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Double Date ?

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Amiya- but nooooo lets talk more about that kiss shall we ?

Nell- what about it .

Amiya- get with him ! Make that bitch mad . Well she prob wont find out but everytime you see her in your head you can be like how my shit hole taste bitch !!!!

Nell- i swear you crazy ! Nah im not gonna try anything whatever happens happens .

Amiya- i know his big ass lips was good ol annoying ass boy .

Nell- i didnt even let him finish when i felt him trying to put his tongue in my mouth i left .

Amiya- you wackkkkk ! But i swear imma knock that ho in her mouth 1 day .

Nell- hmm let me know when you do.

Amiya- hmm you might be the reason i have to !

I shook my head and went to warm up my chinese food . While i was warming it my phone vibrated and it alerted me that NastyLeo_ . Wanted to follow me on instagram . So i opened it up and accepted his and i followed him . When my food was done i went to sit with amiya to eat . And my phone kept vibrating .

Amiya- whos that !

Nell- i dont know .

Amiya took my phone and started laughing .

Amiya- DAMN hes all in your shit . Let me look at his pics . (Looks at the first 1 ) awww he look cute in this pic the caption says mindfucked and that was 15 minutes ago MMMM !

Nell- oh stop ( biting his chicken )

Amiya- ( Drinking her juice scrolling through ) mmm mmm !! Look at this pic ! Thats why his name is NastyLeo hmmmmmm .

Nell- ohhhh wooooow .

Amiya- hes a tease holding it and shit .

Nell- he must not care who sees his pics haha .

Amiya- apparently , his body is the best in the school though my daddy Tey need to step it up .

Nell- ( eating rice ) mhm .

Amiya- im suprised you aint slobbin over this nigga .

Nell- for what ?

Amiya- HES SEXY ! A asshole at times but sexy . And he got a big 1 .

Nell- thats all you worried about . I dont want to be with noone .

Amiya- he can be your fuck buddy . I bet youll loosen up then . ( flips hair )

Nell- imma smack that food out your gut keep on .

Amiya- bitch plea... ( her phone vibrates ) hold up ( reads it )

Nell- who is it ?

Amiya- i think Tey he asked me if i wanted to go to the movies with him .

Nell- have fun !

Amiya- but i want you to go !

Nell- he asked YOU .

Amiya- ill ask him whos going .

Nell- mhm

( Door bell Rings )

Nell- who is it !?!?

Tyrell- its Tyrell open up !

Nell- ( opens it )

Tyrell- dont be askin questions just open that shit .

Nell- shut your ass up .

Amiya- why you here the fuck . Acting all funny today .

Tyrell- my bad my girl just was trippin.

Amiya- mhm whatever !

Tyrell- what yall about to do ?

Amiya- ( checks her phone ) go to the movies .

Tyrell- oh im going bowling .

Nell- dont even invite us .

Tyrell- me and my girl .

Amiya- oh they can have that lol

Tyrell- nah i just came to take a leak.

Amiya- oh go on lil dick .

Tyrell- ( grabs his dick walking up the stairs ) yeah ight .

Nell- WE aint going nowhere lol .

Amiya- YES WE ARE. Cause he said its him and his older brother .

Nell- so ?!

Amiya- that means you coming .

Nell- ugh . Whatever

After about 30 minutes of me changing and shit Tey was outside . When we got in the car i sat in the back and Leo was in the back too . Right when i came in he looked at his phone . When i got in i texted Amiya .

Text Message

Nell- you lien ass ho .
Amiya- dont worry BE HAPPY !
Nell- its awkward as fuck sitting back here .
Amiya- itll be alright . You smell good though haha .
Nell- whatever .

Tey- you already texting though ?

Amiya- my bad it was my momma .

Tey- mhm why yall quiet ? Yall aint arguing back there im suprised .

Both-( Silence )

Tey- well damn ight .

Half way to the theater i had got a kik . And it was from Leo . I guess he took my kik from Instagram .

Kik Messenger:

Leo- stop acting like you scared .
Nell- im not ?
Leo- if we dont act normal . Tey is gonna know something is up . We need to act like nothing happened ight ?
Nell- i think im doing a good job at it .
Leo- and to be honest that kiss meant nothing to me . Im just saying . Dont catch no feelings .

