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Miami ! Part 3

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I pulled back the covers and the person raised there head out of my neck . It was Adrian . When we looked at each other he pushed in deeper and i put my hand on his chest and he moved it . And pushed deeper slow grinding inside of me . Then he leaned down in my face still fucking me while i moaned in his mouth . My legs were still so weak and it kept going . His dick felt so good inside me and i didnt want him to stop . He never sped up it was very slow and passionate . I whispered to him " let me ride " . He turned me on top of him while his dick was still inside of me and i put my hands on his chest . He mustve thought i was going to take his dick out cause he held onto my hips tightly . I slowly started moving my ass up and down on his dick not bouncing . Each time i went down on his dick i squeezed tight . His face expressions showed me that i was getting him closer . " fuckkkk ! How you do that shit " . I kept going putting both hands on his abs . He started breathing faster . I knew he was trying to hold in the orgasm . So i turned around reverse and bent over so he can see all his dick go in my ass . And once i did that his dick started jumping . He pulled me back onto him and said " NO " . I was so lost . He kind of threw me off of him and when he did i turned back and his dick was oozing cum . And he didnt make eye contact with me . I thought i did something wrong . He got up instantly and wiped himself off and speeded out of my room . I felt so fucking discusting . I felt like he fucking used me for sex . How the fuck you just gonna fuck me and leave . ? This has never happened to me . Didnt even say shit to me .

I went into the bathroom and took a shower . I couldnt believe this shit . When i got out the shower i put on some basketball shorts and a tshirt . I decided to go sit on the beach to clear my head .

As i sat on the beach i felt like shit . I really fell into his trap . Everything went through my head . Was my sex that bad? Was he embarrassed ? Was this planned ?

Phone vibrates

IG message from Adrian__

Adrian- Hey ...
Nell- what do you want ?
Adrian- im sorry .
Nell- what did i do ? Did you plan this?
Adrian- listen its just your sex was incredible . And we didnt even do much at all . I felt embarrassed that you made me cum so quick . And i dont want to get attached to you .
Nell- then leave me alone for the rest of my time being here . You got what you want and so did i . Im good
Adrian- leave you alone ?
Nell- yes you dont want to get attached to me . So im dismissing myself from this . You dont have to worry about me .
Adrian- dont be like that .
Nell- this is for you .
Adrian- ... I guess
Nell- so i hope the rest of your vacation goes great ! And your relationship gets better .
Adrian- i have your hat Cornell .
Nell- ill come get it tonight .

I sat there and some of the stress went away . I mean shit i had my fun i guess right ? Just sucks it had to end like that . Why do people have to catch feelings so quick !! But you know everything happens for a reason i guess .

I went on IG and started looking down the timeline . And i saw a video on Teys page of them drinking in a kitchen and everyone cheering and in the back i see Leo kissing on some girl . My heart started beating fast . WHY was i still thinking about him ? Then Amiya FT me .

FT with Amiya

Amiya- Boy .......

Nell- what ?

Amiya- Leo is wildin

Nell- yeah i saw him kissing some chick .

Amiya- he was so mad at you when the boy took your phone . Who was he ?

Nell- just someone i met here .

Amiya- Well Im your friend so imma tell you . Leo was fingering that girl in a room .

Nell- to be honest Amiya he can fuck that whole house im so done with him .

Amiya- i think hes doing this all out of frustration though babes . He kept talking about you all day today . I even saw him looking at your pics and yall messages . He got mad at me for catching him too .

Nell- hes not telling me shit though he just argues with me . He thinks he can have his fun and i cant ... But tonight i had my fun and i dont give a fuck it was worth it .

Amiya- NELL! With that dude ?

Nell- yes ...

Amiya- bitch how was it ?

Nell- dont you see a nigga on the beach ?

Amiya - yessss !!! Look at you coming out that shell .

Nell- cause you know i dont do that one night stand shit . But he said he wanted to try it out cause he never did . Now the nigga talking about he left so quick cause the sex was incredible and he didnt want to get attachec to me .

