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A Visit From An Old Friend

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Nate: Jason! When Nate said that I just started laughing because he was trying to hint to me in other words that this dude was probably macking on me. I didn't pay no mind though cause this is one of the problems I know will arise with Jason and I. My baby don't got nothing to worry about though. My cell phone started to vibrate the same time as I got a text from Chris

Chris: You good? How little man seem on his first day of school?

Me: Hey? Morning to you too! Lol but he was excited to go to school. How are you doing? You good?

Chris: I'm good man just here thinking about you two. Thought I would text and see how things going. How your first day going?

Me: It's still going and it's boring as fuck.

Chris: Lol! You going do good man I'm proud of you . I really miss you guys though. Soon surprise you and fly out there

Me: I miss you too and I'm sure KJ really miss you. You know nothing can come between his bond with you and him. He probably would love you surprising him.

Chris: I thought I would be the last one you actually miss

Me: Chris stop it you know that's not true at all.

Chris: I'm just saying ,sorry but I don't want distract you anymore. Pay attention to your orientation and I'll call later today. You need anything?

Me: Chris I still for all the money you sent me for KJ and I. We don't need nothing man we good.

Chris: Just making sure baby

Me: I know

Chris: I'll call later alright take care until then

Me: You too. I was looking at my phone when Nate took it. he was like who you texting

Nate: Oh Mr Christian who you still madly in love with. I gave him a look because he was running out. Then he said don't give me that look as he smiled. He looked around to see if anyone was listening to us. Then he said your my best friend and I know you. You love Jason but you love Chris too. In the long run my friend that's going eat you up Mjay.

Me: Look me and Chris just cool man. It's like we co parents for KJ. My son love him to death

Nate: Your son knows what you really love too. That's why he will always choose Chris. Of course he like Jason but he felt something being around Chris and you that he obviously not feeling between you and Jason.

Me: My son love Jason and so do I do stop it. He going bring his brother out here for a few days

Nate: That's cool and I love Jason . He a real man for coming over here to make sure you good though. I respect that!

At the end of OReientation they then gave us a tour of the school. This school is very big and Nate and I was already getting a little popular with the girls because we sound different.. They were coming up to us saying we look and sound different.

Me: I take it you going be dipping into plenty honeys while you go to school here.

Nate: He started laughing then he said I don't know but we'll see how things go. So are we joining any teams? They got baseball tennis basketball football and all that shit here.You can play on the court so don't front.

Me: Yea but that's kind of Dion's thing and I love ball but I don't know. I mean if we make the team where I'm I going to leave KJ when we have late practice or if we travel.

Nate: He probably can come sit on the bleachers. I'm sure it won't be that bad but we can get involved into something. Or we mice we'll take that light skin dude up on his offer and pledge.

Me: I'm trying to stay away from anything that involves him

Nate: Why because he want the cakes? He started laughing then he said Mjay I'm str8 but I keep it one hundred cause you like my brother. You fine bro and you got a nice little body on you. They love the island accents over here so he ain't going be the only one trying to holla. Check out that guy over there with his girl but looking at you hard. He is staring at you so hard i think he can see through your clothes.

Me: What guy as he said over there with his girlfriend in the green shirt. I turned around and looked at him he was actually licking his lips at me. I was just saying in my head lord Jesus this is going to be a long semester. Nate and I separated because we had to tow long lines to our respected advisors. I was so tired of his all day but I finally got in with mine. He gave me my contract with all the classes I have to take so we got four classes for me to take this semester. I was on scholarship so I had to do twelve credits or more. I decided I was going do four now and two in the summer then maybe five in the fall.i hate summer session but if I want get out here quickly I'm going have to do it. I'll probably have to see if they scholarship will cover summer sessions cause I think you only allowed to do two classes maybe three. He gave me this package that had computer log in and my passwords. I had to go find a computer in the computer lab so I can register than take this later to pay. Once I done then have to head to the book store to get my text books that are paid for. The computer room was massive and Nate was already to a computer while holding one on the side of him for me.

Me: Thanks

Nate: White boy got pissed off cause I said my boy sitting here he only went to the bathroom. He didn't want get slap so he wènt over there and talk smack

Me: We just started laughing as I started to register for my four classes. Nate how much classes they advised you to do?

Nate: I'm only doing four but I'm scared of this maths class

Me: Let me see your form. I took his form from him then I saw we had the same maths and physics class to take but our major classes are different. Awesome me and you can sign up for the same maths and physics class. I'm good in maths so I can help you out. We got to get a 3.0 to keep these scholarships so we got to work

Nate: My mom said 2.50! They aren't trying to kill us they know sometimes you just fall short but we good. Here comes your boyfriend Kane again

Me: Just my luck the computer on the side of me is empty. I didn't pay no mind and I just sign up for back to back classes that way we can have a lot of other free time. We got all three classes on money and Wednesday and one on Tuesday and Thursday. By three well be finish on Mondays and webesday and we'll be finish by 10am with other class. Now we got time to join something

Kane: Thanks for holding this computer for me man

Me: No problem

Kane: So you thought about it yet

Me: About what

Kane: About what! He started laughing then he said I love the way you talk while licking his pink lips. Then he said think about pledging

Me: Naw I haven't fully thought about it yet.

Kane: It won't get in the way of your studies or little man I promise.

Me: Why you want us to pledge so bad

Kane: While I'm the head I would love to get some more brothers involved. Especially from all cultures you know. It's kind of a unity goal of mine and don't think you special nigga I been talking to a lot of young men today. He pulled out a paper and wrote his name and number on it. He then said I'm going give you a few days to think about it and when you and your boy decide too or not let me know.

Me: You American?

Kane: Yes I'm American and Latin. Why you ask?

Me: I just trying to get to know you a little bit

Kane: Oh so do you want to hang out later tonight we having a party at the house. A little back to school get together you will have to come.

Me: You then forgot I got daddy duties. If I can though I might stop by it seems like it would be a lot of fun

Kane: It will be so you should come or at least one of you. Plenty honeys going be around

Nate: Well be there

Kane: Great as he got his forms and sign out the computer. He said he will see use tonight

Me: Oh now you want plegde

Nate: No I just want grind up a few of there girls as he started to laugh

Me: Hoe

Nate: An proud to be one! God put this big dick on me to share it with the world as we both started laughing. We can pop in though and see wassup. School don't officially start until Monday

Me: Who going watch KJ

Nate: Jason as he started to laugh

Me: I can't do that to him man but we'll see how the night goes. You done?

Nate: Yea we got two classes together and I'm in the other two. Let's go get this schedule printed and carry this letter to pay for these classes. They should already a have a copy though

We got done registering for our classes then we went to the schools business office. When that got done and being on those long ass lines I called Jason to come for me. When he came for me he had this other dude in the passenger seat. I just was looking at Nate like who is this but it was Dion.

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I need Chris back
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Very nice chapter bruh.....still ain't really figured out the wattpad
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Next chapter
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Oh I'm happy school orientation is going good for MJay.
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Great chapter
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Great chapter and I will be so glad when Chris and Mj get back together. I might be wrong but Jason is going to fuck up!
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Enjoy n follow me on wattpad

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