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Introducing Casie

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Me: Nigga I know you aren't going to ignore us as he laughed

Dion: We broke up

Nate: What

Me: You lying

Dion: No I'm not! We broke up

Me: Why?

Dion: We decided to just test the waters a bit. He said that then he went silent eating his food. He bursted out laughing saying he was kidding. I'm just kidding my nigga. I don't have to go every where with him. He told me he was going sit this one out so he went Miami for a few days to chill with his family.

Me: You had me scared for a second. You and him been together too long to be doing shit like this.

Jason: you know he love that nigga

Dion: So what we going tonight ?

Nate: We got invited to a frat party but we don't have a baby sitter so we got to sit this one out.

Jason: Babe I can watch him while you go out with your friends you know

Dion: Great boyfriend goes to you Jason you so patient loving and caring. I still can't believe you two fought and hated each other. Now you can't keep him off your dick is funny how things work out

Me: Naw I can't do that to you he is my responsibility. Nate you take Jason and Dion with you.

Jason: What is yours , is mine and vice versa so well just stay home then.Well eat ice cream and watch movies.

Me: He leaned over the table and he kissed me on the lips. He was being so sweet. Love you and he said it back

Dion: I drove one of my girl friends down here too. Her boyfriend goes to school here I can get her to watch him.

Me: I don't know her so I don't know about that Dion. These bitches over be crazy stealing your kids and thing.

Dion: She is a great person trust me on this. You know I love him just as much as you do and won't ever put him in harms way. I will let her come over so she can meet you. You get a vibe from her and I'll ask her if she want to baby sit after you give me the ok.

Me: Ok

Dion: He called up his friend as I went in the room to check on KJ. He was eating and doing his homework

Me: Little man? He looked at me say yea daddy as he contribute to write. You ok you need any help with your homework. Let me check it make sure you doing it right

KJ: you can check it

Me: Listen? If daddy let one of Dion friends watch you while we go out for a few hours tonight. You ok with that right

KJ: Yea I'm ok with it! Is she pretty? When he said that everyone started laughing. I just looked at him and say my son is a character.

Me: You got all my numbers to call me right.

KJ: Yea I got all the numbers in my draw. I checked over his home work and they were all right. It amazes me sometimes how much he is like me but then he is different. He got my brain but at his age I was never this discipline when it come to school. It really has me excited to see what he can do when he reach college school.

Jason: Little man I brought you some ice cream. You want it ?

Kj: Please

Jason: Ok I going fix it for you right now and bring it. My phone started to ring same time and it was Chris calling

Me: Hey wassup

Chris: I'm good man I was calling to talk to little man. I want see how his first day went

Me: Cool I said as I gave the phone to KJ. When he heard Chris voice his face just light up.

KJ: Chris! When you coming over here big head he said. He just was laughing and answering Chris. He missed him I can tell. He then came and give back the phone

Me: Hello

Chris:Yea so how was your first day as he started to laugh

Me: It was good man but the dudes looking and being a little bold

Chris: You know over there dude don't care. It ain't like here in the Bahamas where you got to hide all the time. of course you got your homo phobes there but most don't care

me: Yea you right

Chris: I promise little man I'm going to come see him so one of these days I'll pop up. I suppose to go make sure the club is finished so we can have the grand opening. So after that is done ill come chill with you guys for a few days. I'll rent a car and stay in a hotel but don't tell him I'm going to surprise him alright

Me: Yea ok but how are you Chris. How the boyfriend or girlfriend

Chris: You want know if I fucking someone a. I said no but he just started to say he was joking. I'm not with anyone though just keeping to myself making money. Tell Nate and Jason hello I'll see you niggas when I pop up

Me: I will and take care yourself

Chris: You know I'm always good

I hanged up the phone from Chris and KJ was looking right at me. He said daddy why Chris don't be around all the time anymore. He put his head down then he said i miss him.

