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Chapter 9

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We are in the room for almost 10 more minutes before Sinclair comes back. Sinclair isn't alone. He's with other guards. The guards let us know that we need to wait in the locker rooms until it's safe to come out. My heart is racing. I don't know how many rogues attacked Eden. I don't know how safe we really are. The only comfort is Nero. He is sitting next to me. After the amazing moment we just had I can't believe our entire world is turned upside down by fear of an attack on Eden.

Raul is sitting next to us. He has a cool, put together exterior. If the attack did affect him he is trying not to let it show.

Everyone is quiet. Everyone seems a little scared. It isn't until a knock comes on the locker room door comes that we are all more aware. Luckily, when the door opens its none other than Armando. He storms into the room immediately as though on a mission.

“Captain, I'm ok,” Prince Nero explains, “I'm secure in here. You can go protect the city.”

Armando eyes are intense. He walks right past Nero and makes his way over to me. I'm shocked when Armando picks me up and throws me over his shoulder like I'm a bag of potatoes. It doesn't even take him any sort of real energy to do it.

“I'm not here for you,” he lets him know.

I'm shocked that Armando is embarrassing me like this in front of Nero and Raul. As I'm over Armando's shoulders I can see Nero stop him.

“Put him down,” Nero responds, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Armando puts me down but I can see by how keeps his hand fastened around my wrist that he doesn't intend to leave this room without me. I can tell by the look on Nero and Raul's faces how this looks. This looks like Armando is in love with me and he came here to try to save me or something. Little do they know this man is actually my father.

I'm struggling with Nero looking jealous at that moment. This shit looks bad.

“With all due respect. I am Captain of the King's guard, not the Prince's guard,” Armando says with an air of power in his voice, “I don't follow orders from you. I follow orders from your father.”

Nero looks pissed. I can tell this is about to escalate and I need to stop it before it gets too bad.

I look at Nero, “It's ok. I'm good.”

I know this isn't enough explanation for Nero right now but this is the only explanation I can give him right now as to why the fuck Armando is acting crazy all of a sudden. I'm beyond embarrassed as Armando doesn't waste another second to take me out of the room.

There is a madness in the street. I stay close to Armando and all I see are men in uniform running everywhere. They are King's guard. Armando holds me by the wrist. The street is busy with people and everyone seems to be panicking. I don't know what's going on but I'm scared as fuck.

“Oh my god.”

We have left the school at that moment. The streets of Eden are paved with brick in an old school kind of way. As I walk through the brick lined streets I see they are washed with what looks like blood. My heart is pounding through my chest. Across the street there are a few stores. They have been closed up and boarded. I see someone who looks like a school girl...someone who is probably in one of the other classes. She is laying on the side of the road. There is a man crouched over her. At first I think he's helping her but then I realize that isn't the case. This man is sucking her blood in the middle of the street. He's draining her to the point that the girl is shaking violently. Soon her body gives up the convulsions and the girl just gives up...completely dead.

I'm standing there shocked to the point that I don't even move. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I'm breathing so heavy that I think the vampire hears me. He turns around and faces me. He's dressed in a hoody and some dirty jeans. His face is covered with blood. His teeth have fangs. He stares at me. He launches at me.

He's flying---teeth first. Or at least I think he's flying. I don't have a chance to scream. I don't have a chance to even put up my hands. I don't know what's happening but somehow he's caught in midair by Armando. Armando body slams him from his neck into the ground. Before the vampire can even put up a fight Armando takes a dagger out and stabs the vampire in the chest.

The vampire's body fades and disintegrates. A Final Death.

“Look at me.”

Armando is in my face. He slaps me a few times. I'm just looking at the blood on the streets. I'm looking at the panicked guards running towards the city walls. Then I stare at the girl who has stopped moving on the side of the street. She's a student. It could have been me or someone I knew. She just stops moving and her body is corroding.

“She's dead...she's...”

