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Party Time ! Or Revenge Time ?

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In The Store

Amiya and i walked around this damn store for about 2 hours trying to get everything we needed we even used out own money cause we knew we was getting more stuff then needed . But if its going to be a packed party why not go all out ?

Amiya- we need to get cupcakes !!

Nell- Why not cookies .

Amiya- true its cheaper .

( someone comes behind me and covers my eyes )

Amiya- oh gosh .

Nell- i know its a boy cause of the hands ... Tey ?

Amiya- nope

Nell- damn sure aint Leo .

Amiya- nope ..

Nell- DAD ?

Amiya- ... Really no !

Nell- fuck it ( puts his hand behind him and grabs for the persons dick )

Amiya- NELL REALLY !? In public?

Nell- ohhhhh shhh its Demitri .

Amiya- bitch .... How the fuck did you know .

Demitri- he knows my dick .

Nell- dont get to excited nigga .

Demitri- ( looks down ) i was kinda getting excited standing behind you .

Nell- yeah i felt it .

Amiya- oooooooh kayyy and we are done with this convo .

Demitri- aww Miya you always was a hater !

Amiya- and you always was a sneaky lil shit :) ( flips hair )

Nell- whats up Demi ?

Demitri- not shit . Saw you walking ... Well i saw your ass first . I knew it had to be you :)

Nell- someone goes around looking at dudes butts .

Demitri- ( looks around ) aye keep it down .

Amiya- we got stuff to do demitrahoe .

Demitri- hahahaa oh shit you got that one .

Nell- yea we are kinda busy getting ready for this pa... ( Amiya hits me with the cart a little and was shaking her head no while she looked on the shelves ) . Yeaaaaa

Demitri- Amiya cut it out . I heard about yall lil highschool party . Imma be in there heard its gonna be real live .

Nell- you did ?

Amiya- how you hear about it ?

Demitri- its all on Fb ... It says on the picture that Stevie Js gonna be there .

Nell- boy stop lien .

Amiya- let me see this shit ! I know tey aint on there lien !

I went to look at amiya phone as she went on Fb and that was the first thing that popped up . A flyer with Tey on it and Stevie Js picture .

Amiya- hell nah let me call him .

Amiya called Tey to confirm if this shit was true .

Amiya- um Tey what is this ?
Tey- ....
Amiya- Stevie J is coming tonight ?
Amiya- forreal ? How you get that to happen ?
Amiya- damn well im glad we went shopping its gonna be packed .
Amiya- ight see you later sexy .

Amiya- its true ! And i guess theres gonna be mad security there cause we cant have over 200 people in the house .

Nell- 200!? How big is this house . Did we order enough food ?

Amiya- boy i dont even know . All i know is i aint spending nomore . His ass shouldve told us this .

Demitri- what you need Nell .

Nell- nothing we're fine .

Demitri- ( takes out 200 dollars ) take this . And ill see you tonight .

Nell- i dont nee...

Amiya- uh uh take that hunny yesss .

Demitri- bye yall . ( walks away )

Amiya- yes i need me a drug dealer ! Cause you know his ass aint got no job . He be dressing all nice smelling good . Giving you money like its nothing .

Nell- oh shut up . This money can be towards more food that we are gonna have to order .

Amiya- ight ight

Nell- how the hell Tey get Stevie j though .

Amiya- his Dad .

Nell- does he know Tey is in highschool ?

Amiya- idk but i mean tey is 18 so ...

Nell- i guess . " house party " my ass . Its gonna be like a club .


Later that day we met up with Tey, Leo and some of the other basketball players at the house where the party will be held .. Everyone got out the car in amazement .

Tey- yall like it ?

Nell- well damn we shouldve ordered some lobster shit .

Tey- haha . Nah yall did good .

Amiya- i wish you wouldve told us that this was going to be a big ass party .

Tey- my bad ma ... Its gonna be good though dont worry . I just bought yall here so we can chill in it for a lil ... Then the pool party gonna start at 5 and end at 8 . Then its the real party !!

