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Are you Ready ?

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Nell - One more chance ? I dont even know honestly if i have another chance i can give you . I just need to be alone . We can be friends . But if i was to ever talk to you in anyway other than a friend . It would take some time . I cant trust at all .

Leo- ( puts hands up ) Fine ill go ( walks back inside ) .

I stood outside for a minute and smiled . I was not about to let him get his way ... I know we would never go anywhere other than friends . So i guess itll stay as friends .... Or will it ?

------- back home !

Ma- NELLLLAYYY ! Come here ...

I got off my bed and ran down the stairs.

Nell- yes ?

Ma- whos coming with us on this trip .

Nell- just Amiya and Tyrell . I need to ask him still .

Ma- oh alright just checking . What you gonna do today ?

Nell- the gym then go play ball .

Ma- oh good ! Staying in shape good job . Thats my baby .

Nell- byeee !

I ran back upstairs and since i took a shower already . I put on my compression shorts they were tight as hell suffoacting my nuts ! I decided not to put on a shirt . So i just had my shorts on and my running shoes . I got my phone and walked out the house .

I decided to walk to the gym . It was a good 15 minute walk .

Each time i saw a group of girls in a car they kept beeping or yelling things at me . All i could do was smile . There was a few guys who i would catch looking .

When i was about 5 minutes away from the gym . This thug looking dude was walking down the street while i was coming up ... When we walked past each other i felt weird . So i turned to look at him and he did the same to me but he turned all the way around and started walking backwards slowly . He looked at his surroundings since we was on a side street . And he started following me . I got scared as shit . I tried to call demitri . But the dude came right behind me still following me . So i turned around to him .

Nell- what ...

Dude- ( looks around ) whats your name .

I looked at this dude like he was crazy . He was about 6'2 brown skin with a fresh haircut . He had a full ass beard . He had on a black shirt with some saggy ass cargos and some timbs . His eyes were actually nice they were a light brown . It mixed well with his skin . He had tats on his arms as i can see . And his eye contact when he did look at me was very smooth and sexy .

Nell- um Cornell ... Do you know me or something .

Dude- ( smiles and looks Nell up and down then walks away )

I watched him walk and damn was it attractive . I dont know why i got a thing for them thugs . But shit that was weird ??? Who is that guy .


When i got to the gym it actually was kinda pack . The first thing i did was go inside the locker room and i locked my wallet and other little things i had . I looked around me and there was naked man everywhere . I quickly left out and went back into the gym . The first thing i used was the treadmill . I was inbetween this sexy ass white guy . Who had a too small tank top on, you can see his nipples and the sweat dripping off of him . And on the other side was ISAIAH . I was actually shocked . And i kind of got nervous .

I walked up on the treadmill and isaiah turned his head to look at me , so i looked at him and have him a head nod .

Isaiah- oh your um Cornell right ?

Nell- yes .

Isaiah- cool cool . ( smiles )

I put the speed on the treadmill and started jogging .... In my head i was going crazy ! My lil crush spoke to me . Like you guys already know Isaiah isnt the most sexy and stylish person . But i was attracted to him ! Glasses and all !


A couple minutes later The white guy and i stopped the treadmill cause we turned and people was actually waiting to use them . When i turned to get off I seen Teys ass standing there looking at his phone . I put my hand over his phone and he almost fucked me up .

Tey- ohhh shit nigga you was about to get your shit rocked .

Nell- you didnt know it was me ?

Tey- nahhh funny thing is ... I took a video of you jogging and sent it to Leo and he just texted and said it was you .

Nell- nigga why you taking vids of me ??

Tey- move i gotta workout .

Nell- im telling Amiya .

Tey- ill tell her myself . You already know .

Nell- whatever nigga but lets play ball later ?

Tey- ight ill call up some boys .

Nell- ight .


When i got done doing my workout i went back into the Locker room to get my stuff when i got in there Isaiahs locker was near mine . When he took off his shirt i couldnt stop staring . His body was amazing . You wouldnt even think he had it like that . I took my phone out and tried to sneak a picture . And then ....

Isaiah- are you taking a picture ? ( laughing )

Nell- um no no no .

Isaiah- thats not my good side though . ( Turns facing Nell ) now take it .

Nell- ... No

Isaiah- im serious take it . Its fine

I put my phone up to take the picture and his dick print was clear to see . Sexy !!! I took the pic and he laughed and continued to get dressed .

