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Frat Party

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Me: We going to this frat party this dude Kane invited us too.

Casey: Oh you know Kane that's my boyfriend

Me:Oh your Kane's girls friend

Casey: Yes we been together since high school. We going see if we can get married next year.

Me: Wow that's amazing I said as Nate looked at me smiling. Nate was looking at me because he have a feeling Nate into me. I don't care if he is but its cool man. Everyone was dressed and ready to go, so I talked to KJ and gave him the spare phone I have for him. He knows how to use it really well to call me if he in trouble or need anything. I still felt really bad leaving him but Jason was telling me he going be ok as I left out the door. We got in the car and Jason was driving.

Jason: Mjay you good babe

Me: Yea I'm good just a little worried

Dion: KJ in good hands bro trust me he going fall in love with Casey

Nate: Yoo these niggas ain't loyal though. They going be in a relationship for years but trying to Mack on Mjay

Me: Nate stop it he wasn't macking on me he just was recruiting me to join his fraternity.

Jason: I want see this Kane character

Dion: me too he sounds hot as everyone started to laugh . I should make him suck my dick. I love a man with power as we laughed

Nate: Let him suck it and see what Omar will do to you. Cassie your friend and you don't know Kane?

Dion: He owe me a free pass to get some head and yea I know him in just playing.

Nate: I just was going tell Jason turn around this car to get KJ. If you don't know she had a dude then that means you don't know her to good. We can't take chances with little man. These bitches in America be crazy

Me: Dam right

Jason: But wait! Nigga what you mean he owe you as we went quiet

Dion: He almost cheated with his ex boyfriend but after the head he told them stop.

Mjay: Oh no man and you sure he stop? It's was a mistake his dick getting pulled out and falling down his ex throat too huh

Dion: Naw it's cool man I know he was drunk. He say he was moaning my name and dude kept asking why he keep saying that name. I mean I forgave him because I love him

Mjay: I'm glad you too can get passed it though. You going get some head would be another wrong added

Nate: Naw it would be some type of closure . You see it don't work for most couples cause they immature. Dion get your head and bury it in the past along with the situation with Omar. When you go back start fresh and build your relationship from that point.

Me: you sound so dam experienced so why don't you be like this in a relationship

Nate: I just want fuck right now I don't want no relationship. Jason!

Jason: What up Nate

Nate: My special special boy as we laughed. Jay you know I love you right

Jason: Yea I love you too what up

Nate: I know we going to a party right but even though you might see this Kane nigga trying to hit on Mjay or any dude . Just don't react or try fight because we will get our asses beat. One we don't know how they will react to homosexuality over here and two, these frat niggas stick together . It will be a house full of them so just keep your cool and that goes for you two Mjay

Me: Wait what I do

Nate: Don't think you the only sexy one in the relationship. You know we island boys so these dudes and bitches want taste it. They love our accents over here so you know

Dion: They sure do! I mean I can hear the music right now we aren't that far away from the house.

We pulled up to the frat house and there was a lot of students there . A few of the young men that were outside that were apart of that frat were in there jackets and jeans. We found a place to park then we walked back to the front entrance. I must say there were a lot of fine ass dudes there. I just was stirring with my eyes locked in but then Jason just looked at me smiling then he said I know what you doing

Jason: So where is this Kane character as we walked through the front door.

Nate: He probably getting his dicked sucked as we started to laugh. The house were kind of dark with party lighting. We just was walking around this big ass house. It was just amazing that they get to stay in houses like this. Nate looked at me then he said you thinking about joining huh

Me: I mean looking at the house and the fun they having. They could use a little island flavor in it. We were In the kitchen getting punch

Dion: Naw fellas never drink the punch! This is guaranteed to jack you up and get you fucked literally.

Kane: He is right he said smiling behind us. He was smiling still when he said don't drink the punch. He went under the counter and got some heenessy for us to drink. He said my secret stash as he looked at me smiling. Dion what's popping brother I didn't know you knew the Bahamians

Dion: He laugh then he said I am from the Bahamas you know and these my brothers man. Family!

Kane: I always thought you was from America and just sounded funny. The mrs say she is baby sitting your friend little boy so now I'm thinking its KJ right mjay

Me: You remember his name

Kane: I remember everything be looked at me then he said so Nate and he said as he paused to wait on Jason to say his name

Jason: The names Jason bro

Kane: Nice to meet you Jason so how you guys like my humble home

Jason: It's cool and big

Kane: Thank you let me give you guys a tour. The house was packed and I can tell there were a lot of eyes watching us. We started with the front area then he took us up stairs. There were a lot of rooms and we opened one door looking on there was a full straight orgy going on. I was shocked as Kane close the door then he said this type of wild shit always happens at these parties.