I swallow my spit. Seeing someone get poisoned one time was one thing. Seeing someone murdered right in front of my face for the first time in my life was another. I was scared, confused and anxious. Was this the end? Were the rogues going to kill us all?

“Listen to me,” Armando says, “Take this. Remember what you learned in class. Ok? Stay close. Ok? Santos. Santos! Look at me!”

I look at Armando. He looked like someone around my age but he wasn't. It was hard to remember that he was more mature than I was even with him wearing his uniform.

“I'm listening,” I finally respond.

My mouth is dry. There is a horn blowing in the sky. Screams are in the distance. Whose screaming? Who the fuck is screaming like that? And why?

“Follow me.”

I chase after Armando through the streets. I'm trying to move as fast as I can but it's nothing compared to Armando. His legs knows these streets a lot more than I do. I've spent so much time in the school that none of this is really familiar to me. We head down a back alley and jump over a few cars. Armando goes on ahead after we leave the back alley to see if it's clear than signals me to follow after him. More guards on this next street but I don't see any other rogues. I wonder if that means that the guards have been able to hold the rogues down. A firetruck zooms past me onto the streets of the vampire city. I don't see a fire but I can smell it. There is smoke in the air. Smoke and blood.

Armando screams out again for me to pay attention.

I follow behind him. We head up going into a building. Armando has the key for the building. When we get in the building I see a couple of people hiding out. They look like families but the more I see them the more I realize I have no idea who the parents are and who the children are. It's strange really the vampire culture. Your parents can look younger than you. That's almost the case with Armando and I. You would think we were brothers instead of father and son.

“What is this?” I ask him when we step into the elevator, “Where are we going?”

“You don't trust me?” he asks.

I don't answer him. This whole time this man knew he was my father and he didn't fucking tell me a damn thing. Now he was asking if I trusted him. I didn't know the answer to that.

“Where are we going Captain?” I ask him.

“Somewhere safe we are going to my apartment.”

I don't know why I just assumed like an idiot that Armando had a room at the school. He was always at the goddam school so I just assumed he stayed there. As we get up to the top floor I realize it looks like a penthouse. When the elevator opens we are right in his apartment without having to use an additional door. I'm assuming the key he used in the elevator gave him permission to access this floor.

“Closed off much?” I ask.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he responds walking in.

The place is definitely a bachelor's pad. There isn't much design. It's minimal but clean. It has a modern feel to it. There are sleek gray tones and hints of black or white but nothing too fancy. It is an open loft style apartment. As I walk in, I notice the huge windows that take up the north side of the apartment letting in the beautiful reddish Eden sky.

I walk over to the windows and look outside hoping that I can see any evidence of the attack. I don't see much but except some smoke from a building in the distance. It's at the edge of Eden right before the big wall and the forest in the distance begins. I don't see much beyond the tall trees but I'm assuming that is where the attack is coming from.

“You should get away from the walls,” a voice says.

I turn quickly because I'm shocked that the person talking to me isn't Armando. Armando isn't alone in his apartment. Milan is there. I look at Armando who is still standing by the elevator.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I ask.

It's strange as fuck to see Milan here of all places. He is looking over at me with a worried look and for a moment I see the old Milan that I used to know, not the one who barely pays me any fucking attention. Milan takes a few steps towards me probably wanting me to get away from the windows but I use his advance to clear the windows anyway. I'm standing in the middle of the floor and I just feel awkward. I stare over to Armando.

“He's here to protect you,” Armando explains, “I have to go back out there. I'm the captain of the guard.”

“You don't think I would have been safer with Nero?” I ask, “You get a student to protect me with all the guards that you have?”

It just doesn't make sense. Milan was ok in class. Sometimes he was good, sometimes he was bad. I didn't think he would be anyone's fucking protector though. He needed help just like the rest of us.

“I don't trust any of these people with you,” Armando explains.

For a moment I forget I see the attractive young guy that all the girls go crazy over and I actually imagine him being a concerned father. Thinking of Armando as my father though is still fucking with my head.

