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Later that day after school i layed in my bed thinking about everything Leo was saying . Like damn is he really telling the truth ? Should i even let this happen ?

( Phone Vibrates )

Kik Message from Leo

Leo- Yo
Nell- yea ?
Leo- if i came off wrong or too strong, i didnt mean to .
Nell- yo it seem like you just wanted to fuck me.
Leo- can i be honest ?
Nell- yea .
Leo- i do want to fuck you . And so do other people . But im not gonna get into that . But i just wanted to see what it would be like to actually like have a guy there by my side . You know .
Nell- well uh im not just gonna let you fuck .
Leo- i know you arent dumbass . We need to chill more . As bad as i do want it , i can wait it out .
Nell- well atleast your telling the truth . But who else wants to fuck ? This is news to me .
Leo- dont worry about it they dont matter right now . This is me and you.
Nell- ill find out .
Leo- tomorrow after school come to my house and we can chill .
Nell- ight :)
Leo- i got a smile out of you .
Nell- that was a mistake . Bye .

Right when i put my phone down i got a text message from Demitri .

Text Message

Demitri- Come outside .
Nell- ugh really ? Why you here yo .
Demitri- stop asking me fucking questions yo get out here .
Nell- why you cussing ?
Demitri- stop playing come on please ?
Nell- sounds better .

I got off my bed and made my way outside to see what Demitri wanted . As i approached the car he got out and went around the car and leaned on the passenger door .

Demitri- so wassup ?

Nell- not shit about to do my homework then go to bed . You?

Demitri- just been riding around gettin this money .

Nell- you still doing that shit huh ?

Demitri- yea and ?

Nell- nahh nothing it aint got nothing to do with me now do what you do !

Demitri- you know you missed all the shit i use to give you . Spoiled your ass.

Nell- ( yawns and stretches ) hurry up i wanna go inside .

Demitri- aye chill out i got something for you ( pulling up his sweats and turning around reaching in the car for something ) .

Nell- i dont want no gifts .

Demitri- its not a gift . I owe you this shit ( turns around and hands me a box ) .

Nell- ( opens it ) wooooow . Haha umm ...

Demitri- yeah i know . I told you i was going to get you that Michael Kors watch right ? ( takes the watch out of the box and puts the watch on Nells wrist ) .

Nell- Demi you know i cant take this . You got a damn family . This is wrong .

Demitri- didnt i say i owe you this ? And theres nothing wrong with this shit . Your mine reguardless, all those niggas that want you and shit thats nice but imma always be here . Remember that .

Nell- Demitri why all of a sudden you want to show up ?

Demitri- i dont know honestly once i saw you at the beach . I knew i fucked it up with you . You cant say i treated you bad . I shouldnt have cheated on you . I bet if i didnt we would still be strong .

Nell- so you think people still wouldnt have found out about you ?

Demitri- man dont bring that up .

Nell- ( puts hands up ) alright fine .

Demitri- whats up with a hug before i go .

Nell- hmm

Demitri- hurry up ! Playing and shit get over here .

I opened my arms and he pulled me into a hug holding me for about 30 seconds . It felt like the old days . Damn i miss him . And Damn ol girl is lucky .

Demitri- ight ight . Go do your homework .

Nell- ight i will ( still leaning on Demi staring at him ) .

Demitri- ( smiles ) yeah i know i miss you too ...

Nell- ( moves off of Demi ) ight well im going in . Thank you .

Demitri- your welcome .

I turned around and walked back slowly looking down at my feet . Then i heard him say " Sexy ass " . I turned my head and smirked then went inside my house . I ran up stairs and jumped on my bed . Ugh i missed how he use to make me feel this way . So happy ! Why did he have to fuck up on a nigga !

---- next day at School

2nd Period

When i got into 2nd period i was a little late and since we didnt have assigned seats i had to sit next to Isaiah . I dont know why i was nervous . Ohh hes so sexy to me . With his glasses on !

