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Miami ! Part 2

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I stood there debating if i should answer this FT with Rula ...

FUCK IT I ANSWERED . But didnt put my face in it . I walked over to my bed and layed on it .

Rula- let me see you . ( music low in background )

Nell- ( puts the cam on and stares at him ) you live in your truck huh ? What do you want ?

Rula- ( smokes blunt ) i dont smart ass if you was here you could see how i live . And you keep asking that dumb ass question " what do you want "

Nell- cause nigga you hitting me up what do you want .

Rula- yooo your mouth is crazy . Better be glad i aint there .

Nell- threat ?

Rula- take it how you want it .

Nell- soooo...

Rula- shut up be patient .

Nell- ( mumbles - nigga you shut up )

Rula- ( gets out his truck ) what was that ?

Nell- nothing .

Rula- ( stares at the cam ) thats what i thought .

Nell- he turned the cam soi can see in front of him and he unlocked his house door i guess . And when the door opened he had some top of the line shit . He just scanned the camera to the left and right slowly " see this is how im living " . Then he walks upstairs holding onto his sweats i can hear his chains hitting each other . Then he went into his bedroom it was big and cozy looking he switched the lights to this red light situation . It was nice as shit . Then he turned the light back on and showed me the bed then but the cam down to his legs and said " see this is where i would be giving you this dick like ... " he started acting like he was fucking and i can see his dick popping back and forth in his sweats then he grabbed it .

Rula- thats enough i dont want you getting excited over there .

Nell- ( yawn ) im not excited trust me .

Rula- i like this playing hard to get shit . ( licks his lips putting his hoody on staring at me ) .

Nell- ( moves my face out the cam )

Rula- stop fucking playing let me see you .

Nell- ( puts it back on me ) ight well nice house ... But im bout to go party .

Rula- without me ?

Nell- yo stop acting like you like me . You just want some ass . I aint with that .

Rula- boy you dont know what the fuck i want . I dont say let me take care of you for nothing .

Nell- yo your a drug dealer . I aint tryna get caught up in nothing .

Rula- trust me you wont sexy . Aint nobody gotta know about us . You would be the first person to enter my crib too .

Nell- you gotta be lien . Im a nigga ! You telling me you letting me come in before any of those girls you done fucked with . You tryna play my ass yo . Forreal

Rula- yo stop fucking acting like you know me shit . ( stands up ) yo where you at .

Nell- none of your buisness .

Rula- imma prove it to you nigga .

Nell- you dont gotta prove ANYTHING ! Im good .

Rula- yo your really dismissing me ?

Nell- im not one of your hoes my dude

Rula- did i say you was ? Like i said where are you ?

Nell- can you quit yo damn ! Im not interested . Bye

Rula- yo you better not end this ca...

I ended the FT but its crazy cause i felt like this nigga was really telling the truth . But shit you cant trust everything someone says he probably got 5 baby mommas !

Text Message from Rula

Rula- Yo the fuck wrong with your ass . Dont you ever end a FT with me like that . Dont disrespect me .

Nell- ok

Rula- you got me twisted shorty .

Nell- you done ?

Rula- you know what ? You want me and i know you do . You keep responding . So just take the next step and tell me where you are . Aint no other nigga will flight out to you just to see you . I will come see you for a night and leave the next morning . And i wont fuck . Just to show you im not lien to your ass . Let me prove it .

Nell- No Goodnight .

Rula- ight ill ask tomorrow . Im not gonna stop Goodnight sexy .

I looked at that last text and smiled a little . This dude is crazy .

Damn i mustve been talking to him longer than i thought im like 45 minutes late to the party .


Party !!

It was about 30 minutes i got in there and i had me like 2 drinks i was nice ! I seen tyrell dancing with mad girls they were on his dick ! Jae was dancing . Adrian looked pissed so i walked over to him .

Nell- ( yelling ) yo are you good ?

Adrian- im good ...

Nell- no your not .. Whatever it is just have fun tonight worry about it later dude .

Adrian- aye you tryna smoke now ?

Nell- yeah

Adrian- ight follow me ...

I followed Adrian into the bathroom and he closed and lock the door . He took out a fat blunt and lit it and inhaled some of it then exhaled it out his nose . Then passed it to me . I smoked it and held it in me a lil then exhaled it out my mouth . And coughed a little .

Nell- its strong as fuck yo .

Adrian- you did good though . ( smoking it )

We just kept going back and forth . Then he finally started talking ! Opening up .