Me: So do you ever get involved with this kind of thing?

Kane: He started to laugh then he said Mjay what type of guy do you think I am

Me: I'm just asking man and I don't know you got to tell me what type are you bro

Kane: Lets just says I'll try everything once but I got spy's on me everywhere. Dion could be a spy and all as they started laughing

Dion: Naw nigga you know it never like that man. As he said that this guy walked up on Kane. He was just as tall and he had a low cut with a nice Idris Alba type body. He was sexy as he I just looked at him and Jason did too.

Kane: Fellas this my main man right here my right hand Romeo

Romeo: What up fellas? We shake hands with him but it was something about him I can tell wasn't so pleasant as Kane. He looked at us then he said you guys need to grab up a few of these single honeys.

Nate: We planned to we just was getting a tour here cause Mjay and I might be pledging

Romeo: You pledging?

Me: you have a problem with that bro

Romeo: Naw I don't but you just don't look like the pledging type. He started to laugh but only him got the joke

Me: I didn't catch the joke

Romeo: It's was a joke man as he started to laugh then he said see you already taking things serious.

Me: I ain't I just was trying to catch the joke cause yours was a bit stale. When I said that the gang started to laugh and Romeo got a little mad when Kane giggle too.

Romeo: he got quiet then he said follow me fellas. He took us to a back room where it was a smaller party going on. A party within a party but this one was only Kane Romeo and a few other head members . Now out there is a party but in here is the real party

Kane: I was taking them here as he smiled. Nate just started mingling with a few ladies as Jason and I stood off drinking.

A girl came over to me in the room and she was was fly. She had that Megan Good thing about her. Another approached Jason cause you know his light skin cute ass will get attention eventually. She said her name was Leigh as she stood beside me. We started talking and she freaked over my accent. She said she loved the way I talked and I was so cute.

Leigh: Your kids are going to be very cute

Me: Speaking of kid I have to go call check on my son excuse me. I went out the room and out the back door to get some peace and quiet to call KJ phone. It ranged then he said Daddy? I said baby boy you ok?

KJ: Yes I'm ok daddy I'm just here watching cartoons. When you coming home ?

Me: In a little bit ok. Where is Dion friend

KJ: She is in the front room with some guy that just come through the door.

Me: A guy? You sure little man

KJ: Yea I'm sure daddy he said. I thought to myself Kane was staying to the party. I told KJ must stay in his room I'm coming home in few minutes.He hung up then I turned around and Kane was right there

Kane: I saw you left the room so fast I just came to make sure you good

Me: I'm good I was just checking on my son as I thought if you here then who the dude at my apartment with your girlfriend.

Kane: So you leaving you only been here a few minutes

Me: Yea in a few. I'm sorry bey I just a little worried about my kid

Kane: The guys leaving too? Nate and Dion look like they having a good time.Besides, my girl taking good care of him man. You don't have to go

Me: Yea I do cause your friend Romeo don't seem to like me very much. He to cocky for my taste

Kane: He is a hard ass and an idiot man. He don't like a lot of things like gays and white people. He just a hard ass so don't pay him no mind and hold your ground. I guess you added a new dislike to his list, islanders. We both laughed then he said Romeo left like ten minutes ago though.

Me: he left? Where he went so quickly

Kane: Yea I thought you saw him when he walked by you and old girl talking. I don't know where he went


Chapters :

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2 . Watt Pad App
3 . Orientation
4 . A Visit From An Old Friend
5 . Where Omar At?
6 . Introducing Casie
7 . Frat Party
8 . That's Not Your Man
9 . I'll Never Win
10 . Chris Mjay & Jason Thoughts
11 . Chris Meets Kane
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31 . Kane's Hood
32 . Miami Part One
33 . Miami Day One Part Two
34 . I’m back!!!

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man, these cheating ass people are sick
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Keep your work coming plzzzzzz
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Keep your work coming plzzzzzz
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Keep your work coming plzzzzzz
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Man plz keep the chapters coming !
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he better wake up Romeo is at the apartment ok....
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welcome back
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I'm glad u cane back, been missing the story
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its romeo at that house with old girl i bet
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Glad you're back... Mjay you've been a great father fuck now yo.... Go home check on kjay before some shit pops off... And Kane Dont seem worried about his girlfriend with another dude that's suspicious
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dmvredkat wrotes:
Welcome back. Ma
Mjay need to leave and go check on his son.
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Welcome back. Ma

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