I sat next to him and gave a mutual wassup . When i leaned back in the chair to look at my phone i looked over into his lap and there it was . His bulge i dont know what the FUCK it is about him that turns me on so much ... I kept staring at his bulge when ever i got the chance . ( Damn im a creep ) ...

Isaiah- you run track ?

Nell- uh um . No why ?

Isaiah- just thought you did you have the body for it .

Nell- oh thanks ?

Isaiah- ( smiles ) you should try out .

Nell- ehh why ?

Isaiah- we need a better team .

Nell- ill think about it .. Isaiah right ?

Isaiah- yup and you are ??

Nell- Cornell but you can call me Nell .

Isaiah- nice to meet you .

Nell- same .

For the rest of the class we were silent . Not that bulge tho !! Why cant i just touch it !?

OKAY OKAY imma stop being a creep ..

Phone vibrates ( text from Amiya )

Amiya- but bitch did you get the invite ?
Nell- what invite ?
Amiya- to Teys party !!!
Nell- no ? :( lol
Amiya- fix your face youll get a invite .
Nell- sure i will .

Later that day at lunch it was Me Amiya, Tey, and Leo sitting at one table .

Leo- ( chewing on his chicken ) yooo

Nell- can you not be nasty as shit . Eat your food .

Leo- ( stops chewing ) who the fuck you talking to ?

Tey- aye aye yall calm yall lil nips down . Lets talk about this party though . Yall gotta help me plan this shit .

Amiya- im down !

Leo- yea we know you are .

Amiya and Nell- Excuse me ?

Tey- yall chill . Espically you Leo .

Leo- ight im chillin . ( winks at nell )

Nell- so what do you need us to do .

Tey- can you two ( Nell and Amiya ) get the food and snacks ? Ill give yall the money . But the choice of food is up to you .

Nell- hell yeah we got this .

Leo- them niggas gonna bring in cold cuts .

Tey- ( tries not to laugh ) yoooo .

Amiya- anyways . Is that all ?

Tey- yeah .

Nell- well i want to make jungle juice .

Leo- oh shit . I give you that 1 .

Tey- do that .

Nell- ight .

Tey- and Leo me and you are just spreading the word . I want it to be live . My dad is renting this house for the party . Nice as shit . So i was thinking it could be a pool party then we gonna move from outside to the inside .

Amiya- YASSS !!! Outfit changes !

Leo- thatll be cool ...

Nell- when is the party anyways ?

Tey- this saturday .......... ( grins )


Tey- chill i got this yall just make sure yall got the goods . Do you know who i am ?

Amiya- mmmmm i want too .

Nell- uh uh cut that shit out . Lets go get the planning Amiya lil freak ass . ( grabs her ) .


Later that Day

( Cornells house )

Amiya- sooo what are you thinking ?

Nell- i was thinking like REAL food . Like soul food type shit . I know its a bit much .

Amiya- hell yeah it is . I mean we can have 1 of our mothers fry some wing dings have some of them bbq , buffalo etc .. And macorni and cheese . Then we can have like pizza maybe some chinese .

Nell- all of that sounds good . BUT thats alot . How about the pizza and chicken . We can get chicken broccoli alfredo too order a big thing of that . Then get some chinese too .

Amiya- yea that sounds good . And the snacks are easy .

Nell- yup !

( phone vibrates )

Fb message from Leo

Leo- whats your number ?
Nell- ( 555-555-5555 )
Leo- oh you playing games ... Im dead ass .
Nell- ( gives the real number )
Leo- imma hit u up tonight .
Nell- ok

Amiya- who was that ?

Nell- Leoooo .

Amiya- mhm mhm ! .. This party is going to be wild !

Nell- i know !!

( 3 hours later 9:34 pm )

I was laying on my bed getting my homework done after Amiya left . I have a paper to write and i am almost finish . I only had the conclusion left to do when my phone started vibrating . It was Facetime with a random number . I answered it and Leo was laying down with no shirt on but all i can see was his shoulders and face . Damn he buff i said to myself .