Adrian- yo my girl is tripping crazy . She thinks im out here cheating .

Nell- why would she think that ?

Adrian- cause i missed 1 phone call and cause im throwing this party . Yo its killing me . All this bullshit on my vacation .

Nell- well tell her wassup and put your foot down let her know that you aint did shit ...

Adrian- yea YET ... She makes me want to so bad yo like shes so on me all the time and i never cheated on her .

Nell- awww really thats good ! Keep it like that ( exhales smoke )

Adrian- ( stands a lil closer to Nell and blows smoke in his face ) .

Nell- yo chill ( waving smoke out his face )

Adrian- shut your ass up . ( stepping up to Nell )

I was sitting on the counter now .

Adrian- you was getting real hype in walmart . Wassup now ?

Nell- i mean i aint scared but i dont want to fight you .

Adrian- ( puts blunt out ) you had enough your eyes are low .

Nell- yo why are you so close to me ?

Adrian- ( looks ) oh shit bro my bad .

My FT goes off and its Leo . I answer

Leo- Aye wassup with you ?

Nell- nothing chilling ...

Leo- yo you high ?

Nell- yessss why ?

Leo- just asking yo whos that in the background .

Nell- noone ?

Leo- stop fucking lien to me i can see him in the mirror .

Nell- we was smoking damn .

Adrian- haha your boyfriend ?

Nell- ( looks at Adrian ) no

Leo- dont tell that nigga shit . Leave from there i need to talk to you .

I see adrian coming close and i put my hand against his chest and he pulls me off the sink and turns my back to him .

Adrian- yo wassup my dude got a prob ?

Leo- ( sits up in his bed ) ayo back up off him . Nell the fuck you doing yo why you letting him that close to you .

Nell- Leo your over doing it right now . Hes straight you cant see him trying to just get you mad . Your the 1 ...

The lights went off in the bathroom and i feel Adrians dick right on my ass cause he had on sweats. Then i felt his hand wrap around my waist and he started dancing to the music . Slow grinding . I kept saying stop your lit . And i forgot i was on Ft with Leo ...

Leo- fuck you Cornell !

He ended the FT and Adrian stopped dancing .

Adrian- yo hes lame be happy i got you off that call . Just like you got my mind off of my girl . We even now . So dont think its nothing more .

Nell- your dick doesnt say that ( puts my flashlight on ) see .

Adrian- ( grabs it ) so what you trying to say ( walks up on me ) .

Nell- nothing your drunk .

Adrian- im not drunk i just know what you like and im teasing your ass .

Nell- well dont ( pushes Adrian off )

Adrian- ( walks back slow ) awww dont be like that . You know you liked my dick touching you .

Nell- yo you got a girlfriend .

Adrian- did i kiss you did i sleep with you ? Nah ? Im having fun teasing you im comfortable with my sexuality to do this . Its just you dont want me to keep doing this cause you just might want it huh ?

Nell- ( hops off the counter and tries to leave out )

Adrian- ( grabs waist pushing his dick on my ass ) why you running yo hahaha .

Nell- yo quit !

Adrian turned me around agressively and pinned me to the door . It was pitch dark in the bathroom . He walked close on me still having me pinned and rubbed his dick on to me . And i started to get hard . I felt him breathing on my neck .

Adrian- mmm tell me you like it and ill let you go .

Nell- Adri...

Adrian- uh uh tell me .

Nell- please st...

He turned me back around and he leaned back on the sink and opened his legs and stood me there so that my ass was on his dick and he laid my head back on him and held me tight .

Nell- Adriannnnn.. Just st...

Adrian- mmm say my name again .

Adrians phone vibrates on the counter and i looked and it said from Jae . " hows it going in there with a wink emoji " . I came out of that trance so fast and pushed him off of me . He grabbed my hand so tight .

Adrian- what was that !?

Nell- yall planning shit on me ? Fuck you yo . I cant believe i let you ughh !!

I left out the bathroom and walked out of the party and waited for the elevator to go to my room . I heard the door open to the room and it was Adrian he came walking down the hall with his dick still on hard swinging a lil since it was stiff .

Adrian- aye where you going . Whats going on . That text was Jae being Jae he mustve been wondering why we was in the bathroom so long . Chill out man .

Nell- i honestly dont give a fuck . Plus you have a girl that shouldve never happened .

