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Tastes Good !

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Nell- RULA !!!!

Rula- whats up baby ?

Nell- ( cheesing ) you right now !

Rula- you can hug me you know .

Nell- i didnt want to be too mushy .

Rula- boy ( pulls Nell into a hug )

Nell- ive been wanting you here since day 1 . Everyone had there partner :/

Rula- im here now though .

Nell- are you going to stay up here ?

Rula- no thats why the " body guards " out there are wearing there hoods .

Nell- what if someone pulls it off ?

Rula- well i dont know anyone from here . Well a few . But its pretty dim out there and theres light flashing every where ill be good .

Nell- okayyyy . Lets go then .

I grabbed his hand and he walked with me towards the step . He put his hood back on and pulled up his jeans . I can see Amiya looking up at me . The house was built so like theres a walk way to the steps and people can see you from there .

Before we got to the steps . Rula grabbed me back and said " Wheres my kiss though " . So i turned slightly and kissed him . But i guess that wasnt enought cause he kept giving me pecks on the lips . Until we started smiling . Then he bit his lip and said " come on " .

We walked down the steps and i just let go of his hand i didnt want to cause more attention . I can tell people looked up and saw us kissing cause people started staring .

Amiya- NELLY !!! Is that ....

Nell- Yes but dont say shit .

Rula hugged Amiya .

Amiya- awww those kisses though !? Fiyaaaaaa

Nell- your a trip .

Amiya- you thought real smart about this " body guard " stuff !

Rula- you already know !

Nell- do you dance ?

Rula- to be honest a nigga has no rhythm . Im sorry .

Nell- its fine .

Rula- i seen you getting it in though .

Nell- you know ( flicks nose ) the bitches love me !!!

Rula- pshhhhh . I need a drink .

Nell- come on .

As we started walking towards the kitchen . I made sure i dimmed the lights in there . And guess who was still here ? LEO . Leo was leaning on the counter while alise danced on him. When we got fully inside Rula leaned down to me and said " Thats him isnt it " ... I shook my head yes . When Leo saw that happen he stared at me . I quickly tried to pour Rula a drink .

Rula- why is she wearing a males MK watch ?

Nell- thats because its mine . She stole it and is lien about it . She doesnt think i saw her with it on today .

Rula- well im getting it back now .

Nell- Babe not now . I got this

Rula- and why the fuck is he all in your grill .

Nell- cause its Leo ...

When i gave Rula that drink he gulped the whole thing down in 5 seconds .

Nell- hell nah thats enough lets go . ( pushing him out of the kitchen )

Rula started laughing walking ahead of me and i felt a hand on my wrist .

Leo- is that dude bothering you ?

Nell- nah im fine . Worry about the theif you got on your hands .

Out of nowhere Rula steps right up on me i can feel his chest touching my shoulder .

Rula- ( pushes Leos hand off of me ) we got a problem ?

Leo- ( looks at his hand ) nigga dont put your hands on me . Are you fucking stupid . Do you know who i am ?

Rula- nah lil bitch ( pushes his index finger on Leos Shoulder ) do you know who the fuck i am . ( moves Nell out of the way ) .

I quickly grabbed Rula away so it wouldnt cause a big scene . Some dude from the kitchen had grabbed Leo cause he started getting mad .

We went back upstairs in my room .

Rula- ( takes off his hood and punches his palm ) i should snuffed that lil nigga .

Nell- babe chill out .

Rula- chill out when i see another nigga with his hand on your wrist ? Think about that shit for a moment .

Nell- ...

Rula- exactly ... I was cool as shit at first . But he took it there .

Nell- BABE !

Rula- WHAT NELL !?

Nell- can you please just calm down . Now i cant even go back . I knew something would happen . ( sits on the bed )

Rula- Go have fun ... Im good

Nell- it doesnt feel right anymore .

Rula- my bad you know how i get .

Nell- i dont want to leave you up here alone . But i dont want to miss the fun either . ( wipes face )

Rula- you have to be drunk .

Nell- im not drunk

Rula- why are you crying ?