Vlad- yoo im bout to go all out tonight !

Leo- i know right .

Amiya- ( rolls her eyes ) alright lets go inside .

We walked into the house and we all went scattering . Me and Amiya went right up stairs to the rooms . They were mad big . They had balconys . It was dope . Then we went down stairs to the kitchen and started to figure out how we was gonna do this .

Amiya- i cant believe this . How are we suppose to give out food to 200 people .

Nell- nahhh im bout to ask him how many ppl are coming for the pool party cause the pool party isnt on the flyer .. We can give the food away for that !

Amiya- oh yeahhh ! Less stress for us .

We went outside near the pool area and dropped our jaws .

Tey- shit is nice huh ?

Nell- why cant i live here !

Amiya- right !!!! :(

Nell- this is beautiful !

Amiya- yes it is but um Tey how many ppl are coming to the pool party .

Tey- about 100 .

Nell- good ! So we was thinking about just doing the food thing for the pool party .

Tey- yeah thats cool with me . I gotta give yall these vip badges .

Nell- ohhhhh doing it big huh .

Tey- hell yeah .

After about 50 minutes later ppl were arriving for the pool party . We all had changed . The basketball players were shirtless so i went shirtless to haha . But i wore some fitted jean shorts with a fedora hat and some brown gladiator sandals for MEN. Haha . And Amiya had on this two piece white bathing suit with this long white laced sweater . It was nice as shit and she had on pink lipstick with pink sandals . Thats my bitch !

We had all the food ready. people came right in grabbing some food . But we all made sure we ate before the people came so we good .

The Dj was blasting some good ass music as Amiya and i sat down on a beach chair together watching people jump in the pool .

Amiya- yass bitch get in my picture though ! ( takes selfie )

Nell- you know how many pictures i already took ! My ig is on fire right now .

Amiya- i forgot your ass is Ig famous . You a ho .

Nell- shut up ! I got pictures of you . And tagged your ass go look at your ig . Thank me later .

Amiya- ( looks at her ig ) OOP! Yassss over 100 .

Nell- your gonna get alot . I was taking pictures of you looking at your phone . I took a vid of me walking behind you . Your ass was like WHAM !

Amiya- i canttttt !

Nell- i know you cant :)

Amiya- ( pulls down her shades ) hmm look at Leo in the pool all up on that girl .

Nell- yeah i saw . Doesnt matter to me ...

Amiya- ( pulls shades up quick ) oo he caught me bitch he caught me !!

Nell- thats what you get HAHA !

Amiya- aint funny . Where the hell Tey at ?

Nell- over there talking to people .

Amiya- mhm just checking .

Nell- i bet ! ( looks through phone ) demitri texted me 15 minutes ago .

Amiya- what he say ?

Nell- " Damn you look good "


Nell- ( laughs )

Text Messages

Demitri- Damn you look good
Nell- Thanks
Demitri- since that house is so big maybe i can take you in 1 of those rooms and give you what you been missing ?
Nell- nah im good !
Demitri- haha sure you are . So why you all dressed up right now ?
Nell- We are having a pool party first.
Demitri- yeah i saw its live . But still why you all dressed up .
Nell- shut up Demitri .
Demitri- watch your mouth . But how about this maybe when i get there i can take you to a room and get a dance with you ?
Nell- yeah we'll see .
Demitri- we will .

A hour went by

Nell- i gotta use the bathroom ill be back .

Amiya- ight .

I got up from the chair and walked into the house as i made my way into this empty mansion walking up the stairs i turned the corner to the where the bathroom is near me and Amiyas room we picked out . And as i turned i saw Leo with some girl he had against the wall kissing and touching on each other . But i kept walking and when he saw me he stopped .

Girl- why you stop sexy .

Leo- my bad shorty .

