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Rula - aye im bout to shower and im not taking no as an answer this time .

Nell- i wasnt going to say no ;)

Rula- then bring that ass .

I followed Rula into the bathroom and he picked me up as we entered the shower . I couldnt hell but kiss him . I needed him ive been wanting him . I got off of him and got down on my knees . But he lifted me back up .

Rula- this isnt the right time . I want our first time to be rememerable ! I dont want you on your knees . Thats why theres a bed . Imma treat you right i just hope the feeling is mutual .

Nell- i wouldnt be here with you if it wasnt . ( kisses him )

Rula- i gotta tell you something ...

Nell- what ( washing Rulas body )

Rula- Demitri hes been talking about you .

Nell- so ?

Rula- like hes been trying to find you . Since you blocked him or some shit .

Nell- soooo?

Rula- hes trying to get back with you . But im not having that .

Nell- i wouldnt even go back so theres no need to worry .

Rula- ( looking worried )

Nell- is there something you need to tell me ?

Rula- i dont know why im nervous to ask you shit a nigga is never nervous . But i have to do this buisness trip tonight ill be back in the morning . I just was wondering if youd be here when i get back .

Nell- ( laughs ) really ? Why wouldnt i wait until you come back ?

Rula- i mean you got your friends and shit .

Nell- true but theyll understand .

Rula- okay ...

Nell- why are you acting like this ?

Rula- i use to fuck around with Demitri .

Nell- ... Oh

Rula- and ...

Nell- and your going to tell me that when he was cheating on me ... You were 1 of those people . ?

Rula- ( grabs my arms ) yes ...

I was furious . I knew something was up .

Nell- just let go of me .

Rula- no your going to leave me .

Nell- you expect me to stay ? You couldve been told me this shit .

Rula- i just didnt know when the right time wouldve been .

Nell- ( pulls arms out of Rulas grip and walks out the shower ) i want to go home .

Rula- no

Nell- what you mean no ?

Rula- Baby it was only like 3 times . And at that time i didnt know yall were together until after that Amiya shit . Thats when he told me about you . .

Nell- Rula still at the end of the day you waited to tell me this shit .

Rula- it aint even that serious . Atleast im telling you the truth .

Nell- ...

Rula- there were no feelings between us .

Nell- yeah i know cause the feelings he had was for me . Thats why he wants me back .

Rula- all i wanted to do was tell you . I hope we can move on from this .

Nell- I guess .

Rula- get in bed ill be out soon .

Nell- okay .

I layed there thinking about what was going on . This bitch Demitri was getting fucked and fucking bitches while he was with me . Damn i hate his ass . But could i be mad at Rula for telling me the truth about ? I mean he didnt know anything about me when it happened . Better yet maybe i just need to talk to Demitri myself . I need to get the TRUTH !

Moments later i ended up dosing off

I woke up too no arms around me . I guess Rula went on that buisness trip knowing damn well it mustve been a big run he had to do for some cash . I sat up in the bed and yawned and my lip split open . FUCK i forgot all about my lip . I turned my head to look near the bathroom and there was balloons and a bag . For what ? I dont know . I got up and went to look in the bag . In the bag was a pair of some nice ass shoes from neiman marcus and another note . I opened the note and it said .

" Baby ill be back by 3pm . I had bought these shoes for you when i had left Miami when you were sleep that night i checked your shoe size and i think i know your style . But anyways ill be home at 3 . And since you gotta go back to school ill take you home tonight :) . "

I shook my head and smiled at the letter . You would think this " hardcore " dude would be mean as shit but hes like a teddy bear . But dont get me wrong he is aggressive once i say something he doesnt like .

I went over to my phone and checked my messages i had 3 from Amiya 2 from Ty and 1 from Adrian .

Text Messages

Amiya- Good morning !
Amiya- Ugh we got schooool tomorrow !
Amiya- where you at ?
Nell- Good morning and yeah i know ... Im at Rulas house .
Amiya- you spent the night !?
Nell- yes but we didnt do anything . He said he wants it to be right .
Amiya- aww shit when you do get your ass gonna be laid out flat ( laughing emoji )
Nell- shut up .
Amiya- lets go to the Mall
Nell- i told Rula id wait for him .
Amiya- boy its only going to be real quick . What time is he coming back?
Nell- 3
Amiya- alright meet me at the mall youll be back .
Nell- ight i guess .

