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X dude - Part 1

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Im Montez,im 23 years old and live deep down in this ghetto neighborhood in the south,but luckily my apartment complex is at the end where the drugs and gangbanging aint as hard.

But slowly but surely niggas was trying take over the end building,something a lot of people in my building wasnt having,especially ms Jamila.Ms Jamila had a no tolerance policy for drugs and thugs,she would call the feds in a hot minute if she thought you was up to no good on our property.

Ms Jamila lived by herself with her striped tuxedo goldfish,a pet fish that had scales that looked like it was wearing a tuxedo.I didnt even know fish could live that long,ms Jamila then had that fish for a few years now,i always thought i would one day come out and see that joint floating dead,but joint just be swimming.Ms Jamila keep her pet fish in a jar right on the window ceil,she feed it every morning,when i do see her,she loved that fish like it was her child,she couldnt have any children,she old now.

I live alone myself,but i got friends that i call or hang out with every now and then,one of my friends dont call me as much as he used to tho,every since he got his little new boy toy,i call him boy toy because i knew my friend was going use him up and then toss him aside soon,laughing to myself.Im happy my friend found something to occupy some of his time with,but i hate how he bitch and complain about dudes doing him wrong,when he do the same.

My friend could be the biggest hypocrite i know,even tho i love him to death.Oh,that nigga aint got no car,meanwhile you aint driving,and dont let me get started on how picky he is,i mean damn,them niggas lost with him before they even entered.I mess with dudes too,no lie,but im a little more reserved but not discreet,if you close enough i will tell you if asked.But sometimes you cant be too trusting of everybody,some people would take your personal business and put it out in the streets as soon as they mad at you,you live and learn.

Its a friday afternoon and as im coming out for apartment to run to the store right quick i see these two dudes standing right in the hallway,passing stuff back and forth on the low.I already knew what them dudes was doing,i saw one slip the other one a bag of coke,then the other one pass him the money in return.As they see me coming out my house they play it off like they talking,probably think im going snitch to the police,but its whatever,thats their life or freedom they taking a gamble on,not mines,none of my business.

Even tho i didnt really care about them doing drugs or selling drugs i did have a problem with them leaving drug needles by people door,one was just a few feet away from mine.Whats up dawg? one of the dudes nod his head at me,the seller,his face expressionless,his body dressed in baggy jeans and a t shirt,and hooded bubble coat.Im good,i speak back quietly,not really giving too much,just trying get on my way and back.

Just as im about to finally continue on my way ms Jamila come out her house fully clothed with a scarf around her head,her face mad as fuck,to the tenth power.Yall need to take that somewhere else,this building and block was so peaceful before yall trifling asses start moving around here,selling that shit,smoking that shit,go do that where yall live,we decent people in this building! ms Jamila start going the fuck off on them two dudes out in the hallway.Man take your old ass back in the house yo,we was minding our business,the druggy dude speak to ms Jamila with a attitude.

How yall minding yall business when yall leaving used needles all over the place,at least clean up behind yourselves,yall got one more time and im going call the police,ms Jamila speak to the druggy dude directly.Man whatever,the druggy dude then suck his teeth at Jamila,then seller dude intervene.Maam we all need to make a living,my bad,but i aint responsible for the trash them other niggas leave behind,so it aint right for you to be coming at me like that,respect yo,the seller dude speak to ms Jamila smooth,he shut her up for awhile,i was shocked.

Ok,you know what,yall do what yall wanna do,g ahead and ruining yall lives,but if i find another bag of that stuff or needles in front my door i am going call the police,believe that,ms Jamila speak to them dudes one last time,and then go back into her house,shutting her door behind her.

Ay man you going to the store cuz,the one down the street? the seller dude speak to me,i didnt know his name,so i just referred to him as such,no disrespect.Yea,i speak back stiffly,because truth be told i didnt know him like that.Oh,cool,dude you think you could bring me back some black and mild? the seller dude speak to me,first thing come to my mind is like dude with who money? But then dude pull out a whole thick wad of money,handing me a twenty dollar bill out of it.To be honest i do not like dealing with other people money,because i know i dont play with mines either.

Oh naw,dude my bad,but i dont deal with other people money like that,people dont play with their money,i spea to dude firmly,letting him know straight up.Naw,you good,you seem like cool people,seller dude speak to me smoothly,still trying hand me the money.My bad dude,i cant,money can cause a lot of problems,i speak to seller dude.

Cool,its cool,dude speak to me all calm,im like is he mad secretly?because i aint got time for beef.I know how some people would be like yea its cool,but then be acting funny later on.I just head out the building finally,that druggy heading out behind me,going back to the unit way up the block to do them drugs inside his big coat he was wearing.

Once im at the store i pick up some light bulbs,and a few household items,then i pass the black and mild stand,thinking about seller dude.My mother always said that sometimes you could kill people with kindness,and like i said before i didnt want beef,so i end up grabbing up a pack of black and mild,adding to my list,then rolled out back down the street after paying for my stuff,my bag swinging from my fingertips.It was kind of cold out too,it was in the middle of january,i got the chills,even with my jacket on.

Once i got back home i see seller dude standing in the hallway,leaning against the wall just chilling,so i go over to him and pull out the black and mild from the bag.Here you go dude,i was already up there,and i aint cost much,i hand seller dude the pack of black and mild,he like cool.Thanks man,i really appreciate that yo,i pay you back man,the seller dude give me this appreciatve expression,then pull out money to pay me back,i denied it again tho.A lot of people would think i was dumb for not eccepting the money,but its whatever,i did that out of kindness,not expecting nothing back,plus i didnt want no beef.

As i turn to go into my house i hear seller dude talking,but i keep going,because i figured he wasnt talking to me.Dude,my dude,seller dude speaking from behind me,still leaning against the wall.Oh,my bad,i thought you was talking to somebody else,i speak to seller dude,kind of embarrassed.Dude i think i seen you before,before even today,dont you know that gay nigga way down the street,little fruity nigga? seller dude speak to me,now im nervous,im like i aint got time to be defending my sexual orientation today,please not today,dude cool and everything but he be then seen another side of me.

Who you talking about,you talking the one that be wearing the blue and black jacket? i speak to seller dude as im pausing right in front of my door.Yea,thats him,little sweet dude,you cool with that nigga being that way,you know niggas might talk right,and think you down with that shit? seller dude speak to me calmly,little do he know.He cool,me and him been friends since forever,i gotta get in the house now tho,i speak to seller dude,trying change the subject.

Word man,but you aint on that is you,not that im in your business or nothing,im just saying? seller dude speak o me,his eyes watching me like a hawk,curiosity all on his face.I tried my best to think of a answer to give dude that would throw him off,have him thinking like huh,what the fuck he talking about? I just be chilling,im cool with everybody,i just do me tho,and let people do them,but i see you dude,i speak to seller dude one last time,then go in my house shutting the door behind me.

I left seller dude with the expression i hoped for,like huh,nigga i didnt get it?

To be continued..........

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Oh my words I'm afraid to even think where this story is going....lol

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