Leo- ( smiling ) why you staring ?
Nell- im not ... ( looks away from the camera )
Leo- yea yea . What are you doing ?
Nell- finishing my homework ( shows him my paper )
Leo- true, aye hurry up with that shit . I want you looking at me .
Nell- ( cuts my eye at him and looks back at my paper )
Leo- im serious. How much you got left ?
Nell- im done now . On my last sentence .
Leo- better be ( smiles )
Nell- ( looks at the Facetime ) okay tough ass .

I put my stuff away in my bag and held my phone in my hand and sat there looking at Leo .

Leo- im tired as shit . I didnt even go to the gym today .
Nell- yeah you are slacking though .
Leo- nigga i aint slacking ( moves the camera down to his body trying to hide the bulge in his shorts ) .
Nell- damn i didnt know you were that cut .
Leo- i do this !!! I need to get up and take a shower ( licks his lips )
Nell- dont do that ...
Leo- do what ?
Nell- nothing . Umm go take your shower .
Leo- i will nigga . You wanna watch ?
Nell- ummm what the hell you just say ?
Leo- ( gets off his bed and walks in the bathroom and leans his phone on something and steps back from his phone showing his whole body and his bulge holding it ) i said do you wanna watch ( cheesing )
Nell- um ...
Leo- ( tugging on his dick with 1 hand on his head ) yoo its a yes or no .
Nell- ok yes then ...
Leo- see that was easy .

Leo started to pull down his shorts slowly showing his public hairs and a little of his dick and that shit was thick then he walked closer to the camera and said .. " SIKE " and ended the facetime ... Damnnn that nigga got me baddd . Now im sitting here lookig at my phone looking thirsty as fuckkk .. I know better next time though . But imma get him back before the night over ...

About 40 minutes later Leo facetimed me again . This time he was laying down with clothes on smiling and laughing at me . But i got up while he was laughing and walked into my bathroom .

Leo- yoo ( laughing ) what are you doing ?

I sat my phone up against my towel and i walked away from it and turned on my shower . I had on some tight briefs .

Leo- gawwwd damn ( sits up in his bed )
Nell- what ? ( turns and walks back to the camera bending down to the phone to look at him )
Leo- yo stand back up .
Nell- why ?
Leo- just stand up .

I stood back up and looked in the mirror . Now he can see my whole shape from the side .

Leo- fuck ... I didnt even know ...
Nell- know what ?
Leo- that you got a sexy ass shape ... You look good as fuck . That ass though .
Nell- oh thanks ... ( nonchalantly )

I turned to the shower an open the curtain and looked back at Leo on my phone . This niggas face was close to that camera . I smiled and turned to the side again and started to slowly pull down my briefs and i left them half way down hugging my ass .

Leo- shittt . You got my shit on rock .
Nell- ( walks back to the phone and looks at him ) too bad nigga BYE !

I ended the facetime and i hopped in the shower . Not even 15 seconds later i heard the facetime going off . He called me atleast 7 times . Back to back . I enjoyed my shower laughed it off ... When i got out the shower i checked my phone and he texted me 5 times and did 7 FT .

Text Messages

Leo- you got that ...
Leo- dont do that nomore nigga .
Leo- yo im still hard as shit . The image of you standing like that is in my head still .
Leo- you fucking my head up ...
Leo- ( Picture Message ) dont do him like that .

The Picture was of him standing in the mirror similar to the 1 on Instagram . But in this 1 he was squeezing his dick and biting his lip .

Text Message

Nell- :O
Leo- yeahhh . Im suprised you got my dick tripping . My shit keeps jumping .
Nell- thats what you get for playing me ...
Leo- mannnnn shut up .
Nell- well im sorry ?
Leo- you should be ... This is crazy ..
Nell- what is ?
Leo- MY DICK is still hard yo lmfao . And im sending shit to a dude .
Nell- mixed feelings i see .
Leo- yeah you can say that .
Nell- well this will change your " mixed feelings " . ( Picture Message )

I sent Leo a picture of my ass in my breifs half way on my ass .

