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Chapter 8

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“Calm down!”

There is a reason Armando is telling me to calm down. He just broke the news that he is my fucking father. I am thrashing around the room in an attempt to get away from him. A part of me doesn't want to believe him. The other part of me feels sick to my stomach because it all kind of makes sense deep in my mind.

“Get the FUCK off of me!” my voice is hoarse and unrecognizable.

He doesn't let me go. He's strong and that hidden strength that I had before doesn't seem to be coming to save me. It's the opposite. I'm weak as fuck and instead of fighting Armando off I fall into his muscular arms and let him hold me up.

My legs are weak.

“We are the lucky ones,” He tells me, “Your mother used to sing that to you all the time when you were a kid. You remember, don't you. You were just 5 the last time I saw you.”
I attempt to push away from Armando but he doesn't let me go. He begins to hum these fucking lyrics and the more he sings the song the more I realize this shit could be real. And what's sick about this is the fact that I was attracted to Armando. Worse...I wanted to be with Armando and I acted out on it. I kissed him. I kissed him hoping that he would fucking kiss me back.

When he lets go I am pressed up against the side of the wall and I can't bear to look at him. I stare at the floor as though it's the most interesting thing in the world.

“You're lying.”

I don't think he is. I know he isn't actually, but that's the only thing I can say right now that would help me save face that I just tried to kiss this dude.

“I'm not as old as I look,” he explains, “Vampires stop aging when they are bit. You know this. You'll look like that forever. I'll look like this forever. That's how it is. You know that.”

He's young. He's attractive. He's more than attractive. He's one of the sexiest vampires in Eden and everyone fucking knows that.

“This has to be some sort of joke,” I tell him.

He crosses his arms, “We named you Santos. You look just like her. It's hard to look at you. How can you think you repulse me. You're the most beautiful thing in the world to me.”

“And if you are my father then wouldn't that mean you left me?”

My eyes are solid right now. All of a sudden I'm looking directly at Armando. If he is my father I don't get anything from him save my skin tone. He's way more handsome than I am. I feel like I look like a child. My eyes are too big. My ears are too small. My lips are too thin. My head is too big. Armando looks just like the actor Miguel Gomez except he has these perfect curls on the top of his forehead that seemed perfected like only a vampire could.

“I had no choice,” Armando tells me.

“Well I have a choice and I choose not to listen to this bullshit.”

I start walking off at that moment. I am halfway out of the room when Armando runs at me. He grabs me with a speed that only a vampire can have. I'm standing there looking at him. There is a passion in his eye but I know there is one in mine as well. I don't want him to touch me. I don't want him to explain his side of the story. My whole life I was raised in a fucking hell hole.

“Can you please let me explain?”

“Would it make me feel any better? Honestly?” I ask him.
He shakes his head. Even if he is my father he is Armando and even if this is the most emotion he's ever shown it's still now a lot. He's calculating right now. He's thinking about the answer. Every second that passes he seems to be turning back into his old role as the Captain of the Guard.

“No Santos. It won't make you feel any better.”

“Then I don't want to fucking hear your fucking excuse.”

Armando crosses his arms.

“I have none. In the end...I abandoned you,” Armando explains to me, “I left you. I thought it was for the better but it wasn't. It was me making a young mistake. I was attempting to save you from this vampire life and in the end it didn't matter. You're here now anyway.”

“Well then it's decided. Right. It doesn't matter. Right?” I ask.

I would have expected I'd be emotional if I ever met my real parents. I guess this was just half of it but I am not emotional. There is a coldness that comes over me. A part of me wants to go into Armando's arms and cry and throw a tantrum. I don't do it though. I turn to the door. I'm eager to leave. Fuck Armando.

Armando instead is the emotional one. His eyes seem heavy and burdened when he asks me, “Is there a chance we can build anything...anything at all...”


He nods. He turns away from me. I wonder if he is crying but I don't care enough to check it out. I don't care enough to even stay in this room any longer. The only thing keeping me in this room is the fact that Armando is the Captain of the Guard.

His voice quivers, “I understand.”

