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Miami ! Part 1

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Nell- i think ill just talk to her .

Leo- ( cough ) okay ...

Nell- whats that for ?

Leo- nothing do what you gotta do .

Nell- this is hard ...

Leo- i know ... If i found out that Tey did some shit like that . Pshhh

Nell- hey but thanks for coming .

Leo- you know i got you . Plus i owe you alot for everything .

Nell- i guess ...

For the rest of the day Leo stayed at my house we chilled and talked about school and being gay etc ...

Leo- So your telling me that you want to like be with a man for the rest of your life ?

Nell- i mean i dont know what the future holds . Anything can happen .

Leo- so you dont feel weird laying up in another dudes arms ?

Nell- nope . I like it .

Leo- i bet you do .

Nell- shut up . Do you want to hold me ?

Leo- ... Uh i dont know .

Nell- stop being so nervous .

Leo- ( playing with the pillow ) im not nervous.

Nell- then stop picking at my pillow . How bout you go sit up against my headboard . Ill put a movie in and ill lay inbetween your legs .

Leo- ight ...

He stood up taking off his sneakers and shirt and sat up at the top of my bed on his phone . I put a movie in and pulled the covers from under him then i layed my back on him and put the covers over us . I could feel his heart beating so fast , so i sat up and looked at him .

Nell- are you good ? ( laughing )

Leo- yo im chillin relax ( pulls Nell back )

I layed there and i felt his hands shaking a little . So i held them and looked up to him and he smiled . I would say it felt like we was meant for each other BUT i dont know if this right here is what he wants . So while im laying here my mind is going crazy . Do i fall for it this time ? Do i ? Do i ? ....


2 hours later

I woke up to Leo saying my name softly . When i opened my eyes Amiya was standing there crying with her hair a hot ass mess . I blinked a couple times and her ass was still standing there .

Leo- talk to her imma go ight ? FT me tonight .

Nell- ight ...

Leo got up trying to hide is hard on . Before he left he patted Amiya on the shoulder .

Nell- ( sits up in the bed ) hi ...

Amiya- listen Nell i did it okay im not going to lie and say it didnt happen or it wasnt a mutual feeling . Im trully sorry . I would never do that again ! I just want you to know that if you dont want to be my friend i understand .

Nell- i know you slept with him . And i dont know right now . Even though i want to hate you and want to cut all ties to you i cant .

Amiya- thank you jesus ! ( does a church hop 3 times )

Nell- ( tries not to laugh ) so that means i can have sex with Tey . Thanks :)

Amiya- ( wipes 1 side of her face ) now wait bitch . I know what i did was wrong but 2 wrongs dont make a right hunny .

Nell- thats fine with me :) .

Amiya- come on Nell .

Nell- im only kidding . But i figured you all had sex. Because my mother always said to me " Those two got something going on " .

Amiya- ...

Nell- mhm . But dont think we like this again ( crosses fingers ) cause we arent . I was so pissed at you . Why would you do it ?

Amiya- you know at the time i had my whorish ways ...

Nell- you aint never lied . You aint neverrrrrr lied !

Amiya- we didnt even finish . Cause of you . We both felt awkward and the rest of the day he looked pitiful . Demitri loves you .

Nell- yea i dont care . Moving on .

Amiya- im serious

Nell- yea yea i know .

Amiya- well okay ...


About 2 weeks later it was Vacation time ! My momma, Tyrell and i were on our way to Miami !!! The past 2 weeks Leo and i talked more we didnt do anything we didnt kiss . We just got to know each other . He even was fucking girls during that time . He told me !!! But i mean we arent together so i cant be mad ... Amiya and i are friends she calls and texts me even more now . Shes always trying to get me to go places with her . I mean i love Amiya !! I would never want to lose her as my friend . But let a bitch fuck up 1 mo gin !

Momma- ( whispering on the plane ) boy what are you thinking about ?

Nell- Amiya ...

Momma- hmmmm her ass . I should whoop her lil ass . Trifflin trifflin trifflin ...

Nell- Ma shh go to sleep .

Momma- shit Ty already knocked lil sexy self . His braids are niceeee !

Nell- Ma take ya ass to sleep ! Shh ( puts my headphones on )

I looked at her and she rolled her eyes . Then i took a pic of me posing while Ty was sleep . His pink ass lips . I closed my eyes and thought of good ol MIAMI !



