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X dude - Part 4

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Once i make it back home i just go up in my apartment and chill,and was trying think nothing of X,but dude was still on my mind.

The next day i just chilled,and yea,X was still on my mind,but not as much as the other day tho.The whole day was a alright day,not really much going on,but one of them long days,that feel like days rather than just a day.

After a few hours or so this associate of mine call me out the blue,his name Rah,i swear he look like one of them magazine type dudes,perfect smile,everything,but he out there tho.What i mean by out there meaning he like trouble,and like being at the center of it sometimes,he one of them people that if some shit went down you know he at the center of it,even if he aint the one fighting.

He the type that be then had you in some trouble and you dont know why,you be then beat somebody ass and then think to yourself like why tho? He into that he said she said it said thing,and i dont know why i was talking to him in the first place? I like to give everybody chances,which aint nothing wrong with,but sometimes you gotta be careful,thats why i dont give my number out like that now.I met Rah through my friend,and my friend did somewhat warn me about Rah,but i was like alright,but im going see how he is myself first,he been cool so far tho.

Me and Rah aint friends tho,we not really on that level,but more like associates through my friend,Rah gay too.

As im talking to Rah he even doing the most over the phone,at least he took my mine off X tho.Yea,because i told him that dude was there,Rah speaking to me,talking about some trouble i know he then probably started.Stop starting shit,i joke with Rah over the phone.Im not,what you doing? Rah speak back to me.Nothing much,just chilling,aint got shit else to do really,i speak back to Rah.Come out to this new club they got,they got all the bait,Rah speak to me.

Naw,im not the clubbing type,i speak to Rah.Uh,you boring as fuck,well,im about to come over,all my friends outta town or gone somewhere,i need to get to know you better,loosen you up,Rah speak to me,im like whatever,alright.Ok,my apartment to the right,with the welcome doormat,i speak to Rah,then we end our call immediately.

Just as im preparing myself for company i hear somebody knocking at the door,im like who is it? And to my surprise its Rah,already? Damn,how you get here so fast? i speak to Rah as i open the door,he wearing his punk getup,his jeans fitted,he was fresh tho,he was the clean type i give him that.

I was already around your way when we was talking over the phone,Rah speak to me as i let him inside,he take his hood off as he come in,its so cold even his clothes emitting cold,his light brown skin greyish blue its so cold.I had went to show face with this dude and he was not the person in the picture,he wasnt even light skin,i left his ass right at the station,he better be back on the bus somewhere,Rah speak to me,i just laugh at him.Did yall talk,i mean did you even have a conversation with him? i speak to Rah.

Yea,over a text,when i saw it was him i aint even go up to him,called him first to see if he was going pick up the phone,trying see if it really was him,Rah speak to me.So what happened,did you tell him you wasnt interested,and what he say? i speak to Rah.Yea,over the text,i left him waiting,Rah speak to me with no remorse for the dude.You wrong,you couldve at least told dude face to face you wasnt interested,and at least told him how you felt about him lying,but you really just left dude? i speak to Rah.Yep,i sure did,Rah say nonchanlantly.

To be honest dude was wrong for having somebody thinking you somebody else,but its something totally different when you meet them face to face,but i wouldve at least approached dude face to face,and maybe even gave him some self esteem advice,but im sorry,i cant blame Rah for being mad tho.

I dont understand how dude use somebody else picture if he knew he was planning to show face,like what the fuck? laughing to myself.

So what you been doing? Rah speak to me.Nothing much,just been living really,i speak to Rah,i knew better than to tell Rah too much,no disrespect.Oh,well,im trying get at this dude that live over there by the walmart,he cute as fuck,and he a top,Rah speaking to me,im just listening,but thinking to myself like damn you move pretty quick.

Just as im about to finish my conversation with Rah somebody start knocking on my door,catching me by surprise,Rah too.Oh my God,that shit scared the fuck outta me,your neighborhood got them crackheads and shit down there at the other apartment complex,thought they was trying rob us,Rah hold his chest,i swear he so dramatic.