“So Milan? I don't get it...” I argue.

“I don't have time to explain. Milan don't let anyone in,” Armando orders him.

Milan nods at Armando. He does it in a way that just seems strange. I'm so confused on why Milan is taking orders from my father like this. Why isn't he in the school with the other students? Is this where he went to hide when he was disappearing all the time.

I don’t want to sit there and worry about Milan but then I realize Armando has called the elevator. He walks in the elevator and for a moment I'm worried. I don't know why. I'm just chasing after the elevator at that moment with a fear in my eyes.

“Wait...you aren't going back out there,” I tell Armando.

Armando shakes his head, “I have to. You'll be safe here.”

I shake my head, “Fuck no I won't be safe. I'm your son. You have to stay with me. There's so much I have to ask you. There's so much that...”

I'm desperate. I sound desperate as fuck. I don't know why all of a sudden Armando finds this amusing. He smiles at me with one of those random smiles you rarely see from him.

“I'll be back,” Armando tells me before adding, “We can talk...”

I stare at the elevator until it closes. I know I sound stupid worrying about a man that had abandoned me a long time ago. Truth is even though I said I didn't want any of the answers about why he did what he did I really do. What if he doesn't come back? Even after Armando leaves again I'm just staring at the door upset and worried.

“He'll be back. He's the best fighter in Eden,” Milan tells me.

He walks up behind me. He stands there for a second. Milan is tall and thin. His body casts a shadow over mine. He isn't wearing gold which I think is even more weird. He looks at me with a concerned look at that moment when I cross my arms.

“Why are you here?” I ask him.

“Your father asked me to be here,” Milan responds, “To protect you. He just said it. Right.”

“You know he's my father?” I ask.

Milan gets quiet. It's clear he's had a slip up that he doesn't expect he should have said. He gets real still at that moment and I'm suspicious as fuck. Why the fuck is Milan here honestly and if my father was trying to keep our relationship a secret then why tell Milan of all people? Him being here just doesn't make any fucking sense.

And why the FUCK did Armando think Milan could protect me?

“I've said too much already,” he responds.

“You fucking my father too aren't you?” I respond, “Oh...my...FUCKING...God.”

I start towards the elevator. I can't take this. I can't fucking take my whore ass ex-boyfriend sleeping with everyone. It's the only reason that can explain why he is at my father's apartment. I don't know any other reason. Milan should be at school with the other students. Instead he knows my father's secrets and he's in his fucking apartment. Oh, hell no.

“Where are you going? I'm not having sex with your father,” Milan responds, “You can relax. I'm probably the only person in Eden that doesn't want to fuck Armando.”

“Then why are you here. And I don't want no bullshit about you protecting me. You are the one person I can never figure out Milan and this just adds to it. So either you tell me what the fuck you're doing here or I'm leaving.”

Milan is struggling.

He looks at me for a minute. There is sweat running down his forehead. He's nervous. His long thin fingers wipe the sweat from his forehead. He looks down at me below him in the way he always used to do back in the day when I used to question him. Just like back in the day it gives me a Napoleon complex. Even though he's so much taller than me, he still makes me feel big as fuck.

“I can't tell you,” he responds after a long wait, “I've already said too much.”

“You ain't say shit,” I respond, “I'm out.”

I head to the elevator.

“Stop. Wait. Ok. I've been working with your dad.”


“I'm not a student. Not like the rest of you guys. I mean I am but...I'm not. Like I'm a plant by your father. He found me when I was young. I had no family. I had no one. Your father offered to make me an immortal if I watched over you.”

“Before I became a vampire?” I ask.

He nods, “Yes.”

“Before you became a vampire?” I ask.

He nods again, “Yes. Armando just wanted to make sure you were always safe. You and I began to get too close and too serious so Armando pulled me out of the mission.”

“Mission? Yo---yo---yo.”