Isaiah- why do you need that picture .

Nell- cause your body is amazing . I wouldve never thought .

Isaiah- thanks its easy . Your body is nice too .

Nell- but i want my abs to look like yours . Yours are tight and formed .

Isaiah- keep working hard . What time is it ?

Nell- its 12:35 .

Isaiah- damn i have to meet up with my girlfriend .

Nell- oh alright .

Isaiah- whats your number . We can workout together . Get your abs looking right .

Nell- ( Gives him my number )

Isaiah- ight imma hit you up soon . Gotta go .

When he left out Tey came inside .

Tey- im telling Leo .

Nell- that boy has nothing to do with me so tell him all you want .

Tey- Nell you know you want him .

Nell- yes i did at first . But each time he fucks it up .

Tey- watch yall end up together .

Nell- if you dont go somewhere with that bull .

Tey- and you need to put on some clothes . Wheres your shirt ?

Nell- i dont need 1 .

Tey- okay keep on . Someone gonna steal your ass .

Nell- bye ill meet you at the court .

Tey- your riding with me .

Nell- no im walking .

Tey- ( gets his bag ) bring your ass on . Let leo find out you showing off whats his .

Nell- dumbass he already knows remember ? That video you sent to him ?

Tey- oh ...

Nell- you was lien . You didnt send him shit .

Tey- ( smirking )

Nell- delete it .

Tey- i got you . Now come on .

I walked out with Tey feeling weird as fuck ... Why would he record me ? Then lie and say he sent it to Leo . Hmmmmm

---- Basketball Court

We sat in the car for a bit on our phones .

Tey- Leo just text me . Hes on his way .

Nell- ugh ( looking through instagram.

Tey- nigga shut up .

Nell- who else is playing ?

Tey- Vlad and Jonjon .

Nell- Jonjons goofy ass .

Tey- ( grabs his dick ) yoooo i need some pussy .

Nell- ( looks at it ) i see . Well can you hurry up and get limp so we can go in the court .

Tey- you need to cover up ... Got those compression shorts on tight as shit ... They gonna undercover want to rape your ass .

Nell- i aint worried bout all that . I just wanna ball .

Tey got out the car and stood at his door and damn his dick was hard . He pulled it out and started peeing .

Nell- really ?

Tey- yup ...

His dick was thick and veiny ... Okay let me not talk about his dick ... But um yea i got out the car and went on the court . And sat on a bench . I watched as people played . There was this 1 dude in red shorts that was sexy as fuck . He was about 6'0 he had tats all over his body his low fade was fresh as shit . I couldnt see his face too good but he was sexy i know that .

While im in the middle of my thoughts . The ball came rolling my way and so did he . When i got the ball i passed it to him and his approach to me was not what i was expecting .

Dude- yo who the fuck are you ? Near my shit .

Nell- ( looks under the bench ) my bad i didnt know it was there .

Dude- yeah nigga i bet ( jogs away )

As he jogged away his boys was laughing calling him a bully .

Tey walked over to me .

Tey- what did he say to you ?

Nell- just askin me who was i cause i was near his stuff ... Being childish .

Tey- ill fuck a nigga up . I heard that nigga always be acting tough as shit .

Nell- oh i dont even care .

Tey- Leo Vlad and Jonjon are getting out the car now . We about to face these lil pussies .

Nell- here we goooo .

Leo, Vlad and JonJon walks over and started dapping up Tey . Then Jonjon dapped me up . Vlad pushed my forehead . And Leo pulled me up and bro hugged me .

Tey- aye yall we bout to face those niggas . Gios ass was tryna scare Nell .

Leo- yo ill fuck his ass up . He always talking some bull .

As soon as there game was over they came over to us and said wassup with a game . So of course we agreed and then the boy Giovonni said " I got the lil bitch " . They all laughed but my crew . I saw Leo look at me like he wanted to say something but shook my head . Then Tey said " i bet that lil bitch about to school your ass ".

We started walking on to the court and Gio was behind me talking shit to me low so noone can hear .

Gio- what you doing with them tight ass shorts on .
Gio- you must be gay or something .
Gio- spell pussy nigga .
Gio- i bet you dont get pussy .

Nell- well when your done staring at my ass take this ass whooping lil bitch ... And i bet i can get more pussy then you . Its nothing for me . You got alot of mouth though lets see what you got .