When we landed and got our luggage and stuff my momma went to get the rental and Ty and i stood there waiting .

Tyrell- yooo shit is about to be live ! I cant wait . Thanks for inviting me yo.

Nell- no problem .

Tyrell- See yo Amiya was tripping she couldve been here with us straight chillin nigga .

Nell- yup but whatever ! We bout to turn up !

My mother walked over and handed the keys to Ty . He got excited as shit . When we got to the Villa we was staying in, me and Ty laid right in our beds and talked about what we would do today .

Tyrell- yo lets go to the club !

Nell- we can do that . Im down but im not drinking cause i know your ass gonna be done for !

Tyrell- nah im always nice yall just be thinking im drunk .

Nell- cause you do be drunk !

Tyrell- shut up haha !

Nell- im taking a nap ..

Tyrell- imma go walk to the beach and get these numbers my nig . Ill see you later .

Nell- ight .

I layed there in bed thinking about Leo . I went on his IG and looked at his pictures . When i saw his newest picture . My heart dropped kinda . Cause this girl was like on him . They were sitting on a couch and she had her leg over inbetween his and he was sticking up his middle finger . I guess some house party or some shit . So i liked the picture.

Not even 2 minutes later he started liking my pics i been taking and posting since i been in miami . Then i get a FT call from him . He was in the bathroom with a towel on brushing his teeth . I stared at his body and that bulge he had just poking out . Seem like he was trying to tease me .

Nell- Whats up ?

Leo- shit about to go chill with the homies . Hows miami ?

Nell- its fine i guess .

Leo- yo whats good with you ? ( rinising his mouth out ) .

Nell- nothing .

Leo- ( leaning down into the camera staring at me ) cut the shit yo whats wrong ?

Nell- im just being a jelly ...

Leo- over ?

Nell- that girl in your pic .

Leo- what about it ? ( raising his eyebrow )

Nell- yall seem real close ...

Leo- if you want to know if i fucked her ... I did ( stands up shaking his head ) .

Nell- yo whatever figures anyways . ( mumbles - bullshit )

Leo- ( puts lotion on his body ) what you say ?

Nell- i said bullshit nigga .

Leo- ( points to the cam as hes lotioning his arm ) watch your mouth blood .

Nell- what do you want ?

Leo- your not about to piss me off bro .

Nell- i didnt even do shit the fuck ? If you want to fuck everyone do that shit . I was just asking a fucking question .

Leo- ( stops lotioning and stands straight up looking down at the cam ) Yo who the fuck you talking to my nigga calm your ass down .

Nell- yo why am i even arguing with you ? You dont give a shit about me . Have fun with her bro .

Leo- ( picks up the phone ) oh forreal ? Man fuck you ( ends FT )

I sat up in bed got pissed as fuck . This nigga really came at me as if i did something to his ass . Fuck that . I got up off the bed and went to shower and change my clothes so i can go find Ty . I didnt wear a shirt i just put on a snapback some fitted jean shorts and sandals since i was going to the beach . I walked to the elevator pissed as shit . When i got down stairs i looked outside and i can tell this trip would be a wild ass trip ! There were people everywhere and i only was a few steps away from the beach !!! I seen some dope ass females and some fly ass niggas .

I decided to just go walking down the street to see the different things we could do while we are here . I saw a frozen yogurt place and my day got a little better ! I went to get me some and i continued my walk . I saw all kinds of clubs, bars even though my ass aint getting in there !! But whatever .

After i finished my yogurt i started walking to the beach . I took off my sandals once i hit the sand and that shit was LITTTT !! I ran to the water so quick . I saw people laughing at me cause i almost fell like 3 times . When i got to the water i felt so relieved . Then i heard Tyrell laughing and he put his arm around my neck cracking up . I pushed him off .

Nell- nigga that shit aint funny .

Tyrell- youll be ight ! Chill ( trying not to laugh ) but yoo i met some people they cool as fuck ! They staying in the same hotel we are and they having a party in there suite tonight . Come on so you can meet them .

I started walking over to these two dudes . They look like they hit the gym daily . But they werent like body builders . 1 had his shirt off with a cup in his hand the other had a tight white tee on . When i approached them they dapped me up . The 1 with no shirt his name is Adrian and the 1 with the shirt on was Jae .

Tyrell- yeah yall this my bro Nell . He cool as fuck .

Adrian- thats whats up yall cool to come tonight though its room 212 .

