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Let Me Taste It !

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Im laying in bed not wanting to attend school today . I was actually tired of seeing all those fake ass people you call " Friends " . But of course we all have that 1 gurdian who always MAKES us go . Like NOW !


I laid there and tried to act as if i was sick . ( Bang )

Nell- yes ma ...

Momma- boy get ya ass up you aint sick . Come on cause i have to bring your lil sisters to day care .

Nell- ight ight ... ( gets up )

Momma- nice doing buisness with you . Food is down stairs love you Nell Nell muah !

After she closed the door i went into my closet and sat on the floor . Hmm what should i wear . I mean i can careless about today so i guess ill wear my bball shorts . A white tee and some jordans . FUCK IT .

I walked over into my bathroom and stared into the mirror at myself . I had nice thick eye brows that i get done from time to time . Full pink lips to go with my caramel skin complexion and my light brown eyes . My eye lashes since i came out the twat always looked like a girls . They went upward . Dont you hate when you see guys with window shades as eye lashes ... ... ... nahh let me stop !

My body is very atheltic body and is thick in certain places . After looking at myself i started to put on my facial cause i love my skin nice and clean . :) then i jumped my ass in the shower and washed my self until i heard my phone vibrating continously i tried to ignore it but it kept going so i turned off the water put the towel around me and checked my phone .

( Sits on the bed )

2 missed calls from Amiya
2 Text from Amiya
1 from Tyrell

Amiya- but bitchhhh you coming today ?
Amiya- i know your funky ass reading my text .
Nell- ... No im staying home
Amiya- you wack fr tho !
Nell- you wack fr tho !
Amiya- Me and Tyrell was gonna come get you .
Nell- yall aggy asses . Ight what time ?
Amiya- now!! we down the street hurry up . I want mcdonalds bitch .
Nell- listen bitch stop calling me a bitch .
Amiya- ight ho . Hurrup !!!

Ughh! Her non speaking english ass . I got up and started lotioning my whole body . I took off my durag and checked to see if my waves was right . Then i put my clothes on and got me a random snapback and put it on .

I ran downstairs in the kitchen took me some bacon eggs and 1 sausage and put it in a croissant and started chowing down .

Momma- ( coming down the stairs ) it aint going nowhere .

Nell- i know but Amiya is coming to get me .

Momma- you need to get your license you got the permit already and you 17 . You know your dad will get you a car.

Nell- where he at anyways ? Upstairs sleep ?

Momma- yeah i put it onem !!! Something deadly . He knocked boyyy .

( Beep! )

Nell- seee you nastyyy im glad i ate most of my sandwich . Bye momma !

Momma- byeeee muah !

I walked outside and Amiyas dumb asses kept beeping the horn to the song that was playing in the car . I think it was BangBang by Jessie j Ariana Grande and Nicki . I got in the back shaking my head .

Nell- STOP ! Before my momma come out and drag that ass .

Amiya-oh yeahhh let me quit .

Nell- ( pulls on 1 of Tyrells braids ) well damn nigga wassup ?

Tyrell- chill i aint in the mood .

Amiya- Cornell leave him he wont tell me whats wrong .

Nell- okay ?

The whole ride there we was quiet so i decided to take a pic and post it on Instagram . After i posted it i was scrolling through my feeds . And all i see is weed, ass, people twerking, niggas bodies, gang signs, funny ass pictures, and all that good stuff . Then i saw 1 pic of Isaiah ... This dude ! . I leaned forward and showed Amiya the pic and she made a face .

Amiya- like why do you like him thoughhhh . He dont seem like your type . Hes all like kind of geeky but cool but weird . He be chillin with the those asians lol .

Nell- shut up i got a chinese friend so what . Aint nothing wrong with him . And i dont like him its just idk why he makes a nigga think about him .

Amiya- its weird though !

Nell- lol i know i know .

Amiya- ( Turning into Mcdonalds ) But Tey though ........ Mmmm !

Nell- oh shut up . ( looks up from my phone ) .. damn mad heads here .

Amiya- as always . Lets see who in here .

Me and Amiya got out and Tyrell sat in the car on his phone . I turned back and went to his window .

Nell- you want something ?