Adrian- you know what man your right i cant believe you got me out here like this bruh . You aint even worth it to be honest . ( starts laughing holding his dick walking away ) fuck you !

I went into the elevator pissed as fuck . Im not worth it ??? No bitch nigga you aint worth it ! I wanted to go back and tell him but fuck that . When i got to my room i showered and got ready for bed i heard my phone vibrating over and over .

When i got in bed i looked at my phone and it was texts from Rula and Leo .

Text messages

Rula- was out doing a run and thought about you . So you ready to tell me or nah ?
Nell- im not in the mood for this .
Rula- whats up ?
Nell- dont worry about it .
Rula- what is going on yo .
Nell- fuck it . I was smoking with someone and the started dancing on me and then he kept putting his dick on my ass and then his phone vibrated and it was a text from his friend saying hows it going in there with a wink . So i felt like they was plotting on my ass but we are all drunk so idk what the fuck is true or not but apparently i wasnt worth it anyways .
Rula- you aint worth what ?
Nell- him cheating on his gf .
Rula- let me handle that nigga for you shorty . See man if you just tell me i would be there . Youll have the best time .
Nell- im fine Rula .
Rula- ill try later then .

I didnt respond ..

FT from Leo .

Leo- had fun ?

Nell- it was fine .

Leo- its taking me so much not to cuss your ass out .

Nell- you cant do shit . How was your day with ol girl .

Leo- aw okay i see .

Nell- what ? Exactly you cant say shit ! You sitting there fucking her but worried about whos checking for me nigga fuck that .

Leo- shut up ! Im glad i did what i did tonight . By the way her pussy was good as shit . She rode all this dick made me cum twice too .

I ended the FT pissed as fuck . He tried to call me back like 5 times .

My mind started thinking crazy ! Now i really wanted Rula here . Hes the only 1 that acts like he cares . I want to make Leo feel like i do ! I stared at me and Rulas text messages debating if i should tell him my location . . . . . . .

Next Morning

I woke up feeling someone laying behind me i turned and it was Adrian . I got up quickly and saw Tyrell sleep on the other bed .

Nell- ( pushes Adrian ) get up and get out my nigga .

Adrian- ( yawns and looks back ) yoo whats good with you ? Chill man

Tyrell- ( opens his eyes ) yo Nell whats wrong ?

Nell- why is he here ?

Adrian- well shit im a stranger now .

Nell- yea ever since that shit you pulled yesterday . You are !

Adrian- what did i do yo .

Nell- man just get the fuck out .

He finally got up and dapped up Ty before he left and looked at me confused .

Tyrell jumped out the bed and got in my face .

Tyrell- yo whats good with you man !

Nell- get out my face you dont know shit that happened .

Tyrell- apparently he doesnt either we were drunk last night why you tripping . You take shit to the heart bro . Just get over whatever happened yesterday .

Nell- ( pushes Ty ) move yo .

I walked out the room and decided to take a walk . As i was walking i saw Adrian walking to on the other side of the street we made eye contact and i turned in the other direction . He followed me . I tried to get away but each time i looked back he was right there . So i stopped .

Nell- what ...

Adrian- tell me what i did bro ?

Nell- you were drunk you grinded on me last night . I told you to stop cause you have a gf and you didnt so when i started getting into it Jae texts you " hows it going in there with a wink " as if yall planned this out . So i left then you came after me and said i wasnt worth it and said fuck me .

Adrian- i dont remember any of that.

Nell- ok

Adrian- hey well im sorry okay ? If i hurt your feelings thats not me .

Nell- just hearing someone say i wasnt worth it ... Got to me .

Adrian- my bad ...

Nell- what do you want from me be honest .

Adrian- i dont know what your talking about ( looking away )

Nell- tell me .

Adrian- i want to fuck you . I want to see what its like . There you happy?

Nell- ...... ( speechless )

Adrian- im going back to the hotel .

He walked pass me and i walked after him . Did he really say he wanted to fuck me ? I followed behind him back to the hotel and when we got in the elevator it was quiet as fuck . I dont know if i should say something or not ... To be honest all this stuff that Tyrell told me about having fun has been in my head . I just might want to sleep with Adrian just as much as he wants to with me . When it was my floor i walked out and i started walking down to my room . And i didnt hear the doors close i turned back and Adrian was holding onto 1 side staring at me .

Adrian- think about it for me .

I just turned and went into the room .