Amiya- Demitri did say you were the best he ever had .

Nell- eww why you bring him up .

Amiya- shit idk !

Nell- you know someone named Rula ?

Amiya- helllll yeah i know him . Hes sooo sexy ! And hood . All the bitches be on his shit yo .

Nell- dont say nothing . But hes coming out here to see me .

Amiya- BITCH ! He got money .

Nell- i dont care bout that .

Amiya- but from what i heard he use to fuck alot of bitches . Treat them right and after they get what they need from him they would leave his ass.

Nell- he seems mad nice though . Like hes not showing me that hardcore side . Hes being nice but i dont know if i should trust it .

Amiya- well hes coming down there for you !? Thats a big ass step . When is he leaving ?

Nell- he said he'll leave out the next morning .

Amiya- why ?

Nell- to prove to me that he just wants to take care of me ? But what the hell does that suppose to mean.?

Amiya- shit i dont know but let a drug dealer be that nice to me .

Nell- hes so free with himself too he let me watch him walk around naked . Its crazy to me though .

Amiya- i heard his dick game is bomb too . I heard 1 girl had to go to the hospital and he took her !! Hahahahaaaa .

Nell- oh hell ! He said we arent even gonna have sex .

Amiya- yo he wants you bad . When you come back you gonna have 2 men on your ass .

Nell- Leo does not want me .

Amiya- i think hes afraid Nelly .

Nell- well ...

Amiya- he'll come through 1 day .

Nell- its probably gonna be too late .

Amiya- awww i hope not !

Nell- well let me go back upstairs ill call you tomorrow .

Amiya- ight .

I got up off the sand and started walking back to the hotel . I went into my room and got Adrians hat and i made my way to his room . When i got there i heard music blasting i Messaged him and told him im at the door with his hat .

Like 2 minutes later he opened the door with this girl dancing on him feeling on his body so he kindly took her hands off and closed the door . He had my hat in his hand and i just lifted his hat so we can exchange .

Nell- here ( looking at the other hat )

Adrian- why wont you look at me ?

Nell- ( looks at Adrian ) can i get my hat ?

Adrian- here ( gives the hat )

I started walking away but he followed me and held me from behind and kissed my cheek .

Adrian- it was really nice meeting you .

Nell- nice meeting you too bro ( i took his arms from around me and pressed the elevator button )

He stood there until i got on and waited as the doors were shutting he put his hand through and came inside and kissed me softly . He held both sides of my head and entered his tongue . I turned my head and pushed him back . Your drunk Adrian go . I held open the elevator . He walked out slowly and smiled

Adrian- can i go inside you 1 more time ?

Nell- no crazy ass haha bye .

Adrian- ( doors are closing ) that hurts my feelings you know !!

I smiled and shook my head . The elevator door opened and it was my momma and some sexy chocolate dude with dreads ! She looked so shock . I laughed !!

Nell- ohhhh you two look cute together ?

Guy- haha thanks do you know him baby ?

Nell- no she doesnt know me . You two have fun . Make sure you give her the ACT RIGHT !

The doors open and i walked out and went into my room . Before i did i looked down the hall at my momma and she shaked her ass a little and laughed ! Oh i love my momma . But they seem a lil too close as if they already knew each other ? Calling her baby mhmmm let me find out !

When i got back in the room i jumped on the bed . And i heard skin slapping in the bathroom . Ty was fucking the shit out of some girl . She was moaning loud as fuck . I got under my covers so i can act like i was sleep . I then got a text back from Rula asking me where i stayed i told him and he told me he'll be there around 5 . I said okay .

The bathroom door opens and he mustve through her on the bed . And went fucking her again . I can tell he was covering her mouth . She was screaming . But she loved it . Well not for long . She end up pushing him off and grabbing her stuff .

Girl- you taking to long to cum nigga shit ! It hurts !

Ty- come on im close . Let me get back in there .

Girl- ( gets up and grabs her stuff ) hell nah bye !

When the door slams . I turned and smiled .