Tyrell- uhhmmm .

Nell- bacon egg and cheese on a mcgriddle .

Tyrell- yeah and a hashbrown .

Nell- ight ho . Cheer up too ( walks away )

When i got inside Amiyas ass was already over there near Tey acting a fool . I just walked my ass in line .

Amiah- ( coming up behind Nell humping him ) mmm what that ass do boo .

Nell- yoooo i cant even laugh . Dumb ass . You crazy !

Amiya- but look Tey was just telling me that him and the basketball players and a few of the football team are skippin and going to the beach .

Nell- annnnnnDa .

Amiya- im going ... You coming ? Say yes !

Nell- yeah ill go . Didnt want to go to school today noway .

Amiya- YES ! Okay okay let me tell him . ( walks away )

I ordered Tyrells food and got me a caramel frappe . When i was waiting for my food . I saw Isaiah walk in with his sister . My heart jumped like a dumbass . And as always like my creep self i checked to see if he was bulging today . And yes he was , i mean it wasnt like some big ol bulge . But it was a damn good looking bulge . Ughhh ight chill let me stop . Im weird and he might catch me ( SLAP )


I grabbed my neck quickly and turned around to see this dumb ass Leo laughing it up dapping up his boys . I mean its nothing . He always does that shit cause they always like to see me react but not today . I just turned and i caught Isaiah looking at me and he looked like he just finished laughing at me . I turned away and shook my head . NOW i feel embarrassed .

I got the food and started walking out . And here he goes .

Leo- awwww Nelly mad now !

Nell- nigga i aint mad ill get you back and you know it ( walks out )

When i got in the car i handed Tyrell his food and started drinking my frappe .

Tyrell- yall was loud in there .

Nell- nah it was Leo he slapped my neck .

Tyrell- ahhh his dumbass .

Nell- right ! Did you hear about how his girl might be pregnant ?

Tyrell- yeahhhhh i heard . Damn shame he better hope she aint . She madd annoying .

Nell- right . You going to the beach with us ?

Tyrell- nah im actually gonna take a ride with Isaiah to school i got 2 test .

Nell- oh you know him ?

Tyrell- yeah haha . You dont ?

Nell- not like that i only seen him in my class last year . Thats it

Tyrell- and you like him ?

Nell- NO! I just like looking at him damn ...

Tyrell- alright nigga damn i get it .

Nell- mhm .

------ BEACH

Me and Amiya parked next to Teys truck packed with them ignorant ass niggas .

When i got out so did Tey and he streched and was looking at me i can tell cause i can see him from the corner of my eye . I was starting to walk to Amiyas side until he said .

Tey- ( hands up in the air stretching ) damn when did you become to good to speak to niggas yo ?

Nell- my bad ( daps him )

Tey- yea yea .

I walked over to Amiya who was fixing her hair in the mirror .

Nell- just come on you good !

Amiya- i look good ? Or GOOD GOOD !

Nell- good goo ....

Amiya- you aint shit ! You just mad .

Nell- mhm .

She finally got out the car after they already filed there asses down on the beach me and Amiya was in back of them . Then it hit me ... I saw Leo laughing it up with his boys . So i told Amiya to hold my Frappe and i took off my jordans and Ran upbehind him jumped up and slapped the shit out of his neck that they all jumped .


Boys- ( cracking up ) damnn !! Bruh he got you .

Leo- ( rubbing his neck ) hell nah nigga come here .

Nell- chill ! ( backing up )

I seen that Leo was catching speed . So i started running and they all was cheering him on . As i was running i could feel him near me so i turned and ended up crossing him up . And he caught himself with his hands in the sand .

Crew- OHHHHHHH !!!! Damnnnn !! He crossed your ass up yo ! VIOLATED SON !

I walked back over and helped him up .

Leo- oh you trying to embarrass me now ?

Nell- payback is a bitch huh ?

Leo- ight so you think this is a game ?

Nell- nahhh not at all ( starts walking back )

Leo- ill fuck you up . ( walking behind Nell )

Nell- why you so mad ?

Leo- ( pushes Nells head hard as shit ) cause i dont like that shit .