Yes. Armando is crying. As cold as he is I know that this can't be a trick. Either this man is completely crazy or he really is my father. Armando didn't seem like the crazy type either.

“Am I free to go Captain?” I ask him.

“Yes,” he replies before quickly adding, “You won't tell anyone about what happened here to tonight Mr. Santos.”

He isn't asking.

As I make my way back to the dorms I realize that Armando didn't stop me from leaving that second time. I didn't want him to and I didn't want to hear the explanation he had. Still I don't get why I'm so fucking sad. I feel like a victim again. The boy whose father left him. I find myself struggling to even believe that he is my father.

But if Armando is. What difference would it make?

Would he teach me how to play catch now?

Would he teach me how to ride a bike?

Would he teach me what it took to be a man?

It's a little too late for all of his shit so I shake off the thought almost completely by the time I get back to the dorms. I am living a new life now. I don't care if he is my father. I don't care to know what happened to my mother. I push all of that shit to the back of my mind because I don't see how it's going to affect my life now.
“How was it?”

I'm not surprised when I get back to the dorm and the first people to see me are Lucca and Camilla. They must have been waiting by the door.

“Get the hell out of my way,” I respond to them.

I make my way to my bed. I lay down on my bed at that moment. I'm not emotional. That isn't the problem. I'm just over it all. I'm over this place. I was better off in Harlem. Raul and Milan were rubbing their relationship in their face, Nero probably hated me, Geneva was jealous of me, we had a traitor running around, the Dean of the school and his daughter were plotting against me, I was failing and now on TOP of all of that I'd just kissed a guy who was convinced he was my father.

Yes. I was over it.

“We heard what happened,” Camilla states, “Don't let them get to you. Sure Nero may be over you but I'm sure Armando...”

“The two of you better SHUT the fuck up right now,” I respond, “And leave me alone. I listened to you two idiots and now my life is ruined.”

My voice is angry. However Camilla and Lucca decide to leave me alone. They must get it. I wouldn't have pursued Armando if it weren't for them. I wouldn't have kissed him. Nero wouldn't have caught me. Armando probably wouldn't have told me that he was my father.

I would have been happy still.

I am realizing. I don't have any friends here. I don't have anyone that I want to be around. Eden is worse than Spanish Harlem. Paradise is hell.
I'm woken up by Lucca the next morning.

“The prince wants to talk,” he said.

“To me?”

“To all of us.”

I'm confused at that moment. I don't even have a chance to shower or brush my teeth before I'm pulled into the common area. The others are sitting around waiting. I see Nero standing by the window. He's talking to a guy. The guy is cute. I have to admit. I don't like how close the guy is to Nero either.

“Whose that?” I ask Lucca.

Lucca crosses his arms, “Nero's personal guard. Supposedly his father only let him back in Class O if he took on a personal guard.”

“Also happens to be sexy as fuck...” Camilla adds in.

Lucca elbows Camilla to shut her up. She's right. Nero's personal guard is handsome as hell. He's a black guy. He's about Nero's height. He has dark skin but bright eyes just like Nero. They actually look good together. The guy has a bald head. He looks in his early 20s. He isn't my type personally. He seems too much of a pretty boy. He looks like he gets his eyebrows waxed and he's a little too pretty. I don't expect this from the King's guard. I'm assuming all of them were manly men like Armando. This guy isn't Armando though. He's the opposite of Armando.

“Armando personally picked him,” Lucca whispers in my right ear, “That's the same guard who had an interview a few weeks ago saying how attractive Nero was. Now why would Armando choose a guard for Nero who had a crush on him?

Camilla is in my other ear, “Armando's playing the game. Just like everyone else.”
I roll my eyes at that moment. I cannot deal with the two devils on my shoulders right now. It's entirely too early and after listening to them about Armando I completely embarrassed myself. I stand up and take a seat away from those two. I can't take too much of their plotting and bullshit. Not today at least. I can see their eyes staring at me as I leave.

I take a seat across the room away from everyone else. I'm alone. Just the way that I want it.

Milan walks into the room after the rest of class O is there. He doesn't give me even the slightest look but takes a seat next to Raul. He puts his arm over Raul's shoulder. I roll my eyes. Yes. This was definitely hell.