When i saw that message i wanted to punch the shit out if him . Acting like im thirsty for his ass . He think im like them thot ass cheerleaders who run after his ass . Think again nigga .

Nell- your crazy , trust me your not even my type ...
Leo- what ?
Nell- your not my type ... So you have nothing to worry about .
Leo- nigga im everyones type . Stop your lies .
Nell- think again Leo . And my lies ? What about yours ? " that kiss meant nothing to me " . But you mindfucked on instagram ?
Leo- you dont know shit . You shouldve stayed your ass home .
Nell- stop writing me forreal .
Leo- if anything that happened today gets out im coming for you deadass .
Nell- ( just reads it )

Nell- ( does a long ass sigh ) bitchasses these days .

Tey- that was random . Whats wrong with you ?

Nell- nah someone kikn me from a name i dont know playing games . Making bum ass threats .

Tey- its probably someone who like you .

Nell- RIGHHHHT thats exactly what i was thinking .

Tey- probably to scared to let you know .

Amiya- ( starts laughing ) wooo i cant .

Nell- maybe so ( looks over at Leo )

Kik Messenger :

Leo- imma fuck you up . I gave you a warning .
Nell- am i suppose to be scared ?
Leo- should be lil punk ass . Watch !
Nell- yea whatever .

When we got to the movies . We all got out the car and started walking i was behind Tey and Amiya . Until i felt A tight ass grip around my neck . I knew it was Leo . He pulled me inbetween two cars and pushed me against the brick wall .

Leo- i told your fucking ass didnt i .

Nell- im not fucking playing you better stop choking me . Im trying to be nice to your ass .

Leo- ( pushes Nells head back hard hitting the brick wall ) try me nigga this aint no game .

Nell- ( rubs his head ) fuck you yo move ( tries to walk pass Leo )

Leo- ( pushes Nell back by his chest ) i told you imma fuck you up .

Nell- then FUCKING DO IT . I dont give a fuck . ( gets ready to fight ) beat my ass come on .

Leo- ( balls up his fist and bites his lip then turns and walks away ) FUCK!

I stood there pissed as shit . Is he fucking crazy ? I watched as he walked towards the doors with his hand on his head . When i came in after him Amiya was looking at me strange cause she saw how pissed i was . She walked over to me and pulled me aside . As we was walking away i heard Leo saying to Tey " naw i was deadass about to bang him out his fucking mouth yo is .... "

Amiya- what happened ?

Nell- he choked me then pushed me against the wall threatining me . Cause he scared imma tell what happened and shit .

Amiya- he likes you . Its apparent if he keeps acting like this people gonna know .

Nell- exactly i dont even care . Fuck him . Then hes like that kiss didnt mean shit to him .

Amiya- you and i both know it did . But its alright babes he'll be apologizing real soon . If not trying to kiss you again .

Nell- he can save all that . I dont even want to be near him see him not shit .

Amiya- you like him . I can tell

Nell- i dont .

Amiya- and you like how aggressive he is . I know you Cornell Taylor .

Nell- ( tries not to smile ) forreal i dont .

Amiya- you know he aint gonna hit you . Hes just so upset that he really likes a dude . And hes blaming you for it thats all .

Nell- i know .

Amiya- come on so we can do this double date .

Nell- we are NOT on a date .

Amiya- okay :) ( holds Nells hand ) leggo !

We walked back over to them and they were laughing but then when Leo saw me he slowly stopped and stared at me . But i just kept it moving and went to buy my ticket .

Tey- how your ass gonna go buy a Ninja Turtles ticket like we was going to see that ?

Nell- i mean yall can go see what yall want, but i want to see ninja turtles .

Tey- Amiya ?

Amiya- ill see whatever i dont care .

Tey- Ight you got it this time Nell .

Nell- i always got it :) .

Leo- ( yawns )

- In the Theater

After Tey and Amiya went to sit with eachother i went all the way to the top and sat down . I was looking at my instagram until Leo sat next to me . I got up and moved but he grabbed my hand . I looked down at my hand tugging it .

Nell- ( whispers ) get off of me . Your crazy .