The game had started and the whole time Gio was right on my ass . I think i even felt him grab my ass . And everytime i looked at him he looked as if he wanted to fight . The score was 5-7 and we was going up to 15 . Of course we was winning .

When They served me the ball i passed it quickly to Vlad and i started running over to the corner of the court . When i got there Vlad passed the ball back to me . Then Gio ran close to me . So i started dribbling the ball trying to cross him up and when i did his boys went crazy and i made the layup . Gio looked heated but i kept my game face on . I quickly got back in my position and started guarding Gio . When i put my hand up to touch his arm he smacked it away . So i looked at him and laughed it off .

10 minutes later the score was 13 to 10 . I started seeing that Gio was getting a lil tired i had his ass running . Muahahaaa bitch ! Leo passed me the ball and Gio was standing in front of me . I took a chance and shot it from behind the three point line and swish ! It went ... Leo ran over to me and slapped the shit out of my hand ! Gio on the other hand had walked off talking mad shit . But we was to busy celebrating !

Tey- thats what im talking bout !

Vlad- good shit . Im hot !

Nell- right i need to get home to shower .

Vlad- ( mouths to Nell ) am i invited ?

Leo- ( Sees Vlad mouthing something Nell ) fall back my nigga .

Vlad- oh excuse me ( shrugs shoulders )

JonJon- what are yall talking about?

Tey- nothing lets go . You riding with me right Leo. ?

Leo- yea man .

Tey- ight

We got in the car and Tey went flying . About 10 minutes of driving the right to my street . He passed it so i asked him " Where are we going " . He said " To my crib to chill " . I just sat there quiet shaking my head then my phone vibrated saying i had a friend request on FB and the name was Gio something idk . But when i opened the FB app it surely was the dude i played against . And now i could see his sexy ass face nice pink lips . His light yellow skin complexion . But let me quit . When i went to his page i saw he tagged my name in 1 of his posts saying how i had game and it was all luck . I just liked it .

When i looked up we were at Teys house so we got out the car and went into his house . Tey told me to go upstairs in his room so i did . Leo and i sat there on our phones . Then Leo leaned back on the bed near me .

Leo- you look good .

Nell- thanks i think ?

Leo- im being honest .

Nell- better be .

Leo- nigga if i wasn...

Tey came busting through the door . Then Leo got up standing next to him . I stared at Tey and he just stood there .

Tey- ight ...

Nell- alright what dumbass .

Tey came to me and took my phone away . I sat there like what the fuck . Then he stood near Leo and they both started taking off there shirts . I sat up real straight trying to figure out what the hell there doing . Then Leo took off his shorts and shoes and was left in his boxers .

Tey- Ready ?

Nell- for ???

Tey- The Shower ( Stares at Nell Biting his lip ) ... ( Walks over to Nell ) Shhhhh ...


HMMMMMMMM !! The next Chapter will be called THE SHOWER ! What do you think will happen ?

Will Nell go through with this " shower "





Chapters :

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2 . Double Date ?
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5 . Party Time ! Or Revenge Time ?
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19 . The Hospital & Gifts !
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21 . Drama Thanksgiving !
22 . Surprise !
23 . Pain & Secrets
24 . Do You ?
25 . Rewarded Suspension ?
26 . Miami Again !
27 . LEO NO !?
28 . Surprises !
29 . Still In Love ?
30 . I Want my Brother Back !
31 . Why Tey !?
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33 . Rula Rula Rula !
34 . Still Nervous ?
35 . Why are you here ?
36 . Leo CHILL OUT !
37 . Stop Fucking Up !
38 . First Day of Work / The Kiss

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Post Posted: 2016-02-03 23:09:38
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It's getting hot in here....lol
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I should've known them niggas about that threesome shit.
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Gone be another weak smut bitch?
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He better!!
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He better!!
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I'm ready for the next chapter :)
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Nxt chapter pls
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oh my nooooo they cant do my girl like that lol let prey hehe
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Nell dnt do your best friend like that now. Damn Tre ok and Leo do not need to go along with that shit.
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Okay, so Tey is a creep! And Nell just better stay loyal to Amiya. I'm sick of Leo shit, but it's cute! Now, Giovonni I'm in love with because we share the same name! Lol, let him and Nell get to know each other for a couple chapters!
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Post Posted: 2015-06-01 03:13:24
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I want Tey to just go about his business and Nell and Leo finally make that connection that both of them clearly needs. Great chapter though!
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I love this story so far
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i agree need it tonite
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