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Home Sweet Home ?

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I knocked on the door .. And not even 15 seconds later the door came open and Rula stood there . I just looked at him . I got nervous as fuck . This dude is dangerous .

Rula- so are you gonna stand there ?

I walked in and sat on the couch .

Rula- why are you so quiet ? You dont have to be . Im not gonna hurt you shorty . ( sits next to me )

Nell- well let me be honest . Your not some goody goody . Your dangerous as fuck and im sitting next to you . I mean i dont know if i shouldve even came here i dont know what i was thinking or maybe you just might be sincere i mean who knows ...

Rula- calm down haha that was alot .

Nell- sorry just dealing with alot .

Rula- well let me massage you .

Nell- ( stares at Rula ) ummm .

Rula- come on

He stood up and grabbed my hand taking his last puff . He led me into the room and took off my shoes, jeans, shirt , and left me with just my underwear . And he did the same . He oiled my body down and started massaging .

Rula- have you spoken too Demitri?

Nell- hell no .

Rula- wow when your done your really done huh ?

Nell- yeah he hurt me bad .

Rula- trust me i know everything .

Nell- please dont share .

Rula- i wouldnt do that shorty . You know im surprised you came ...

Nell- why ?

Rula- cause im a " dangerous " nigga. But you still came ...

Nell- yeah wanted to see what your about . I mean you wouldnt stop hitting me up .

Rula- atleast you noticed .

Phone vibrates .

Rula- Sup ?
Rula- Yo ( Stands up ) the fuck you mean you let him get away ?
Rula- get my money man .
Rula- thats 100k right there ! How the fuck you let him drive away !!!!
Rula- if i dont get a call from you by tomorrow morning youll see wassup .

I sat up on the bed and looked at it .

Rula- ( turns to Nell ) shorty how the fuck this nigga let 100k get away !

Nell- ...

Rula- this dumbass yo .

Nell- ...

Rula- hey im sorry .

Nell- you dont have to apologize . Im guessing you have to go .

Rula- ( takes Nells hand ) no i wouldnt leave like that . Theres more money where that came from .

Nell- ( starts blushing ) oh there is huh ?

Rula- look at you blushing . ( kisses Nell on the cheek )

Nell- ( blushes more ) ight stop ... ( turns head )

Rula- why you gotta turn away huh ? Let me see your face .

Nell- ( stands up ) chilllll .

Rula- ( grabs nell and sits him on his lap ) look at you . You like me .

Nell- fuck outta here ...

Rula- then look at me . Tell me you dont .

Nell- ( turns my head to look at him ) i do not ...

Before i can say like he kissed me .

Rula- you dont ( kiss ) ... You dont what huh ( kiss ) . What was that ? ( kiss ) my bad what was that though ?

Nell- ( stares at him ) hm nothing nevermind .

Rula- ohhhhh changed your mind ?

Nell- nah my mind was made up .

Rula- your sexy as shit .

Nell- thank you . Your sexy yourself .

Rula- you aint gotta tell me shitttt .

Nell- confidence ?

Rula- already know .

Nell- you look tired .

Rula- i am honestly . Sorry if i seem boring.

Nell- your not at all .

Rula- hey let me shower ill be right back .

Nell- okay ...

Rula- you can join if you like . ( walks in bathroom and leaves the door open )

I sat on the bed and watched him undress . His body was amazing . Body fully tatted up top . His dick swayed side to side when he moved . He kept grabbing it . He checks himself out in the mirror alot too . Then he looked over at me and gave me a nod to come . And he let out his hand . I took my draws off and walked over to him . He smiled hard as fuck . And we got in the shower .

Rula- your body is dope as shit .

Nell- nah thats you ( touches his v-cut ) look at that .

Rula- ( flinches ) chill

Nell- aww that tickles ?

Rula- no nigga ...

Nell- yes it does( touches it again )

Rula- QUIT!

Nell-( i stepped back a lil ) damn my bad nigga .

Rula- shit my bad shorty . I didnt mean to come off like that .

Nell- why are you being so nice ! This had to be a set up .

Rula- what ?

Nell- Demitri has you up to this doesnt he .

Rula- no whats wrong with you ?

Nell- im just asking a question .

Rula- aye watch that attitude shit .

Nell- ( turns away ) whatever .

Rula- What i just say ? And you turn away from me ? Aint nobody out to get your lil ass ight ? Chill out ..

Nell- yo dont talk to me like your my father .

Rula- you straight trippin blood ... Just get out my shower .

Nell- get out ?

Rula- you being childish as fuck . And hell yeah nigga i said get out .

