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Can i Trust you ?

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Tey- Can i Trust You ?

Nell- um yes ... Your scaring me dude wassup ?

Tey- i couldnt stop looking at your ass today . Everything i was saying in the car was about you . No bull shit but i just wanted to let you know . And yes i like Amiya . And i know you gonna tell her . But i had to get that off my chest .

Nell- Haha ummmm i dont know what to say ...

Tey- aint shit to say . It was just thoughts that i thought you should know .

Nell- but why is that ?

Tey- i just never hold shit in . Thats why i dont care if you let Amiya know cause i dont want it to be no secret between us 3 . But to everyone else they dont gotta know .

Nell- yea yea i know . You think she will still talk to you though ?

Tey- i mean it aint like im fucking you or want you . Its just you had a nigga thinking for a minute thats all . And Actually dont tell her i will . Its better that way .

Nell- damn your not scared ?

Tey- im not scared for being honest .

Nell- True !

Tey- but whats up with you and Leo . I aint stupid

Nell- nothing is up ? What are you talking about .

Tey- what took yall so long at the movies .

Nell- hes just a bully ass nigga and you know that .

Tey- okay but why doesnt he want you chillin with me . Nigga was feeling some way and i saw the look he gave you . ( smiling )

Nell- i dont know what your talking about . Just enemies thats all .

Tey- i see you keep your enemies close .

Nell- shut the fuck up Tey. Forreal

Tey- ( leaning back on his headboard ) so what you mad ? Am i getting to you ?

Nell- no but im ready to go home .

Tey- ( smiling ) ight come on ( gets up )

Nell- ( gets up and walks out )

Tey- oooooooo someones mad

Nell- ( ignores him )

When we got in the car he just sat there and kept looking at me .

Nell- what can you drive .

Tey- yeah i can but why you mad ?

Nell- cause i dont like when people think they know shit about me .

Tey- Get over it ( speeds off )

Nell- Stop being a asshole .

Tey- ight ight my bad

The rest of the ride was music blasting and no conversation . When he pulled up to my house i seen someone sitting on my steps and its 11:00 at night !!

Nell- thanks

Tey- who is that ?

Nell- i dont know probably my uncle again .

Tey- oh ight see you tomorrow in school .

Nell- bet .

I got out the car and Tey sped off . I was scared as shit to walk to my door . So i stood there looking trying to figure out who it can be . But then they got up and started walking towards me . I knew exactly who it was now because of his walk . Why the fuck would Leo be at my house ?

He came close to me and was kind of looking me up and down as if he was having an inspection on me .

Nell- um what are you doing here ?

Leo- what happened ? Did yall have sex ?

Nell- the fuck ? ( walks around Leo ) stupid ass i swear .

Leo- ( grabs Leos arm ) nah aint stupid . Just answer me shit .

Nell- why would i do that if him and Amiya like each other ?

Leo- so what happened .

Nell- nothing ? We talked about different things .

Leo- like ?

Nell- like how he thinks you like me ? Or something is going on with us ...

Leo- ( puts his hands on his head ) ahhhh! Its YOU ! You told him i know you did . Fuckkk i want to beat your ass up .

Nell- i didnt say anything to him he observes how your dumb ass acts . So beat your own ass . Bye

Leo- observe me ?

Nell- thats what i said .

Leo- man i dont even believe you . Just stay away from me .

Nell- listen to yourself ... I HAVE NOT YET CAME TO YOU FOR SHIT . I wasnt the 1 going in for no kiss . Im not the one that was trying to sit near you at the movies . Im not the 1 who got hard ! And i aint the 1 who came to your house to see if you was having sex with someone . Now how the fuck do you look . You standing there acting like ive been thirsty for you or been wanting you like these dumb ass females . How about you grow the fuck up and get over yourself . If i wanted you i would do everything your doing . So maybe its YOU who i need to stay away from huh ? You really got it all wrong.

Leo- alright im sorry ( puts his hands in his pocket in a sulking gesture ) your righ....