Tyrell- yo your a creep !!

Nell- ( busts out laughing ) awww bitch couldnt handle the dick ! You better get the stroking . Damn you couldnt get a full session yet ?

Tyrell- shut the fuck up .

Nell- ight ight .

Tyrell- im bout to bust me a nut ( strokes his dick )

Nell- go ahead . And NO im not helping .

Tyrell- whatever .

He goes in the bathroom and does what he does . Then he yells out " Nell bruh come on its not working . I need someone else "

Nell- im sleep !

Ty came out the bathroom and pulled me out the bed .

Tyrell- next time dont room with me . I just need help thats all .

Nell- no Ty .

Tyrell- ( grabs Nells hand and makes him stroke it ) come on .

Nell- ... You kill me !

I grabbed his balls with 1 hand massaging them while i use my other hand to jerk his dick off . Everytime i touched the head his dick flinched . He moved my hand off his balls and put it on his nipples . I started jerking his dick off faster he had mad lube on it . You can hear it . He pushed my hand off quickly and curled his toes as the cum went everywhere again . This time mostly on him . His dick was still rock hard . And so to make him pay . I started jerking the tip of his dick really fast . And he went crazy . He tried to push me off . " CHILL NELL FUCK STOP THAT MAN ! " . I kept doing it while im laughing mad hard and then he started cumming again and he just rest his back on the wall and i let go and his dick went semi hard and layed on the left side of his leg .

Nell- i bet youll stop asking me now ! ( washes my hands )

Ty didnt say shit he just walked with a limp to the shower and pushed me out the bathroom .

Tyrell- thats foul man !

Nell- love you too friend !

I went back in my bed and i had a video message from Leo . I opened it and it was a video of him and some girl kissing in a car then after he looked at the cam smiling looking sexy as shit saying couldve been you . I can tell he was high as shit . But that blew me . I deleted it from our text and i made a video back .

Nell- couldve been me huh? Stop lien your afraid to be with me ! Dont bullshit me Leo . Stop sending me shit like this i dont care what you do . You keep trying to make me feel bad and i didnt nothing to you . And when i get back dont speak to me or come near me . We have shit to talk about bro . Im good without you . I dont need this bullshit . And this couldve been you ! Fuck outta here . I sent the video and right when i did it said read . After a few minutes he responded back with a video .

Leo- ( laying in his bed at home ) man fuck you and your ho ass . Out there with some other nigga . Get you a bitch my dude . And yeah nigga maybe i am afraid to be with you . But now when you get back you dont want me near you ? So its like that huh ? Fuck YOU CORNELL FUCK YOU !

After i seen that i FT him .

Leo- the fuck you want ?

Nell- fuck you Leo you just sat there and called me a HO ? ME ? When you been fucking females the whole time we been trying to talk ? !!

Leo- ( sits up in the bed ) yeah nigga and what !? Huh yeah i called you a ho ! Im fine with being 1 bitch !

Nell- ( stands up raising my voice) no your the bitch ! I hate your punk ass block me you disrespectful piece of shit ! All that pussy you getting what the FUCK you need to argue with me for ?

Leo- ( starts yelling at nell ) what bitch !? Wait until you come back i swear to god imma fuck you up !

Nell- FUCK ME UP !? So you want to fight me now huh !?

Leo- you dont want this my nigga . !

Nell- man fuck you . Disrespectful ass have a great life bitch your blocked ! ( Ends FT )

I sat down and blocked him from everything . I knew it ! Fuck it ! Im moving on .


The next morning i wake up to a rose laying next to me with a note .

The note says " Ill be there in 3 hours my room is 269 . Cant wait to see you shorty . "

I took a picture of the rose and the note and posted it on IG . I turned over and Ty was gone . Damn i slept for a long ass time . My throat was hurting and my voice was half way gone . I went to check my text and Amiya wanted me to call her Asap .

Phone call with Amiya .

Nell- ( Raspy voice ) hey wassup ?

Amiya- whats wrong with you ?