“What'd I miss?” Milan asks, “What's this house meeting about?”

Nero is there, “You seem to miss a lot when it's most important.”

“I'm don't get into the drama,” Milan states.

There is a tension between the two. I just roll my eyes though. I can't take Milan sometimes. Sometimes he's the most humble person in the world and then other times he's just the opposite. I can't take his bi-polar reactions today. Everything is getting on my nerves today. I cross my arms and look at Nero. He's dressed in gold. He looks amazing. Everyone but him is getting on my nerves today.

I realize Nero also is avoiding eye contact with me. He stands in the front of the room. His guard is by his side.

“I'd like to introduce all of you to Sinclair,” Nero explains about his guard, “Captain Armando has assigned him to protect all of us. He'll be staying here in the dorms with us.”

“You mean to protect you?” Milan corrects Nero.

Nero ignores him, “I gathered all of you here to talk about yesterday...last night in particular.”
I know Nero is talking about me kissing Armando. I knew this was going to have to come up. I can tell even more when I look over at Coco. A smile spreads across her cheek. Geneva and Raul also seem a little excited about this. I guess I could see it coming a mile away. I don't blame Nero. Why continue to have this fake fucking relationship when I can't keep my hands to myself.

“I'm sorry you had to see that,” Coco explains, “It was never my intention to see you hurt Nero but I think it's for the best.”

I sigh a little bit. I want to run out of the room from embarrassment.

Milan raises his hand, “Wait...I'm lost. What happened last night?”

There is an awkwardness in the room. I'd expect Raul to tell him but Raul just looks awkward. Geneva is crossing her arms. The ring leader of the haters is Coco though and I realize when the other two aren't pouncing to tell him that Coco wouldn't waste any time.

“It was the worst,” Coco explains dramatically, “Santos was caught kissing Armando.”

“No wonder why he's still here,” Geneva adds abruptly, “Especially with his grades.”

Milan raises an eyebrow. That's all. He looks over at me. He doesn't seem upset like I think he would be. Milan doesn't seem jealous. At that moment, he just seems...interested. That is the only way I can describe it. I'm not necessarily shocked though. This is Milan and he does have a million personalities.

I want to defend myself but there is no excuse. I sit there and take it. They got the better of me. Coco, Geneva and Raul got the upper hand.

They won.

I was beyond embarrassed. I was beyond defeated. I was sitting there drenched in my own sweat. And the worst part of this moment was Nero. Nero was looking down and he was embarrassed too. Fake relationship or not, I shouldn't have embarrassed him in front of all those people.

“Can we get this over with?” I ask Nero.

He still hasn't looked over at me. He's not even acknowledging me.

Coco stands up and looks over at me, “I wouldn't be in such a rush. You know what will happen when people find out you cheated on Nero? You'll be hated in Eden. The golden child will finally be revealed for who he is.”
She's trying to get underneath my skin. It would be easy to let her too. I mean she's won. This was what she wanted ever since Nero ignored her for me. There is a look of satisfaction in Coco's eyes. You would think she just won a fucking Oscar or something like that. I can't help to feel the pain in my stomach. How could someone who didn't even know me spend so much time and energy in an attempt to take me down. What was worse was that she had help now. Her, Geneva and Raul had all gathered because they had one thing in common.

They all wanted me away from the men they were interested in.

And in a way...they all succeeded.

“I understand,” I respond, defeated, getting up at that moment, “Are we done here?”
It's hard to save face. I dust myself off. I'm trying to leave this room with any dignity that I have left. It's not every day that people plot against you and try to rub it in your face. Coco's eager smile is something that I can't deny. She wants to see me crackle and cry. I can at least not give her that. I can at least go find a corner to soak in my misery without her seeing me.

“Sit,” Nero orders me.

Great. I can't even be miserable in peace. There is a forcefulness about Nero. He usually treats us all equal and seems to hide the fact that he is royalty. Today is different though. He has that royal regard written all over him. I have no choice but to go ahead and take a seat. The others are looking at me. They are looking for reaction. I wonder if they want me to break down or cry or maybe go off on Coco. They make thing I'll just try to beg Nero for forgiveness. A part of me wants to do all of those things.