Leo- yo...
Nell- what ?
Leo- stop teasing me i hate that shit . Only i can tease you ...
Nell- nah sorry . Im getting back at you !
Leo- yoooo no bullshit look what just happened ( 2 Picture Messages )

1 was a pic of his shorts with wet looking spots with his dick semi hard in his shorts then it was a pic of his big ass hand with cum on it .

Nell- Bahaaaaahahaaa
Leo- shit aint funny i never cummed hands free .
Nell- so ? Whats the big deal .....
Leo- By a fucking nigga ? From a picture and a lil facetime ?
Nell- wow ok i see .
Leo- yeah i know you do .
Nell- so are you mad ?
Leo- im just disappointed in myself . Shouldve never even FT you .
Nell- thats real ... You act like i ruined your life .
Leo- im not gay ... What was i thinking on some real shit . Delete my number . Im sorry this aint for me .
Nell- ........ Wow im sorry ?

2 minutes later i tried calling him and it said im blocked .

I sat on my bed playing this whole nightout in my head ... What did i do ? I did exactly what he did too me . Is it because another dude made him hard ? What is it ? Is it his Pride ? Everything went across my mind as i fell asleep but i knew 1 thing, is that i will NOT worry about it ...


The next morning at school .

As me and Amiya are walking into the school i had just finished telling her about what happened last night .

Amiya- Nell hes scared .

Nell- okay ? I get it but still . He blocked me .

Amiya- thats fine . I bet he'll unblock you . Cause if you stay in his head . I bet he'll be calling you . Espically if he was that shocked about that cum situation . Thats gonna make him want you more . You know he said he wanted to experience it . Last night was him experiencing it through video and it overwhelmed him thats all .

Nell- yeah you right . I dont care anyways .

Amiya- your so mean .

Nell- no im not .

Amiya- okayyyyy Cornell !

----- Lunch

I was walking down the hall heading to the lunch room and Tey Leo and some of the other basketball players were heading down the hall .

Tey- yooo Nell wadddup !

Nell- shit chillin .

Tey- so when you trying out for the team ? You playing bro .

Vlad- Yeah i heard you good . ( staring at Nell ) .

Vlad was a basketball player at my school he was 6'3 he had an athletic build he wasnt as buff as Leo . But he has something . He has a low cut fade with designs in the back on his head and he has tattoos on his chest and back an a few on his legs . His eyes were brown . And he has a chocolate complexion his skin looks so smooth . His lips were full and thick . He stayed licing them .

Leo- nahhh he aint being apart of this team fuck that shit .

The team and i looked at Leo .

Leo- what shit ... I mean he aint even that good .

Tey- do i hear a 1 on 1?

Leo- yall really gonna do this to him . Hahaa

Vlad- aye lets go to the gym now . Lets see who wins .

We all started walking to the gym . And me and Leo was behind them .

Nell- you didnt have to be so fucking rude ...

Leo- shut your cry baby ass up and take this L .

Right when he said that i had so much determination to beat that ass .

When we got on the court he had ball first and knowing that his ass was taller than me i knew it would be hustle . So of course the first 5 balls he got in easily . We was going up to 10 . I kept trying to get the ball each time he would cross me up they would laugh and he would come close to me making lil jokes . When he reached 7 points i heard them saying this shit is over . . . When he tried to cross me up this time i stole the ball and shot the ball and it went in .

( Speeds it up )


Now i had 5 points . I kept shooting the ball from the three point line and everyone was getting quiet i can tell Leo was getting pissed he kept whipping the ball at me . This time i was determined to get a inside shot so i crossed him up and went for the lay up and got it in . Now its 7-6 .