Nell- Leo we had a big arguement and i just blocked him from everything .

Amiya- awww baby ! Tey had texted me saying that we need to figure this shit out with you too . Cause i guess Leo hasnt been talking .

Nell- we dont have nothing to talk about ... And i think he wants to fight me .

Amiya- really he mustve been drunk .

Nell- i honestly dont care Miya . We are better not together . My throat fucking kills me .

Amiya- bitch is that rose on IG from Rula ?

Nell- yes ...

Amiya- hes so romantic !

Nell- sureeee he is .

Amiya- you so damn sarcastic!

( horns in the background )

Nell- where you going ?

Amiya- Tey said he was coming to get me . ( walking to her door )

When she got in the car she was in the back she had put her index finger to her mouth but it was too late i had already yawned . Then i heard whos that and then someone had took the phone from her . And Leo was looking at me on the screen .

Leo- Cornell can you please unbl...

I ended the FT . My heart still beats fast as hell when i seen him . Not even 2 minutes later i get a text from Tey .

Text message

Tey- man that was fucked up .

Nell- you dont even know the whole story Tey . Im done with this .

Tey- but damn you ended it right when he was talking . You couldnt just say no ?

Nell- that was my No . He threatened ME Tey . Im sorry fuck him .

Tey- ...

Video message from Amiya .

The camera was moving as if shes trying to fix it and it was on Leo while he was driving .

Leo- mannnnnn i fucked up real shit boy . He dead ended that shit in my face .

Tey- man imma text him.

Leo- just leave it .

Tey- nah that shit was fucked up bruh .

Leo- ( puts his hand on his forehead while he drives ) fuck . Man you drive .

They pulled over and Leo got in the passenger seat . Amiya raised the camera so i can see what he was doing . He had went into our text messages and for my name it was a heart . Then he went to his photos and there was pictures of me and him that day when i was sleep inbetween his legs . He kept looking at them. Then amiya turned off the video .

Amiya- Nell tell me that isnt cute .

Nell- Amiya i cant keep this up with him .

Amiya- i know but damn . Hes probably just confused .

Nell- well maybe when he figures it out i dont know .

Amiya- it seems like you got no feelings .

Nell- im just not going to show them cause i will not look stupid as fuck again .

Amiya- you gotta take chances .

Nell- i am tonight with Rula . Someone whos actually been trying it didnt stop . He doesnt sit there showing me who hes kissing and all that shit . Hes been pursuing me .

Amiya- true ... Well i cant wait for you to get back . Miss my friend !

Nell- miss you too . But let me get up and shower .

Amiya- ight later !


So i was in the shower for about eh maybe 10 minutes and i hear a noise . So i put my head out the shower and i scream out " TY ? " . And i hear nothing . So i kept taking my shower thinking it just mightve been a diff room . So i close my eyes and start thinking about Rula . Like what possibly could he want with me ? As i was thinking i feel a cold drift on my back . And when i turned i jumped ! Why was Adrian here ? Butt naked stepping inside the shower with me ?

Nell- No no get out Adrian .

Adrian- listen to me i want more of you . We arent going to see each other in like 3 more days . I want that feeling you gave me the other night . Just let me into you . ( starts stepping closer )

Nell- No this isnt right you have a gf . And you love her just do right !

Adrian- dont bring her up ! This is me and you right now she aint shit to me . ( pulls Nell really close and kisses his forehead )

Nell- stop stop .

I got out the shower quickly and rushed into the room he came behind me threw me on the bed and pinned me down .