I'm emotional. I can't believe I'm real emotional right now. I want to take a swing at Milan. Milan is telling me this shit like it's nothing. I can't take standing next to him right now. Right now I'm beyond pissed. I walk towards the elevator and he tries to stop me by putting his arm around my wrist. I snap my wrist back so hard that it sends Milan's huge body crashing on the ground in front of me. I step over him and make my way to the elevator. So much for Milan being the one who was going to protect me.

I'm in the elevator now. I'm heading down. Milan is right in there with me before I get the chance to stop him.

“Yo chill out. Seriously,” Milan replies, “Let's go back up.”

“Fuck you.”

“Can you stop being extra right now?” Milan asks me.

“You just told me that our whole relationship was my father sending you on a mission? In return to be a vampire you were going to pretend to like me---for years?”

“I never pretended,” Milan responded, “It was real. Why do you think he pulled me out?”

“Now I get how it was so convenient that you returned when you did,” I explain, “You were watching me even after you left...weren't you.”

“Yes, but he wanted me to watch you from a distance instead of how we were...”

“You mean how we were in a relationship?”

Milan nods. He's acting like this shit is hard for him. This shit is hard for me. I can't believe Armando was doing all this shit. Armando didn't just show up to Raul's apartment. He didn't track me. He came because he knew who I was. Armando knew everything all along. The worst part of it all was this thing with Milan. This thing with Milan I just couldn't take. I couldn't take another FAKE ass relationship after dealing with all the bullshit with Nero.

“My feelings were real but the situation was that I had to watch you until you came of age to become a vampire...for your father. In return for my years of service he made me into a vampire.”

“And Raul?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were in love with Raul the whole fucking time weren't you? You were pretending with me but all the while you really loved Raul.”

“I don't love Raul...what the fuck?”


We are on the bottom floor. I can't take anymore of Milan. I don't care if it was World War 3 outside of these doors. I didn't give a fuck. I storm right back out into the street. Luckily there doesn't seem as much chaos as it was in the streets before.

I look up into the sky at the tall buildings trying to find my way back to the school. I didn't want to be around Armando's plotting ass and I definitely didn't want to be around Milan. These were the two men in my life who abandoned me and left me with all the fucking issues that I had yet they'd been working together all along.

Fuck them.

“Raul is complicated,” he says before trying to stop me, “Santos. Santos where you going?”

“I'm going to find the only positive person in my life.”

“You talking about Prince Charming?”

“Yo shut the fuck up and stop following me.”

I make my way through the streets. It's pretty much a ghost town right now. There isn't the chaos that I saw earlier. Everything has calmed down. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I can't really tell.

“I can't do that. Your father gave me orders,” he responds.

“I'm a vampire now. I'm in Eden. You don't have to keep spying on me. Isn't that what you've been doing this whole time in class. Spying on me.”

“Not just you,” Milan explains, “There is a traitor in Class O. Your father wants me to figure out who that person is. Why are you so mad at me?”

If Milan didn't understand why I was mad at him I had no desire to explain it to him. I continue walking this time as fast as I can. I am back at the school before I know it. As I walk into the main hall of the school I hear an announcement on the television in the lobby of the school. A bunch of students are gathered around in the lobby. It's talking about everything that has happened.

A news reporter announces: “After a 3 hour ordeal it seems like a group of militant rogues have finally been apprehended. The group burned down the Eden Library and attacked local businesses through the streets. King Arie plans to address the city at 8 o clock pm. Officials at the King's Guard estimate that as of right now the death toll stands at around 100. Official have not yet commented on how rogues found the entrance to Eden. Even though there seems to be no immediate threat, Captain Armando of the King's Guard has sent a message telling citizens to be calm, stay indoors and stay safe for the remainder of the night.”

I watch on the screen Armando, my father, being interviewed by news reporters repeating the message to people. He's backed by other officials in their uniforms. They all seem to have bloody stakes hanging from their buckles. They are calm and settled. If this is the first time they encountered something like this you can't really tell. As I look around the school though students seem shaken. A group of A types are crying on the staircases. Dean Caesarian is on the loudspeaker telling everyone to return to their dormitories of their blood type for the remainder of the night.

