming with me .

Dee- Demitri chill out bruh it aint that serious man .

Demitri- shut up man . Come on Cornell .

Rula- he aint going nowhere with you my nigga .

Demitri- oh hes not ? ( shoots the gun near Rulas foot )

Rula didnt jump 1 bit .

Nell- Rula ill be fine .

Rula- your not going with him !

Demitri- ( pushes the up into Rulas neck ) ill kill you right here .

Dee- nigga i wish you would !

Nell- RULA! Ill be fine just trust me .

Rula- ( stood there staring at Demitri )

Demitri- lets go Nell .

I walked down the steps and went outside . Demitri came outside walking backwards and told me to get in the car . When we did he put the gun away and sped off .

Demitri- you have to be crazy ! I know your fucking crazy .

Nell- what the fuck are you talking about .

Demitri- why are you with him !

Nell- dont worry about me Demitri its too late for that shit .

Demitri- its never to late .

Nell- please Demitri ...

Demitri- i dont want you near him.

Nell- too late ! Where are we going ?

Demitri- i love you Nell .

Nell- take me home now . and why shouldnt i be near him ?

Demitri- cause hes a dangerous person .

Nell- which i already know ... How about you go figure out what your gf is doing ...

Demitri- Stop that .

Nell- no ...

Demitri- i love you are you listening to me ...

Nell- i hear you ... But we will never be anything ever again . You fucked it up badly for yourself and it sucks because you were my first everything and you treated me like shit !

Demitri- we were younger then .

Nell- it has not been that long you ass .

Demitri- well you were younger .

Nell- and thats why you played my ass . Fuck you Demitri ! Let me out . This stupid shit and dont raise no gun at anybody are you fucking crazy ?

Demitri- ( sits back in the car )

Nell- hello !?

Demitri- im sorry okay ... Its just ...

Nell- just what ?

Demitri- like i really need you in my life . You were there for me reguardless . You never left my side . And now seeing you with someone else fucked up my head . Thats why i went off like that .

Nell- Im sorry but we are done . Theres no more you and i .

Demitri- ( eyes are watery ) man ight then .

I looked over and he had tears in his eyes . Ive never seen him cry EVER !

Nell- can you not ... Please

Demitri- no ( tear falls ) like i really fucked up bad . I wish i could go back and do right . Im sorry Cornell .

Nell- ... ( looking out the window )

Demitri- talk to me please .

Nell- Demi ...

Demitri- tell me you love me .

Nell- ... Just stop

Demitri- tell me !

Nell- dont raise your voice .

Demitri- Tell me then and i wouldnt have to .

Nell- theres nothing to tell you .

Demitri- ( parks to the side making a sudden stop ) dont fuck with me Cornell .. You know you still love me ! Admit that shit .

Nell- your crazy .

Demitri- im crazy but you have yet to say you dont love me .

Nell- your not gonna get shit out of this !

Demitri- Tell me you love me !!

Nell- i love you !

Demitri- I knew you still did .

Nell- but like i said before there will never be a us again ...

Demitri- fucking bullshit .

Nell- its not bullshit its the truth . Unfortunately i still love you . But i love you enough to not be with you . I will never trust you again .

Demitri- ( punches steering wheel ) FUCK !!!

Nell- i have to go ... Ill take the bus .

Demitri- dont leave me ...

Nell- ( opens the door ) i wish you didnt do that to me . ( gets out )

I got out the car and started walking away . I kept praying the whole time that he didnt do anything crazy . The gun kept popping into my head and god knows what hes really thinking about doing !

I took my phone out of my pocket and i had so many messages and missed calls from Rula .

( calls Rula )

Rula- babe ?

Nell- so im fine . Im near Walmart .

Rula- i know where you are . Turn around and look to the left .

Nell- you followed us ?

Rula- you think i would leave you like that ?

I turned around and jogged over to the rental that he still had and he got out the car . So i just stopped in front of him .

Rula- you can hug me kiss me do whatever .

Rula pulled me into him and held me tight and leaned down a little to kiss me .

Nell- im glad your here .

Rula- wouldnt want to be anywhere else and i mean that .

Nell- lets go ( kisses Rula again )


Back at the house .

When we entered the house i hugged onto Rula tightly .

Rula- you okay ?

Nell- hell yeah im okay . Just thought things wouldve happened differently . Im glad i can stand here and hug you .

Rula- your cute .

Nell- thanks haha . Wheres Dee ?

Rula- kicked his ass out for bringing him here .

Nell- i thought he did that on purpose to break us apart .

Rula- who knows ... I cant trust anybody and you shouldnt either .

Nell- should i trust you ?

Rula- if im giving you any reason not too then you shouldnt .

Nell- well you havent yet ;) .

Rula- i need to make you mine !

Nell- im just waiting on you .

Rula- i know im getting there .

Nell- i can tell ! That kiss in the parking lot . Huge step !

Rula- i know . ( grabs Nells hand and goes up stairs ) come on .


2 days Later


Lunch !

Amiya- Ty ! You finally decided to join us i see .