Nell- Adrian we are not doing this shit ! ( voice going even more )

Adrian- shhh stop . Just let me feel you 1 more time please ! ( he pushes his dick into me slowly )

When it went inside my face lit up . I had that feeling . He knew exactly what to do to hit those spots . His slow stroke made my legs tremble . He leaned down and whispered in my ear " i just need this " and kissed me on my lips . I tried to hold in all my moans but i let it out . I was moaning so loud cause his dick was so perfect . He started speeding up and last time he didnt . The bed started banging against the wall . He put his hand around my neck and i put my legs around him . He started pounding my shit hard as fuck . I lost my mind i tried getting away until i was standing on 1 leg and he kept fucking me i was holding onto the bathroom door knob now and the shower was still going . My legs end up giving out and his dick slipped out of me . He picked me up like it was nothing and brought me back in the shower he wrapped my legs around him and slid his dick back inside of me . I threw my head back and he stared at me the whole time biting onto his lip . I started yelling out " FUCKK ! " he went faster and faster until i felt his dick fall out and i felt his dick smacking my ass so i knew he was cumming . He put me down and kissed me real rough . So rough it backed me into the corner of the shower . Each peck had my head hitting the wall .

Nell- ( trying to breathe ) Adrian wha... ( kiss) is.... ( kiss) .. With you ?

He kissed me 1 more time and held it and then opened his eyes with our forheads touching each other . His lips were touching mine as he tried to catch his breath .

Adrian- im not gonna leave you this time . Im going to bathe you . I dont want you to feel like you arent worth it okay ? Cause you are and someone will soon find that out.

Nell- Adrian you barely even know me .

Adrian- thats why im apologizing to you .

He started washing off my body . I felt so weird . Then he started massaging my asshole . And he had me on my toes . Why was he so good at this shit ? .

Adrian- can i take you out tonight ?

Nell- Adrian im sorry no .

Adrian- why not ?

Nell- someone is coming to see me today .

Adrian- oh i figured that rose person huh?

Nell- yeah ...

Adrian- ( massaging Nells body ) if i said i was jealous would that scare you ...

Nell- not scare me but it is weird . This is why i said stay away ... This is you lusting over me Adrian . I dont want that .

Adrian- but i love this feeling ...

Nell- NIGGA what feeling ? .

Adrian- ( laughs ) when i enter you your face expression is like your in another world . Your mouth opens and you arch your back . And you dont say anything but stare into my eyes as if it feels that damn good ...

Nell- to be honest it does . But this can not be . Me and you . This is only a spring fling ...

Adrian- your right . Im thinking too hard about this .

I turned to him and kissed him on the cheek .

Nell- Go and dont come back for real this time .

Adrian- ight ( puts hands up and steps out the shower putting on his clothes ).

Nell- promise me Adrian .

Adrian- ( turns as hes walking out ) that promise i just might cant keep .

I quickly got out the shower and yelled his name . When i got out he was already gone . Why was he so persistent !?


2 hours later .

It was like less than 30 minutes and Rula was gonna be here . I was already dressed . So i decided to call Amiya on FT to tell her what happened .

FT with Amiya .

Nell- Miya ! ( makes a straight face )

Amiya- oh shit ( mouths Leo is right here ) let me get my earphones .

i waited for her and i hear some nigga say wassup .

Amiya- that was Tey .

Nell- tell him i said this dick !

Amiya- ( puts in earphones ) he said fuck you .. But what happened ?

Nell- That dude Adrian . I dont know how he got in my room but he fucked the shit out of me . Like he wouldnt let me go . I was holding onto the damn bathroom door knob !

Amiya- YASSSSSS ! Spring Fling on deck bitch . ( she looks next to her and makes a face at me like oops )

Nell- But yo i told him to stop . This nigga be gazing into my eyes trying to read me . I told him this is just a fling . And he said your right and when he was leaving i said promise me you wont come back . He said " that promise i might cant keep " and left ...

Amiya- i like that type of shit !!! Thats some good tea . But home wheres my school ruler ( she winks )

Nell-he should be here soon . But i feel like a ho Having sex with Adrian .

Amiya- boy your a nigga . And it aint like you fuck everybody . I know you . Its vacation do you boo .

Nell- i know im just surprised with myself .

Amiya- ( mouths to me - hes staring at you ) but yeahhhh you look cute .

Nell- ( shakes my head ) thank you baby .

I hear Tey in the background yelling something to me .

Nell- what he say ?

Amiya- he said the weekend after you come back we tryna go to a cabin and turn up .