Nell- cool cool im down .

Jae- nigga you better its bout to be lit ! Mad bitches ( dances a little ) .

I just smirked . Then we heard this loud cheering so i turned from them and looked . And i heard someone whisper damnnn then i heard giggling . So i turned back . And tyrell was just shaking his head smirking .

Nell- whats funny ?

Tyrell- ( looks at Jae who is cracking up and looks at Adrian who is giving him a straight face ) nothing nigga you good .

Nell- yeah ighhhht .

Jae- bro chill it aint nothing serious .

Nell- i need a blunt .

Tyrell- whooooaaa bro you must be really dealing with some shit if you want a blunt !

Nell- ahh calm down nigga haha .

Adrian- ohhh so you tryna party like that yo i got you .

My phone starts going off and its Leo texting me . I didnt even read the message i just put it back in my pocket .

Jae- ahhhh my nigga is ignoring the hoes huh !?

Nell- shit you can say that now .

Adrian- yo how old are yall ?

Nell- im 18 and ty is 19

Adrian- yo yall youngins ! Cant even drink .

Nell- i can drink i just cant go into the bar haha .

Jae- trueeee . But yall tryna come chill with us until the party . We gotta go pick up a few things .

Nell- im down .

Tyrell- yea we can go let me just change .

Nell- yea i need a shirt . We will meet yall in the lobby actually in like 20 minutes .

Jae- bet


When we got inside the room i pushed tyrell .

Tyrell- yo what was that for chill out .

Nell- what was funny ?

Tyrell- ohhhhh hahaha nah that nigga adrian had looked down at your ass and started air humping you . It was just joke though .

Nell- yeah joke alright !

Tyrell- yo atleast you got somebody looking at you .

Nell- i aint worried about that !

Tyrell- sureeeeee watch tonight you gonna call Amiya like " oh my gosh bitch like yassssss bitch hes mad sexy likeeeee ! "

Nell- shut the fuck up i dont talk like that ass !

Tyrell- im fucking with you but you better get yours on this trip ! Shit we young .

Nell- i cant believe your actually telling me to condone this shit surprising !

Tyrell- hey we on vacation turn all the way up . ( takes off his shirt and jeans ) im bout to shower real quick though .

I looked at the bulge in his briefs and as he walked his dick was just bouncing . I was surprised .

Nell- i dont wanna see all that shit Ty !

Ty- ahhhhh shut your ass up ! You like it .

I ignored him and went to put on a plain white tee and i felt my phone going off like crazy . I just kept ignoring it . Then someone knocked on my door .

Momma- boy open this door !

Nell- coming ! ( opens it ) hi ...

Momma- boy move ( walks in ) where yall going ?

Nell- to chill with some people we met ... Well we are going to the store actually .

Momma- oh okay you better stay safe ! Im about to go find me a milk dud ! Dont knock on my door tonight either !

Nell- ew momma stop .

Momma- boy bye !

Tyrell comes out the bathroom with a towel on . And Momma fake faints on my bed .

Nell- momma get out !

Momma- ( opens 1 eye ) okay okay im going ! ( stands up and looks ty up and down )

Tyrell- ( turns away ) hi .....

Momma- byeeeeee ! ( leaves out )

Nell- thats my momma !

Tyrell- yes i know ! ( takes towel off and dries his chest and arms )

Nell- whoaaaa Ty .

Tyrell- haha didnt know a nigga was packing hannnnn !

Nell- ( turns away ) i didnt but damn worn me !

Tyrell- yo you aint comfortable seeing me naked im cool wit it chill out bro .

I heard ty come near me and he started swinging his dick around and i jumped on the bed . He was laughing as usual .

Tyrell- ight imma chill ! Scary ass haha .

I sat on the bed and stared at him when he put on his lotion . His dick was thick even when it was soft . He had a nice bush . It wasnt overwhelming or nappy . Eww why am i staring at his dick !? Well shit i am a bulge watcher and i do stare . Whatever ! I took my phone out and put the camera on and put it on video .

Nell- say hi Tyrell .

Tyrell- yo you crazy whos that ? Amiya ?

Nell- it noone just a video .

He turned to the camera and started rappin naked holdin on to his dick at times . Then he would swing it i wa just laughing . Hes a fucking fool . The video had to atleast be 3 minutes long . And when his dick started gettin hard he told me to turn it off and ran in the bathroom .

Nell- hurry your ass up yo before they leave !