Tyrell- man shit has been crazy with my gf .

Nell- you didnt break up with her yet . Her crazy ass .

Tyrell- unfortunately not .

Amiya- get to it !

Nell- right !

Tey and Leo comes over .

Tey- wassup yall ! Thanksgiving is coming .

Nell- i cant wait !

Leo- me neither !

Amiya- greedy asses .

Tey- yall coming to my fams house right ? Yall know we gotta go house hopping .

Nell- im down . Yall know my family ghetto though !

Amiya- sure is ...

Tyrell- Amiya your family aint all that put together either .

Amiya- shut up Ty ...... Oooo Nell remember your lil nerd crush Isaiah haha hes right there .

Nell- Thats bae stop hating . Hes not even ugly . Fall back ! Hes just a nerd and he has nice lips haha .

Amiya- mhmmmmm . 1 day imma tell him you watch his penis !

Tey- okay to much info !

Nell- hahaha i got no shame . I look at everyones package .

Tyrell- freak !

Leo- ( shaking his head ) yall crazy .

Amiya- yall remember when we went to the beach ?

Nell- yea that was fun .

Leo- we should skip now . Fuck this

Amiya- yall gonna fail !

Nell- sorry im aceing all my classes !

Leo- im not doing all that good but im passing all my classes .

Amiya- im failing gym ! Haha i be making exuses .

Tyrell- damn shame Miya .

Amiya- shush !

Tey- lets go to my house and watch movies, drink a little . I should invited the whole basketball team . Lets just dip !

Nell- you always tryna party or something .

Tey- thats me ! Whos down ?

Nell- i am .

Amiya- me too .

Leo- ill go ill see if Alise wants to come .

Tyrell- i gotta stay here i got stuff to make up .

Tey- damn that sucks man .

Tyrell- who you telling .

Nell- well im ready to go NOW!

Tey- let me go over to the team and let them know .

Nell- oh shit imma text Jai and ask him ...

Amiya- ( looks over at Nell ) hm..

Nell- shut up bitch .

Tey- Aye watch your mouth nigga .

Nell- shut up Tey .

Leo- hey fall back Tey . You dont say shit when shes calling him that .

Tey- well damn my nigga my bad .

Leo- in just saying kid haha . Nothing major .

Nell- thank you Leo niggas be trying it .

Text message to Jai

Nell- buff ho lets skip !

Jai- nowwww you talking loose ass .

Nell- my shit aint loose .

Jai- let me make it loose .

Nell- you still got jokes . I need to talk to you anyways mhmmm i know !

Jai- you know what nigga ?

Nell- we'll talk today .

Jai- here we gooo . Ight boy where we going ?

Nell- Teys house .

Jai- ride with me i dont know where he lives .

Nell- ight .


Nell- Jai is coming .

Tey- thats my nigga .

Amiya- ( rolls her eyes )

Leo- ill be back yall .

Tey- hurry up nigga we bout to leave .

Nell- imma ride with Jai .

Amiya- um why ?

Nell- cause he doesnt know where Tey lives ..

Amiya- ok ...

Nell- dont do it Miya .

Amiya- yup ...

Nell- whatever .


In the car with Jai .

Jai- aye loose booty hole !

Nell- ayeee thick titties !

Jai- nigga stop this is all muscle . You act like a nigga is fat i aint that big .

Nell- im just fucking with you .

Jai- but tell me what you know ( starts driving ).

Nell- you and Amiya .

Jai- ohhhh ! That yea that was awhile ago .

Nell- she said she couldnt take it .

Jai- she couldnt . My shit thick as fuck .

Nell- too much information .

Jai- man shut up . We boys

Nell- but yeah when she told me about it . I was like well shit noone told me ...

Jai- i didnt want you getting jealous that noone was tryna get in your booty !

Nell- shut the fuck up Jai .

Jai- nah but shit i only out the head in and pushed a lil and she was crying .

Nell- hahahaaaa !! Shit if its really thick and yall was younger so .

Jai- yeaaa true but now its longer .

Nell- i dont wanna talk about this .

Jai- wanna see it ?

Nell- no ?

Jai- yea you do . Look no homo .

He pulled his dick out with his free hand and it was semi hard and laid on his right leg .

Nell- Jai you got a shane diesel dick .

Jai- who the fuck is that ?

Nell- a porn star . No bull shit you do though .

Jai- ( squeezes it ) im trying to get it fully hard .

Nell- put that shit away yo .

Jai- calm down ... You probably want it huh ?

Nell- hell no nigga .

Jai- im just fucking with you . But look now ( strokes it a little )

Nell- thats huge .

Jai- i kind of hate it though . Some girls be telling me to stop after like 5 minutes of them running from it . Some bull yo .

Nell- i know Amiyas pussy was crying haha !

Jai- ( puts his dick away ) man i have to go to this 1 hoe that can take my dick . She a stripper .

Nell- how you meet a stripper .

Jai- nigga im big pimping out here . Ask about me !

Nell- take this right . And big pimping my ass .

Jai- your ass probably do get pimped . Your ass shouldnt be that phat . You must squat alot .

