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Cabin Party !

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Nell- sorry ..

I blocked him and put my phone down . He took a deep breath and leaned forward and put his face in his hands.

Nell- how far away are we yall ?

Tey- we are like 45 minutes away .

Nell- good !

I looked back at my phone and texted Rula .

Text Message !

Nell- ( Sends a Selfie )

Rula- ( Sends a selfie back ) i miss you ...

Nell- i miss you too .

Rula- hows the ride ?

Nell- its good . Hows your day going .

Rula- its been good just got a massage earlier my body still sore as fuck .

Nell- well when i get back you can get a better massage from me .

Rula- is that right ?

Nell- yes thats right .

Rula- How is that dude treating you?

Nell- what do you mean ?

Rula- I told you i know everything . So just answer .

Nell- hes been chillin .

Rula- let me know if i need to come down there .

Nell- there wont be none of that .

Rula- ight you gonna FT me before you go to bed ?

Nell- of course .

Rula- ill be waiting .

Nell- :*

I put my head on the window and fell asleep for like last 30 minutes of the ride .

When we got there Amiya made mad noise waking us up . When i woke up the lights in the truck were on . And Tey turned around and looked down at my hand . Because Leo was holding it . I pulled away quickly and when i did Alise had just started stretching . Tey looked at me then looked at Leo who was still half asleep .

I got out the car and got my bag . And so did Amiya . We waited at the door for the other 3 .

Amiya- why were you two holding hands .

Nell- it wasnt me . He kept doing it .

Amiya- oh lawd . I feel like this weekend is gonna be crazy .

Nell- hell yeah .

Amiya- ewww Leo put that away .

Leo- shut up stop acting like you never seen a dick .

Leo and the rest started walking our way and Leo was walking with a semi hard on and wasnt trying to hide it . Tey opened the door and let the girls in first . Then tey went then me then Leo . As i was walking Leo was right on my back i felt his dick touch my ass and i pushed him back and he smirked .

Everyone made there way to there rooms it actually was nice as shit in here . But damn i didnt want to be alone .

So i guess the plan was shower , get in your pajamas and we was going to play have you ever .

I took my shower put on some shorts socks and a tank and sat on the couch and waited for the others . I heard moaning, skin slapping, names ! Everything . Felt like my ass was waiting for 30 minutes .

They all came down smiling and shit all mushy .

Alise- this really sucks that noones with you !

Nell- ahh no i have enough entertainment here listening to yall fuck .

Amiya- you heard us !?

Nell- i heard Alise screaming too .

Tey- ( daps Leo ) that good dick !

Amiya- okay lets play ! Let me go get the ciroc .

I was sitting on the love chair. So i got up so Leo and his gf can sit there . As i got up i seen Tey shaking his head at Leo .

Tey- man watch your eyes !

Alise- huh ???

Tey- nah its an insider .

Alise- okay ?

Amiya- okay i got it ! Everyone take a shot class .

Nell- whos going first ?

Tey- ill ask first ... Have you ever ate ass !

Amiya , Tey and i took a shot .

Alise- ewwww !

Amiya- okay Have you ever had a 3 some .

Everyone took a shot but me .

Alise- hmmm okay ! Have you ever had a sex dream with the same sex ?

Everyone took a shot but Tey ...

Alise- you have Leo !?

Leo- we are being honest right ? Anyways have you ever took a shit before you had sex .

Amiya Leo and Tey took a shot .

Nell- Have you ever had an orgy ?

Tey and Leo took a shot .

Leo- fuck can we ask shit i havent done wooooo !

Amiya- okay i have a good one ... Have you ever cheated ? As in recently ...

I cut my eyes at Amiya and then i smirked .

Nell- well this is deff a couple question... Noones gonna drink ?

Tey- well i guess we are all clear .

I looked over at Alise and when Tey started his question Alise bent over a lil and took a shot .

Leo- whoa whoa ( stands up ) did you just fucking take a shot ?

Alise- baby listen can we talk about this later .

Leo- fuck that . Who is he ?

Alise- my ex ! He left the state okay !! 1 thing led to another . Baby im sorry i was going to tell you tonight .

Leo- you know what ( takes a shot ) you good you admit to cheating i admit to wanting to cheat on you so we even . ( sits back down )

Alise- wow Leo ! Really ? How long have you been feeling this way .

Leo- since we been together .

Alise- we will talk about this later .

Leo- ohhhh ( smiles ) i bet we will .

Tey- so yeah yall ruined this shit . Im just gonna put a movie in cause yeaaa this isnt gonna work .

Amiya- damn well .

I got up and went into the fridge and poured me some pineapple juice and put some Malibu rum in it .

Amiya- let me taste !

Nell- ill just make you 1 your lips was just on a snake .

Amiya- glad you know it was a snake !