Nell- ( gets out ) fucking bullshit tryin to play my ass ( mumbles )

Rula- ( steps out the shower and watches Nell walk away ) ayo cut that bullshit . I dont do mumbles say what you gotta say . Aint nobody playing your ass . And if you think that then fucking go . I brought my black ass out here for you . You better get right .

Nell- i understand all that but dont sit here and talk to me like that . I dont care who you are .

Rula- im not about to argue with you . Its your decision . Stop being paranoid . ( gets back in the shower )

I sat there feeling kind of stupid ... I was being childish as fuck and paranoid . And he just checked the fuck outta me . I layed back in the bed and got under the covers . I dont know what to expect from him when he comes out . So i tried my hardest to fall asleep .

About 20 minutes later i was half sleep half awoke . And i seen him walk out in his towel .

Rula- I see you stayed ...

Nell- ( turns away )

Rula- aye when i speak to you . I expect a response .

Nell- here goes this father shit .

Rula- nah your just being disrespectful as fuck . You would expect that from me . And if you dont stop that shit i can give it right back ...

Nell- ...

I layed there like FUCK i met my match . He shuts me up each time im wrong .

Rula- Shorty ...

Nell- mhm ...

Rula- nothing ...

Nell- what did i do now ?

Rula- nothing bruh you good .

Nell- ( turns flat on my back )

I grabbed his wrist and then went down to his index and middle finger and grabbed it and pulled him to me .

Rula- whats up ...

Nell- kiss me .

He licked his lips and kissed me . We kissed for about a good 3 minutes . Then he layed in the bed and faced me . I put my leg inbetween his and he held my right hand .

Rula- your afraid to fall for a nigga like me huh ? I know whats going on in your head . You thought you can get over on me with that attitude ?

Nell- ...

Rula- yeah i know .

Nell- you dont know anything .

Rula- i know youve met your match ...

I layed there like what the fuck . He just read my mind .

Nell- ill let you think that ...

Rula- you cant let me think something i already know .

Nell- shhhh go to sleep .

Rula- ohhhh now you want to sleep ?

Nell- your breath stank shhh .

Rula- you got jokes .

Nell- ( smiles ) i know .

Rula- ight well ill go to sleep . ( turns away from me )

Nell- ohhhh YOU got jokes son ! Its like that ?

Rula- ( fake snores )

I turned away and closed my eyes . Then i felt him wrap his arm around me and hold me tight and he kissed my head and said Goodnight ....



I woke up and i didnt feel his arms around me . I turned on my right side and on the pillow was a box and a card . I sat up on the bed and opened the card it was a Thinking of you card . And it had 1000 dollars in it . I quickly got up and went to my phone and FT him .

FT with Rula

Nell- why did you give this much money ?

Rula- because i can its my money . If your going crazy over 1000 wait until you open the box .. But hey im about to bored the plane so peace ..

Nell- NO RULA !

He ended the FT i walked over to the bed and i opened the box it was a rolex watch ... My mouth dropped . I couldnt even thank him !

Phone vibrates Video message from Rula ..

" your welcome shorty "

Its like this dude knew my every thought ! I sat on the bed smiling . Could this be too good to be true ??

I got dressed in my clothes from yesterday shit i barely wore them . And i went back to my room . When i opened the door Ty, Jae and Adrian were chillin . Adrian was laid out on my bed .

Ty- bruhh we been looking for you !

Jae- yeah man where you been ?

Nell- i was with a friend ...

Ty walks over to me . And takes my card and box .

Tyrell- whats this !?

Nell- give it back .

Tyrell- ( opens the card ) who gave you this !? ( then opens the box ) NELL !

Nell- what ? Just give me it shit mind your buisness .

Tyrell- im snitching .

Adrian- ahh come on man cut him some slack .

Tyrell- what was u doing last night ? You been tricking !?

Nell- ( laughs ) no dammit its all good dont worry .

Tyrell- yeah mhm let me find out you stripping now .

Nell- shut up !

I walked over to my bed and sat down . Adrians head was on my pillow and i felt him grab onto my waist . He rubbed it over and over .

Jae- yall we leaving tomorrow morning . Imma miss yall nigga ( fake cries ) we gotta stay in contact !

Nell- bet ... ( tries to stop Adrian from touching me but he ends up holding my hand then he pulled me back so my head is layin on his stomach )

Adrian- Aww lets see whats in the box Nell .

Nell- its a watch that all .

Adrian- ( grabs the box and opens it ) ohhhh expensive taste ? That guy must really be into you huh ?

Nell- ( still laying on Adrian stomach ) mind yourssss .

Jae- anyways lets go to that beach party tonight .