I walked into the bathroom and shook my head . That crazy ass nigga . I took my piss and then washed my hands and stared at myself in the mirror and licked my lips . Imma have fun tonight :)

I walked out of the bathroom and they were still kissing when he heard me come out . He looked at me while kissing her with a smirk on his face . I continued to walk and before i turned the corner i looked back and i caught him staring at my ass . I walked down the stairs and thought to myself . Maybe i should get that dance with Demitri !

When i sat down outside with Amiya we started talking .

Nell- He was up there with some girl kissing her down .

Amiya- hmm feel some type of way ?

Nell- not really but i mean it felt weird . But i aint like worried or mad .

Amiya- i understand . It was a awkward moment .

Nell- something like that .

Text Message

Leo- ( Picture Message )

I instantly shoved my phone at Amiya and she covered her mouth .

Amiya- yooo whats good with him . Why he send you this shit .

Nell- to piss me off .

Amiya- damn his dick big .

Nell- its blurred out but got the girls face clear .

Amiya- its still big .

Nell- okay no dick talk . Back to the situation !

Amiya- i mean why do you care.

Nell- i dont its just dont send me this shit cause you tryin to get me jealous .

Amiya- are you jealous ..?

Nell- ... I dont know

Amiya- awww baby ( hugs nell )

Nell- girls get the fuck off me haha stupid ass . Im good . Its just i dont know i cant explain it ...

Amiya- maybe you just need to fuck shit up tonight PARTY do YOU.

Nell- your right . I will !

1 hour and 30 minutes later


It was now party time security was all over the place we had all kinds of people coming inside the house . I didnt change my clothes but Amiya did .

As the party was getting packed . I started to lose sight of the people i knew . Even AMIYA ! But we made sure our phones were fully charged .. So i guess she was alright .. Me on the other hand i just went outside back to the pool area where only a few people was at . And i stood near the fence looking through my phone .

Text Message

1 from Leo
2 from Demitri

Leo- Where are you ?

And of course i ignored him again .

Demitri- yo im on my way .
Demitri- is it packed ?
Nell- yes you better hurry up .
Demitri- ight .

Vlad walks over .

Vlad- yo skills why you aint in the party ?

Nell- oh i was just checking stuff needed some air also .

Vlad- it aint that hot in there .

Nell- what do you want ?

Vlad- shit my bad man was just seeing why you came out here .

Nell- sorry i didnt mean to come off like that .

Vlad- its cool . Come back inside and have funn.

Nell- ight ight lets go .

I started walking inside and Vlad was right behind me pushing me through people he had me laughing hard as shit .. He kept pushing me until we got near the steps and he started jogging slowly up the stairs the after about 5 steps he turned and gestured for me to come so i did . When we got up stairs he went into the room him and some other dude picked out . I stood outside the door looking at him .

Vlad- come on .

Nell- why whats in there ?

Vlad- Now you acting stupid . Im in here you coming inside ?

Nell- umm

Vlad- ( grabs Nells hand and pulls him inside ) easy . Now talk to me .

Nell- about ?

Vlad- whats on your mind . Earlier you was cool now your not happy .

Nell- why are you worried ?

Vlad- ight my bad .

Nell- yeahhh im fine ( starts to leave out )

Vlad- wait ( grabs Nells hand again ) can i atleast dance with you .

Nell- what !?

Vlad- oh shit my bad i just thought you was like that . Dont tell them !

Nell- like what ?

Vlad- gay bi ? I dont know .

Nell- well i am ... I was just shocked your asking me to dance .

Vlad- oh ( wipes forhead ) come here .

Vlad opened the door a little so the music can come through a little more . And a slow reggae song was on . We went into the corner of the room and he pulled me onto him and held onto my hips . I felt kind of weird i dont know why . But i just started to dance on him slowly . I put my hand on the back of his neck as i grinded on him and we stared at each other . He bit his lip and slowly connected his lips with mine . We kissed and dance for the whole song . And when the song was over i kept trying to pull away from him but he kept pulling me back to kiss me more . It was crazy cause hes a good ass kisser .