Nell- ( trips ) yo its not that serious . Get out your feelings nigga . Get over it .

Leo- what nigga ? ( steps right in front of Nell looking down at him ) Wassup nigga you dont want this .

Nell- nigga i dont give a fuck how big you are . Get from in my face .

( hears everyone jogging over talking )

Amiya- you better not touch him Leo ! I swear . Get yall friend !

Crew- ( stands there ) nah

Amiya- fuck yall . ( comes over to Nell ) come on Cornell fuck him .

Nell- ( Amiyah turning cornell around walking away ) fucking bitch .

Then i felt Leo put me into a choke hold . But it wasnt that tight to put me to sleep just to scare me . I had my hands on his arm trying to pull him off . And Everyone was quiet but Amiya . She kept yelling at him hitting him but then 1 of the boys grabbed her away . Leo continued to have me in that hold . We started walking . And he was talking mad shit . When we was walking i felt his dick imprint on my ass .

Leo- ( tightening his grip ) fuck with me again nigga .

Nell- man let me go .

Leo- nah you want to be funny huh ?

Nell- come on i cant breath ! You play to much .

Leo- shut up - (tightening it )

Nell- if you keep on tightening your grip imma tell them niggas your dick got hard .

Then Leo realised that his dick was actually hard then he let go a little but we ended up walking into the water so they wouldnt see . After he let me go everyone was laughing at Amiya .

Amiya- nahhh fuck that . He play too much ! And bitch ( hits the boy who grabbed her ) touch me again !

While we was in the water half way Leo walked away from me a little and said .

Leo- dont say shit forreal . I dont know how that shit happened . I aint with that ,

Nell- chill im not . Promise to stop smacking me .

Leo- ight cool you got it .

I walked out the water and i went over to Amiya and i heard 1 of the dudes say Oh shit under his breath . I turned and he was staring at my ass but i turned away before he knew i was looking .

Amiya- yup he was staring . I knew some of them was on that tip . You okay boo ?

Nell- im good . Gotta tell you something though .

Tey- ( puts arm around Nells neck ) where you learn how to cross niggas up like that .

Nell- i play ball . Just at home with fam .

Tey- you prob good . Stop playing and get with the crew man .

Nell- nahhh .

Tey- ( stands straight up ) damnn well ight think about it .

Nell- mhm . ( Tey walks away )

Amiya- mmmmmmm ( jumps ) i want him . Dont be all on him either bitch .

Nell- thats him not me .

Amiya- why cant he just fall inside me . HAHAAAAAAA !

Nell- i cantttttttt !

Amiya- im dead ass seri... Oh my gosh !!!! Nell look ( turns him )

Nell- shitttt ... My day has gotten worse .

Amiya- and he with his wack ass BM. He is cute but damn you had to choose his thug ass . How old is he again . ?

Nell- 22.

Amiya- and you 17

Nell- sooo . Ugh come on i dont want him to start the bull .

Amiya- too late bitch too late he keep looking over squinting with his sexy ass .

I looked over at my Ex Demitri . Damn was i in love with his ass . My first everything of course . Hes 6'2 Dark skinned . He had on no shirt his whole body was tatted . He had in dreads now which i think looks better on him . Dark brown eyes . And full lips . Damn and his muscles was just out there ... Fuckkk -_- .

( Phone Vibrates )

Text from Demitri

Demitri- is that you Nello?
Nell- ( smiled and shaked my head @Nello ) yeah ...
Demitri- FUCK !
Nell- what ?
Demitri- nothin nothin .
Nell- okay ?

I put my phone away cause thats what he did . I mean what did i do ?

Amiya- was that him ?

Nell- yeahhh but he asked was it me i said yea then hes like FUCK ! . So idk

Amiya- he probably shocked that you look even sexier now ha .

Nell- nah hes the 1 ... Haha let me quit.

Amiya- mhmmm !

Tey- AYE YALL !! Lets play volley ball .

Amiya- you do NOT want it with us .

Nell- right .

Tey- yeah i know Volley ball is for girls .

Nell- nigga ...

Tey- im just fucking with yall . But Me and Leo against yall two .

Nell- ight .