When i opened the door i saw a girl sucking the hell out of Tyrells dick . Damn he was packing . I guess she heard me so she turned and hopped up and ran out the room . Tyrell still laid back on the bed stared at me then started stroking his dick slowly .

Tyrell- man forreal ? Didnt even cum

Nell- my bad damn ( trying not to look )

Tyrell- your funny as shit . You know you like looking at dick its okay damn . How about you take your phone out and record me . That was kind of fun last time . But dont be using this for your personal needs .

Nell- your crazy dude . Im surprised on how comfortable you are .

Tyrell- do it ( standing up stroking his dick )

I took my phone out and started recording Ty walk around the room with a hard dick swinging from left to right . I felt comfortable myself surprisngly i wasnt turned on by it . It seem normal . He went into the bathroom and stood looking in the mirror stroking his dick . He leaned back on the wall a little and started stroking it faster then smacking it on his hand . I turned the phone towards the mirror so now you see me recording and him jerking off . I then seen him grab my right arm i was recording with my left hand . And he put it on his dick . My heart started racing .

Nell- yo ...

Tyrell- you messed up the good head i was doing bruh atleast you can do is help me . But dont get to thinking that this shit will be normal . I just need to cum bro help me out . No feelings attached .

While i was holding onto his dick he sat on the counter and leaned back and took my phone and recorded it from his point of view . So i put both hands around his dick and started stroking it with 1 hand playing with the head . I wanted him to cum quick i can tell the head was real sensitive so i went faster and he tried moving back from me . And held onto my arm with his eyes clothes . Then when i felt him cumming i let go and his dick went flopping up and down and side to side cum went flying everywhere . As his dick started going down i took my phone and recorded him leaning back with a semi still flinching . He stood up and turned towards me .

Tyrell- ight now turn that shit off .

Nell- ( turns it off ) you have a nice dick .

Tyrell- i know ( turns on shower ) now get out you perve .

Nell- hahaha chill out ! ( washes hands before i walk out ) .

My phone was going off in the corner on the charger . And most likely i bet it was Leo . And it was . I answered .


Leo- ( staring at the ceiling ) can i see you atleast ?

Nell- what do you want ? ( picks up the phone )

Leo- what did you do to me ?

Nell- i honestly dont know what your talking about .

Leo- everytime i get into it with you that shit beats me up bad .

Nell- well maybe its your feelings ( shrugs )

Leo- i feel like your trying to control me bruh .

Nell- never that . I have a life

Leo- did i hurt you yesterday ?

Nell- i mean it just bothered me that you told me that . But i got over it like i said i would .

Leo- oh ...

Nell- you dont see me throwing shit in your face Leo . And once you seen me with someone else you got so offended . Like chill your doing everything you wanna do let me do me . I really ha...

Leo- who was that nigga ?

Nell- does it matter ?

Leo- fuck yeah

Nell- someone i met here .

Leo- what else ?

Nell- he wants to sleep with me . He actually talked to me about it .

Leo- ( turns his face up then clenches his teeth )

Nell- what Leo damn ?

Leo- you better not .

Nell- Leo ...

Leo- ( stares at Nell ) yooo youve actually thought about that shit huh !?

Nell- yes i did ...

Leo- i aint even gonna trip . Just dont worry about me when you get back ...

Nell- not like you was worried about me anyways ... Bye

Leo- ( ends the FT )

I threw my phone back on the dresser and laid back on the bed . I cant believe this fucker ! How you gonna do that shit ? Selfish ass i swear !

( phone vibrates )

Picture Message from Rula

Rula- ( picture message ) it could be yours shorty .

It was a pic of him with his shirt off in underwear but you couldnt see below the brim . His body was tatted like hell . His body was amazing . His v-cut was dope as shit . He stood in the mirror holding money with money on the sink biting his lip . But looked so thuggish . I mean he was but damn he looked sexy as fuck . As im looking at the picture theres a video sent to me from him . I pressed play and its him laying on the bed with mad money . Saying " I want to spend every last bit of this money on you if you just let me take care of you then he put the camera on his lap where he had this box and his briefs was bulging with a semi and he moved his leg and it would rub on his leg . " I bought you something let me bring it to you shorty " ... The video ended . I looked down and my dick was hard as shit .

Then the bathroom door opened so i turned on my stomach .

Tyrell- yo get dressed we about to head out to breakfast with the boys .