Tyrell- Aye
Tyrell- Man guess what ...
Nell- what ?
Tyrell- i hit her ... I didnt mean too man she kept hitting me .
Nell- your gf ?
Tyrell- yes . Like i got mad scratches on my face . She fucking pissed me off so i hit her .
Nell- where is she now ?
Tyrell- i dont know she left crying .
Nell- oh lord .
Tyrell- yeah ...

Adrian- ( picture message - A picture of him laying in bed ) Good Morning .
Nell- GoodMorning !

But after that text i got up took a quick shower , brushed my teeth and all that good stuff and i left to meet up with Amiya .

By the time i got to the mall it was like 11 am . Amiya and i walked through the mall shopping well she shopped i just looked . I couldve shopped but i chose not too since i had to take the bus all the way back to Rulas house . Then walk like 15 minutes to his house .

Now it was about 2:00 and we decided to leave . I had a rush in my spirit . I wanted to be back before Rula came home i mean it was kind of a promise . And guess what the bus was late ! I didnt start walking to his house until 2:52 . I knew i was going to be late but i was hoping he wasnt there . And since i havent checked my phone for almost the whole day i decide to check it now . When i saw Rulas name like 5 times my heart raced .

Text Messages from Rula

Rula- Almost home gonna be a lil early ;) .
Rula- So... You left ?
Rula- you said you'd be here ...
Rula- yo answer me !
Rula- so you lied to me . Ight good .
Nell- im at the door can you open it ?

I sat outside for like a minute then the door opened . He had on just his briefs and i can tell he was pissed . I walked inside and he slammed the door and stood in front of me .

Rula- Where were you ?

Nell- i went to the ma...

Rula- actually nah ... All you had to do was text me . Dont fucking lie to me saying you would do something .

Nell- you need to calm down .

Rula- i am calm all i said was fucking .

Nell- okay Rula your making this a fucking big deal ! So now what !?

Rula- why the fuck are you raising your voice ? Last night when i said to your ass about staying here all you had to say was ill probably go out instead just trying to make me happy . Dont lie to me better yet ill just bring your ass home .

He started walking upstairs and i followed him . He went into his room and started putting on his sweats . I grabbed his sweats from him .

Nell- stop Rula damn im sorry . I dont want to leave yet .

Rula- man get off my shit ( pulls his sweats from my hand ) your sneaky as shit . And you come here giving me attitude .

Nell- so your really taking me home?

Rula- i left where i was at early just so i can see you . Ive been here since 1:30 . Waiting for atleast a text from your ass .

Nell- ( i put my hands on my head ) i was at the mall with Amiya Rula ... Shit your pissing me off now . Yes im sorry i didnt text you but why are you making it so big ?

Rula- why am i ? Cause now i feel like trusting you would be hard as fuck thats why . You probably think its hard to trust me . But shit YOU ... The little things count . Lets go .

Nell- you dont have to bring me . Ill take the bus . ( walks down the stairs then past Rula )

Rula- no your not .

Nell- Man watch me .

I walked out the door and started walking my ass down the street towards the bus stop .

I seen his truck coming from behind and he pulled up next to me .

Rula- get in Nell im not about to play with you .

I kept walking and i heard his door close . Then i felt him grab my arm . So i pulled away from him . And he did NOT like that shit .

Rula- ( he grabbed my shirt and pulled me back ) the fuck are you crazy ?

Nell- no you are ! Fucking trippin off of that bullshit .

Rula- get your ass in the car . Dont make me put you in there .

Nell- Man Fu... ( he covers my mouth )

Rula- dont disrespect me . ( he pushed me towards the car )

I almost tripped when he pushed me and i got in the car . When he got in the car he started yelling at me .


Nell- ( looks out the window )


Nell- Let me tell you something you dont have to speak to me like your my father !

Rula- Trust me lil nigga im not . Its just the right thing you should do . When someones fucking talking to you . You look at them . When someone is being nice to you . You dont lie .

Nell- ... Can i just go home

Rula- man i swear ( starts up the truck and speeds off )

The whole car ride was quiet . There was even a moment where he reached for my hand and i moved my hand away . And i felt so bad about it . I dont know why i was like this . Its like hes right about everything ! And it just doesnt sit right with me . I know yall readers are probably calling me all kinds of names but shit . Usually im not the fuck up and now i am ... And it sucks ...