Nero doesn't give me the chance though. He is looking at Coco when he says, “I don't want anyone to go to the media about what happened.”


Coco damn near jumps out of her skin, “Why are you protecting him?”

“I'm not protecting anyone,” Nero explains, “I'm going to go to the media in a few days. I'll let them know Santos and I mutually parted ways due to some differences but we still love each other and will continue to be friends.”
“Nero...” Coco states.

“I've talked to my father about this,” Nero explains, “If any of you sell out Santos to the media...you will be exiled from Eden.”

My mouth drops open. Everyone is shocked. Coco is the dramatic of course. She is standing there with her mouth open. She doesn't understand why Nero has my back. To be honest I don't understand why Nero has my back either. It would be easy for him to just go out there and throw me under the bus. I played him. Why the fuck wasn't he getting his revenge?

With that Nero dismisses everyone. I follow close behind him. I don't get that close before I'm stopped by this Sinclair dude.

Sinclair puts his heavy hand on my chest.

“Get your fucking hands off of me,” I tell him.

I'm shocked by the fact that he is stopping me. Sinclair looks over at Nero. Nero nods as though letting him know it's ok for me to approach him. Was this how it was always going to be like just to talk to Nero now? I had to go through a fucking guard?

“What is it?” Nero asks.

He seems distant. He isn't looking at me with those interested eyes that he's always used. His eyes aren't lighting up like before. Right now his eyes are dim. They seem far away.

“Nero I'm sorry,” I explain to him, “I want to tell you that I'm sorry for what I did. It was a mistake and just to let you know that honestly nothing...less than nothing is happening between Armando and I.”

“Right...” he responds as though he doesn't believe me, “Anything else?”

“You're upset,” I realize.

“Is there anything else that you need Santos?” Nero asks me, “I have to get ready for class.”

It kind of hurts to see Nero acting like this. He's acting distant. Before he left it was hard to get Nero not to pay me attention and now he was acting like I didn't fucking exist. I had to admit that it hurt to feel Nero acting like this to me. I shake my head at that moment. I can't stand it.

“Why are you protecting me?” I ask him.
“I remember how excited people were to find out that you and I were together. You probably didn't see it because you were so caught up in school. I remember how much of a big deal it was when we did that press conference. Supposedly people weren't used to me being with anyone. The fact however that me being with someone was a nice distraction for Eden. They weren't worried about the rogue vampires as much. They had lost themselves in this fantasy. That was the whole point of this thing we called a relationship. I'd given the people a distraction from their fear. I don't want to let go of their fantasy so quickly.”

Nero isn't thinking about me. Nero is thinking about his city. He's thinking about all the people that are depending on him. Today is definitely the day that I realize that Nero isn't just an annoying boy with a sexy body that I hate being attracted to. He is a prince.

“So is it all duty?” I ask, “Because that day we danced---”

“Clearly you showed me that meant nothing,” Nero responds to me sharply before adding, “And you were probably right. So lets do this. Stay away from me and I'll stay away from you. I'll let the media know that it's over soon.”

“Nero please...”

Sinclair butts in almost immediately, “Prince Nero...you'll be late for class.”

Nero nods. He gives me a second a look but doesn't say anything. With that he just walks out of the room and for a moment I'm afraid that Nero is walking out of my life...forever.

The following weeks go by like a pain. Nero is ignoring me. He's more than ignoring me. He's going out of his way to avoid me. And for the first time I start realizing that I miss him. It's crazy how you don't realize what you have until what you have isn't for you anymore. I attempted to talk to him a couple of times but his new fucking guard Sinclair goes everywhere Nero. Even if I do attempt to have a small conversation with Nero...Sinclair is there blocking every single attempt. It's almost like...like he's doing the shit on the purpose. I mean he's around to protect Nero not to stop Nero from talking to other people.

“You going to stare a hole in that boy's head,” a voice said.