Nell- ight let me shower . When he turned away i ran in the bathroom . And made sure i took my phone . I jumped in the shower and washed my body real good . Gotta make sure that ass is cleannnnn ! After i was finished i put the towel around my waist and right when i picked up my phone it said i had a message from Adrian__ on Ig . When i went to it , it said video message . When i opened it he was in a towel and he said " i really hope your thinking about it " then he took his towel off but stopped it . So i played along i recorded my self from the front and back and said " Im thinking but it doesnt look good " then i stood sideways and let my towel drop and my ass was out there but only for like 1 second and the vid stopped . Then he sent me a crying face emoji . And i sent a cheesing one . Then i deleted the video from the chat . I guess he was watching it again . Because he messaged me back saying " whyyyy did you delete it ? " ... I said " I dont know " . He then responded and said " Well send it back to me . I didnt delete mine " so i sent it again . And he didnt write back . I put my phone down and lotioned my body and got ready . I put on some jeans that fitted me good as shit . My ass looked good in them . Then i wore a chambray button up that sticked on my body not to tight but showed my lil muscles i was working with . And i wore some mayport Dr. Martens for my shoes . Then i sprayed my cologne on and i was ready .

Tyrell- who you trying to look good for ?

Nell- noone ?

I took my phone and took some selfies . 1 biting my lip 1 of me smiling then 1 in the mirror showing my fit . Oh and to top it off i put on a fedora hat . I posted the pictures and the picture that showed my whole fit got most likes people kept commenting about my ass and how i do my workouts .

Tyrell- boy come on already .

Nell- ight lets go .

We walked down the hall i felt so fresh and in a good mood ! Rula kept running across my mind . Maybe hes really serious about me ? But i aint no dummy . Ill wait it ou... My thoughts were stopped when i saw the elevator open and it was Jae and Adrian . I dapped them up and here goes Jae talking his shit .

Jae- ohhhhhh shit look at this nigga tryna look expensive hahaha . Nah but you got the look .

Nell- i know what im doing asshole .

Jae- now whats awkward about this is You have a bigger fedora on then Adrian .

Adrian- yo shut up Jae !

Nell- ( turns to look at Adrian ) it does look weird . But i like the bigger ones .

Tyrell- just switch .

Nell- hell no !

Adrian- oh really ? ( takes my hat and puts it on and puts his on mine ) .

Nell- tyrell you talk to much fucker !

They all laughed . I took my phone out and we took a selfie Jae and Ty throwing up signs fake ass gangstas and me and Adrian was just looking smooth . He just stood there with a smirk . Mmm i posted it up . And guess who liked it first ??? LEO ...

We got down to the lobby and walked out i guess the breakfast place was near cause we walked . I walked in front looking at my phone . As i walk i get a message from Adrian on ig . And it was a pic of me walking . And he said " you wonder why i tell you to walk ahead of me " with the heart eyes emoji . I turned and smiled at him . And he winked at me . Then as we walked pass this restaurant some ladies were making noise towards us . So We all turned around and spoke to them . Tyrell and Jae were the main ones trying to get something popping with them tonight . Adrian was just standing there saying stuff occasionally. And 1 girl was talking to me about my outfit .

Girl- you look nice boo !

Nell- thanks where you from ?

Girl- im from here . I like your hat !

Nell- that 1 is actually mine . They thought that we should switch .

Girl- haha what yall up to ?

Nell- about to go out for breakfast . How about yall .

Girl- we are just waiting for out friends .

Nell- friends or boy friends ?

Girl- welll some of them are there boyfriends some are just friends .

Then i see a group of them coming .

Boy- aye whats going on over here ?

Girl- chill out they were just leaving . We just was complimenting there style gesh !

Nell- alright ladies we out . My bad bros .

Tyrell- man lets go they tripping .

We started walking away and that girl i was talking to squeezed my ass and smiled . I smiled back and kept walking .

Adrian- she was cute . You better not had made no plans .

Nell- ( looks lost ) um i didnt but if i did ?

Adrian- it would mess up my plans with you tonight .

Nell- what plans ?

Adrian- you know ...

Nell- i havent gave you an answer though ...

Adrian- do i have to take it ?

I kept walking as if i didnt hear him .

We finally made it to the place and we sat down ate and all that good stuff . We started talking about what we should do tonight .

Jae- yo im tryna get some tonight no bull .

Tyrell- me too a nigga interrupted me today ! I was getting some good head too .

Nell- man shut up she was wack .

Adrian- ohhh how would youuu know buddy .