Leo- ( lets go )

I moved over like 6 seats and sat down . Finally the movie was about to start and the lights went dim . As i was putting my phone away Leo had Kiked me .

Kik Messenger:

Leo- im not crazy
Nell- oh
Leo- im sorry for all of that though .
Nell- okay
Leo- do you forgive me ?
Nell- yea
Leo- ight well since you writing 1 words ill leave you alone .
Nell- k .

About 30 minutes through the movie i was K N O C K E D . Not because it was boring i was just tired as hell . I kept waking up going back to sleep . My phone would wake me up . And only once Leo woke me up cause he was sitting next to me . Kept bothering me . When the movie was over i woke up and his ass was gone . Damn shameeee !

I got up and went looking for Amiya to see what happened . Tey and Amiya was in the Arcade playing well Tey was playing games , so i stood next to her and put my head on her shoulder .

Nell- school tomorrow . I cant wait until 2nd semester .

Amiya- me either then we got 3 classes together !

Nell- right ! Sooo how was yall little date .

Amiya- mmmm i gotta call you tonight . Packinnnnnnnng . Hes not no L ( cough ) but ... Ill just tell you later haha .

Nell- ummm no thanks .

Amiya- shut up you know you want to hear .

Nell- no what i want is some sleep .

Amiya- ight imma tell him to bring us home .

Nell- k

-- Back in the Car

As we sat in the car my ass was falling asleep until we reached Amiyas house .

Amiya- call me tonight Cornell .

Nell- ight .

When we started driving off i seen how they went the opposite way from my house .

Nell- um why didnt you turn yo .

Tey- what you dont wanna chill with us ?

Nell- im just tired . We got school tomorrow .

Tey- so ? Lil boy got a curfew huh ?

Nell- no never that .

Leo- then shut up and ride .

Nell- shut the fuck up .

Tey- but aye wass good with Amiya though ? She single ?

Nell- you think she would be going to the movies with you if she wasnt ?

Tey- your mouth though .

Nell- i mean bro im not trying to sound all rude but yeah .

Tey- righhhht . I got a question though .

Nell- what ?

Tey- you straight right ?

Nell- why you asking me this ? Apparently you thinking different .

Tey- nah im just asking .

Nell- im Cornell .

Tey- i can take that .

Leo- ( coughs )

Nell- are yall straight ???

Leo- nigga shut up .

Tey- im straight but i mean i had thought about what it feels like to have sex with a nigga but then i would get goosebumps .

Leo- THE FUCK TEY? Nigga you gay ..

Tey- shut the fuck up im being honest . Shit and most guys had those kind of thoughts before even if it wasnt sexual they had thoughts . Dont mean im gay ?

Leo- nah you gay .

Nell- Leo really ( laughs ) quit please .

Leo- what say something ( balls up his fist )

Tey- you stay trying to fight him .

Nell- Tey just take me home .

Tey- nahhh chill

Leo- seriously Tey bring him home . Why you trying to chill with dude so bad ?

Tey- nigga why the fuck you so worried ? We cant chill ? Get your mind out the gutter fuck boy .

Leo- let me out this shit forreal .

Tey- ( breaks ) bye shit .

Leo- ( gives me a look before he gets out )

Tey- come get in the front .

The whole ride to Teys house was long and silent . I felt weird ... Why was i about to chill with the " Famous Athlete " .

When we got to his house we sat in his room talking about different things school, life, the future, Amiya and Leos ass . But it got weird when he asked me " Can i Trust You ? "


WHAT do you guys think will happen with Leo and Cornell ?

WHY did Tey ask Cornell " Can i Trust You "


Thank you !!!!

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Post Posted: 2015-11-20 19:50:29
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Great chapter. I think Tey about to tell Cornell something about himself.
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Tey bout to get you.
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Tey please leave Nell alien. He belongs to Leo.
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yesss my life, for real tey oh my i hope nothing stupid... leo i like him i see give him time cause sometime to think for real amiya she need to slow just a lil cause it tey like nello... i guest i have to wait. great job finally a story i can dig... my love
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He about to say he like him or he is gay. But dnt do your BFF like that now ok and Leo is a piece of work.
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