Nell- bye man ( walks inside his house with out looking back )

I went up to my room and threw my phone on my bed . I was going to call Amiya but i cant even do that i just layed across the bottom of my bed and slept it off .

---- The Next Morning


My alarm had went off and i almost threw my phone to the wall . I turned it off and woke up in my clothes from yesterday then it all came back to me ... What a day !

I went into the bathroom took my shower lotioned up and got dressed . I put my phone on the charger and my phone had mad notifications !

7 missed Kik messages from Leo
3 text from Amiya
2 text from Demitri
1 miss call from Demitri

Text Messages from Amiya

Amiya- but bitch @ Tey telling me this ...
Amiya- i mean is he straight or nah !?
Amiya- never mind we just talked about it . Call me though ! So i can come get you .
Nell- ight hold on .

Texts from Demitri

Demitri- Remember these times ?
Demitri- ( Picture Message )
Nell- LMFAO ! Seriously ?
Demitri- dont even you loved all my nudes :) espically that 1 .

It was a picture of him naked standing in front of the mirror hard with my name on his body smiling hard like a dumb ass . I couldnt do nothing but laugh !

Kik Messages from Leo .

Leo- Im sorry
Leo- Nelly wake up yo .
Leo- i want to talk to you .
Leo- i wish you would look at your kik .
Leo- ight fuck it .
Leo- just wanted to say sorry and ill stay away .

I just read them and went down stairs to make me some cereal . Thinking about how this day of school will be ! And hopefully ill get to see Isaiah ... Now THAT is something i am thirsty over and i mean he defiently isnt the sexiest guy . But hes average and my type atleast . BUT hes straight from what i heard so i guess its just lust :/ .

AYE !!

I shook so quick some milk hit my face from my cereal .

Momma- scared your ass huh !!!

Nell- maaaa !

Momma- you was in deep thought smiling and frowning . That was too funny .

Nell- yea yea .

Momma- so guess what !

Nell- what ?

Momma- we are going to Orlando Studios !

Nell- oooooooo ! Who can i bring ?

Momma- the only friend you have who is Amiya .

Nell- you came for my life though ......

Momma- ohhh and Tyrell ! My lil ponytail boo . He cute !

Nell- ( gags )

Momma- hater !

( beep )

Momma- tell that heifer to beep 1 more time !

Nell- hahaaaa ! Ight let me go .

I went upstairs to get my stuff and headed outside into amiyas car .

Amiya- why didnt you tell me yall chilllllled !

Nell- it was last minute then Leo was at my house waiting for me on some stalker shit . It was too much . But nothing happened and you know me .

Amiya- oh bitch i know you aint dumb ! Hahaaaa

Nell- oh shut up .

Amiya- but Tey he kinda got me like ummmm can i trust you . I mean i love that he was honest with me but who says you didnt trigger something in him that wants to just fuck boys now ... Forreal !

Nell- hes not ! Now drive .

Amiya- better not .

Nell- guess what though ! My mother said we going to Orlando Studios .

Amiya- AWWWW ! Well have fun boo

Nell- you coming too and Tyrell :) !

Amiya- YASSSSSSSS ( whips hair hitting her steering wheel )

Nell- i just cant .

Amiya- for real though we about to be too wild ! Imma find me a boothang down there .

Nell- im telling Tey .

Amiya- that aint my man . Plus he like you ...

Nell- shade... Shut the fuck up he doesnt .

Amiya- Mhm we'll see . But honestly i wouldnt be mad cause if he told you and told me then w.e im just glad i aint really started liking him deeply . Then i would really be in my feelings .

Nell- i dont want him anyways at all .

Amiya- anyways on to the next convo !

Nell- how about school though -_- ...

Amiya- why dont you like it !?

Nell- just dont ...

Amiya- atleast you get good grades .

Nell- of course but still i hate being there for hours .

Amiya- shut up Nell . Atleast you get to see that loser Isaiah .

Nell- shut up hes not a loser just because hes not all ratchet like us and dont hang around the same ppl we do . I like ppl like that anyways .

Amiya- you know what you need ? A good ol WHITE boy ! YESSSS !!!

Nell- i probably do .

