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X dude - Part 3

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As i hear X moaning from behind me he then quickly pull out as i feel a hot substance explode on my ass.My bad dude,i clean you up,i then see X reach for a cloth inside the dresser beside the couch,i hear him wiping me and hisself.

Once X was done i hear him getting up,as i leaned myself back up too,both us pulling up our underwear and pants.Thanks yo,X speak to me as he still getting hisself together.No problem,i speak back to X.Whats your name by the way dawg? X speak to me as he putting o his coat again.

Im Montez,you said your name X right? i speak to X.Cool,and yea,X,or you can call me Xavier,X speak to me smoothly.Alright,cool,so you trying chill now,watch some tv or something? i speak to X.Naw dude,i gotta bounce,maybe next time tho,you got my number right? X speak to me,i pause for a minute.I pause because im like dude you never gave me your number,your name,but not your number,that also make me wonder who else got his number on that level?

Oh naw,you aint give me your number,i speak to X.Shit,my bad,im thinking of dude down the street i sold to,nigga suppose to be contacting me soon yo,nigga better have my money,you know how it is cuz,X speak to me.I feel you,i speak back to X.You got pen and paper,or you want me to put it in your phone? X speak to me.

Its a pen in the dresser,and a old receipt right there,just write it on the receipt,i speak to X.Oh alright,X grab the pen from the dresser and then start jotting down his number,handing it to me.Thats my digits,im gone now dawg,i put the bottom lock on,peace,X then head for the front door.A part of me wanted to hold him up longer,but i struggled with words to say,our situation felt so quick and cheap,but good.

You be around this way again? i speak to X.Yea,i be around a lot of times,alright dawg,see you around man,X speak to me one last time,and then leave out the door,as he left me on the couch looking stuck on stupid.I pondered to myself after dude was gone,just sitting there on the couch,but then finally snapping back to myself.

The next few days i didnt hear from dude X,even tho i saw him in the neighborhood,guess he was busy.

But one day all of a sudden i hear somebody knocking on my door,i see its X standing outside my door.Whats good? i speak to X as i open my door.Nothing much man,just was around the way,what you was up to? X speak to me,staring into my eyes.Nothing,was just sitting in the house,i speak back to X.Ay yo can i come in? X speak to me quietly.

Yea,come on in,i invite X inside,eager to.Once X was inside he locked the door and then immediately moved closer to me,giving me this look,like a damn near twinkle in his eye.Ready to do what we do,i dont hit the streets until later on today,you down? X speak to me,at first i didnt know what he was talking about,but then i realized he wanted to fuck again.Im like dude so thats the only time you come around,is when you trying get a nut? But it takes two to tango,i wasnt innocent either.I think my like for this dude was clouding my judgement.

Oh naw,shit,im still sore from last time man,you know how it is,i joke with X,snickering along with it smoothlyy,trying play it off.X just giving me this look like nigga what? but he aint seem fazed.Oh alright,cool,run with me down the store right quick tho,i need a wingman,X speak to me,im like yes in my head,because in my head im feeling he looking at me more than just a quick hookup.

I made sure i locked up and everything before i left with X,i get in his car and it look brand new,seats feel like butter,car shining,and the sun aint even out.I kind of figured X has money,especially with his expertise,but all money aint good money,but who am i to judge?

As me and X driving down to the store he stop and go inside,coming back out with a bag swinging from his fingers,then just tossing it back in the backseat as he got back in the car,im just chilling in the passenger side quiet.Once X pull off he taking a detour thats unknown to me,cutting inbetween the woods of the highway and then parking in this vacant parking lot.

A nigga need to chill for a minute,im taking some shit off my head yo,X speak to me as he lean back in his seat,his hands on his forehead like he thinking or tired or stressed.Cool,i speak all timid and quiet,not really wanting to interrupt him in his moment of silence.

Help a nigga out yo,man i had it rough the last few days,what we did last time helped a lot,whats good? X start unzipping his pants.As im watching X crotch he start caressing the back of my head,looking into my heads,and then suddenly easing my head dow to his crotch area,he wanted his dick sucked.I started to suck dude dick,but then i eased my up,giving him this timid look.I thought we was just going to the store,i thought you wanted to feel me out? i speak to X quietly.

Man what you talking about dawg,why you acting funny all of a sudden,same thing back at your crib? X speak to me,his face disappointed but curious.Naw,it aint like that man,i just thought maybe we was going chill,i speak timid to X.I got you man,its cool,X speak to me calmly as he zipping up his pants again.

X was cool tho,at least he understood.X then suddenly lean back up as he grip the steering wheel,then pull off quick as fuck in a zoom.As i happen to peep over at X his face annoyed,like something was the matter.You alright man? i speak to X,seeing his whole demeaner then changed,his driving even different.

Im good yo,i drop you off right here man,i gotta bounce with the quickness,got a hit man,X speak to me as he drop me off at the store just down the street,not even driving me back home,but i guess he had some place to be.But if he was going take me out with at least he couldve warned me he wasnt going take me back home,so i could of been prepared.

You alright man? i ask X one more time as im getting out the car.Im good,people just be acting funny sometimes yo,i aint for all that,aint got time for the bs,X speak to me calm but with disappointment and anger hiding behind his facade.This dude was mad about me not going down on him in the car,i aint stupid,he aint going play me like that,i knew what it was,but its whatever,i just get right up out his car.

Before i could say anything else to dude X he pull off fast as fuck,driving down the street,as i start making my way back home on foot.

X was mad petty,but maybe he really did have somewhere to go..........to be continued

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Post Posted: 2015-11-22 11:53:56
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: 380

: 46

Another stupid ass bottom. You make yourself a doormat don't get mad when someone walks all over you.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 15:51:45
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: 1311

: 63

Don't let him have his way and use him at as cum bucket when he needs a release... Let him get to know know him atleast established some form or relationship first.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 14:45:14
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: 457

: 22

Make him beg for it. He laced that shit the last time. You are sober this time. Make his ass arm for that ass.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 13:48:09
: 0
: 0


: 1975

: 39

That's right baby stand your grounds, I wouldn't even speak to his ass for a long time.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 13:31:47
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: 0


: 38

: 1

typical nigga for you only looking for himself
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 11:15:31
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: 0


: 2880

: 86

Smh that trade just want a nut dawg
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 11:06:43
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: 4455

: 57

Man that's fucked up...
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 10:49:45
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: 1129

: 82

I'm glad he didn't give in to X. Do not take me to no vacant lot for some head FOH! I said no at the house! So that's what that means NO!!

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