Nell- Im not crying ( starts weeping )

Rula- what did you have to drink ?

Nell- jungle ...

Rula- now you know that shit sneaks up on you .

Nell- it creeps

Rula- ( tries not to laugh ) it what ?

Nell- like tlc it creeps on the down low .

( bang bang bang )

Nell- who the fuck is it !?

Leo- Its Leo i need to talk to you right nowwww ( dragging his words )

Nell- NOO ! ( lays back on the bed )

Leo- man open the fucking door !

Nell- ( sits up )

Rula- ( goes on the balcony )

Nell- ( goes to open the door )

Leo- ( barges in ) who is he Nell ?

Nell- what are you talking about?

Leo- ( wiping sweat from his forehead ) that you was with duhhh stupid !

Nell- none of you damn buisness ! Just get me my fucking watch back .

Leo- fuck that watch . ( closes the door and locks it ) Let me fuck the shit out of you .

Nell- no get out we are bothhhhh drunk as shit . Please go ! ( looks over at the balcony )

Leo- ( takes off his shirt and lets down his fly ) you know you want it ! ( climbs on top of Nell )

Nell- ( pushes Leo off ) get the fuck out !

The balcony door slid open and Rula back in with his hood on and slammed Leo against the wall and lifted up his shirt .

Rula- ( grabs Leos neck ) leave .

Leo- okayyyy ( trying to breathe ) let me go .

Rula let him go and Leo held his neck and walked out. When Rula turned back around i layed there feeling helpless my body felt like it shutdown .

I seen Rula undressing me but that was the last thing i did see .....


The Next Morning

I woke up to a bad headache and arms wrapped around me . I turned and it was Rula ??? How did he get here . I turned around and tried to wake him .

Nell- Babe !

Rula- ( stretching ) yea

Nell- when did you get here ?

Rula- you dont remember what happened last night ?

Nell- no ?

Rula- lets just say hopefully Leo doesnt either ..

Nell- oh shit.

Rula- oh and here ( reaches behind him and hands me my watch. )

Nell- she gave it back ?

Rula- hell nah i took it right off her .

Nell- she just let you ?

Rula- not really . But you got it back thats all that matters .

Nell- i think its best i leave with you .

Rula- come on all your stuff is in the rental . ( kisses Nell )

Nell- you do alot when im sleep huh ?

Rula- yup now lets go .

I got up and put on my slippers and we snuck through the house to leave . When we got down to the kitchen . Leo was there eating cereal . So Rula put his hood on and walked straight outside .

Leo- ( stands up with spoon ) whos that ?

Nell- ehh a bodyguard from last night .

Leo- do you know him ?

Nell- yes i do its my cousin . Im about to leave though .

Leo- why ?

Nell- just ready to go .

Leo- uhhh okay ? We good right ?

Nell- um yeah we are .

Leo- then come dap me up .

I walked over to Leo and he turned in his stool and i went to dap him up . He pulled me into him and hugged me for a quick second .

Leo- be good .

Nell- peace

I walked away and went to find Rula . Once i found him he was on his phone in a heated conversation .

Rula- this is my life !
Rula- i honestly dont give a fuck you dont pay shit for me my nigga .
Rula- nah fuck you !
Rula- oh so im a fagget now ?
Rula- ( hangs up )

Nell- your brother ?

Rula- yup we are going to see him .

Nell- I dont think thats a good idea he doesnt seem to happy .

Rula- hes still in the hospital . And its going to be a good idea .

Nell- well ill stay in the car .

Rula- didnt i say WE are ?

Nell- i mean you did but hes on a damn hospital bed Rula. Dont you think thats too much ?

Rula- it wasnt to much when he called me a fagget ... ( turns out onto the highway )

I sat back and went on IG and started looking at all the pics i took last night . I had a few DMs from guys and girls .

Direct Messages

Dude- Yo nice style man !
Nell- Thanks !

Girl- Omg your so sexy ! Be mine
Nell- ( crying & laughing face) aww thanks .