“I just sent a text to your father and let him know we're back at the dorms,” Milan explains to me as though I give a fuck.

Milan has a cellphone too. I'm not surprised. I hadn't seen a cellphone since I came to Eden but Milan seems to be full of secrets. It's getting really annoying actually all the shit that he and my father have been hiding from me. The fact that Milan keeps acknowledging Armando as my father like that is really starting to bug me too.

“Can you stop calling him that and can you leave me alone? I don't need your protection,” I respond.

“He is your father and I'll always protect you.”

I'm so angry with Milan that the words just come out before I can really think about the implication, “I got a real man for that now.”

I might as well have hauled back and slapped the fuck out of Milan. At first I regret it. This doesn't sound like something Santos would really say. However when I see just how pissed Milan gets when I say it I want to pat myself on the back. Maybe I learned something from Lucca and Camilla after all.

“A real man?” he responds, “What happens when Nero stops looking the way he looks. Would you still be into him?”

“He's a vampire. He'll look like that forever. Nice try though.”

I'm walking away but he grabs my arms.

“That's not even your fucking type.”

“Nero is everyone's type. Just admit it Milan, you're mad as fuck.”

“I can't take this anymore,” he responds, “I can't do it anymore.”

“Do what?”

“THIS. ALL of this lying. All of this sneaking around,” He responds, “I don't want you with him. I don't want to keep pretending like I'm ok with it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I love you. Only you,” Milan tells me at that moment, “I don’t love Raul...and I never will...”

Just at that moment I see Raul. Raul's not alone. He's with Nero and Nero's bodyguard Sinclair. They just walked back into the school and are staring at me. The look on Raul's face tells me that he heard everything that Milan just said.

At that moment I have to admit I feel heartbroken for Raul. I mean sure, Raul was my best friend and sure he was the one who cheated with my boyfriend but I wasn't looking for revenge. Him hearing loud and clear how Milan really felt about me just seemed to rip out his heart. What's worse is Milan's complete disregard for Raul. Raul turns around and runs away. It's probably the most dramatic thing I'd ever seen in my life and my heart is broken.

The funny thing is Milan barely notices. Just a few hours ago I'd seen Milan all over Raul and now he barely seemed to give a fuck that Raul was gone.

When Raul leaves the lobby of the school it's only Prince Nero and his bodyguard standing there looking on at us.

“You not going to chase after your boyfriend bro?” Nero asks.

Nero heard what Milan said to me as well. I don't think he's going to trip out but just a couple hours ago Nero and I had sex.

Milan doesn't seem interested, “He'll be ok. I was having a conversation if you don't mind.”

Milan steps in front of the prince with complete disregard. He could care less that it's Nero. Matter of fact I think Milan is acting like this to spite Nero.

“Milan, you're fucking heartless...” I respond.

“No my heart is just already taken by someone else. There's a difference,” Milan explains to me and reaches his hand out, “Can we please go talk? I have something to tell you.”

I look at Milan. This guy is serious. He is a SERIOUS playboy. He has no regrets. I have to admit. He doesn't even seem to give a fuck about what his actions entail. The day that he came back to get me he went straight to have sex with Raul. Now he was back pretending like nothing had changed between me and him. He was acting like we were back on the same page. Milan was acting like we were those two boys in love for all those years. Meanwhile he cheated on me with my fucking best friend.

“I'm good,” I respond.


“Yo---the man said he's good,” Nero states.

I look over at Nero. He's standing there and I have to admit this is one person who hasn't been flip flopping in my life. He is one person who stayed completely steady. He's been my rock. The fact that Nero is here for me right now showed me exactly where I need to be. I needed to be away from Milan's bi-polar ass and I needed to be with Nero.

Milan looks like he's hurt when I walk over to Nero. He looks like he's hurt when me and Nero walk away back towards the dorms.