Nell- sounds good to me .

Adrian pulled me up near him and whispered in my ear " have you checked your phone ?"

Nell- no

Adrian- i would if i was you .

I grabbed my phone and went on ig . I opened up me and Adrians messages and all i see is pictures of him . I mean all kinda of faces . Videos of him walking around the house . Literally stupid shit but it was funny .

Nell- really ? Haha

Adrian- you dont like it ?

Nell- i do your a weirdo .

Adrian- yea yea yea .

Tyrell- you two love birds !

Nell- no we are not .

Adrian- oh yes we are dont lie to them .

Nell- what did he take this morning ?

Jae- shit i dont know .

Adrian- when yall leaving ?

Nell- the day after you leave .

Adrian- awww ight .

Nell- i kind of miss home !

Tyrell- me too though .

Adrian- awww look at the lil babies !

Tyrell- man chilll haha .


Beach Party !!

I sat back on the rocks and let this girl dance on me while i had my bottle in my hand . The whole time she danced on me Adrian watched . When she was done she grabbed my dick and i leaned forward and kissed her . Then i felt a hand on my shoulder .

Adrian- ayo Ty wants you ?

Nell- where is he .?

Adrian- over here come on .

Nell- ( i walked away from her and Adrian pulled me onto a diff side of this huge rock that kinda seperated the beach ) Adrian what ?

Adrian- i got jealous .

Nell- then why didnt you walk away !?

Adrian- cause i didnt ...

Nell- man move im bout to party . ( brushes pass Adrian )

Adrian- well damn ight .

I walked over in the middle where everyone was crowded . We all danced and had fun but when i looked over after 20 minutes i seen Adrian walking back to the hotel . I can tell i mustve hurt his feelings but shit i just want to have fun . I was a lil tipsy i must say . But i decided just to go check on him . By the time i got out the elevator he was just opening his door . So i jogged down .

Nell- hey did i do something? ( leaning against the wall tired )

Adrian- nah im just going to bed gotta get up early tomorrow . ( walks inside then starts to close the door ) .

Nell- well goodnigh... ( door closes on me )

I stood there for a second debating if i should knock or not . But i know that would just leave us in some wild sex . So i walked away . I took my ass to bed too it was the best thing to do honestly !


The next morning i hear knocking . Tyrell was knocked out so i got up and answered it . It was Adrian he had his luggage with him . He stood there looking at me . So i walked out and close the door he didnt move at all . So now the door is closed and hes right in front of me . I took his shades off and he leaned down and kissed me over and over again .

Adrian- i think im going to miss you .

Nell- i think the feeling is mutual .

Jae- yo lets go we gonna miss our flight .

Adrian- ight im coming shit just hold on.

Nell- go ahead

Adrian- whats your number ?

Nell- ( gives number )

Adrian- alright ill FT you later .

Nell- okay ( smiles )


Adrian- relax ! Im coming

He pushed my chin up with his index finger and tongue kissed me . This kiss felt like he was REALLY gonna miss me . But i had to stop it .

Nell- go ...

Adrian- ight im gone . ( turns away ) noooo wait just 1 more ( kisses Nell ) ight im done .

I watched as he got on the elevator and then my mom came out her room with her luggage ... I was lost and that same man came out with her .

Nell- Momma ?

Momma- pack your shit im ready to go ...

Nell- what ?

Momma- im ready to go boy !

I went back inside the room and woke up Ty . His dick was hanging outside his boxers hard as shit .

Nell- WAKE UP NIGGA ! Time to go.

Tyrell- what you mean ?

Nell- i guess we leaving today .

Tyrell- shit i dont care ( he gets up and stretches )

Nell- dont poke my eye out .

Tyrell- shut up .

We packed our bags and met my mom down in the lobby and a taxi came to pick us up . I cant believe we are going home !!!!

Before i got on the flight back home i called Amiya and told her i was coming home . And i text Rula telling him i missed him !


Like a hour later we landed . My aunt came to pick us up and to drop us off . When we pulled up to our home i cheesed !

Nell- H O M E !

Momma- S h u t u p !

Aunt- hahaaaaa ! Good one sistaaaa !

Nell- ratchet just ratchet . Let me get out .

When i got in the house i ran right to my room ! And jumped on my bed ! Aww i missed my comfortable ass bed . Then i text Amiya and told her i was home . It was only like 12 pm .

Text Message from Rula

Rula- missed you to shorty cant wait until you come back .

Nell- i am back :)

Rula- deadass ? Let me come scoop you up ...

Nell- im most likely gonna chill with my friends today .

Rula- awww no time for me ?

Nell- dont take it like that ...