Dude2- ( shares my shower pic in the chat ) damn that v line and those hips . I can only imagine what behind .
Nell- well with your blank page i can only imagine what YOUUU look like . But thanks ...
Dude2- nah cant show you who i am . Well yet .
Nell- why not ? You famous ? Lmfao
Dude2- not yet ...
Nell- right ... Well how did you find me ?
Dude2- im following you on my rl page ...
Nell- so what are you getting out of this ??

After that he had stopped responding .

Rula- your in that phone .

Nell- i was answering some DMs .

Rula- what are they saying .

Nell- its just compliments and then some random with a blank page is trying to get at me with a blankkkk page saying they are following me with there real page .

Rula- usually its either some ugly ass thug . Or some rapper tryna get known . Or something to that extent .

Nell- whatever !

I ended up falling asleep for the rest of the ride . I woke up sitting outside the hospital with Rula .

Rula- your finally up . ( leaning back in his chair )

Nell- how long we been sitting here ( rubbing his face )

Rula- like 30 minutes .

Nell- why didnt you wake me?

Rula- so you can rest .

Nell- really ? You didnt have too

Rula- i know ... You ready ?

Nell- i guess so .

We got out the Car and headed inside the hospital . Rula went to the desk and we were escorted to the room . Rula walked in first and then i did .

???- You got to be shittin me .

Rula- No Dee im not .

Dee- you know i thought you was bringing in a lil pussy ass nigga .

Rula- this is Cornell though .

Nell- nice to meet you .

Dee- This is crazy ... How long you been like this Dre ..

Rula- for a couple years now .

Dee- listen i thought about the shit . And we are all we got . And if this is what you want to do ill deal with it .

Rula- ( smiles and daps his brother ) your bitchass had no choice .

Dee- yeahhhhh i know strong minded ass .

Nell- ill let you two talk .

Dee- nah you good bruh . Come here .

I walked over and he looked at me up and down and Punched me in my chest hard as shit . This was not a lil guy he was buff as shit ! I stepped back some . That shit felt like my heart was GONE !

Rula- the fuck bro !

Dee- calm down just checking to see if he can take a hit .

Nell- i wouldve hit your big ass back if you wasnt on that bed .

Rula- ( smiles )

Dee- ( acts like hes scared ) oooooo

I was gonna turn away but i thought about that shit and i seen that his body was wrapped up like Rulas should have been . So i turned and slapped his stomach hard .

Nell- Can you take a hit ?


Rula- ( grabs Nell back ) chill babe ( trying not to laugh )

Dee- you got that lil nigga wait until i get out . We gon box !

Rula- ahh shit here we go with this boxing shit .

Nell- ill be ready .

Dee- ooooo i like him . Tough lil shit huh .

Rula- hey ( puts his hands up ) but we out .

Dee- ight ill see yall in like a week .

Nell- peace .

( walking back to the car )

Nell- why was it a sudden change like that ?

Rula- i spoke to him while you was sleep .

Nell- ohhhh . ( rubs chest )

Rula- awww he hurt you huh .

Nell- mannn that shit is killing me haha .


Back at Rulas house

Rula- nah i dont like that pair take them off .

Rula had bought me some underwear and jock straps . Hmmm !

Nell- let me try on 1 of these jock straps .

Rula- ight .

Nell- ( puts it on and turns )

Rula- bend over .

I bent over and he rubbed he spread my cheeks then rubbed 1 finger down my asshole .

Nell- ( moans lightly )

Rula- Mmm ( smacks Nells ass hard )

Nell- ( jumps up ) well shit !

Rula- ( lays back on the bed ) come sit .

I got on the bed and sat on his lap while he sat against the headboard .

Rula- ive been thinking ( playing with 1 of Nells hand )

Nell- about ?

Rula- this, us .

Nell- what about it .

Rula- i want to make it official ... But not until i can be brave enough to take you out in public . You know be out .

Nell- Atleast your admitting it . And atleast youve been thinking about it.

Rula- i dont want to lose you though .

Nell- why do you think you will ?