Nell- is that a invitation ?

Amiya- yes . ( she takes her earphones off ) he can hear you now .

Nell- whos gonna be there ?

Tey- madd heads you know how i do . But you better come . Leos gonna be there .

Leo- chill ...

Nell- yea but most likely ill be there .

Tey- ight good! Hows your vacation ?

Nell- TURNT !

Tey- good next time invite us shit . We here doing the same shit over and over .

Nell- bet ! In the summer we gonna be going everywhere .

Amiya- yesss ! Road trip !

Tey- aye Nell ?

Nell- wassup ?

Tey- mannn unblock my boy .

Leo- yo Tey chill bruh ( Amiya gives Nell the eyes then looks over at Leo ) just stay out of the shit man . Stop pressing it . He dont gotta do shit . Im chillin .

Nell- man i dont wanna hear this .

Leo- the fuck nigga then end it .

Nell- shut the fuck up .

Leo- you should be shutting the fuck up no voice ass .

Nell- stop talking to me .

Leo- bitch .

Amiya- LEO !

Leo- fuck him .

Nell- ill talk to you later Amiya .

Tey- ( in the background ) that wasnt right yo .

Leo- ( sounding distant ) man fuck that BITCH . Yeah i called him a bitch . Gonna block me acting like he dont got feelings for a nigga . Fuck all that .

Nell- yo tell him kill the noise . Stupid ass .

Leo- ( comes and takes the phone ) yo watch when you come back .

Nell- yea whatever .

Leo- we need to talk real shit .

Nell- nah you dont gotta talk to me . Bitch !

Leo- im smacking the dog shit out that nigga when i see him ( gives the phone back )

Amiya- your not touching him Leo .

Then i heard something being broken .

Tey- man chill out !!!

Amiya- bitch he just through the lamp . Damn you got him whipped .

Nell- i dont have him anythi...

( Video message from Rula )

Nell- hold on Miya .

In the video Rula was sitting on a couch with a hoody on smoking a blunt and says " Daddys been waiting , where you at ? "

I went back to the FT .

Nell- ight i gotta go .

Amiya- call me later love you !

Nell- love you too !

I took my phone off the charger and left out the room . I took the elevator to 1 floor above me . I walked down to the room door and i heard music bumping . I dont know why but i was afraid to do this . Should i go in here ? Is this the right decision ?


Well yall arent going to know until tonight MAYBE !

Come on yall COMMENT !

Do yall like this friendship that Ty and Nell has ?

Do you think Adrian is pushing it to far ?

Do you think Rula is really for Nell?

Will Nell Go through with this ?

Thumbs up !
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Thank you !!!

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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 22:04:07
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: 120

: 10

Adrian's good, then I remember he's hooked on his first hit of bussy. Leo is unstable, his jealousy it's past cute. Might as well let Rula spend that cash on him. Oh and Tyrell needs to chill and practice some new masturbation techniques.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 23:25:08
: 0
: 2


: 759

: 43

Eventhough Leo is an emotional nigga, I want him and Cornell together because Rula could be all sensitive now but who knows how the nigga is later. I can understand what confusion can do to a person like Leo.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 19:40:43
: 1
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: 912

: 7

I'm for Nell and Rula except for his profession. Have him flipping his money into something legit. I would really like to see Nell with someone that appreciates him.
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-19 18:29:27
: 1
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: 204

: 17

DO IT!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 18:14:44
: 2
: 1


: 310

: 21

I want to see him and Leo cut the bullshit and make it happen between them its obvious he dont have feel8ngs for Adrian or Rula so let him have his fun for now and have Leo in the future
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-19 18:14:15
: 3
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: 60

: 29

You are a confused bitch........just give Leo the bussy when you get back..........just take it and be real dominated....TEAM LEO*****
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Click the image to Enter your Rating
Post Posted: 2015-11-19 18:09:38
: 1
: 2


: 194

: 16

Can Nell ans Leo be together already this fighting is to much. What's the point?

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