When he pulled up to the house . He turned his head slightly looking at me but i wasnt looking at him and he said " can i atleast have a kiss " and i just got out the car . Why was i doing this . While i was walking i stopped but when i turned around to go back he sped off . That shit was beating me up inside . I walked into the house and laid on my bed . All i could think about was everything Rula has been saying to me . Why am i being such a asshole ? I shouldve stayed at the house ! I shouldve held his hand ! I shouldve kissed him . My heart was feeling so weird . I kept looking at my phone debating if i should text him or not . But i ended up falling asleep .

When i woke up it was time to go to school . When i woke up i didnt even check my phone i still felt horrible i got up and did my morning workout then jumped in the shower and got dressed . I wore sweats and a hoody . Today just wasnt my day . I sat on my bed and looked at my phone i had a text from Amiya and Rula .

Text Messages

Amiya- Ill be there in 10
Nell- okay

Rula- Aye you got me really fucked up over here and noone has ever had me like this . I thought you not holding my hand was something but you leaving me hanging hurt like shit . And i aint coming on no bitch shit . I couldnt get you out of my head lastnight . I wanted to come back for you . I needed you there with me . And i know i can come off harsh . But you know what im saying is right . You just cant handle the truth . Cornell im here for you ight ? You dont need to be like this with me . I want the best for you . Thats why im not rushing anything with you . I feel like a lil bitch writing you all this but fuck it . I know what i want in the future and its you . So all our arguements mean everything to me . But imma stop writing . Hopefully we can talk soon .

I sat there and read that message like 5 times and each time i read it my heart fluttered . It actually put a smile on my face . So i decided to write him back .

Nell- When i left the car and didnt kiss you it beat me up inside badly . Im sorry for being so childish with shit . This is just new to me . Usually im the 1 not in the wrong but shit changes i guess . I thought about you all night all i could do was lay there . Deep down i wanted to stay there with you thats why when you told me i had to leave i shut down on you . I couldnt believe i had to go home . Out of all nights i wish i was in yours last night . Your making me realize alot of shit . And im glad we are taking it slow . And i hope we can see each other today . I want to so bad .

Rula- Ill come to get you from school.

Nell- you will ?

Rula- idc

Nell- ( heart eyes emoji )

Rula- :)


I ran down stairs in a much better mood . I got in the car and gave her my phone .

Nell- yesterday we got into . He brought me home . And not on my terms .

Amiya- what did you do !

Nell- cause i didnt stay at the house and how i was talking to him .

Amiya- i thought you made it back .

Nell- nope ...

Amiya- let me read this shit .

I sat there while she read it . As shes reading it shes like awwww .

Amiya- I wouldve never thought Rula was like this . It made my heart warm awww !

Nell- thats a heartburn stop lien haha !

Amiya- shut up ! But nah hes into you . Like alot i can tell . But .... What about Leo ?

Nell- why do you keep bringing him up ?

Amiya- because i know 1 day hes gonna come around ! Tey texted me yesterday telling me how Leo was upset that you still talk to that guy you met in Miami .

Nell- and he has a GF ... So why does it matter haha . Hes crazy Amiya .

Amiya- yeah over you .

Nell- just drive this car .

When we got to school i went straight to my locker saying hi to everyone doing all that back from vacation shit .

While im at my locker i feel someone brush up against me . I turned around and it was Leo . But maybe it was an accident cause he was laughing with his boys . But whatever im not worried . When i finished getting my books i started walking to my homeroom and someone heavy as shit jumped on my back .

Nell- what the hell .

Jai- haha ! Whats up pimping .

Nell- dont jump on my back nomore with your big ass !

Jai- all muscle my nigga !

Nell- football huh ?

Jai- you already know . But yall are wack as shit bruh .

Nell- how ?

Jai- it use to be Amiya , you , tyrell and i . Yall pushed my ass to the curb.

Nell- nahhh that was you ! You made the football team got all buff made new friends had all the females on you and forgot about our ass.

Jai- blah blah blah . But we all need to do something 1 day like the beach or something .

Nell- ight just let me know .

Jai- bet ( daps Cornell )

3 hours later Lunch Time !