As i go over the front door i peep out the peephole and see its to my surprise X,a part of me glowed inside,but then a part of me wanted to ignore him,let his ass knock,especially after yesterday.For real for real i didnt want to answer the door while Rah was there,because he run his mouth too much,why he couldnt have came while Rah wasnt here,not too mention i did wanna spend time with X,i liked dude,i aint going lie,he just had this swag about him.But sometimes you gotta remind yourself that everything that glitters aint gold.

As i crack my door open a little bit i see Rah peeping over a little bit to see who it was,being nosy as hell.Me and X just stare each other down silently,like we going see who going speak first.Whats good? X speak all quiet but smooth,staring directly in the eyes face to face,not budging a bit,like he could paralyze you with his stare.

Nothing,just was chilling,i speak to X,then he happen to see Rah behind me.What you got company? X speak to me.Oh,thats a associate of mine,he a friend of a friend,i speak to X.Cool,alright then,i catch you another time then yo,X speak to me as he about to leave from the doorway,im like damn why this Rah had to be here,he shouldve went on and fucked that dude back at the station.

Naw,just come on in,Rah about to leave in a minute anyway,i speak to X,X look at me like you sure,but i let him on in.As soon as X come in Rah get this look on his face,like he was geeked or something?

Hey,whats up man? X speak to Rah as he come in,smoothly walking in with his hands in his coat pockets,his face stern but smooth.Rah nod his head all smooth,like he wasnt loud and notarized,like he was just this quiet little person.Yall quiet up in here,whats good? X speak.Nothing much,Rah speak before i could,he was really putting on a front,he knew he wasnt the silent type.

Can i ask you a question,dont trip off it tho,you cool? Rah speak to X,im like oh my fuck,what is he about to ask this dude? Naw man,going ahead,you good,whats up? X speak to Rah smoothly.Uh,is you trade? Rah speak to X,but looking like he hoping X dont punch the fuck outta him.Am i who? X speak to Rah,like he have no clue to what Rah meant,good,very good,because Rah dont know if this dude was gay or not,just because he know me dont mean he gay or bi or dl,thats the only reason why he tried dude like that.Suppose X wasnt gay and was homophobic and beat his ass or something,not saying he would be right beating him over that,but i feel it was risky.

Naw,im not following you my dude,trade,fuck is that yo? X speak to Rah smoothly.Trade mean do you get down,like on the dl or something,you know,Rah speak to X,X give this expression like he knew what dl mean tho,down low.Oh,X speak out,but then look at me,like if he want my permission to say something.He good,he get down too,i speak to X,X looking like oh alright,i just wanted to know first,phew.Yea,i get down from time to time,X speak to Rah,Rah looking like his eyes lit up,like he geeked again.

Oh,well Montez aint tell me he was seeing somebody,he over here messing with trade,Rah speak to X,but more like his usual self,i guess he loosened up a bit,feeling X was gay too.So how long yall been talking,where Montez know you from? Rah speak to X.Ask your dude,i aint with telling other people business,if he want you to know i guess he tell you,no disrespect my dude,X speak to Rah,Rah looking disappointed but still determined.

I could tell X was conservative like me,but probably more so.

After awhile we was just all talking,but then i go in my room right quick to put my phone on the charger,once i come out Rah give me this look like he conquered a island or something.Ay,but dude i get at you later alright,i be down this way sometime next week yo,keep a look out,X dap me up and then head out the front door,nodding Rah bye too.

After X was finally gone its like Rah couldnt wait,like he wanted to tell me something.Oh my God,i got info on your little trade,Rah speak to me,causing my damn heart nearly to drop,im expecting all the negative stereotypes about dl dudes to surface.Thats why Rah had that expression,he fed off that shit,like he got mini orgasms off knowing somebodies business,a huge turn off if you ask me,in a way dude back at the station probably lucky he aint have to deal with him.

Oh my God,so dont get mad,but i tried him,i try and push up on him to see if he take the bait,but he acted liked wasnt trying budge,just brushing me off and shit,but thats not all,Rah speak to me.First off,im like dude why is you trying test dude without my consent,and truth be told me and you aint friends,we just associates,i know you through my real friend,thats shit friends do,im thinking to myself.

Whats the but part,you said but thats not all? i speak to Rah,he pause.

To be continued..........

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Don't be messy...
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I bet he got his # and shit
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that's your fault how in the hell you trying to be friend a MF you don't know really? smh I would have put his MF out ugh

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