As we was getting in our positions Amiya whispered to me . "Let them get the first 4 . Then lets tear dat ass up ! Shreds bitch " ... I could do nothing but laugh .

After we gave them about 3 wins . And saw how much shit they was talking . Amiya turned and said, " Fuck it ! ".

After she said that i served and Leo hit it up and Tey went to finish it but Amiya jumped up and scored 1 for us and Leo turned and looked at his boys . Tey smiled at Amiya and she flipped her hair and said, " Yasssss " . After we scored about 4 more straight . Leo threw the ball up and walked away .

Tey- ahhhh dont be a fuck boy !

Leo- nah they cheating . I bet they cant beat us in basketball though .

Amiya- you real mad Leo ?

Leo- ( ignores )

Nell- i mean im good at bball too . Fuck with me .

Tey- oh nah lil fella chill out we dont want you quitting like ol Leo .

Leo- man shut the fuck up .

Tey- ight but forreal though . Yall tryna chill with us at the crib . We got L .

Nell- hell yeah .

Amiya- im on a diet .

Nell- ( falls in the sand ) HAHAAAA!!!

Tey- DEAD girl come on .

--- Leos House

As we was walking in the house I heard Leo on his phone arguing with someone then shaking his head .

Nell- whats wrong ?

Leo- why you worried ? Shit

Nell- ight ... ( walking inside )

Leo- my girl wants to swing through and i dont feel like being bothered .

Nell- having problems ?

Leo- dont act like you havent heard .

Nell- is it true ?

Leo- man idk . Some people saying she just wants to be pregnant to get my money if i make it .

Nell- i wouldnt put it past her ass . Never liked that ...

Leo- aye watch it .

Nell- yea yea i know . ( walks inside )

Tey- ill order some food . Chinese or pizza ?


I went and sat down near Tey and Amiya and went through my phone had a missed text from Demitri .

Text Message :

Demitri- we need to talk ...
Nell- for ?
Demitri- dont ask questions .
Nell- Demi im busy .
Demitri- honestly i can careless . I need to see you .
Nell- for what !?
Demitri- i miss you shit ...

When i saw that my heart started beating fast and i put my phone away . I wasnt about to let that game get into my head . Cause i know he just wants me on the side and keep his lies piling up . He thinks im going to sit there and let him fuck me while he got his family on the side . Fuck that .

Tey- CORNELL ! Son snap out of it .

Amiya- what are you thinking about you looking all pitiful ?

Nell- oh nah just was thinking bout something .

Amiya- no shit but of what ?

Nell- tell you later .

Amiya- text me .

Nell- nahhh laterrrrr .

Tey- we got secrets now ? ( looks at both of us )

Nell- maybe

Oh i didnt explain how Tey looked huh ? Well hes the tallest out of the whole team 6'5 hes slim but got some muscle he got 1 side of his body tatted . Hes light skin like LIGHT with pink ass lips . I think hes black and white . He has dark grey eyes and short curly hair .

Leo is 6'3 hes brown skin hes tatted all over his body . Hes more muscular than Tey and i think more cuter but leave it up to AMIYA -_- ... Leo has a fade with the sexiest full lips even better than Demitris ........ His walk is soooo " im that nigga " type shit .

Tey- ight ight ... Secrets it is . But YO ! ( his crew ) we need to invite more ladies . School should be out soon .

Amiya looked at me and rolled her eyes .

About 45 minutes later the ladies he wanted arrived and so did that bitch Dasia , Leos girl friend . When she walked inside just looked at her and she smiled at me and Amiya on some fake shit and i just looked away . And she knows exactly why i did . Cause yes shes the reason Demitri and i are not together . Just a damn crusty crab ho .

Amiya-( scoots next to me ) i swear i wanna bop her ass .

Nell- thats for another day she might be with child .

Amiya- more like she might be with demon . And look at all these heffas coming in here . I kind of want to get out of here . Take me a damn togo mutha fuckin plate .

Nell- same . Let me go pee first and make me a plate .

Amiya- ight .

I went upstairs into the bathroom and took my piss . As i was peeing i heard yelling and things being thrown around . I quickly zipped up washed my hands and went into the hallway and crept my way over to the door to listen .