I sat at a table with Tey, Leo, Alise his gf, Amiya and myself . Ty didnt come to school today .

Amiya- sooo i cant wait for this weekend !!!

Tey- yooo me either ! Its kind of gonna be a couples thing .

Leo- how ? So of us dont have a partner ( looks over at Nell )

Nell- ill be fine .

Alise- im sure theres someone out there that would come with him .

Amiya- ( drinks juice ) mhm me to ( sneaks her eye or at Leo ) .

Nell- i mean i do have someone i can bring but i dont think its there type of thing ...

Leo- ( clears his throat )

Tey- who ?

Nell- no names . But ill be fine alone .

Alise- are you sure hun ?

Amiya- ( rolls her eyes )

Nell- yup 100% sure .

Amiya- well its not like we arent going to be partying ! I know 1 night we would have other people here .

Nell- exactly thats why im not worried .

Leo- ( yawns ) anyways hows your lip ?

Nell- its actually doing better thanks for asking .

Alise- oh what happened ?

Nell- this boy i know hit me .

Alise- why ? Who would want to hurt that handsome face ?

Nell- ( laughs ) shittt i dont know sometimes it can be the person right next to you .

Amiya- ( drinks her juice )

Nell- nah but built up anger against me i guess .

Alise- well fuck them ! You still look good !

Nell- i knowww fuck them alright . ( mumbles - you fucking him alright )

Tey- ( tries not to laugh )

Amiya- I knowww girl fuckkkk themmmmm !

Leo- ( stares at Leo )

Tey- but um yeah lets meet at my house tonight so we can get shit together .

Nell- sorry i wont be able to make it .

Leo- where you going ?

Nell- i have plans ...

Leo- yeah we know that but where you going ?

Nell- to my friends house ?

Alise- damn babe your nosey . ( nudges him )

Leo- ( sucks his teeth and looks at her ) nah .

Amiya- ill just FT you Nelly .

Nell- ight !

After lunch we went our seperate ways ... I had Gym and if im not mistaken i think Leo did too .

As i was walking he walked next to me . I ignored him until he started talking .

Leo- So are you going to tell me now why you aint coming tonight ?

Nell- why are you talking to me ?

Leo- can you answer the question .

Nell- cause im going to a friends house . I already told you that .

Leo- who ?

Nell- that doesnt matter damn . Get away from me .

Leo- it does fucking matter now tell me right now .

Nell- bye

I walked ahead of him and didnt look back . I knew gym class would be aggrivating so i skipped it and went to mcdonalds . As i was ordering my caramel frappe . I looked outside to my right and i saw Alise get into some car .

When i got my frappe i sat near kind of and watched as she spoke to this dude for almost 30 minutes and before she got out the car she gave him a long ass kiss . I sat there feeling actually bad for Leo . But i dont know if i should tell him ? He wouldnt even believe me .


School is Over

After the last bell rang i texted Amiya to tell her not to forget to FT later . And i stood outside and looked around for Rula . He was parked in the back so i walked to him . I felt eyes on me but couldnt locate them .

I got in the truck and was greeted with a black eye ?

I closed the door slowly and stared at Rula ...

Nell- are you okay ? What happened ?

Rula- i got in a fight with my older brother .

Nell- ( went to touch his body )

Rula- ( flinches ) ahhh dont do that .

Nell- why did he do this to you ?

Rula- im just glad im not in the hospital like him ...

Nell- is he okay .

Rula- that bitch will be fine .

Nell- what happened .

Rula- you happened ...

He pulled out of the parking lot and i looked over at him .

Nell- i happened ?

Rula- yup i told him im falling for a dude and we got into it . I thought he would understand but i guess not .

Nell- im sorry . I dont want to come in between your family .

Rula- hes the only family i got . But after that i dont think itll be the same.

Nell- i ...

Rula- stop saying i ... Nothing is your fault . Trust me its fine . Noone is going to change my mind about you. I dont give a fuck who it is .

Nell- ( reaches over and grabs his hand )

The whole ride back to his house he held my hand tight . When we got into the house he was limping . I tried to help him up the stairs but he didnt want me too i guess pride got in the way . When we got to his room he ran bath water .

Nell- no let me do it Go sit .