It's almost three weeks after Nero has stopped talking to me. It's November. Luckily it doesn't get cold in Eden. Thanksgiving is coming up. I've never really had family so I guess it's pointless to care about Thanksgiving at all. The person that I spent Thanksgiving with year after year was Raul and his foster family. Raul always made sure I had a plate. The memories of my friendship with Raul were coming back heavy now that the holidays were coming back.

I wonder if that's the reason that he comes up to me now. We are in the locker rooms. He approaches me out of nowhere. Milan isn't around, but Nero is. Nero is on the other side of the locker room. He doesn't have a shirt on.

“I don't know what you're talking about,” I respond.

Raul sits next to me on the bench, “For the past three weeks you spend every moment you can staring at Nero. I know we aren't on the best of terms right now but we've known each other most of our lives. You can't hide shit from me.”

“I don't need you.”

“You don't have anyone else,” he responds, “Lucca and Camilla follow you around but you ignore them. You ignore everyone but Nero.”

“Isn't this what you wanted?” I ask Raul at that moment, “You wanted to make me miserable.”

He shakes his head, “We've both made mistakes and did resentful things. I don't hate you though. And honestly I regret letting Coco bring Nero to that room.”

I look at Raul. A part of me is suspicious of him. How can you trust someone who slept with the man you loved? Regardless of how close Raul and I were in the past it didn't matter now. We weren't close anymore. We were enemies. He was spending a lot of his time with Geneva and Coco. Coco could have plotted him coming up to me in the locker rooms and talking about this.

I shake my head at Raul, “Whatever.”

“Listen. Ok. Don't talk to me. Hate me,” Raul explains, “But your personal life is starting to show. You're at the bottom of the class. I heard Coco talking about how her father was going to flunk you out of school. When you and Nero were close...you didn't have those problems.”

I look over at Nero. I've always been like this. My personal life always affected everything else. Raul knows this more than anyone. I hate to admit it but out of everyone here Raul knew me best. He knew exactly why I was acting the way that I was acting.

“I hate that I can't stop looking,” I admit to Raul.

I also hate the fact that I'm telling Raul what I'm feeling like it was old days. Nero's body is everything. He just got out of the shower. He's wrapped up in a towel. Water is dripping off of his body.

As I'm staring at Nero...I notice Sinclair. Sinclair sees me staring at Nero and immediately he stands up...walks directly in front of my view and blocks Nero's body from me.

“Ok...that guard of his is cockblocking,” Raul states.

I can't help it. I laugh a little bit because I think about how Raul and I think alike. I hate the fact that I miss having someone to confide in. I'm talking about Lucca and Camilla either. I'm not talking about people to help me plot. I'm talking about someone who actually seemed to give a fuck about my life and not because of what they could get out me.

“Isn't he?” I respond, “God they look so good together.”
I look over at Sinclair. They both have those pretty eyes. Sinclair is a little softer looking than Nero. He is a pretty boy but Nero is handsome as fuck. I don't know why I'm starting to imagine how beautiful love babies would look between the two. They both have dark skin, perfect facial structures and silver eyes. They'd probably be stunning.

Raul laughs, “You ain't ugly Santos and Nero is not dating Sinclair. That's his guard. He's dating you...”

“We aren't dating anymore. We haven't talked for three weeks,” I respond to Raul.

“So how come he hasn't told the media yet?” Raul asks.

I shrug, “Maybe he wants them to start guessing first so it isn't a shock to everyone.”

“Or maybe he isn't sure that he wants to break up with you,” Raul responds at that moment.

I shake my head. I want to believe Raul and what he's saying but I don't fully trust him. I am sitting in the locker room just wasting time. Raul is right. Day after day I've sat in this locker room by myself. The only person I talked to was Lucca from time to time and that was more Lucca talking then me. I had been keeping to myself.

“He's done with me. He spends all his time with that Sinclair guy now.”

“How about we change that?” Raul suggests.

I look at Raul and I'm a little confused, “What?”

Raul doesn't give me the chance to answer. He walks across the room at that moment. I watch as he has a panicked look on his face.

“Oh my god! Oh my god....I just heard someone in the ducts. I think someone was sneaking around or something. Like a rogue...”