Me: I didn't know what to say but I just said he wanted to do other things so he be busy. That's why he don't be around as much anymore. Plus we move over here but you going see him soon ok. I just looked at him cause he borderline wanted to cry for Chris. I started to feel super bad in a way. When Jason brought the ice cream back in the room he got a bit more happy. Dion then came in the room and say his friend was out there

I went out there too meet her and she was actually a pretty little thing. She was Latin looking with a black girl swag. She had blonde black hair and a body like JLO. She kind of favored Adrian Balon from the real talk show. She was short like her too and her name was Casey

Casey: Hi how are you so your the infamous Mjay Dion always talks about

Me: If it's bad then it's not me as I started to laugh

Casey: No it's all good. He described you as a brother. She was looking up and down at me. At this point I was only in a tank and ball shorts. I have been working out a little more since I got over here so my body was getting more defined.

Me: He is my brother as she looked down at KJ going to the kitchen to carry his bowl

Casey: OMG you are so cute as KJ looked back at her and said you cute too. My eyes just opened as everyone laughed cause I don't know who my son is. I never seen a kid so smart and brave in my life. She said he your son right I can see that. A mini you as he walked to shake her hand. So what you guys doing later?

Nate: I don't know we had planned to go out but we don't have no one to watch little man.

Casey: I can watch the little cutie. I had a party to go to while I'm here but my boyfriend wanted to attend it on his own. He said I don't trust him so this is my way of letting him do his own thing.

Dion: Casey my good friend you see why I love you.

Casey: yea I'll watch the little cutie for a few hours until you guys get back. What's your name little guy

KJ: My name is Kadian but you can all me KJ.

Casey: Well I'm Casey KJ

She talked with him and he really took to her. Asking her questions and vice versa. Even though she Dion friend I still don't all the way trust her. I mean I won't trust no one around my baby boy. I'll just call a few times to make sure he ok

It was already evening and she was still here chilling with Dion. I was in the room picking out something to wear. I wasn't feeling it no more but I guess it was the over protective father syndrome I was going through at this point. Jason was just watching me gaze as he said you ok babe

Me: Yea I'm good why you ask

Jason: You look deep in thought. You worried about KJ being home with someone you don't know

Me: Yea but I'll get over it I know he going be fine cause I'll call and check.

Jason: you deserve a night out

Me: you too! Baby you been so good to me I don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you for taking your vacation to be here with me.

Jason: baby you good I got to make sure my man is all set. He kissed me as I pulled him in the bed. Sex with Jason is awesome cause if I want the ass or dick he don't hesitate to give me neither. We were about to get it in when Dion come banging on the door so we stopped.We stayed in the room and got dressed then we went out looking all fine.

Casey: You two looking fine

Me: thank you but here is fifty to order some pizza and stuff. He will get hungry soon my son can eat.

Casey: Ok I'll get right on it! So which party you going good?

Me: We going to this frat party this dude Kane invite us too

Casey: Oh you know Kane that's my boyfriend

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Post Posted: 2015-09-29 13:25:35
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I knew it when Casey said it,that Kane is her boyfriend..this is getting good please post more. Go longer
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Post Posted: 2015-08-06 01:37:08
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Getting good already lol keep em coming!
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Post Posted: 2015-08-02 09:48:22
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: 173

: 13

definitely saw that coming lol.. but I feel you with the kj thing.. too many of my friends had been taken advantage of when they were little so even with my nephew im super protective like that
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Post Posted: 2015-08-01 20:23:27
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Damn seen that coming lol
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Post Posted: 2015-08-01 10:06:12
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oop! I knew it!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-07-30 21:48:53
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Lmao ok I smell drama lol
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Post Posted: 2015-07-30 14:55:22
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Ohhhh shit here comes some drama lol
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Post Posted: 2015-07-30 13:49:29
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I loved this chapter.
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Post Posted: 2015-07-30 11:51:09
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Love it!!!!!
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Post Posted: 2015-07-30 08:56:02
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