Tey turned off the lights i handed Amiya her drink and i sat down . About 40 minutes in the movie i decided to go stand on my balcony outside my room . I could see the city it was beautiful . I took a picture of it and put it on IG ... 30 seconds later i see 2 hands on the banister .

Leo- this is nice .

Nell- yup it is .

Leo- how long did you know .

Nell- about ?

Leo- Alise cheating ...

Nell- Monday .

Leo- so why am i finding out Friday night ?

Nell- ask her what the fuck .

Leo- still got that smart ass mouth .

Nell- why are you here ?

Leo- ( pulls me to him ) cause i missed you alot ...

I stood there and stared at him then i smiled but that smile i had turned into an angry face i pulled my arm back and punched the fuck out of him .

He stumbled back and touched his lip . And walked back up to me . I stood my ground . He picked me up and slammed against the wall and started to kiss my neck . I felt his blood touching my neck . I closed my eyes for a moment but i thought about Rula and i pushed him off and i fell on the floor .

Nell- Get out Leo !

Leo- i deserved that hit and most likely many more . But remember this trip is all im going to say .

He walked out slowly . I got up and went into my bathroom . There was spots of blood on my shirt and all over my neck . I quickly got in the shower and washed my self . Then i heard my FT go off so i stepped out and it was Rula . I answered

Nell- im almost done hold on .

Rula- ight .

I quickly finished and then i dried off and put on a towel . I walked in my room put some lotion on and sat on my bed to talk to Rula .

Rula- you dont look too good .

Nell- i have to tell you something .

Rula- ( sits up in bed ) what ?

Nell- so he came on my balcony and i punched him . Because he deserved it . We was drinking and all but ...

Rula- nah stop that bullshit finish the story .

Nell- well he .. Um he picked me up and started kissing my ...

Rula- man just hit me when your back in town . ( ends the FT )

I tried to FT him like 5 times .

So i texted him .

Nell- baby you didnt let me finish .

Rula- Babe i honestly dont want to hear the rest . I ended it because im heated . But i cant even be mad at you cause your not offically mine . All i do know is . If he hits you you better call me .

Nell- No i want to FT you .

Rula- its gonna piss me off each time i think about it . And i dont want to ruin your fun . Cause ill take that trip .

Nell- ...

Rula- atleast you told me the truth . Thats all i needed .

Nell- i wish you was here .

Rula- i wish i was too . None of that wouldve happened tonight .

Nell- i know ...

Rula- Where yall at anyways ?

Nell- its called Cabin Resort or something .

Rula- oh i know that place .

Nell- yeah ...

Rula- Hit me up tomorrow morning .

Nell- okay i guess .


The Next morning .

I went into the bathroom to wash my face and to brush my teeth . I smelled FOOD ! I went down stairs and Amiya was cooking it up . I dapped up Tey and Alise was just sitting there it seems as if shes been crying . And i didnt see Leo .

Nell- look at you !

Amiya- i know ( whips hair )

Nell- just dont burn nothing !

Amiya- shhh i wont .

Leo- Good Morning people !

Tey- sup bro what happened to your lip?

Amiya- ( turns to see ) Hahaha .. No comment .

Leo- take a wild guess .

Tey- ( looks over at Nell ) ohhhh ...

Alise- you guys are weird ! With these codes !

Nell- okay...

Tey- i was thinking about going to the mall today .

Nell- i say YES i want to get a new fit for tonight .

Amiya- me too !

Alise- i think ill just stay here .

Tey- you staying here with her Leo?

Leo- No ...

We all looked at him .

Leo- What? I want to go to the mall to ... Shes just in her feelings she needs to get out of them .

Alise- Shut up Leo ugh .

Leo- Dont Cheat Alise ugh .

Amiya- that was a good one !

Alise- Shut up bitch .

Amiya- what was that ( holding the spatula up )

Alise- nothing !

Leo- So you going or not ?

Alise- no im not .

Amiya- anyways BREAKFAST !

Tey- yall so mean .

Nell- im not ! ( sits at the table )

Everyone else came to the table to eat . I forgot to get my pineapple juice so i got that then sat down to eat .

FT goes off ... It was Adrian i put my earphones in and amswered .

Nell- ( eats eggs ) Sup ?

Adrian- not shit about to go get me something to eat . I see your already filling your face .

Nell- of course ! How does it feel being single again ?

Adrian- its ighhhht . Its always better with someone i think .

Nell- youll find her . I know there all over you now .

Adrian- yeah you know ! I got some lined up .

Nell- but let me eat ill talk to you later .

Adrian- ight bet .

Ends FT

Nell- mmm this food is good !

Tey- my babe can cook .

Nell- she ighhhht .

Amiya- hater !