After a whole different song finished he finally let me go .

Vlad- ( wipes his lips and fixes his dick in his jeans ) imma stop messing with you ... You do something to a nigga :)

Nell- whatever you say haha .

Vlad- plus i think someone had peeked in ... Shit ! The door is more opened then before .

Nell- hopefully it was just a random ?

Vlad- hopefully . Aye but give me your phone .

Nell- ( gives him my phone )

Vlad- Imma text you later literally ... Since we all staying here tonight .

Nell- ight

Vlad walked out first and i waited for 2 minutes then i walked out and when i did Demitri was leaning against the wall . My heart started racing .

Nell- um wassup ?

Demitri- yo who was that nigga you was with ?

Nell- oh it was Vlad my nigga .

Demitri- what was yall doing up in there .

Nell- nothing ...

Demitri- he came out of there like yall was doing something .

Nell- so your the one who opened the door .

Demitri- no ? I just got here ...

Nell- mhm whatever .

Demitri- i cant even be mad at you ... But i am mad .

Nell- i know you are .

Demitri- i want my dance .

Nell- oh shit i forgot .

Demitri- dont play lets go . Where your lil room at ?

Nell- ughh down at the end .

Demitri- who you ughing ? Bring your ass .

Nell- ( talks undernreath ) you nigga , i dont know why your ass mad .

Demitri- speak up ...

We got inside my room .

Nell- i dont even wanna dance with you .

Demitri- oh forreal ? Why not ?

Nell- cause i dont .

Demitri- cause i bet you was in there with that nigga .

Nell- shut up Demi .

Demitri- make me .

Nell- ...

( stands behind Nell )

Demitri- we havent dance together in awhile .

Nell- i know ... Hey can you do something for me ?

Demitri- like ?

Nell- I need to take a pic .

Demitri- okay ? Wheres your phone ?

Nell- but i need you to be in it . Not your face just your ...

Demitri- my dick ?

Nell- not really kinda .

Demitri- your evil . Who you doing this too ?

Nell- noone ! Are you gonna help me ?

Demitri- i got you .

Nell- just get it semi hard .

Demitri- you already got it like that ( lifts up his shirt )

Nell- shit ...

I walked up to Demitri and grabbed his bulge in his underwear and took a picture of my hand and his dick . Then i gave my phone to Demitri and started grinding my ass on him and he started taking pictures . I could feel his dick getting hard . Then he stopped and gave me my phone ...

Demitri- you got my shit rock hard . And i know you aint gonna help a nigga out .

Nell- dont make me feel bad ! Cause i asked for a favor .

Demitri- nah you ... I got my dance .

Nell- good .

Demitri- so i guess imma get to this party .

Nell- no wait can you ...

Demitri- dont say it . I got you .

Demitri locked the door and took off his jeans and left his boxers on . His dick hung out the bottom as he walked to the bed and layed up against the headboard . Before i layed down for him to hold me . I took my phone out and sent Leo the picture of me holding Demitris dick and a vid that Demitri took of me dancing on his dick .

SENT ...


Part 2 of the Party is Tomorrow !

There is wayyyy more to come !!!

What do you all think will happen next ?

How do you yall think Leo would react to Nells revenge ?

What do you guys think about this Vlad dude !?





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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 20:57:11
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Damn it's going to be some fireworks now.
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Post Posted: 2015-05-28 10:03:01
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smh nell 2 wrong doesn't make it right
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Post Posted: 2015-05-28 09:20:01
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Love it!
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Post Posted: 2015-05-28 02:21:40
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That was tacky of nell just move tf on if yall gone play that childish game. Great story I love it and I can't wait for the next chapter
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Love it
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Wow Leo peap
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He should just ignore Leo that would drive him psycho the tit for tat lets Leo know it bothers him!
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He should just ignore Leo that would drive him psycho the tit for tat lets Leo know it bothers him!

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