Amiya- Orlando we gonna get you 1 ... Cause you need some DICK !

Nell- i dont though . Your the one who needs it im straight chillin . If i needed it i could easily call Demitri .

Amiya- true his sexy looking ass .

Nell- see you need the dick .

Amiya- shut up ! We here get out my shit bitch .

Nell- ( gets out the car ) you the ho bitch .

Amiya- but you mad ! Look at your boo isaiah right there ( pointing )

Nell- ( turns head quick ) you lien ass ho . Shut up hahahaha .

Amiya- i canttttt . You almost broke your neck ! You like geeky dudes . Hes such a geek athletic type boy . Your so weird Nell .

Nell- no im not ! I can tell hes nice so shut up . Now lets go .

We walked inside of school and Tey, Leo and there boys was down the hall leaning on the walls near the lockers . We just walked past after speaking to Tey . I purposly didnt say shit to Leo because theres no reason for us to speak .

As i was putting my locker combination in i looked up and seen Isaiah talking to some chinese dude he knew . I stood there and looked him up and down he had on some running shoes shorts and a shirt . YES very plain but i dont know what it was about him . I slowly bit my lip before he could see then i just finished putting my combination in and got my books out for my first class . I closed my locker and started walking past Isaiah of course i looked at him and he did the same but i looked away quick ! I hate when i get caught staring -_- ... I feel thirsty .

Amiya- bitch you thirsty !

Nell- ( starts laughing hard ) thats weird as hell i was just thinking the same shit . Fuck you

Amiya- mhm mhm . Tell me why Tey kissed me on the cheek ! :)

Nell- oooooo isnt that cute !

Amiya- you stay hatinggg like !!

Nell- bye ! Ill see you 3rd period .

Amiya- toodles !

When i got in class i sat in the back where i always sit and i watched as the other students came in including Isaiah .

After about 20 minutes we started to take this pop quiz . I mean i knew all the answers so i was finish in like 5 minutes . So i started reading this book for my English class . As i was reading i found myself staring at YOU KNOW WHO !

After the third time i looked . He sat up looking at his paper and raised his hand for the teacher then he was scanning the room and saw me looking . So he bobbed his head and looked back at the teacher . I felt so stupid ! Im on some stalker shit ! I need to do better . And after he looked at me i stopped staring .

3rd period

Amiya- ugh i have a weird feeling .

Nell- like what ?

Amiya- like somethings going to happen i dont know .

Nell- everytime you do this something bad does happen .

Amiya- i know i hate it !

Nell- i bet . I mean it might happen in this class since we got this class with Tey and Leo and some of there friends -_- .

Amiya- RIGHT .

After everyone filed in the class and sat down i seen from the corner of my eye Leo staring at me . I tried so hard not to look at him . But i gave up and looked at him . And when i did he showed me his phone . I already knew what that meant . So i pulled out my phone and went on kik . I saw that he was typing so i waited .

Kik Message:

Leo- why are you so cute ?

Nell- What do you want honestly .

Leo- i want to feel the same way i felt that day when i kissed you ..... But im afraid .

Nell- Afraid of what ?

Leo- you know .

Nell- of people finding out you like another boy ?

Leo- something like that .

Nell- well then dont think about me or even kik me im sure youll end up getting over it .

Leo- smfh but what if i dont want too ?

Nell- Its up to YOU not me . You got me so confused yo .

Leo- how ?

Nell- one day you kissing me the next day you threatning me . Then you end up jealous about stupid shit . Then you mad again and want to grab on me and shit . As you can see im pretty much not worried .

Leo- so you didnt feel anything when we kissed ? You dont like me ? You dont have any feelings ?

Nell- if i ever did you probably ruined them now . I mean if you know this aint going to be something you treasure id rather not even bother going any further with this . I know your a star athlete and what not and you know sooner or later your going to drop my ass . So why ruin both of our time .

Leo- ... So even if i wanted to experience what it would be like . I couldnt try with you ?

Nell- then you would get close to me . Then leave a couple weeks later .

Leo- how would you know that ?