Rula- im fucking with you have fun call me tonight .

Nell- oh and Thank you !

Rula- no Thank you ;) .

Before i knew it i heard a horn outside my window ! I ran down stairs and Amiya was standing outside the car and so was Tey . I went to hug amiya so tight ! And tried to dap Tey but he hugged me .

Nell- i missed yall punk asses .

Amiya- aww we missed you too ! Lets go get ice cream !

Tey- first i gotta pick up Leo .

Nell- ( sucks teeth )

Tey- better be good .

Nell- i have no problems .

We drove for like 20 minutes and finally made it we all got out and he answered the door i didnt see him yet cause i was behind them and when i came in . He looked shocked as fuck but the shock turned into anger and he smack the shit out of me . Then stepped into my face .

Leo- What ! What ! Do something !


Tey- bruh ! ( pushes Tey back )

I stood there and wiped the blood off my lip and stepped outside the house . And amiya followed .

Amiya- nell let me see it are you okay ?

Nell- im fine ( i tried to laugh it off but my eyes started to water ) the fuck is my eyes watering for hellll no im not about to cry . (I threw my head back and took deep breaths . )

Amiya- its fine babe just let it out .

Nell- chill im not crying .

Amiya- its okay Nell .

I hear Tey and Leo both yelling at each other back and forth . I wanted to go inside so bad and fuck him up .

Nell- im gonna fuck him up . Fuck this

Amiya- STOP dont give in to that shit .

Nell- Amiya he just slapped the shit out of me .

Leo- ( yelling from in the house ) yeah and ill do it again . You aint shit to me !

Tey came outside and ran up to me .

Tey- you two are made for each other real shit . Look how you got him.

Nell- i didnt do shit to him .

Tey- you mustve turned him out . Some how .

Nell- well turn him back . He doesnt have to worry about me .

Then Leo came out on the steps and walked up on me and stood in my face .


I stared right into his eyes and a tear fell out of his eye and hit my face .

Leo- i fucking hate you Cornell i swear to god !

I walked away and started walking down the steet . He followed me with his fist balled up and Amiya came too .

Nell- get him away from me .

Tey ran up and pushed Leo back towards the house .

I sat down on the curb and just looked out .

Amiya- babe are you okay ?

Nell- ill be okay .

Amiya- i wish he would get out of that phase hes in . Cause i know he wants you . He doesnt know how to though .

Nell- ( shrugs ) yo i shouldve hit him back . Look at my lip !!

Amiya- i know i know . Lets go inside so i can put something on it .

We walked back to the house and before we went in Amiya told Tey to bring Leo inside the room but i told her no he can stay where ever he is . We walked passed them and went into the bathroom .

Amiya cleaned yo my lip and put some ointment on it .

Tey- ( stands near the bathroom door ) ight i calmed him down lets go get ice cream . Thats if you still want to go .

Nell- hell yeah i do .

We got up and went to the car me and Amiya sat in the back .

Text message to Amiya

Nell- yo let me just snuff the shit out of him .

Amiya- No just be good .

Nell- ugh ...

The car ride was quiet as fuck . Leo had his head down the whole time in his phone . And so did amiya and i . When we got to the ice cream place we ordered our stuff and sat down . It was quiet again !

My lip was sore as shit trying to eat the ice cream . Amiya just kept laughing at me cause how i was eating it .

Nell- shut up !

Amiya- ( smile turns into a bitch face ) really Leo ?

I turn my head and the girl who Leo was kissing was standing there and Leo stood up and kissed her . My blood boiled . Amiya put her hand on mine . And i just looked at her . Tey was just shaking his head .

Leo- whats up babe . Meet the bitch of the crew Cornell .

Girl- that was rude baby .

Nell- its fine he was never shit anyways . Nice to meet you tho .

Amiya- oooop ! ( eats ice cream )

Girl- okayyyy awkward . But im Alise nice to meet you too .

My phone sat in the middle of the table kind of and my FT went off and it was a random number so Amiya pressed accept . And Adrians face was there .

Adrian- um Cornell wheres your face .

I got up and took my phone and Leo stared at me the whole time i felt it . I even saw him clinch his spoon .

I got up and walked from the table and Amiya came with me .

Nell- ADRIAN !!!

Adrian- whats up man ?

Nell- you look down ...

Adrian- i broke it off with her .

Amiya- heyyyy cutie !!

I put the cam on both of us .

Adrian- sup ma . ( smiles )

Nell- this is my best friend Amiya . But maybe its for the best .

Adrian- aye what happened to your lip .

Nell- my " old friend " smacked me .

Adrian- shit wouldnt be happening if i was there .

