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ripped up panties

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I ask are you sure and shé holds out her hand i move in closer.At this point she grabs my dick a little hard and say to her mami be easy.She smiles and an lift the head and start to suck it.As She sucks on the head it starts to grow.I look down at her and i see her eyes start to get big.I start to rotate my hips and feed her this dick.She start s to gag as i push more dick down her throat.Im shoven this dick i think about her baby sister i just finišh fucking hours ago.Then i think about how Tashe act so stuck up in church.She is the bitch that you speak to.And She turns her head like She is above you.The bitch that has the lil nerd boyfriend that sits on the front pue. And i got this bitch in my house sucking my dick. With rage in me i tell her to bend over and lift her dress.Shé did as i said i grab a condom and rip her parties off.Shé started to shake a lil bit.I asked her do you want me to stop? She says no daddi i také my dick and try and slide in her dripping wet pussy.But the head wouldnt even go in.I finger her she is so fucking tight.I ask are you a virgin? She says no my boyfriend fucks me a lot.I say ok and take my hand an pull both lips apart she screams an i get the head in.I start to pump She sreams some more with tears sceaming down her cheeks.I give her no mercy i start to pound her inside..SHE yells scream your hurting me please stop.I rám harder She sreams the death scream .Then i hear banging at the door saying Tasha are you ok!!! I pull my dick out and say wtf? She says oshit thats my brother.He now beating on the door yelling open the fucking door.She runs in the bath room.I go and open the door and say calm yo ass down. He yells where my sister.She calls out the bath room im using the rest room.I tell him to have a seat in the formal room.As he walks in i hear him say whats this? I walk in and he is holding his sisters ripped up panties in his hand looking at me like WTF.

Chapters :

1 . Fuck No
2 . Easy on the Eye
3 . No Control
4 . Hurt
5 . beat it
6 . clumsy feet
7 . mmm brother thinking
8 . wet wet
9 . im sorry
10 . quick release
11 . smell something
12 . screaming under the pillow
13 . second .....hole
14 . what the fuck
15 . Creammmm
16 . more Papi
17 . I can explain
18 . Pissy Dick
19 . Holy moan
20 . broke raw
21 . BGC
22 . Freak to the core
23 . flops out
24 . ripped up panties
25 . o yea
26 . im sorry
27 . i gotta shit!!!
28 . Keep on Pushing
29 . my bad
30 . caught off guard
31 . Humming bird
32 . Phone call
33 . sweating like a bitch
34 . Venting
35 . Build up
36 . her name
37 . North Carlina
38 . the kiss
39 . A baby!
40 . Ant
41 . panties
42 . softh ass
43 . Cum and slob
44 . he grabs my dick
45 . know how to use it
46 . stuttering
47 . what was i thinkng
48 . we need to talk
49 . what happen
50 . pulled over for being black
51 . Cuz
52 . Speechless
53 . slam it in her ass
54 . Blood
55 . phattiest ass
56 . The bible says
57 . return to your seat
58 . where is mom
59 . what should i do

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What the fuck do brother want?
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