Moments later the score was 7-9 . I had the ball and all i needed was 1 shot so i stood there dribbling the ball and started moving towards him . And he kept pushing me away forcefully . So i pumped fake to the right and he went to block it so i turned around him and went for a dunk and i made it . I NEVER made a dunk before i always was so close . But this time i did it . The team went crazy jumping on each other and then Vlad came over to me and picked me up running me over to the other guys as the all kept saying good things about me . I looked over at Leo and he just stood there looking at us .

Tey- you gotta try out man we need you . Your threes are wet each time ! You gotta teach me .

Nell- yall crazy ... Im hungry im going to lunch . Ill think about it . Bye

Tey- you better !

As i was walking out i heard the guys talking shit to Leo " boy you got that ass whooped !" . Etc .

---- End of School in the Parking lot

I was walking outside with Amiya about to get in her car . Until i heard a beep . The car pulled up behind her car and the windows were tinted . When the windows came down music was blasting and smoke came out . It was Leo .

Amiya- go see what he wants .

Nell- no

Amiya- YES ! Now go .

I walked over to the car and kneeled down .

Nell- what ...

Leo- get in .

Nell- no . What do you want ?

Leo- i need to talk to you .

Nell- so talk .

Leo- stop playing with me . Tell her you got a ride home .

Nell- im not getting in the car with you .

Leo- why not ?

Nell- i dont trust you thats why .

Leo- move back from my shit before i knock your disrespectful ass out . ( starts driving off while my hand is still on the car )


He pushed on his breaks and get out his car and started walking my way pulling up his shorts . Amiya jumped out of the car and stood there .

Leo- say that again ( still walking towards Nell )

Nell- ( Stands there )

Leo- ( stands right up on Nell ) nigga the fuck you say ?

Amiya- Leo leave him alone !!!

Nell- no Amiya i dont give a fuck im not scared . I said FUCK YOU NIG ... ( Leo pushed me hard as fuck into another car ) .

Amiya- ( runs over to Nell ) no stop it ! Please ..

Leo- ( walks towards nell and Amiya ) nah he got that mouth ... Dont play with me Cornell ! ( balled his fist up )

Amiya- ( puts her hand up at Leo ) LEO STOP THIS SHIT NOW! You need to get control of yourself ! Your going to hurt him because of the shit your going through ! Grow up .

Nell- no Amiya move . I dont care if i get fucked up. I aint no punk .

Leo must of thought about what Amiya said because he backed up and walked back to his car and zoomed off .

------- Day of the Party

Amiya and i were at my house getting ready for the party tonight . We was getting ready to leave to get snacks and shit .

Amiya- ( putting on some red lipstick) but yesterday !!! He was bout to beat that ass .

Nell- whatever .

Amiya- im fucking with you . I can tell you 1 thing though .

Nell- what ?

Amiya- he wants you .

Nell- yes sexually i know that already .

Amiya- no more than that ... What nigga gets that angry over another nigga . It aint like yall have beef right ? EXACTLY .

Nell- why are we talking about this . I really dont care .

Amiya- well shit excuse me .

( Phone vibrates )

Call From Leo ...

Me and Amiya looked at my phone .

Amiya- didnt i say he would unblock you ????? If a nigga blocks you and doesnt come back that means hes done ... But hmmm what did i tell you ...

Nell- well im not answering . Lets go ...

Amiya- well okay ;) lets go !



The next Chapter will be the Party ! And there will be some twists going on in the next chapter !! BIG TWISTS !


What do you think is going on in Leos mind ?

Do you think Leo and Nell would make a good couple ?




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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 20:37:28
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Leo seriously needs to handle his damn feelings before he be on the outside looking in at some other nigga with Cornell.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 15:47:36
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Amiya and this forcing a relationship shit annoys me.
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I like leo tho
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I like leo tho
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yeah i think he crazy sometime leo you know they do... leo grow up dam
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This story good as fuck

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