The Mall

Text Message from Rula

Rula- Tell them your going to get bodyguards for your party . Imma send some of my boys down there to look out for you .

Nell- what are you gonna tell them i am to you .

Rula- dont worry about all that just do it .


Nell- ( walking around the mall ) hey yall i think we should get some bodyguards for this party tonight .

Tey- yeah we do . Mad people are suppose to be coming . My FB is going crazy .

Nell- damn your parties are always popping .

Tey- right ! But you know some people ?

Nell- yeah and theyll do it for free .

Tey- ight thats good . Invite them .

Nell- okay .

I went to text Rula back .

Nell- All set ..

Rula- Alright ;) thanks !

Nell- your welcome .

Rula- wyd ?

Nell- in the mall about to get a fit .

Rula- how much you got on you ?

Nell- 300

Rula- ight .


Nell- i cant believe we left her back at the cabin though !

Leo- it was her choice .

Amiya- welp !

Tey- we should get white shirts yall . Imma have get people to install black lights around the place .

Nell- ohhhh i like that idea !

Amiya- me too !

Leo- me three !

Nell- nah you ruined it .

Leo- shut up . ( pokes Nells side )

We all split up and i got me some nice balmain jeans with this white long shirt that had zippers on the side . Then i seen they had the 98kb sneakers that light up at the bottom so i got those too . But i made sure that bag was hidden i didnt want noone copying my ass !

Leo- aye what u doing !?

Nell- ( jumps ) scared the fuck out of me .

Leo- what you get let me see .

Nell- hell nah cuhhhh .

Leo- you hiding something !

Nell- youll see tonight . Im ready to leave now though .

After like 20 minutes we finally find them eating ice cream .

Nell- fat ASSES ! Couldnt tell us ?

Amiya- this was our date !

Leo- yea yea yea .

Amiya- what yall get to wear ,

Leo- he wont tell me talking about we'll see tonight .

Nell- yup !

Tey- ight lets go before Alise burns down the place ...


Back at the house

When we got back i put my clothes under the bed cause i know they might try to look . I went to look inside the drawer near my bed to see if my MK watch was there and it wasnt . I knew i put it there before i went to sleep last night . I got up and went to Amiya and teys room .

Nell- hey did yall see a MK watch ?

Amiya- no ? Why

Nell- its not in my drawer ...

Amiya- its her !

Tey- lets not jump to conclusions babe .

Amiya- im serious !

Nell- should i go ask ?

Tey- yes .

Nell- ight .

I went down the hall and knocked on there door .

Leo- yeah ??

Nell- its Cornell .

Leo- ( opens the door ) come in .

Nell- did yall find a MK watch anywhere .

Leo- nah i havent seen 1 babe have you ?

Alise- nope ( turns in the bed ) .

Leo- ( looks at her strange ) okay ?

Nell- alright nevermind thanks.

I walked back to my room . I know the hoe took it . Just how she said Nope ! Ughhhh ! I went back in my room and looked through everything ! I mean from top to bottom .

Amiya walks in

Nell- i know she took it . Shes the only one that was here . And how she said Nope when leo asked her . Theres somethin about her !

Amiya- do i need to go get it myself?

Nell- no chill just fuck it .

Amiya- well some people are about to come to set up the lights an stuff and the dj shit . There gonna clear out the living room .

Nell- oh ight .

Amiya- im about to stay in here with you though . Leo and Tey went for a walk .

Nell- awww brother time !

Amiya- blah !

Nell- ugh i wish he was here !

Amiya- uh uh hold up why is there blood on your shirt ?

Nell- remember i punched Leo .

Amiya- oh yeah . Was yall tusseling or something ?

Nell- he was kissing me on my neck . Rula was so pissed he ended the FT .

Amiya- atleast you told him what happened and didnt wait .

Nell- true . But yeah i wish he was here like i said before i was interrupted you animal planet looking bitch .

Amiya- you tried it !!

Nell- i know !

Amiya- tell him to come out here . You know he would .

Nell- but it wouldnt be a me and him thing .

Amiya- trueeeee . Im sleepy im taking a nap on your bed .

Nell- i was thinking the same .

We both got in the bed i had my head on her stomach and after about 15 minutes of talking about bullshit we was knocked out cold.


2 hours later

Im sleeping and all i hear is laughing and a flashlight.

Amiya- oh my gosh stoo recording us !

Nell- yall petty as shit . ( covers eyes )

Tey- def putting this on the gram . Aww you two looked so cute .

Nell- i reached over and grabbed my phone and so did Amiya .

( we are both watching the video )

Nell- we do look cute though .

Amiya- awww my baby nelly !

Alise walks through the door.

Alise- whats all the laughing about ?

Nell- ( sits up ) okay what time is it .?

Leo- nothing we was just recording them . And its 6:50 yall need to be getting dressed the doors open at 8 .