They all laughed .

Nell- oh thats funny ? Wouldnt you like to know ?

Jae- ooooooooooo .

Adrian- ( sips his drink and looks out the window )

Nell- right .

Tyrell- awkward ... So yeah i say orgy in our room tonight .

Nell- dont put no hoe on my bed Ty . Your or Jae . Better be on the floor or some shit .

Jae- haha ( daps Tyrell ) we bout to get wild tonight . Lets go find these hoes ( puts money on the table ) i got the bill . Lets go Ty .

They got up and left and Adrian and i sat there quiet . So i broke the ice .

Nell- So ...

Adrian- ( looks at his phone then puts his head back and takes a deep breath then gets up and leaves .)

Nell- Adrian you good ?

I got up and followed him . He ignored me and was brushing pass people . He even punched a sign . So i yelled his name . " ADRIAN " still nothing . By the time we got back to the hotel . It was only me and him in the Elevator .

Nell- Tell me whats up with you ?

Adrian- dont worry about it .

Nell- your bleeding man .

Adrian- i know that .

Nell- okay ill just leave you alone .

The elevator opens and he walks out . I just stood there and pressed my floor . I decided to go chill in my mommas room .


Momma- who is it ?

Nell- me momma .

She opens it .

Nell- ( walks in ) what you doing today ?

Momma- well as you can see im heading to the beach . How was your night ?

Nell- it was alright . Just came from breakfast .

Momma- and you didnt get me shit ?

Nell- im sorrrrry !

Momma- no you aint ! Its ight though.

Nell- everyone left my ass !

Momma- wheres ty ?

Nell- he went to get some ladies i guess ?

Momma- did you get your fun in yet ?

Nell- no :(

Momma- anyone in mind ?

Nell- there is someone . Couldve been 2 ppl but i didnt get her info .

Momma- ohhhh a girl too !? Excuse meeeee .

Nell- what ? Lol

Momma- you shouldve got her number .

Nell- mad dudes came over most likely there bfs so we backed off .

Momma- taught you well. But whos the other person ?

Nell- this dude ... The one me and ty been chilling with .

Momma- use protection if anything son . You already know ! Cause i still whoop ass .

Nell- im leavingggggg .

Momma- love you !

Nell- love you too !

I walked out and decided to go change my shoes so i can walk on the beach . I put on my sandals and left out . I got on my phone to FT Amiya . While i was in the elevator .

Amiya- heyyy babes ! I miss you !

Nell- miss you too what you doing ?

Amiya- shit im out with Tey and Leo . Hes mad quiet though .

Nell- well ?

Amiya- they can hear you .

Nell- tell Tey i said wassup .

Amiya- here .

Tey grabs the phone .

Tey- wassup my nigga

Nell- not shit about to go to the beach .

Tey- say something to your boy . ( puts the cam on Leo whos driving )

Nell- i just looked at him and he didnt even look at the camera . Then the elevator door opened and someone pulled me out the elevator . I looked up from the phone . It was Adrian

Adrian- let me talk to you .

Nell- i look back at the phone and Leo finally looked at the phone and he had it in his hands trying to figure out what was going on .

I tried to end the FT . When we got into the room which was right there near the elevator . He closed the door and took my phone . And when he did he saw Leo and ended the FT .

Adrian come on .

I followed Adrian into his room and we sat there . He handed me back my phone and gave me his phone it said Wifey . I read the long ass message she sent him . It said

Wifey- Babe i have to tell you something ... Last night i was so mad at you that i did something i shouldve never done . I hope you dont leave me for this but i slept with your old friend Ricky . Unprotected . Im sorry i really am ! But i know you been fucking around down there ! Baby i love you . Please call me when you can .

I looked at Adrian he was so pissed .

Adrian- what should i do ?

Nell- call her . Explain to her how you never cheated tell her whats on your mind .

Adrian took the phone and called her on speaker . She answers

Wifey- Hello baby ?

Adrian- dont baby me . Why would you do this shit yo ? I never ever cheated on you .

Wifey- Adrian stop lien to me i know you be out with your boys with them hoes !!

Adrian- i aint never slept with them ! But you went and slept with my old friend ? Ricky at that !? Are you fucking kidding me ?

Wifey- yes i did and im sorry .

Adrian- Fuck your sorry and since you think i was cheating this whole time i will tonight . We are done yo ( hangs up )

Adrian threw his phone over my head . I ducked and sat back on the bed . His eyes got watery and he went to punch the wall i stopped him and pushed him against the wall .