Rula- your not locked down . Your single your sexy as fuck . I know your inbox and Dms are full . You can have whoever you want .

Nell- and so can you .

Rula- but im not checking for noone else .

Nell- im not either .

Rula- should i believe that ?

Nell- why wouldnt you ( moves hand from Rulas )

Rula- cause your not over that Leo dude . I can see it .

Nell- listen im getting over him . We were never anything we only kissed thats it .

Rula- but yall chemistry is strong i can see it .

Nell- I dont want him Ru ..

Rula- i dont believe you .

Nell- well you need to . Im here with you whats wrong with you ?

Rula- nothing is wrong . I just dont believe you .

Nell- ( gets off Rulas lap and puts on clothes ) ight ...

Rula- what are you doing ? ( gets off the bed and stands near Nell )

Nell- what does it look like ?

Rula- You cant even have a talk with me .

Nell- its not getting anywhere .

Rula- because of you .

Nell- how is it because of me ?

Rula- you wont be honest with yourself ... Thats how . Stop hiding your feelings .

Nell- Rula are you serious . You want to hear that im not over Leo ...?

Rula- you dont have to say the shit . I know you arent .

Nell- Then why am i here if this is what you think ?

Rula- wow ...

Nell- wow what ?

Rula- your right ... Why are you here .

Nell- your crazy Rula . Im fucking here with you not him ! At the end of the day i dont want him i want you . Yes feelings do linger afterwhile but i will get over him .

Rula- are you done getting dressed ?

Nell- ...

Rula- hey im talking to you .

Nell- go talk to someone else ( walks out the room )

Rula- dont walk away from me .

Nell- im leaving .

Rula- listen to me . Its just hard knowing that theres a possiblity that someone else can take you away from me .

Nell- but hes NOT ! Thats what you dont get . His mind is so fucked up he doesnt know what he wants .

Rula- ...

Nell- what do you want me to do ?

Rula- Get over him !!!

Nell- each day i get over him even more . Its him ! Not me he is blocked on all social media and text . Im never checking for him . I stopped getting jealous when i see the shit he does . I can honestly say i can have a convo with him and not think of anything more with him . But in his head it might be the other way around ! I cant control that shit . By the way what are YOU hiding from me ? That you havent told me ...

Rula- i aint hiding shit !

Nell- whatever somethings up .

Rula- i shouldve never bought him up.

Nell- why did you !?

Rula- last night he came in your room and tried to fuck you . But i stopped him .

Nell- we were drunk !

Rula- i dont give a fuck . I bet if i wasnt there you wouldve fucked him .

Nell- not true . Im gone yo ill take the bus .

Rula- babe stop .

Nell- nah ill just leave you alone .

I walked outside and headed for the bus stop . I couldnt believe he cant see that im that into him . Im with him most of the time ! Ugh i hate this shit .

On the bus

Text Message from Amiya

Amiya- you couldve told me you left

Nell- my bad something mustve happened last night cause Rulas tripping .

Amiya- boy i dont remember shit .

Nell- me either . Hes like your still into him and how he doesnt believe me when i say im over him. And after i told him i am getting over him but it takes time .

Amiya- only if he knew . I can say that you are wayyyy over him then before . You arent even worried about him .

Nell- exactly ! Where yall at ?

Amiya- im home now .

Nell- i might come over

Amiya- ight .

Text Message From Rula

Rula- im jealous

Nell- but why ?

Rula- seeing that shit last night had me fucked up . I wanted to kill him

Nell- you dont have to be jealous . Im trying to tell you me and him will never be ! I only want you ...

Rula- why do i always let you leave ?

Nell- this time it was my choice .

Rula- promise me whatever arguement we get in you or i wont leave .

Nell- i promise .

Rula- Sleep at my house tonight ill bring you to school . And your clothes are in the rental .

Nell- okay .

Rula- ill get you at 8

Nell- okay .


After i got off the bus i started walking home . My head was still killing me like crazy ! I couldnt wait to get in my bed . As i was turning the corner to my house i seen someone sitting on my steps . It was Leo

As i approached him he just sat there . So i walked past him and unlocked the door .

