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my bad

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I pull his head out the toilet his hair face erthing wet ass Fuck.He looks at me an mumbles i give up.I step back an look at this sexy young bitch shitty with toilet water running down his face.I lean in an licked his face with my tongue.And then gave him a deep passionate kiss.Then picked him up and kissed him as we got into the shower.I turned the water on and grab the soap and spundge and wash his entire body.I let the soap build up around his ass hole and made sure it cleaned out real good. I grab a towel and dried his curly hair and then his body.I picked him up and carried him to the bed an lotion his body down.This lil nigga was looking wore out and tied.So i pull the cover back and tucked him in bed.I turned the tv and picked up the phone and called PaPa John's and order 2 med meat lovers pizza.By time i hung the phone up i look back he was sleep.Minute later the door bell rang and i went down stairs to get the door for the pizza guy.I grab the cash and open the door to pay him.I give him the money and he hands me the pizza i go to turn but feel his hand brush across my semi hard dick.He says very fast o my bad.I look at him and say ok and close the door.Head back up stairs and wake up lil máma and start feeding him pizza.

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Post Posted: 2015-11-17 08:01:10
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WOW... AT LEAST U HADA HEART WITH HIM.... Prolix gonna finish after he rests up lol
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Post Posted: 2015-11-14 10:41:32
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you did that

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