Nell- everybody out ! Get out !

After they left i checked my phone .

Text Message from Rula .

Rula- my boys should be there in like 40 minutes .

Nell- okay babe . Ive been thinking about you like all day !

Rula- youll see me before you know it babe . Just have fun tonight .

Nell- ill try .

Rula- make sure you send me a pic of your outfit .

Nell- i will

I got up and went in the shower i took me a good 25 minute shower too . When i got out i wrapped the towel around me and snapped a quick pic in the mirror and send it to Rula . And put it on IG .

Text message

Rula- Damnnnnn babe turn around and drop that towel for daddy .

Nell- ( Picture Message ) hows that?

Rula- ( picture message ) got my shit rock hard had to let him breathe while im driving .

Nell- ( heart eyes emoji ) DAMN !

Rula- Get dressed babe haha .

Nell- okay .

I lotioned my body and put on my under clothes . Then i started putting on my clothes .

Amiya- ( knocking on my door ) hurry up boy ! How am i done before you ?

Nell- just come in ! Only you though .

Amiya- its only me anyways ( comes in ) ohhhhh yesssss bestfriend !!! Wheres your shoes ?

Nell- im about to put them on . Look at you though !! Are those loubouttins ? I see you !

Amiya- you knowww !! But we trying to take pictures we waiting on you down stairs .

Nell- alright alright ( puts on gold chains and gold rings then i took the shoes out the box )

Amiya- oh my gosh i want those !!!

Nell- ayeee !!!

Amiya- you always standing out !

Nell- have too haha . ( puts shoes on )

Amiya- ight now lets take our selfie first .

We went over to the big mirror in my room and she put 1 leg in front of me and i pointed at her and she snapped the picture .

Nell- thats fire send me that ! So i can post it .

Amiya- ight im doing it now .

Before we went down stairs i posted the pic up .

Amiya- oh my gosh boy come on !!!

Nell- ight lets go .

We started walking out my room there were already madd ppl here and it was only 8:20 .. I helped Amiya down the stairs cause her ass know she cant walk down no stairs with heels . It seemed like all eyes were on us .

Tey- AYEEEEE ! Cornell you look fresh bro !

Nell- thanks !

Leo- That was your secret huh ?

Nell- yup !

Alise- cute

Nell- thanks ...

I looked over at the door and the guards were there with there hoods over there head .

Tey- come on lets take a picture i got a photographer here .

Nell- ight

Vybz Kartel - Push it in

When that song came on i was still holding Amiya hand and we danced following Tey to the photographer .

Tey- where should we take the pic ?

Nell- upstairs on my balcony ! Its a nice setting !

Tey- bet !

We went upstairs and went on my balcony . I was in the middle with my arms folded and Amiya and Tey was on 1 side and Leo and Alise was on the other . We took a couple different pics . But when Konshens - Do Sum'n came on we all went down stairs .

Even though i was dancing alone i still was having fun . Well that was until this girl came in front of me and started dancing on me . She grabbed my right hand and bended over and started throwing her ass back so i stood there and watched . Then when she started grinding on me . I took both of her hands and started grinding back .


Then Gyptian - Beautiful Lady came on . And that was Amiyas and my favorite song . So i grabbed both of Amiyas hands and we danced to the song together .

Amiya- we need a drink !

Nell- i know !!!

Amiya- okay after this song !

After the song was over we went over in the kitchen and took some of the jungle juice the bartender made .

Amiya- now you know how i get when i drink this !

Nell- me too ! Fuck it lets do it .

We downed a half of cup .

Miguel- Do You...

Nell- ahhh shit ! Do youuu like loveeeee !

Amiya- ( dancing )

Alise came in the kitchen with Leo and they started kissing . They mustve been drinking . I just stared at them . Until Leo made eye contact with me . And then she started rubbing his arm . And my watch was on her fucking wrist .

Amiya- i see it too ...

Nell- yoooo is she serious ?

Amiya- let me fuck her up .

Nell- nah its all good .

Amiya and i left out and continued to enjoy ourselves .

Mavado - Peppa

I took out my phone and took a snapchat of me and Amiya dancing and then went in circles to get the crowd . Then i had got a text from Rula ...

Text Message

Rula- Having fun ?

Nell- i am actually .

Rula- wish i could see you . You never sent that pic you know .

Nell- damn sorry . Let me go take it .

I walked upstairs and opened the door to my room . And one of the Bodyguards were sitting on my bed with his hoody over his head . Then stood up and walked over to me and closed the door .

Nell- what are you doing in here .

???- ( Takes hood off ) you look sexy baby .

Nell- RULA !!!!!


Rula is here !!!!

Why do you think Leo said " Remember this Trip " ???


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Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I'm luvin rula

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