Nell- why not .

Adrian- cause no one would dare put there hands on you .

Nell- cute .

Amiya- yall are kinda cute together .

Nell- shut up ! We are just friends .

Adrian- but hey ill talk to you later . Save my number .

Nell- okay .


Amiya- bitchhhh yessss he is sexy ! Fly him out here i bet Leo would start acting right .

Nell- why is Leo still in your head . He isnt ready for me . Actually he doesnt want me okay . And its fine .

Amiya- no its not cause you want him just as bad cut the shit Nelly !

Nell- mhm ...

I ignored her and we went back to the table . And his lil gf was gone .

Nell- aw shes gone where she go ?

Leo- to mind her buisness . Why you worried ?

Nell- oh sorry ... But um yeah im ready to go home im getting a lil tired .

Tey- ight lets go then .

We got in the car and Leo was in the passenger seat i was behind him and Amiya was behind Tey .

Almost the whole ride Leo was staring at me through his mirror . I would look away but each time i looked back its like he never moved his eyes . I couldnt wait to get back home .

When we pulled up i said bye to everyone and jetted into the house . And right when i decided to lay my ass down cause i made up in my mind that i was gonna sleep . Rula texts me

Text Message

Rula- can i see you ?
Nell- yeah
Rula- ight im on my way . Im around the corner .

FUCK ! I went back down stairs and he was already there . I walked out and my lip started stinging . Oh shit ! I forgot about my lip . Shitttt .

He let down the window and said " get in " .

I got inside and i was so glad it was dark .

Rula- shorty wassup !

Nell- not much . Had a long day just got back a few hours ago .

Rula- want to go home ?

Nell- i just left from there .

Rula- my bad i mean like my house .

Nell- yes ill go there .

Rula- you cant tell anyone where i live ight ? I trust you

Nell- i wont .

When we pulled up we got out and he held my hand and brought me upstairs . I sat on the bed and he turned on the lights . He looked at me so strange and i was lost on why .

Nell- uh what ?

Rula- Your lip . What happened ( walks up to me ) dont lie to me either .

Nell- just a lil arguement .

Rula- get up lets go .

Nell- why no .

Rula- aint nobody about to put there hands on you . Got me fucked up .

Nell- i promise its fine . Just calm down .

Rula- calm down ? I knew i shouldve came and got you earlier . If i see you with another bruise its over . I dont take that shit .

Nell- Baby stop .

Rula- what did you just call me ?

Nell- um nothing ...

Rula- you called me baby .

Nell- yup i did it slipped .

Rula- its okay i like it babe .

All i could do was smile . This Rula situation just might be what i need ...


Tomorrow i will write out the cabin weekend party ! Its gonna be wild !

What would YOU guys like to see happen at the Cabin Party ? Comment and let me know !

Thumbs up !

Thank you !

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Post Posted: 2015-11-28 12:42:41
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: 2880

: 86

that punk got issues like really how in the hell he going to slap somebody. Rula got his ass for points he do.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-26 15:17:46
: 1
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: 34

: 7

Nelly is a messy ass butch queen.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 23:50:07
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: 0


: 759

: 43

For some reason I just don't trust this Rula situation with Cornell. I hope that it ain't a set up.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-20 18:12:09
: 2
: 0


: 380

: 46

Why does Amiya always want Cornell to be a bitch and get disrespected and abused but she never wants him to be the man that he was born as and retaliate?

This nigga just slapped you and he's wrong. And you walking around and he hasn't bled yet and drew blood from you?

Cornell fucking stand up for himself to pussy ass Leo for goddamned once?

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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 12:12:09
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: 2

: 1

heres what i know! this stort needs to continue
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 09:51:17
: 3
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: 172

: 17

I was really hoping Leo and Nell could work things out but Leo isn't ready which is understandable but I don't trust Rula at all, so for now I think Nell should just be single.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-20 07:30:10
: 2
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: 198

: 7

Yes. I'm #TeamRula. I love a hood trap King with a heart of gold to the one he want
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-20 03:07:38
: 0
: 1


: 60

: 29

Leo and Nell is two confused niggas............Nell needs to give Leo a taste of his BUSSY soon before he turn Ike on him again......TEAM LEO........Tina I said hurry up
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-19 23:39:53
: 2
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: 457

: 22

Lawd please slap the shit out of that bitch Leo. Pleasssssese!
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-19 23:21:30
: 0
: 0


: 21

: 0

I'm not happy with Leo putting his hands on him...too much. But overall great chapter!!!! #teamhooked
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 22:35:42
: 1
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: 204

: 17

Yassssssss!!!! #TEAMRULA

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