I look at Raul and I have to admit that he looks convincing. My old friend always seemed to be able to sell it when he had to. He is standing there right now looking at Sinclair and Nero.

“Where?” Nero asks.

“Through the ducts. I think it's one floor up,” Raul explains.

“Prince Nero...you stay here. I'll go check it out,” Sinclair responds.

“I'll show you where it is,” Raul explains.

Just then Raul and Sinclair leave the locker rooms. This is right after class but Lucca and Milan were still out on the training floor so that left only Nero and I in the locker room. For the first time in weeks Nero and I are completely alone without Sinclair just standing around. For the first time in weeks I see Nero's eyes sneak over towards me.

At first I have this urge to look away but I don't. Nero instead quickly looks away and towards his locker. I just continue to stare at him. His body is sick. He is still in his towel. I watch as he crunches over getting underwear out of his gym bag. His gold boxer briefs are in his hand. He drops them and steps into them with his muscular athletic legs. He pulls them up and I watch hypnotized by the muscles in his legs. I see how tight his abs look even when he's crouched over. He pulls his underwear up underneath the towel. He hikes his towel up so high that I can see the beginning of his tight round ass underneath the towel.

I can't help but to get up at that moment and make my way towards the door, “It's scary huh? The possibility that rogues can be running around should scare anyone.”

Nero doesn't respond with words. He just gives a slight, “Mhmm.”

“You were right. When you told me we gave people a distraction. I kind of feel like we live in Israel you know where there is a constant threat of attack from people.”

“Is there something you want?” Nero asks me.

He turns to me. His silver eyes pierce right through me. They are mesmerizing. I'm standing near him now by the locker.

“Just making small talk,” I say.

“I'll pass,” Nero shuts me down.

He pulls up his pants at that moment. He looks heavily annoyed that I am in his space. He smells so good when I'm close to him. He smells like soap, deodorant and a subtle manly cologne. The smell drafts over me causing me to remember all the times that we were cuddled in bed together. I had been hoping not to act like I was into him then. I was hoping to pretend like it was all just fake but I missed the smell of him. I miss how it lingers on me after I'm around him so long.

“I'm sorry,” I respond as I am about to walk away.

He looks like he is about to stop me. He opens his mouth and I turn around hoping that he is about to stop me. Instead of stopping me though he just says, “I should go check on Sinclair.”

He doesn't even bother to put his gold shirt or shoes on before he makes his way to the door. He is quick walking in inhuman speed as though desperate to get out of this place all of a sudden. When he gets to the door he tries to open it but nothing happens. He just continues to pull and pull at the door but it seems to have been locked...from the outside.

Or maybe there was something on the outside jamming it.

“You ok?” I ask.

“The door is stuck,” he responds.

Tricky ass Raul. I can't help but smile.

“This school is old,” I respond, “I'm sure Sinclair and Raul will be back soon.”

Nero tries the door a couple more times before finally giving up and walking back over to the locker. When he gets back to his locker I'm staring at him again. I probably look desperate but I hate the fact that I can't take my eyes off of him. My heart is racing every time I look at him.

Nero is silent. He's not doing anything. He's just sitting on the bench looking at the lockers. I'm looking at him. I wonder if he feels my eyes on him.

“So you and Armando doing good?” Nero asks me out of nowhere.

“There is no me and Armando,” I respond.

Nero shakes his head, “C`mon bra. Everyone knows how Armando feels about you. He's probably the only reason that you are still...”

Nero stops. I know what he's going to say. He's probably right. Armando is the only reason that I'm still in the school. I'd been flunking more and more classes. Coco had been spreading rumors that Armando has been negotiating with her father so that I wouldn't be kicked out. Nero is stopping to save my feelings though. It's clear but at the same time he's completely right.

“My relationship with Armando isn't what you think it is,” I explain to him.

Not that I had a relationship with Armando. I'd been avoiding him with just as much emphasis as Nero had been avoiding me with. Armando hadn't really talked to me again about the fact that he was my father. He just left it at that.

“Then what is it?” he asks me.

I want to tell Nero so bad. I want to tell him that I did have a crush on Armando but that was never going to happen because Armando was my father.