He didnt listen though he stood there an watched me . I helped him take off his clothes and you can tell he was bruised up bad .

Nell- we need to go to the hospital .

Rula- im fine its just a few bruised rips . I can handle it .

Nell- okay say nomore .

After i took everything off of him and layed in the tub and pulled me over to sit on the edge of the tub .

Rula- thank you

Nell- you would do it for me .

Rula- ( stares at Nell )

Nell- what ?

Rula- your going to get me in a lot of trouble but im ready for anyone and anything . You remember that .

Nell- what makes you say that ?

Rula- come on sooner or later its going to get out . Thats 1 thing . And dont think i dont know your dealing with someone else .

Nell- im not ...

Rula- your not dealing with them but your not over them .

Nell- it was never anything to start with .

Rula- okay but just remember what i said .

Nell- what do you know ...

Rula- i know alot . But im gonna stick by you . When your ready to be free to talk with me about anything . Then let me know . But dont for 1 second think i dont know anything .

Nell- figures i mean everyone does know you...

Rula- something like that .

Nell- now this is gonna be in my head all day . I want to know what you know .

Rula- you already know what i know duh shorty .

Nell- come on tell me .

Rula- listen all that matters is that your here with a real nigga .

Nell- hmmmmm okay .

We talked for about an hour about everything . I told him about my lil weekend cabin party thing . Which reminded me about that FT ... I went to get my phone and came back near the tub .

Rula- what you doing ?

Nell- have to FT amiya

Rula- ight ...

FT Connecting

Amiya- i was just about to FT you . Ooooo nice bathroom !!!

Nell- shut up .

Tey- ( yellin out ) wassup ugly !

Amiya- ( turns the camera so i see everyone and she keeps it like that )

Nell- shut up shitty ass .

Amiya- okay lets go planning time!

I put the phone on mute and started talking to Rula .

Rula- yall planning and shit okay i see yall .

Nell- shut up we got it like that . Its about to be liveeee !

Tey- this nigga got us on mute look at him !

Nell- ( unmutes ) noo im listening

Leo- ( looks at the cam ) man turn the cam back on you Amiya .

Rula- Yoo who got all that ( mutes the FT ) mouth .

Nell- just a rude ass nigga . Its all good though .

Rula- it better be .

Tey- what you think about that Nell?

Nell- ( unmutes ) that sounds good .

Tey- what did i say ?

Nell- ( starts laughing ) you said the lord is good and then you said what you think about that ! I heard you tryna play me !

Amiya- ( starts laughing ) ight but i think the first night she would be the couple thing well with our 5th wheeler Nelly.

Nell- ( looks at Rula )

Alise- Cornell who do you keep looking at ?

Amiya- girl you are too nosey . Please !!!

Nell- i dont think that matters right now . But yeah

Tey- hey did you see if that person wanted to come ? So your not alone ?

Nell- um nooo ( Rula shakes his head smiling ) i told you hes not gonna be interested probably .

Alise- He ?

Amiya- yes bitch he said HE ! Ughhh shes annoying .

Tey- chill bae .

Leo- yall leave her alone .

Nell- ( mumbles ) only if i can ask questions ..

Leo- what was that ?

Amiya- he wasnt talking to yall he was singing something .

Tey- okay but yeah that sucks Nell i dont want you to feel left out .

Rula started to get out he tub and i was about to get up too but he shook his head no . He got out slowly butt ass naked an went to the sink . And the whole time in the cam you see me and Rula in the back at the sink from his waist down .

Alise- oh my gosh !!!

Tey- bro !

Leo- ( gets up and leaves to the back )

Amiya- what ? ( turns the cam to her ) ohhhh myyy damnnn !

Nell- you guys are over reacting as if yall never saw a naked guy before .

Alise- its just surprising .

Tey- okayyy conversation is over . So just a couples night and a party night . ( Tey gets up and walks in the direction Leo went )

Amiya- tell that person ( winks ) i said hi !

Nell- he can hear you .

Rula- wassup Amiya ...

Amiya- sexy ass voice !

Nell- too much fall back pimping .

( rula walks out the bathroom )

Amiya- call me tonight

Nell- yeah cause i gotta tell you about ol girl ( points in the direction where Alise was sitting )

Amiya is it some good tea ?!

Nell- more than good .

Amiya- ight dont forget .

