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Where Omar At?

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We got done registering for our classes then we went to the schools business office. When that got done and being on those long as lines I called Jason to come for me. When he came for me he had this other dude in the passenger seat. I just was looking at Nate like who is this but it was Dion.

Nate: Nigga!

Dion: Nigga! Look who in the states going to school trying to be like me and shit

Me: Shut up! Wassup man what are you doing here and where is Omar?

Dion: I told you you're going see a lot of me cause we aren't far away from each other. I called Jason to give me the location of your crib. I drove here like a few hours ago just was waiting on yawl to get out

Nate: Don't you got registration and a practice and all that to go too?

Dion: No my classes was already paid for from last semester was over. We been practicing but Coach gave us a few days off before school starts. Nate you talked him into it as yet

Nate: I was trying to convince him but he not to sold on it. I understand thought he got to watch little man

Me: Why you two want me to play basketball so bad

Dion: How long I been telling you your just as good as me. You need to be on a court you never know where it can take you. Just do it for a hobby

Me: I don't mind but you guys missing the point here I'm a father. Those extra time I want be with my son not sweaty in a gym.

Dion: My coach understandable so I know the coaches here the same way. He can go to practices with you though just try it out. If it gets to hectic then don't do it no more alright.

Me: Speaking of my son we got to go down the street to pick him up.

We loaded up in the car and seeing Dion here just gave me this at home feeling. When I saw him it just automatically made me feel at home in Oklahoma. We were in that car just cracking up laughing about past moments. It felt just like old times

Dion: When last you talk to Shawn Mjay

Me: I haven't spoken to him since I left. I hit him up a few times to be the bigger person but he haven't done the same. I guess he still pissed that Nate and I are bestfriends.

Nate: He the one that didn't cherish the friend ship so he shouldn't be mad. I saw him write something slick on Facebook the other day about friendship.

Dion: Shit I guess it really is a problem because we talk mostly every other day. I know what you mean though Mjay he spent to much time into your brother then he did with you

Jason: I don't think it is a problem I just think he probably just a person that doesn't like to communicate unless you in his face 24/7. Then with Dion he probably a little jealous of what Nate and Mjay got so he trying to make it close with you

Dion: All you guys my brothers I don't have no problem with that man. I just hope we can get closer though. We been through a lot together to let little things get in the way of that. I've told him that too many times. We got to KJ school and the bell didn't ring yet but I went inside to peak at KJ anyway.

When I got to the class he was there writing down notes. He was being very attentive about his school work looking at the board. The teacher spotted me then she came out to me

Teacher: Mjay how are you

Me: I'm super good so how did he do his first day

Teacher: Well he is really smart. He caught on to the work in no time. He actually knows the work more then these kids at that been in this school years. Which is why I went and talked to the principal

Me: Why what's the problem

Teacher: No! no! There is no problem as all its more of a blessing. At lunch today he took a test just to see where he is at

Me: Ok and how did he do

Teacher: He got an A

Me: that's my boy! I'm proud of him

Teacher: The principle gave him the opportunity to skip a few grades because the work in here isn't really a challenge. I told her I would have to bring it two his father to see how you feel about it

Me: Wow that's amazing as I looked at him in the room talking to the boy next to him laughing. I mean look at him as we both watched him laughing away. I said he just a baby man and I don't want him to grow up to fast. He got all the time in the world and I just want him to take his time and move up normal. You know that sort of thing could be bad if he grow up to fast and I want him to enjoy just being a kid. Finishing school earlier isn't going to stop him from being the best he can be in this life.

Teacher: Wow well said. I totally understand I want him to stay my student but I had to bring it too you. You got a bright kid and I see where he gets it from. I stayed there talking with her until the bell started ringing. She told the class to pack up and wait for their parents. KJ honey your dad is here . He walked out the class to me while the class told him bye.I picked him up as we walked to the car.

Me: You enjoy your first day

KJ: Yes daddy I got everything right. The work is so easy and I got homework. He looked at me with a little sad face then said two boys in the class laugh at me when I answer a question. They were saying I speak weird and sound stupid

Me: You think you sound stupid?

KJ: No I don't think that

Me: Don't worry about them ok. Let me tell you something, don't ever let anyone make you ashame to be who you are. Don't never let anyone make you feel bad for being different alright. We all got different background and culture. Above all things, you are beautifully made by God. People just be scared when it's something different . Always be a leader and stand out no matter what anyone say ok. You want be different right ?

KJ: I am different daddy he said as he laughed laying his head on my shoulder. He jumped up then he said daddy Kevin Durant playing this Sunday. Can we go watch please I want to watch him play. Please daddy can you take me. Shocked that he even know they had a game on Sunday I checked my phone to make sure. He was right they actually playing the heat.

Me: Ok I'll get the tickets on Saturday and ill take you to watch the game.

KJ: Yay! He just was excited then he said daddy I'm hungry

Me: I laughed then I said you always hungry. I bet you then ate all those snacks I put in your bag.

KJ: Yes

Me: Greedy as I laugh walking to the car as Dion came out the back

Dion: Little man

KJ: He was so excited he jumped out my arms and ran to Dion. I guess he needed a little piece of home too. He shouted Dion Dion as he just laughed jumping to him. Dion just was talking to him as they got in the back of the car.

Me: Lets go get something to eat

Jason: lets go home then cause I cooked.He just started smiling at me cause he knows he was doing something good. We got home at the house and I went str8 to the kitchen to see what he cooked. I looked in the pot and it was shrimp and chicken fettuccine. I looked in the baker and there were golden brown rolls to go with it . I just smiled as he looked at me in the kitchen getting the plates. It smell good too as I started taking up food. KJ took his food in the room to watch TV and do his home work on the little table set I bought him.

Me: Dion was stuffing his face but he still never answered me

Nate: Where Omar bey? I thought you would've brought him when you was coming

Jason: Yawl leave him alone he doesn't want to answer that

Dion: Jason I didn't know you had it like this in the kitchen! Chef Jason with the pot boy as he laughed mocking Stephen Curry theme song.

Me: Nigga I know you aren't going to ignore us as he laughed

Dion: We broke up

Nate: What! As Nate dropped his mouth opened wide.

Me: You lying

Dion: No I'm not! We broke up

Me: Why?

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Post Posted: 2015-07-18 13:53:23
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Great chapter bruh! Out of your 3, MBBBF has always been my fav story of yours. Even tho the other two incorporated the characters from here too, this one is just more personal and connected to you. Keep em coming tho. & I'm thinking i might go head and download this wattpad app since you keep on mentioning it Lmbo & that way I don't needa get on here anymore. Your stories the only thing that has me still signing in on here anyway lol
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 21:24:49
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: 759

: 43

Wow! I want to know why they broke up now.
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 21:10:16
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: 495

: 14

Great chapter
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 18:11:38
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: 2880

: 86

Great story and KJ is smart young man. I like Jason but I love Chris lol
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 13:28:58
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: 1311

: 63

Always so good to read this story yo... Soon and Omar always breaking up Luke mjay and Chris lol... Maybe Omar still feels some Tylenol way bout Dion having feelings for mjay, and bow mjay is in town to stay he probably was in his feelings though.
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 12:48:26
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: 232

: 15

I've been a fan since day one Bruh and keep it up! Maybe Nate will either fw Jason brother or Nate lol I hope Jason and Mjay don't have a fcuked up situation they really seem to be bonding
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 10:55:09
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So glad this story is back#!
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Post Posted: 2015-07-16 10:52:37
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: 23

Always a pleasure to read your work. Wow, they broke up...shame, was a nice couple.

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