Nell- Yea ?

Leo- i need to talk to you .

Nell- about ?

Leo- ( stands up pushing Nell inside ) Listen youve been right this whole time . I am confused on what i want . And yes i SAY and i feel like i want you . But i know how i am . I know i might end up hurting you and i dont want to see you hurt . Maybe the guy shit aint for me . I mean your kisses were everything . But yeah im just here to let you know you dont have to worry about me worrying so much . Im going to fall all the way back . Im sorry if i wasted your time .

Nell- you didnt waste my time . Its all good im just glad you see now .

Leo- yea yea shut up . But before i go can i just kiss you 1 more time . Then we are finished .

Nell- Leo ...

Leo- just a kiss .

Leo closed the door and kissed me softly he gave me like 3 pecks then he entered his tongue in my mouth and held me tight . After about 10 more seconds i pulled my head back slowly . And he let go of me .

Leo- who knows Nell you might just be mine 1 day . But until then enjoy your life i wish you the best friend .

Nell- see you tomorrow ugly i wish you the best with Alise .

Leo- thanks . Im out

Nell- later ...

I closed the door when he left and sat on my steps ...



Later that night at Rulas house .

Nell- ( crosses Rula up and scores ) wassup ? Step your game up !

Rula- im still winning .

Nell- i was just being nice .

Rula- yea yea !

It was my ball again i started dribbling and try to fake to the left but he kept stopping me . So i made it a lil more interesting i turned from him and backed up on him .

Rula- come on !

I turned when i got close and made the shot . I rand to go get the ball and Rula had a semi hard on walking towards me .

Rula- you done fucked up .

Nell- ( dribbles the bar inbetween his legs ) nice bulge !

Rula- ( stands up and backs up a little letting his dick move side to side ) yeahhh i know just shoot the ball .

Nell- if i make this you gotta strip naked .

Rula- and if you dont you strip naked .

Nell- ight bet !

Rula- no move back some ( tugging on the head of his dick ) yup right there .

Nell- ight ( throws it up and misses )

Rula- Take it off ( cheesing )

Nell- alright .

I took off all my clothes .

Rula- the neighbors are probably recording !

Nell- a deal is a deal .

Rula- ( pulls down his shorts so his dick can come out the pulls it back up a little ) now your not alone . Get the ball .

Nell- we still playing !?

Rula- yup !

Nell-( i jogged over to get the ball )

Rula- ( dick jumps ) bend over again look at what you do to him .

Nell- no if i make this shot we go inside .

Rula- no no how about if I make the shot i can eat that ass right outside . And if i miss we can go in .

Nell- fine thatll work .

While he was getting ready to shoot i put my shorts back on and through the rest of my clothes back inside .

Before he went to shoot he put his dick away .

Rula- now watch a real nigga shoot .

He jumped up and released the shot and it went in . He turned and showed me his tongue . He walked over to me and turned me around against the wall .

Nell- nooo babe not out here .

Rula- i thought a deal was a deal huh ? ( Rubs on Nells ass then pulls his shorts down . )

Nell- ( laughing ) babe really ?

As i was laughing he spread my cheeks and licked on my asshole softly . It was like his tongue was barely touching it and it brought chills to my body and this crazy feeling in my lower back. Then he pushed his tongue inside deep and shook his head smacking my ass hard as fuck . I put my hand on his head and he pushed my hand away . He started to fuck my ass with his tongue and thats when i started moaning louder . " fuckkkk come on babe " . I was on my toes and each time i tried to move away from him he would smack my ass and tell me to stay still . Luckily i was near the sliding door so i opened it and tried to get away but he lifted me up having my legs wrapped around his head and he wouldnt stop . He even closed and locked the door . FUCK he was good . He walked up the stairs still holding me upside down licking and kissing my ass . When we got to his room he brought me to the bathroom . I put my hands on the counter and he still held me by my waist .

Rula- i told you to stay still .