Nell- calm down Adri...

Adrian- nah fuck that bitch ! Im nothing but nice to people . Get off of me ! ( pushes Nell off of him )

Nell- im just trying to help you out man damn .

Adrian- ( punches the wall ) fuck !

I hear Jae and Ty come in making mad noise . Then Adrians door opens i see girls in the kitchen area and Jae comes inside confused .

Jae- yo Adrian chill out bro ( pinning him to the wall ) relax man !

Adrian- that fucking bitch slept with Ricky yo ! Let me go in good .

I got up and left out . I didnt want to deal with that . Im already going through stuff myself .

When i got in my room i took off all my clothes and laid in bed . And i decided to FT Rula ... DONT JUDGE ME :( .

FT Connecting -

Rula- ( Smiles )

Nell- why you smiling ?

Rula- cause you FINALLY hit me up for once .

Nell- yeah i guess .

Rula- what you doing ? You just woke me up from my nap.

Nell- im just laying here for now maybe take a nap .

Rula- oh so you wake my ass up so you can take 1 ?

Nell- kind of haha .

Rula- what you wearing ?

Nell- dont worry bout that what you wearing ?

Rula- ( turns the cam and puts the cam on his covers and he moves the covers back and hes naked his dick layed on his leg ) nothing at all .

Nell- ohhhhh wow .

Rula- why cant you show me what your wearing . You always layin to the side .

Nell- thats how i sleep !

Rula- show me what your wearing .

I layed there and thought about it . Then i turned the camera and pulled back the covers .

Rula- i didnt know you had all that back there . You got a nice body . Hit the gym alot huh ?

Nell- i try .

As im watching Rula and hes watching me i see him moving a little .

Nell- what are you doing ?

Rula- ( answers a message ) im bout to get up and go see my cousin . I gotta take a piss .

He got up and walked to the bathroom when he turned on the lights the cam was turned from him so i seen him walk to the toilet and his dick was hard as shit and long . He was cut too !! After he took a piss . He flexed a little his dick was going soft but it was still jumping .

Nell- are you done ? Haha

Rula- shut up ( turns the cam on his face ) hows the weather there ?

Nell- you know miamis weather is always popping !

Rula- so your in Miami ?

Nell- ( i dropped my phone on the bed and smacked myself ) shit .

Rula- chill out if you dont want me there im cool . I aint gonna force it .

Nell- ( picks the phone up ) ...

Rula- are you scared ? Or scared of me yo ?

Nell- maybe nervous to be near you but im not scared . You did kind of hold me hostage .

Rula- i wouldnt do that again . So can i come spend the day with you ? Ill even just come at like night tomorrow and leave early that morning .

Nell- uhh ..

Rula- nothing sexual . Unless you want that .

Nell- sigh ...

Rula- you make the rules ill follow them .

Nell- fine ...

Rula- ill text you tonight what time ill be there . Cant wait to see you ( turns on the shower )

Nell- ( smiles )

Rula- want to watch me shower ?

Nell- hmmm ill pass . Let me take a nap .

Rula- ight talk to you soon .

When the FT ended it was already like 5 o clock damn the time flew ! I laid there and fell asleep .

About 3 hours later i felt a body over me and i felt something right near my asshole . Then i felt breathing on my neck . The covers was over us and i was still half sleep i didnt know what was going on . Then i heard

" Tell me you want it "

And i said " i want it "

They entered there dick inside me slowly and my mouth opened wide and i had to arch my back it hurt like hell cause i havent had sex in awhile . They pushed deeper inside of me and thats when i was fully awake . My legs started to shake cause they were hitting my spot . I pushed back the covers and ....


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But who do you think is in bed with Nell ??!

Let me see your guesses !

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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 18:30:21
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prolly tyrell ass lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 22:54:22
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: 759

: 43

It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't Tyrell with him now.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 17:16:58
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: 380

: 45

Why he let all these dudes walk all over and say whatever to him?

So he's gonna be everyone's bitch his entire life?
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 18:08:04
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: 204

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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 15:12:45
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Why can't he be with Leo?
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 14:49:10
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: 95

: 3

nell and rula should become a couple seriously
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 14:40:43
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yo I fuckin Luv this story need anothe chapter immediately
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 14:22:45
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: 134

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This shit is good can we get part 3 ASAP
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 14:06:49
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