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Watt Pad App

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Ok my wonderful fans I've been transferring all my stories to this mobile app called watt pad. iPhone and Android users this is a ebook free app that allows me to post all my stories. It's so easy and cool I can interact with all you guys. It's gives you notifications right too your phone when I've posted or added stories.

It's pretty easy and I will be posting on there as well as here so please download it, create a account with your own user names and follow me. Search me writerboy242 and you'll find all the books I've written on here there

Also i will be posting my new story Love Sucks & My Big Brother's Best Friend Volume 4 n the reminder of Blaze on there and on here. If you into a app thats not so gay just a normal story app you can download it and follow me.its also filled with millions of other thug gay str8 love stories in every category. I'm posting new chapters of Blaze on Monday so please keep locked for it on Watt Pad as well as BGCLive...

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Post Posted: 2016-06-14 15:22:24
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M we need next chapter got me up all hours reading hahah love it

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