Tyrell- ight bruh chill im coming .

After like 8 minutes he comes out and we head to the lobby where they sat there waiting . Then Jae looked at his wrist .

Jae- damn yall take forever .

Nell- this crazy ass was acting a fool up there .

Tyrell- ( gave me the eyes to shut up )

Adrian- ight lets go .

We started walking and me and Adrian was about to walk out at the same time so i told him to go first since i knew he would watch my ass . But he told me to go . And i said No then he just pushed me from my lower back and shook his head . I caught him take a quick glance then he was walking staring at his phone . His walk was so dope . He was smooth as shit . His shoulders were broad he walked so manly . ! He has a low cut fade . Earrings in both ears he was caramel complexion his skin was smooth as shit . His facial hear was lined up it was full but all the same length nice and short . You can tell he brushe it alot . His eyes were brown and his lips were like dark pinkish and full . When we got to his car me and Ty got in the back . And i put my headphones in and looked at my phone . I had madd messages from Leo and some from Amiya and this random number .

It was so many messages from Leo im only gonna tell yall a little of them .

Text messages -

Leo- you trippin man .
Leo- real shit though you had me pissed off . You know how i get ...
Leo- ( straight face emoji )
Leo- you blowing me right now . Whats up kid ?
Leo- ( sent a video )

In the video he was driving and he says real calm " yo dont play with me can you answer stop acting like that " .

For some wierd reason i got butterlfies in my stomach when i saw that video . He always know how to get me ... So i text back

Nell- yea ?
Leo- why wasnt you replying back to me Cornell ?
Nell- cause i was busy and i didnt want to talk .
Leo- you mad at me ?
Nell- nah i thought about it and i cant do nothing about you doing anything with anyone else so do what you do we arent togther .
Leo- man dont talk like that .
Nell- its true though . Im good ill get over it . I know you arent ready for this thing that me and you supposily have . So i guess when i see things ill get over it . Have fun today .
Leo- yo i dont like you dismissing me like this ... Why are you thinking like that .
Nell- cause if i dont i would be arguing with you for no reason ...
Leo- true ...
Nell- just 1 question though and ill be done with this .
Leo- sup ?
Nell- is she gonna be there tonight with yall ?
Leo- why ?
Nell- just answer .
Leo- i aint gonna lie to you so yea she is .
Nell- ight well have fun .
Leo- smfh i dont like when you say that shit . I know your pissed .
Nell- im not forreal Leo im good .

He didnt respond back to the text so i went to reply back to amiya the the unknown number .

???- aye
Nell- whos this ?
???- black truck ?
Nell- how did you get my number ? What do you want ?
???- you ... Let me take care of you
Nell- nah chill im good .
???- you must not know who i am ? I get what i want .
Nell- you wont get this .
???- haha i like that . Makes me want you more shorty . Im driving right now where are you ? You got my shit rock hard . ( sends a picture of his bulge ) .
Nell- yo who are you ...

When i saw the bulge my dick even jumped . And to be honest i kind of liked how his swag is too .

???- Call me Rula .
Nell- why ?
Rula- cause you gonna take my ruler and i rule shit out here baby .
Nell- dude why are you after me ? Like why you want me ?
Rula- dont ask me no questions . Do you know how many bitches wish i was texting them right now ?
Nell- i dont give a fuck honestly .
Rula- aye watch your mouth and didnt i tell you i like that shit . ?
Nell- i gotta go .
Rula- where you at ?
Nell- im out of town .
Rula- you lucky !
Nell- oh i am ? GREAT !
Rula- i can get a plane ticket now its nothing . And all that mouth you got would be on hush mode my nigga .
Nell- bye " Rula "
Rula- when you coming back ?
Nell- in 2 months .
Rula- shut your lien ass up . You got school .
Nell- bye gotta go .
Rula- ight ight .

Jae- whats yall snaps ?

Nell- _Cornell_

Tyrell- Tywap

Jae- haha this niggaa !

Tyrell- haha nigga chill .

Jae- ig ?

Nell- same thing .

Tyrell- me too .

I get the follow request from Jae and i seem him looking on my page . I did have pics that showed off my body cause i like to stay fit and there are some pics that show off my ass too . Its all apart of my fitness shit . But i see his face expressions .

Jae- brooo some of these pics are questionable .

Nell- im bisexual .