Then he went back for more but he got sloppier . I had both of my hands on the sink trying to pull away but i just ended up staring at myself while he ate the fuck out of me . " babyyyy " he started slowing down and looking at me in the mirror as he stuck his tongue in my ass . Then he let me down slowly and slapped my ass looking down at it . Then he pushed his hard dick against my ass while it was still in his shorts .

Rula- ( SMACK ! ) tell me its mine .

Nell- mmmm shit

Rula- ( SMACK SMACK ! ) what ?

Nell- its yours !

Rula- dont move ...

I seen him through the mirror as he turned the shower then he walked out . " get in the shower " i got in and he came in like 2 minutes later and told me not to turn around . By this time a nigga got nervous . He came up behind me and started to kiss my neck and fingering my ass . I closed my eyes and bit my lip moaning softly . Then i felt something just a lil bit bigger then a finger enter my ass . And when he stuck it deeper i stood on my toes . " shittttt " then i heard a switch . It started vibrating in my ass . " yeaaaa you like that ?" He started fucking me with the toy fast as fuck i ended up against the wall on 1 leg . He held on to my other leg .

Nell- fuckkkk babeeee !

My dick started to jump

Nell- im about to cum !

Rula- let it out ...

My dick started jumping up and down cum flying out against the wall and he took the toy out my ass and licked on it . Then kissed me as i held onto his dick .

Nell- you are 1 freaky dude .

Rula- theres more where that came from .

Nell- can i make you cum ?

Rula- nope

Nell- why not ?

Rula- cause i said so . I wanted to please you tonight .

Nell- ight then . If you say so .

After our shower we layed in bed naked holding each other .

Rula- your special you know that ?

Nell- thats how i feel when im around you .

Rula- Thats my goal .

Nell- just think how it would be when your just out and dont give a fuck .

Rula- itll probably be bitter sweet .

Nell- i think people wouldnt even care . Espically your boys . You control them shit .

Rula- true .

Nell- and if your brother can get over it no telling how easy it just might be .

Rula- you know how to make me feel good about it i see .

Nell- thats my goal .

Rula- (kisses Nell) go to sleep .

Nell- Goodnight baby .

Rula- Goodnight babe .


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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 17:07:45
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: 2880

: 86

let Adrian stay away because I like Rula and Leo needs to fall the hell all the way back.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:52:09
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: 120

: 10

Rula Rula Rula!!!

Glad Leo seemed sane for once.

Who's the instagram stalker tho?
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Post Posted: 2015-11-23 05:14:21
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: 60

: 29

Where the hell is Demitri.........I just feel is he Rula really love. Leo starting to upset me now....steups
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 18:07:00
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: 56

: 2

Really good chapter. I really like Rula and Nell together and I'm glad Leo finally grew up about the situation. can't wait to read more
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 13:49:38
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Keep going! I kinda wished Leo and nell got it in one time lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 13:07:54
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: 172

: 17

I love this story and I love Nell but I REALLY wanna see what's going on inside Leo or Rula's head. Next chapter please.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 12:37:57
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: 2


: 380

: 46

nukieboy wrotes:
No matter what I still want Cornell and Leo together because I do believe that Rula is hiding something from him that is seriously wrong.
Please shut the fuck up. Please. Just shut the fuck up. Please. Thanks.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 10:15:53
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: 204

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Brilliant!!!! Next please
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 03:17:20
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: 3

The best story up here man!!!!!! Next chapter please
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 02:42:20
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: 759

: 43

No matter what I still want Cornell and Leo together because I do believe that Rula is hiding something from him that is seriously wrong.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 02:18:53
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: 8

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Fucking greatness in this story
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 01:34:52
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I love this story and can't wait to see what's next.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 00:18:17
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I am loving it and I hope Leo can keep his word. If he doesn't want Nell then let somebody else do right by him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 23:28:31
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I Luv It
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 23:03:12
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Next chapter please!!! Love this story
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 22:57:51
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This was too easy. Something is up.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 22:53:25
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Yassss bring it on
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 22:47:30
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they need to fuck asap
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 22:47:10
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damn that was hot as shit
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 22:45:35
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good chapter

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