Nell- i wont !

I got up and walked into the room where rula was putting on his lotion and stuff . Then he got in the bed slowly .

Rula- what are you waiting for ? Lets take a nap then ill bring you home after i get you something to eat .

Nell- okay .

I took off my clothes and laid in bed with him . We layed face to face and he put the lights on dim red .

Rula- you know you forgot your shoes right ?

Nell- i have a question . Why do you keep buying me things ??

Rula- my choice . I want to enjoy doing things for other people .

Nell- oh ... Well why did you give me a thousand in Miami.?

Rula- Stop it .

Nell- ...

Rula- and im not gonna stop .

Nell- if i tell you to you will .

Rula- ( smiles ) no i wont . Listen you know when i left for that lil buisness thing ?

Nell- yup .

Rula- i got a lot of money coming in .

Nell- whats alot .

Rula- about half a mil .

Nell- all just for drugs ?

Rula- hell yeah .

Nell- thats crazy !

Rula- you know what i like about you ?

Nell- what ?

Rula- you didnt go through none of my shit . In my other house when i had all those girls . They would steal from me and everything .

Nell- how did you know ?

Rula- cameras .

Nell- so youve been watching me ?

Rula- i said cameras in my other house . Not this 1 relax .

Nell- im just saying ( kisses Rula )

Rula- go look in my closet ( turns on the lights with the remote )

I got up and opened the closet ...

Nell- okay ?

Rula- move the pile of blankets . Now lift up that big piece of wood .

Nell- okay ... Now ?

Rula- you see the safe ?

Nell- yup

Rula- put in 09117

When i put it in it went through i opened up the safe and there was stacks of money i mean STACKS ! I seen guns and thats when i stepped back .

Rula- ( gets up slowly ) fuckkk . ( walks over to the safe and closes it ) my bad babe .

Nell- no im good i just step back thats all .

Rula- righhhhht .

Nell- forreal .

Rula- okay . ( holding onto his dick )

Nell- let me cover it back up .

After i covered it up we got back in bed .

Nell- sooo why you show me that ?

Rula- cause i did .

Nell- why dont you have a account for this money .

Rula- i have like 3 accounts i dont want them to know somethings up . But im about to open another but not in my name .

Nell- whos name ?

Rula- take a guess .

Nell- ... Cant be me

Rula- and why not ?

Nell- its me ?

Rula- well thats what i have planned . But anything can happen .

Nell- true .

Rula- let me hold you .

Nell- okay

I turned around and shifted my body back onto Rula and he held me softly i knew his body mustve really been hurting cause he usually holds me tight . I held his hand tight as we fell asleep ...


4 days later ! Its Friday !

So since i left went home that monday from Rulas house we've been great . I mean we had minor arguements but we are still building our relationship .

Adrian and i would FT each other from time to time checking on each other as friends !

I ended up telling Amiya about this hoe ass Alise . And Amiya wasnt surprised .

Leo has been a little bit more quiet after he seen what happened on FT .

But right now ! Im at Amiyas house helping her pack her bags for this cabin trip !

Amiya- oh my gosh i cant wait !!! Tey said hes gonna fuck the shit outta me outside !

Nell- yall trifflin !!!

Amiya- shut up ! Aww i wish Rula could come . Yall still havent fucked ?

Nell- nope but im actually good !

Amiya- thats good . Yall going strong i see . I like your earrings .

Nell- Rula bought them .

Amiya- i bet he bought that michael khors watch too !

Nell- he did ...

Amiya- and you still got that rolex ?

Nell- yes ...

Amiya- tey need to hurry up and get signed somewhere . I need my gifts shit .

Nell- Tey does shit for you cut that out .

Amiya- you right let me stop . But bitch let me tell you how Alise and Leo got into it . I guess Alise has been asking why do he treat you so mean . And he went off on her .

Nell- really ?

Amiya- yes he was like . Mind your fucking buisness you just came in the picture and dont worry about how i treat him you just worry about us .

Nell- which is True .

Amiya- but then i heard they fucked like animals after .

Nell- sounds like Leo . Ugh i wish Rula could go .

Amiya- i know . Or Ty

Nell- nahhhh i didnt even tell you about that .

Amiya- what !?

Nell- in Miami i helped him cum twice ..