“Complicated,” I answer.

It's the only thing I can think of and it seems to send Nero completely off the edge. All of a sudden he is back at the door pulling the knob of the locker room with all his strength to get out of here. After a few moments of realizing it's not budging he just stands there.

“Jesus fucking Christ yo---”

“Relax. It's not the worst thing in the world to be stuck in a room with me,” I say rolling my eyes.

“Yes the fuck it is,” he responds.

Nero is real blunt with it and it is like a stab to my heart.

I can't help but to laugh, “Fuck you too.”

Nero turns around quickly as soon as I say that, “We've never fucking got along. That's clear as day. You don't like me. I don't like you. We got stuck in this fake relationship but we couldn't even manage at that. So we don't need to have this small talk bullshit. OK? Sinclair will come open this door and I'll make sure we aren't in this position again.

“You sound so fucking scared,” I respond.

Nero walks over to me at that moment. He looks aggressive, “Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?”

“A prince who needs to be protected all the fucking time,” I respond rolling my eyes, “Damsel in distress. Sinclair come save me from the big bad Santos...”
I'm getting underneath his skin and I feel Nero grab me by my collar and push me up against the locker at that moment, “I'm not a fucking pussy, little boy.”

“Then why are you so fucking scared?”

“Scared of what?” he asks, “I'm a fucking man. I ain't scared of shit.”

“You're scared of me.”

He laughs. He still isn't letting me go. He still has me pinned up against the locker. It's like he's proving how strong he is right now. He's trying to prove to me that he can manhandle me and he doesn't need guards to protect him. He doesn't need to be babied like he always has.

“Right? I'm scared of the boy who is failing combat and literally lost every spar session he's been in,” Nero laughs at me rolling his eyes.

“If you weren't the prince I'd sock the shit out of you right now,” I mock him, “But we all know what happens when I do that.”

“You going to rub that shit in my face? Really Santos?” he says, “I don't make the fucking rules. Your boyfriend is the one who carries out the laws.”

“Armando is not my boyfriend. YOU are.”

“Fake boyfriend,” he corrects me, “And not for long. Once I tell the media...”

“But you haven't told the media. Have you?” I snap back at that moment, “Because you're fucking scared. Your scared of me.”

“Yo---I'm not fuckin' around with you---you little bitch! You better stop motherfucking saying that!”
I'm getting underneath his skin. Nero's fangs have retracted.

“Or what?”

I don't expect it when it happens. Nero bites into my neck. He bites into my neck almost immediately and the blood drains out of me. The feeling is...amazing. I let out a deep moan at that moment. After puncturing my neck Nero begins to drink my blood. I can feel his lips sucking at my neck. I can feel his tongue lapping up the blood. His soft tongue makes soft circles around my neck.

“You taste...so...fucking...good...” he responds, “I never tasted anything like this before.”

He keeps sucking and he's right. My dick is hard in a matter of seconds from feeling Nero sucking at my neck. Feeling his tongue against my skin is something that makes me want to nut right here and now.

In order to stop myself from nutting I push Nero. I push him harder than I think I could have. He falls to the floor hard on his back.

I jump on him immediately. I straddle his torso. My ass is resting on the top of his crotch. My fangs are out now and I'm returning the favor. The blood laps in my mouth when I hit his veins. I can feel the warmness of his blood fill my mouth. To me the blood tastes bitter but almost intoxicating. It's like alcohol.

Nero lets me drink from him. There is something sensual about it. He leans his head back. I lick at the blood as it drips from his neck. Soon I'm licking at droplets of blood that are on his adam's apple. He has a big adam's apple. It's manly as fuck. Adam's apples have always turned me on and Nero had the best one.

I'm moaning because Nero has grabbed onto my ass. He works my ass in a hard circular motion against his crotch. As I make my way back to his neck to taste his blood, he grabs me. He grabs with his left hand on my chin and directs my chin to his face. We are kissing at that moment. My tongue is in Nero's mouth. There is an exchange of the blood between us. There is so much blood lathered on our tongues. My sweet blood and his bitter blood mix together. His tongue feels so good as he shoves it down my throat.