Milan doesn't return to the dorm until late that night. I'm spending time with Nero on his bed. The others have all been huddled up in the dorm the entire time. Lucca and Camilla don't give Nero and me any one on one time for a while because they want to discuss how horrifying the attack was on Eden was but honestly I think they are just around for Nero to ensure them that it was safe now and everything would be fine. Nero was good at that. He was good at letting them know everything was going to be OK. Sooner or later it seems like it's enough for them and they head off to bed. I'm hoping at that point I would get some alone time with Nero but his fucking bodyguard Sinclair is standing over the bed gawking at us like he doesn't have a fucking clue. Luckily though a guard comes for Sinclair saying that Captain Armando wanted him to report in. God knows what my father wanted Sinclair to report in about. I didn't care though because it meant that Nero and I were finally alone.

And just when I think we'd get some time to talk Milan storms in. Before he comes in everyone was OK. The one person that isn't OK though is Raul. He is silent as hell and to himself. When Milan comes he doesn't acknowledge me or Nero but goes and tries to talk to Raul finally as though he has had a change of heart. A loud argument comes about though which causes Coco and Geneva to get involved.

I honestly don't want to go anywhere near it. I can only hear screaming in the next room and I think me going in the common room with them will only make it worse so I sit on my bed. Luckily Nero is there to keep me company.

“So I take it you and Milan have history?” Nero asks me.

“You guessed it?”

“I mean Lucca spilled the beans a while back but I figured you would come tell me when you felt comfortable telling me.”

Nero is there for me. He always is.

“He's the reason why I'm horrible when it comes to romance,” I explain to him, “It was always me and him. Raul was my best friend.”

“That's foul,” Nero explains before adding in an additional, “Just so you know. Not that we are in that situation. Unless we are. But I don't know if we are. But if we are. Um...what I'm saying is I wouldn't pull that shit on you.”

I laugh at Nero, “You're confused about us to huh?”

He shrugs, “You're my fake boyfriend that I lowkey kind of had a crush on since forever. So yeah, I'm confused a little bit.”

Nero smiles flashing me his perfect teeth. He is at the foot of my bed. Even though Raul is still screaming bloody murder in the next room I'm happy. I'm happy because Milan is Raul's issue now. I've found a peace of mind. I've found happiness and that happiness is here with Nero.

With Nero I don't have to worry about him being one way one day and another the next. I don't have to worry about him hiding secrets. He's an open book.

“You had a crush on me?” I ask.

Nero rolls his eyes, “Bruh. A blind man can see I liked you.”

“Guess I'm worse than blind huh?” I respond.

“You are scarred. By Milan,” he responds, “It takes all of me not to fight that man. We used to be best friends before you showed up too. I don't know if he told you. Then all of a sudden he just switches it up and starts acting like a dickhead. I guess because of you. He changes up so much man..”

“That's Milan.”

Nero shakes his head, “But that affects you. And it scares me. This whole time I've been in your face waving a flag like...hey...I'm interested...look at me...but you couldn't see it through your hurt.”

I'm sitting here looking at Nero. Looks weren't everything to me but it wasn't a secret to anyone that Nero was the more classically attractive of the two. Don't get me wrong Milan had that sleek, sexy vampire thing going on but well like Milan said, Nero looked the way he looked.

I shrug, “It wouldn't be a surprise if people just had crushes on you left and right. And when I saw you for the first time I did. But you're right. I fought it. I still fight it. Because sometimes when you get hurt that shit doesn't heal the right way. And sometimes it's just not the right time for you to move on to something else.”

“Is it the right time now?” Nero asks me.

He looks hopeful and to be honest I'm not sure if it is.

“It's going to have to be. Because I don't want to lose you.”

Nero shakes his head at that moment, “See you don't sound convinced. I want to ask you that and I want for you to answer, hell yes. You know? The pain that you have from Milan it holds you back. Do you still have feelings for him?”


“What about Armando?”