Amiya- OMG !!!!

Nell- i just jerked him off . Thats it . It was like nothing . But his dick is big .

Amiya- i bet it is .

Nell- okay moving on have you spoke to Jai yet he wants to set something up with us 3 .

Amiya- yeah he did .

Nell- ummm okayyyy . Am i missing something ?

Amiya- i had sex with him .

Nell- you did !?!?!

Amiya- yes but he couldnt get it in .

Nell- uh oh tinky winky .

Amiya- no its a good 7.5 but it was thick as hell .

Nell- mess around and break those walls ! Haaaa

Amiya- it hurt so bad !

Nell- okayyy moving on ! Thanksgiving is next week !!!!!!!

Amiya- your a fat ass. ( puts clothes in bag )

Nell- yup thats me !

Beep beep !!

Thats them . Oh shit they got a big truck .

Amiya- ight let me hurry up .

I helped Amiya finish then we walked down stairs to get into the truck . Tey got out and opened the back for us so we can put our stuff inside . When we got in the truck amiya sat in the front Alise sat near the window i guess she felt sick or something ? Idk but Leo sat in the middle holding her hand and i sat next to him .

We had to drive like 3 hours to this place . For the first hour we were talking laughing but when it started getting dark everyone went mute . I was on IG being nosey as usual Alise was sleep Amiya was talking to Tey to keep him up . And Leo was on his phone as well .

So i was sitting there with 1 hand on my knee and the other holding my phone . I felt Leos hand rub on mine but i didnt say anything . Then he put his whole hand on mine and kept rubbing it . And when i looked over at him he didnt look at me he kept his face in his phone . But i ended up just moving my hand and thats when he looked over at me . But i payed him no attention . Then he tried to grab my phone but i kept moving my hand . Then he wrote something on his phone and showed me . It said " Unblock me ? :( ) ... The only thing i unblocked him on was IG . He watched me the whole time . And he took no time messaging me .

Instagram DM

Leo- Why didnt you just stay home ?

Nell- Are you serious right now ?

Leo- im just saying ...

Nell- im coming because you guys are my friends . The couples night thing yall gonna do ill just watch imma be chillin .

Leo- oh well ight .

Nell- is that all ?

Leo- idk

Nell- i think it is .

Leo- dont block me ...

Nell- Leo we have nothing to talk about . And this just gives you an opening .

Leo- well can i just have fucking 1 opening with you ?

Nell- WHY !

Leo- i just need 1 ..

Nell- you really dont . Its only for your good trust me .

Leo- how do you know whats good for me ...

Nell- Leo me having you unblocked would lead to more shit . Your going to want to know what im doing . Who im with . Its just too much .

Leo- you did this too me . I should have never came to your house that day .

Nell- i didnt do anything !

Leo- whatever ...

Nell- let me see your phone .

Leo- why ?

Nell- so i can see something .

He handed me his phone . And i went through his photos it was nudes of him and her . I rolled my eyes atleast once and then i found our pictures before i could delete them he snatched his phone out my hand .

Nell- delete them .

Leo- why

Nell- its just a memory of me that you dont need . In order for you to get over me start with that .

Leo- who said i wanted to get over you ?

Nell- Stop Leo just stop man . You wasnt willing to go forth with us .

Leo- i was but its a long story .

Nell- just delete them .

Leo- what did i just say to you ?

Nell- idc

Leo- im not deleting them .

Nell- well youll never feel better.

Leo- what do you mean.

Nell- your not yourself cause your holding on to me when your scared to have me . Thats what i mean .

Leo- you dont know shit ... Stupid ass im in love with Alise . If i wanted you i couldve got you .

Nell- Then leave me the FUCK alone! And if you really was in love with her delete the photos ... Exactly your the stupid one . You cant even see how twisted your mind is right now . Just stop lien to yourself .

Leo- no you dont get it !

Nell- i know what your trying to do . You just want to talk to me . Im blocking you talk to your gf homie .

Leo- stop Cornell .

When he wrote that i had a quick weird feeling in my stomach . Why was he doing this . Hes trying to have his cake and eat it too .


Tell me readers should i BLOCK or leave his one life line open ! ?