Nell- i dont

Leo- well how about after this class since we have lunch meet me in the library thats closed .

Nell- for ?

Leo- ill see you there .

I shook my head and put my phone away .

Lunch !

When the bell rang i got up with Amiya and we did out daily walk around to all the different lunch rooms chatting it up . After about 10 minutes i decided to just go to the library .

When i snuck inside it was dim inside with only the light from the cafe showing through the glass window . I saw Leo sitting on a table .

Leo- ( gestures me over ) come here

Nell- ( walks to him ) whats up ?

Leo- can i touch you ?

Nell- ( laughs ) what ?? This is a joke stop playing what do you want ?

Leo grabbed my shirt and pulled me inbetween his legs and stared in my eyes, i turned my head a little and looked out into the cafe .

Leo- look at me .

Nell- for what ( looks back at him )

He leaned forward a little and kissed my lips softly for about 15 seconds then i moved back a little .

Nell- im not doing this with you .

Leo- doing what ?

Nell- your just gonna feel up on me kiss me try to fuck me and gonna think you can whenever you want then drop my ass . I heard about the shit you play . And you got a gf ...

Leo- man shut up forreal you dont know shit .

Nell- i do know that you think you have a dummy. I aint with this shit .

Leo- just fucking let me try atleast fuck !

Nell- are you crazy nigga ? YOU HAVE A GF ! ( backs up more )

Leo- what if i leave her ....

Nell- what ?

Leo- you heard me ... Im serious about this shit . Last night i thought about that kiss . Dont get me wrong i aint on some i love you shit i mean but for real you keep popping up in my head . I want to know why . And i cant find out if im not around you .

Nell- why would you leave your baby mother like that .

Leo- honestly the baby aint even mine .

Nell- stop lien yo thats foul .

Leo- im dead ass im lien for her . We was on a break for like a month and she told me she was cheating and how she got pregnant . Asking me to be the babys father cause she doesnt want her parents to find out she been acting like a ho .

Nell- are you serious ? Shes crazy .

Leo- which we already knew .

Nell- so why you with her then .

Leo- i pretty much explained it to you .

Nell- this is alot ...

Leo- ( gets off the table walking towards Nell ) youll believe me sooner or later . I wouldnt lie about that .

Nell- ( steps back some ) why you always ...

Leo- ( grabs Nells arm pulling him back ) stop walking back from me .

I dont know what ran through my body but Leo touch actually made me feel some type of way .

Leo- and i dont mean to be so aggressive with you but it got me so mad that i would get jealous or think about you so much or even thought you would out me about the whole beach thing .

Nell- i told you i wouldnt though .

Leo- now i really know you wouldnt .

Nell- hows that ?

Leo- Cause i can see your trustworthy .

Nell- i dont know why i feel like this is a joke . But this is real weird so imma go ... ( walks away ).

Leo- For real Cornell ?

Nell- its too much right now ( leaves out the door ) .


Do you think Leo is lieing about Dasia and his relationship ?

Do you think Cornell would try it out with Leo ?


Thankyou !

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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 20:11:00
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: 759

: 43

I think Leo is telling the truth about not being the baby's daddy but Cornell should still watch what they are doing.
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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 01:12:51
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: 141

: 11

I think that Dasia's baby is Cornell's ex Demitri's baby
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Post Posted: 2015-06-10 01:13:13
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: 206

: 8

Give him a shot
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Post Posted: 2015-05-28 01:18:22
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: 1044

: 81

Awe Leo has a crush
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Post Posted: 2015-05-25 16:53:58
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: 9

: 0

This is great! please keep writing! You have great potential as an author. I really like your narrative style.
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Post Posted: 2015-05-23 00:32:00
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: 52

: 4

love it more and yes leo will try whk it might just work and i think he my be liein about hes baby mama
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Post Posted: 2015-05-22 19:55:16
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: 1


: 2880

: 86

That was a great chapter love it.... Leo really is ready to try something lol and no I dnt think Cornell will out Leo.
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Post Posted: 2015-05-22 19:18:00
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: 0


: 1661

: 199

I like it keep it up

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