“I hate you so much,” he's telling me.

I don't know why he says it but I don't care. I slap him hard against his face as soon as he says it. I don't care that he's the prince and I'm not allowed to hit him.

“Fuck you,” I respond to him.

For some reason that makes him more aggressive. He pulls himself up with some unbelievable strength. He flips me over so that now I'm the one with my back on the ground and he's over me. He kisses me again. He is forceful. He is hard. The kiss is strong as fuck and he bites my tongues capturing it. It's not painful. It's almost teasing in a way even though I can taste the blood coming from it once he punctures my tongue. He begins to suck the blood from my tongue, slurping at my tongue with his mouth.

“Take this shit off. Now,” he orders me with this aggressiveness.

His silver eyes are shimmering. You would think we were about to kill one another and not making love once he starts telling me to take off my basketball shorts. When I'm not going fast enough he starts ripping at them with the strength only a vampire could have. The pants rip at the seams and fall apart underneath me. I'm completely naked now.

Nero does the same shredding technique with his pants, not wasting time to unbuckle anything. His mouth leans over me and he props my feet up over his shoulders. He doesn't even brace me. The only opportunity I get to know it's coming is Nero spitting in his hand.

It's the only lube I get.

His dick enters me. He thrusts all the way in. The pain is immediate. I can feel the walls of my asshole burn and I know that I'm bleeding when Nero lowers his hands to my asshole gathers a bunch of blood from what he's produced by entering me too fast. The blood is in his hands and he licks it. It's clear that he entered me like that on purpose. He wanted me to bleed. He wanted to taste the blood from my ass.

Seeing him lick at the blood on his hands is too much. I join him. Together we are sucking at his fingers. We are sucking at the blood.

He's fucking me slow and steady.

I slap him.

He bites me.

We kiss over and over in a violent rage. Before I know it Nero's thrusts into me are getting aggressive. I'm grabbing onto his ass guiding him as my own legs are on his shoulders. His ass cheeks are fat. Every part of me wants to fuck him too but I don't want Nero to get out of me. Instead I decide to do the next best thing. I'm fingering him letting my fingers go as deep as I can. I let my fingers enter him and feel every part of his asshole.

This seems to send him over the edge.

Nero is releasing inside of me. I know because he begins to grow. His fangs come out again and he bites me one last time in the other side of my neck. Blood rains out as I feel another warm feeling of nut enter inside my ass cheeks.

After he orgasms he sucks me off until I orgasm. I'm not surprised when he lightly bites my dick and almost immediately I send strings of warm nut down Nero's throat and the sides of his face.

Afterwards we just lay there...tired on the locker room floor...drenched in cum and blood.

“What the---fuck---was that...” he asks me.

“I don't know...”

I'd never had intense sex like that...not even with Milan. This was something crazy. We are both in shock at what the fuck just occurred. It was the sexiest, nastiest, raunchiest thing I'd ever experienced in my entire life.

And I loved every single moment of it.

That's when the door opens.

It's Raul. He doesn't seem to care about the fact that we are naked, that we clearly just had sex or that we were covered in one another's bodily fluids. Raul has a look of shock in his eyes. He's looking directly at me when he says it.

I can see it almost immediately as I look into his eyes. All I can see is panic. That's exactly what it is panic.

“Santos...the rogues really are here. Guys we really are under attack...”

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Post Posted: 2015-11-17 20:13:36
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Damn, damn, damn... I need a cigarette after that performance in my mind as I was reading that chapter. What a fucking way with word my brother. Keep up the good work. Wooooo! That was a hot ass chapter there, I can't wait for the others to follow.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-17 15:06:08
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Damn that was fucking hot yo... I'm rooting for them to make it and overcome this i also hoped Santos tells Nero the truth or atleast Armando tell Nero what's going on...that bodyguard i don't like nor trust him.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-17 06:38:01
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Your way with words mmmmmmm fire chapter the sex was great hopefully they get passed this
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Post Posted: 2015-11-16 23:26:19
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This was a hot and heavy chapter maybe Santos can tell him about Armando being his father. Maybe they have a chance after all.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-16 22:56:54
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You have a way with words

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