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Post Posted: 2016-01-06 21:16:00
: 2
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: 17

: 4

This back and forth with Leo is overdone.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 13:22:43
: 0
: 0


: 2880

: 86

block his ass and I say damn him Cornell
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 15:47:41
: 1
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: 34

: 7

Amiyah is a snake too.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 00:10:11
: 0
: 0


: 120

: 10

Clock and block his cock-blockin ass.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-22 04:22:54
: 1
: 0


: 28

: 0

Do not block him. I feel there is a lot more going on that is not being put out there for us to see on the page. There are words not being spoken from the writer to the reader and a lot of people are only reacting to what you have placed on the page for us to see. However, there are somethings you have carefully left out and I feel it will help the story develop, as you slowly unravel them into the twisted plots you have already introduced to us through the beginning up until now. I feel we are all in for a good surprise with the mystery nigga that Alise is messing around with and I wouldn't be surprise that if she ends up being pregnant, it will be the mystery guy. I think Leo do need to get his mind and emotions in check and finally make up his mind if he is truly ready to be with someone like Nell. I also, think Tyrell is definitely feeling his friend Nell, but is using things, like that little thing in Miami, in the bathroom as a way to get his foot in the door with Nell to see how far he can push it with his friend. Now, this team thing ome of the kats on here keep saying like "Team Leo" or "Team Rula", I just say let Nell fall for he who he falls for; whether it's Adrian, Leo, or Rula. So, long as Nell is happy and can honestly see himself with that one person, despite all of his flaws, then let him and whichever dude be, but again, it is only my opinion and nothing else. I just like reading a good story and you definitely have a good one here man. Please keep writing and I will keep reading and liking, for as long as I can man.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 09:29:23
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: 0


: 74

: 12

#team Leo and Nell
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 07:33:00
: 0
: 0


: 217

: 21

Block him. Leo is playing too many games with Nell right now. He wants to have the best of both worlds while he abuses Nell and strings him along.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 05:04:52
: 0
: 0


: 13

: 1

I am team LEO all the way. I do feel suspicious of Rula. I hope they come closer Nell and Leo on the cabin trip. I think Alise is pregnant.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 01:13:19
: 1
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: 747

: 30

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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 01:07:25
: 0
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: 1206

: 47

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Post Posted: 2015-11-21 00:30:06
: 1
: 2


: 759

: 43

I think Leo and Cornell needs to just sit down and have a long ass talk about shit. This Rula shit still ain't sitting right with me, he could be fucking with Cornell just to fuck with Demitri.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 23:01:21
: 1
: 2


: 457

: 22

I am curious. Rula seems like he perfect guy. But how can you even entertain the longevity of this relationship whe. He hasn't even closed the door with Leo officially. I honestly think Ty is going to take to another level with Nell. My speculation. Can't wait to read more.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 22:43:43
: 1
: 2


: 60

: 29

TEAM LEO.....but Nell need to stop telling this female his business.....that is a bottom dude down fault.......and stop playing bitch.........Honestly I had the same traits as Leo when I started to develop feeling for a nurse dude.......Nell and Leo forever
Back to top
Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-20 20:54:32
: 1
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: 12

: 0

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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 20:53:44
: 1
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: 198

: 7

Cornell you should've never unblocked him. I'm still team rula. Cornell you better end up with him. Fuck Leo
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-20 19:55:54
: 1
: 0


: 380

: 46

Btw. Amiya. So for you to be going out with Tey you've said Adrian name more than your own man in this story. ... So you want to fuck him to? Keep him around your bestie so you can fall on the dick and fall off real quick while none is the wiser? Track record bitch track record.

I personally despise >unwarranted< disloyalty and basic ass treachery.

Why is Cornell even inhaling this bitch exhale? Why is he still friends with her?

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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-20 18:37:38
: 3
: 0


: 380

: 46

Why the fuck hasn't Cornell doubled slapped this extra disrespectful nigga yet??
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 18:07:16
: 1
: 0


: 14

: 1

please post more tonite please!!!. love it
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 17:44:23
: 1
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: 4

: 0

I think Nell should block Leo's ass again. Leo's is very confused and is only stopping Nell from moving forward with Rula. Please let Nell block him and give his ass the cold shoulder the whole cabin trip, PLEASSSEEE!!! Lol.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 17:39:45
: 1
: 1


: 2

: 1

i say give em a lifeline only to have Rula cut that shit out

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