Nell- i do my morning excersises . But yours is big too .

Jai- i play football . Its my workouts .

Nell- oh yeah duh . Take a left then a sharp right .

Jai- remember when we was kids and me you and my cousin Mike would play power rangers ...

Nell- noooo i dont wanna hear about this .

Jai- we were young man dont trip .

Nell- yall were crazy .

Jai- nahhhh that was Mike hes 24 now . Remember everytime we was fake sleeping until the enemys came and he would be touching you and you would tell me when he goes home .

Nell- hahaaaa ! Yes i remember that . He was nasty as shit . He would always pull down his pants and walk around naked .

Jai- nigggga he was a clown .

Nell- where he at now ?

Jai- he lives here still .

Nell- i neverrr see him .

Jai- he asked about you the other day .

Nell- aw he did. ? What he say ?

Jai- Hows Cornell do he still got that lil booty on him .

Nell- is he gay ?

Jai- i dont know what that nigga is i just think he always just wanted you .

Nell- remember when we was 14 and he was 20 ? He would walk around with no underwear on in his shorts . Then when he use to cut my hair he would be having it on my arm .

Jai- hes a fool yo !

Nell- aww i missed his crazy ass .

Jai- now he would probably take you somewhere and tear you a new hole .

Nell- i wouldnt put it pass him .

Jai- i should call him . Hold on

Jai calls Mike

Mike- yo ?

Jai- my nigga guess who i got with me ??

Mike- who ?

Jai- Cornell ...

Mike- who ?

Jai- Cornell Taylor dumb ass .

Mike- ohhhhhhh ! Where yall at ? Tell him i said wassup .

Nell- not shit ho !

Mike- ayeee Cornell ! Where yall at though i havent seen you in a long ass time .

Nell- we are about to chill with our friends from school .

Mike- ahhh yall whack . Yall should come see me after .

Jai- we'll see ...

Mike- Take me off of speaker real quick Cuz .

Jai took it off of speaker .

Jai- wassup ?
Jai- Hahahaha !!!! Chill man
Jai- yeah its legit .
Jai- no im not asking that nigga .
Jai- Bye gotta go .
Jai- NO ! Bye we'll see you later .


Nell- what did he say ...

Jai- nothing ...

Nell- tell me nigga .

Jai- he said did your ass get phatter .

Nell- this nigga .

Jai- then he was like ask him if he want a haircut hahahaaa !

Nell- hes lame as shit !

Jai- i know ... Ight we here .

FT from Rula .

Nell- go in ill meet you in there .

( Jai gets out )

Answers FT .

Nell- hey babe

Rula- hey ...

Nell- whats wrong with you ?

Rula- 2 things ... I havent told you 1 thing about me and i have bad news .

Nell- .... What Ru ?

Rula- first promise me you wont end this FT ?

Nell- tell me .. ( getting frustrated )

Rula- 1st thing ( moves the phone to his back sear ) ...

There was an adorable 2 year old little girl witb nice long hair with pretty grey eyes

Nell- whos baby ...

Rula- ( gives Cornell the eye ) mine baby ...

Nell- i knew it ... I knew it had to be something you was leaving out . But you know what i can work with this .

Rula- ( covers his mouth ) theres 1 more thing ...

Nell- im listening ...

Rula- i ... i um .


Hmmmm !! I thought id tease yall just a lil bit more huh ?


I want yall to tell me what you guys think Rula has to tell Cornell !!!

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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 12:06:54
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: 232

: 15

Lol damn u be playing bro but I fucks wit this story
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 08:07:05
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: 45

: 11

married with children ohh my
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 04:25:12
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: 380

: 46

Demitri dead.

Mike a nasty pathetic creeper.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 03:25:25
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: 759

: 43

The biggest secret of all is that the nigga is probably married and is going to use that lame shit that the woman don't understand him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-24 00:37:39
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: 457

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No the hell you won't leave us like this. That's just rude.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 23:53:51
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: 110

: 4

What's the secret
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 23:40:19
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: 747

: 30

Not a cliffhanger tho. Lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 23:24:27
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: 13

: 2

knew he was hidding something..
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 22:21:14
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: 56

: 2

don't tell me he fucks with his baby mom or is married. can't wait to hear this scandal
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 21:21:55
: 4
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: 172

: 17

These are the things that made me not trust wanna trust Rula, I knew he was hiding something BIG, but tbph I've always wanted Nell with Leo, I just have a feeling that once Leo and Nell finally get into a relationship and have sex it's going to be EPIC...

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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 20:32:03
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: 1


: 23

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I hope him and Leo get together and he got baby by someone he knoe
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 19:54:59
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: 194

: 16

Whatever it s I hope he hoes back to Leo..
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 19:43:14
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: 14

: 3

he is about to have another one
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 19:27:44
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Hey what the hell! I want to know if they taking to the next level
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 19:19:49
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one more please tonite
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 19:10:36
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Dude!!!!! Next please....
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 19:05:54
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: 43

: 3

He married
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 18:58:00
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: 16

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omg I don't know please post another chapter tonight

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