Adrian- ( looks at me in his mirror )

Jae- oh ight now i get it . I mean you dont look gay . Its just yeaaaa you know .

Nell- yeah i know .

I went to look on Jaes page and only liked his face pictures and not his body ones . I didnt want him feeling no way .

Nell- Adrian whats your IG ?

Adrian- AJ__

I followed him and when i saw his page my eyes widened . He was sexy as shit ! Very photogenic . He showed off his body alot too . At the gym and shit . Then i seen a pic of him kissig a girl from 2 weeks ago . It was cute so i liked the pic and some other ones . By the time i was done liking we was at walmart . We all got out the car and our faces were buried in our phones ! I got the follow back from Adrian and when he did i watched his facial expression but he made none he just played with his bottom lip . As we walked in walmart adrian got a carriage and jae and tyrell went walking off without us .

Nell- what are you guys getting ?

Adrian- just some cups and shit probably some chips and dip . Pick up some stuff you like if you want .

Nell- nah i think imma be ight .

Adrian- aye we dont do that out here . Just go with the flow ight ?

I kept walking and he kept staying behind me with the carriage and each time we would stop the aile to get something i would tell him to go but he wouldnt move and he was so quiet !

I couldnt wait to meet back up with the other 2 it was getting awkward as fuck . And about 2 minutes later we caught up to them .

Jae- we gotta get the L we already got the weed .

Tyrell- tonights gonna be wild as fuck .

Nell- i hope so i need a wild night .

Adrian- ( smirks ) aye yall get anything yall want . ( looks at Nell ) seriously .

Jae- he means that shit yall . He'll get pissed ... Hes petty as shit !

Adrian- man shut up !

Nell- i dont want nothing though .

Adrian- aye ...

Nell- what ...

Adrian- get something .

Nell- i dont want nothing .

Adrian- bullshit man .

Nell- man if i dont want nothing then i dont shit .

Jae- ( walks away )

Tyrell- Nell chill man .

Nell- what ? Im not mad .

Tyrell- its just how your saying it man . Lighten up .

Nell- ight my bad Adrian i didnt mean it like th...

Before i knew it he was walking away turning down the next aisle .

Tyrell- bro you cant be coming off so harsh ... They do stuff prob a lil different here i dont know . Hes prob just nice as fuck .

Nell- but shit i dont want nothing .

Tyrell- ighhht . Im just saying they cool as shit dont blow it .

Nell- alright well him walkin away like that was rude as shit .

Tyrell- just be cool . ( walks away )

I just went to the front of the store and sat down and waited for them to finish . When i seen them coming i stood up looking at my phone . Jae and Ty walked out first and Adrian stopped and stared at me .

Nell- go ...

Adrian- nothings change bruh come on .

I just walked in front . And i turned to look at him and he was leaning down on the carriage and was staring at my ass then looked up at me slowly and stood up straight still staring at me like it wasnt shit . He did it so smooth it had me confused as shit . So i just turned my head . And got in the car quickly.

By the time we got everything for te party it was almos time for people to come so i went in my room to chill out for a bit before the party started Tyrell stayed there with them . When i got in the room my FT went off .

It was Rula !


Thanks for reading sorry ive been away for a long time ! But ill make it up to yall ! The story is about to get crazy ! And this party thats about to happen will be very initimate !!! Maybe , maybe not !

But what do you think will happen with Leo and Nell ?

What will this FT ( FaceTime) be like with Rula and Nell ?

What do you think Adriana motives are with Nell !?

Thumbs up !!!

Subscribe !!!

Please & thank you !

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Post Posted: 2015-12-08 17:50:59
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: 117

: 5

Nell done fell for Leo, he really like him and it's mutual between them. As for Adriana, he feeling Nell, don't know if he already get down but he want Nell.....Don't know wat to say about Rula
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Post Posted: 2015-11-25 21:07:08
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: 120

: 10

What's with these possessive as niggas??! Lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 22:17:32
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: 759

: 43

Very good chapter.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-19 07:15:24
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: 132

: 6

Yes glad you're back. I like Leo but Leo needs to get it together. He needs to stay far from Rula. Adrian might be cool, might. And I think Tyrell wants to hit lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-18 23:22:45
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todo_eso wrotes:
I am happy you returned..... I LOVE this story....
I'm happy to be back !!! Thank you !!
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Post Posted: 2015-11-18 23:01:05
: 1
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: 204

: 17

I am happy you returned..... I LOVE this story....

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