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im sorry

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As I approach the kichen I see mea standing at the stove looking lost in thought.Hey mami are you ok? She turns around and runs to me and hug me real tight yelling I'm sorry for what happen. I tell her it's ok Mea shit happens.She says no no no you don't understand. Understand what Mea? She leans back and looks me in my eyes and says take me to my room and fuck me!Im caught off guard and can't beleave what I just heard.Thinking to my: self I can't do this we just met her brothers here and I'm Christian man. She looks me in my eyes and say will you? I say quick hellllll yes!!

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Post Posted: 2015-10-27 10:32:52
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Man that girl is dickmatized and so is her brother. LOL Sure would be nice if he could SLANG dick on both of them regularly without a lot of drama.

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