Oh god. Not this again.

“Nero. No.”

Nero smiles, “I just had to ask. The guy came and slung you over his shoulders like his name was Tarzan. These fucking guards got no finesse...”

He laughs.

“And I bet you do huh?”

He leans up close to me, “You tell me...”

He kisses me. Soft at first and then harder the next time. Supposedly this wasn't a guy who had dated a lot but he knew exactly what to say. He knew exactly what to do. He knew exactly how to make things sexy. And it worked each and every time.

“Fuck yeah...you got finesse...”

After kissing me a third time he licks his lips and squints at me, “In all seriousness though, I'll wait for you. No matter how long it takes for you to get over that bum ass dude. No matter how long it takes. I'll wait. You hear me?”

I nod. He gets up at that moment.

“Whoa...where you going?” I ask him.

“I'm going to my bed.”

“Are you for real?” I ask raising an eyebrow, “What if the media gets a hold of the fact that we aren't sleeping in the same bed anymore? What will they say? All these people counting on us. The children. You have to think about the children!”

He smiles, “Oh dam. You right, we'll have to put on a good performance for them then. Huh, fake boyfriend?”

I nod and smile, “Of course.”

It feels perfect when Nero comes and lays next to me. This time I don't stop him from cuddling up next to me. We had the wild sex already and I was wondering if it would just end at that, but clearly there was something else here. Clearly it was more than just wild sex on the locker room floor. I was feeling something for Nero and I was liking every minute of it.

And when I sleep in his arms I don't have any dreams and not having any dreams for me is a good thing.

“Wake up.”


“Santos...wake up.”

The person next to me is whispering. I open my eyes and see Milan. He's standing over my bunk bed. Lucca sleeps on the top bunk and Nero is cuddled up with me on this tiny ass twin size bed. Milan looks at Nero's arm wrapped up around me.

I am so confused as to why the fuck Milan is waking me up at this time of night. It has to be the middle of the night. Even Sinclair is asleep when he should probably be standing guard. Not much of a bodyguard if you ask me. He is asleep standing up not too far from Nero and I. I wonder how Sinclair reacted when he saw Nero and I cuddled up when he returned. It's probably the same look of annoyance that Milan is giving me right now.

Milan puts a finger to his mouth motioning me to be silent and then motions for me to follow him.

I'm beyond confused and anxious but I unravel Nero's arm from under me. Luckily Nero seems like a heavy sleeper and he turns without waking up.

I follow Milan out into the hallway at that moment.

As soon as I get in the hallway I can't help but to go off on him, “Milan, have you fucking lost it? I'm asleep with my fucking boyfriend. You trying to ruin my relationship or something.”

“That would be nice, but no. I'm not trying to ruin your relationship,” he responds, “I just can't hide this from you anymore. If you and Nero start getting serious...I at least want a fighting chance. And I can't have a fighting chance if I'm hiding anything.”

“Hiding what”

“You know how I told you that I've been watching you since you were younger. I was sent on a mission from your father?” Milan asks me, “Well I wasn't the only one.”

I shrug, “Can't we have this conversation tomorrow.”

He shakes his head, “No we can't.”

“Milan spit it out.”

“Well first off. My name isn't Milan,” he responds.

My mouth drops open. Jesus Christ.

Just at that moment someone comes out of the shadows. Someone just walks straight at out the shadows of the hallway as though waiting for me. A second person who looks exactly like Milan walks up.

“I'm Milan.”

My heart races.


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Hold my fucking mule.
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I'm so sick of Milan with all his lies and secrets
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Please don't take long posting another chapter
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Omg i have suspected that it might have been two of them due to their different personalities but kept it to myself though. Santos probably going out his mind right... More secrets, lies, and definitely questions.
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Biiiiiiiiiitchhhhhhhhh i think i just died and came back
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did not see that coming lol keep it up
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Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! I be waiting for this story all day!!!!!!!!! I luv your writing and I don't care I'm team nero

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