Leo- chill out man your ass just got here and you asking about Amiya yo . She aint checking for me the fuck you always worried for .

Dasia- i dont give a fuck Leo ( throws something ) i dont want them two around !

Leo- you killin me right now . Stop talking and keep throwin my shit and watch .

Then i heard like 3 smacks . I opened the door and Dasia was hitting on Leo and he pushed her on the bed about to hit her and i ran and grabbed pushed him agaist the wall .

Leo- nah fuck that get out my house !

Dasia- so you was gonna hit me ? Huh Leo ? And i got your baby !

Leo- GET OUT ! ( pushes Nell hand off of him )

Dasia- fuck you Leo and your lil save a ho . ( walks out )

I turned to Leo about to ask him is he alright but he was picking stuff off the floor so i just turned and started walking out . When i was approaching the door he ran up and closed the door .

Leo- why did you do that ?

Nell- do what ?

Leo- hold me back .

Nell- um just like any true friend would do . I mean your a basketball player people look up to you . And you dont want that on your record . I dont see why you put up with this .

Leo- i dont either ...

Nell- well im about to leave so can i go now ?

Leo- yea yea ( opens the door )

Nell- see you tomorrow ( daps him )

Leo- ight and thanks .

Nell- you good . And stop staring at me like that .

Leo- like what ?

Nell- like your lost .

Leo- ( pulls Nell back in and closes the door ) let me see .

Leo bent down and kissed my lips softly and held it then he slowly put his tongue in my mouth and i moved my face .

Nell- aye what was that . ( opening the door ) .

Leo- i..i.. ( steps back and puts his hands on his head )

I just turned and closed his door and walked back downstairs and Amiya was waiting at the door . I grabbed her arm and we left out . But Tey ran outside .

Tey- aye why yall leaving ?

Amiya- I dont feel good .

Tey- well can i get your number ?

Amiya- yeah ( gives him the number )

Tey- cool ill call you later .

Amiya- ight :) .

On our way to my house i was telling Amiya about Demitri and Leo .

Nell- Demitri talking about he miss me . I didnt even respond .

Amiya- good cause all his sexy chocolate ass wants is some of you .

Nell- well you make things better i see :) .

Amiya- ikr !

Nell- how about Leo kissed me .

Amiya- ( slams on her breaks ) WHAT !!!!!!? Leo Leo ???

Nell- yea ... It was wierd for me . But then it wasnt i dont know .

Amiya- oh my gosh ! ( starts driving again ) yall cute though i was watching how he looks at you .

Nell- like he lost !

Amiya- noooo like he want you . Idk if its sexual or not . But mhmmmmm . Nelly got him a new penis .

Nell- chill no i dont .

When we was pulling up to my house i saw Demitris car waiting outside and i threw my head back . I got out the car with Amiya and walked towards my door . Then i hear a car door close .

Demitri- so yall gonna act like yall dont see me there .?

Nell- ( doesnt turn around and opens the door Amiya goes inside )

Demitri- ( turns Nell around ) why cant you look at me ?

Nell- ( looks down the street ) cause man what do you want ...

He really wants to know why ??? Cause hes fucking sexy and i know i will fall for his shit !!

Demitri- take a ride with me .

Nell- i have company ( noticing Demitri has his dreads down ) mm

Demitri- ughhh yo come on .

Nell- listen ill talk to you later ( turns around )

Demitri- ( walks behind Nell and puts his arm around him and talks into his ear ) do you know how much i thought about what i did to you ?

All i could do was stand there and smell how good his hair smelled and him . But i had to stay on track so i moved his arm and walked inside and closed the door . Then i had a lil tantrum cause my dick was hard as shit and i wanted him !

Demitri- ( banging on the door ) Nello come on please .

Nell-( stands there )

Demitri- imma call you ! And you better answer !

I looked through the shades and i thought he was walking off but he was still standing there looking at me and winked then walked off with his sweats saggin digging in his pocket for his keys .

Amiya- BITCH ! Snap out of it !

Nell- ( jumps ) really !

Amiya- ( eating a chicken finger ) CHICKEN FINNNNGAAA GEWD!

Nell- this is going to be a long night .


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