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clumsy feet

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This nigga Mike is going ham on that dick soft moans moving his ass in circles.I try to move in closer for a better view.As I slide threw the door my feet cross and get tangle. I try to catch my self damn I can't I hit my head on something and knocked out cold......When I open my eyes I make out this face moving away from my wet lips looking like Mike!! Then I doze off again and fall back in a deep sleep..I wake up fully this time to the smell of bacon and eggs...Mea walks in with smile and phat ass saying thank god you are up.I ask her what hell happen.She tell me I went to the bath room an then a while later Mike found you laying in the rest room pants down naked knock out. He says he think bumped your head on the sink or something.I ask her what day is this? Sunday..Ok Then Mike walk in the room with a big smile saying glade to you ok big guy!

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Post Posted: 2015-10-26 12:23:10
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lol hehe he better not have did that haha
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Post Posted: 2015-10-26 09:06:26
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got that azz tapped... that what you get for being nosey. LOL

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