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I'm confident about me so your validation is not needed and I will not validate you know your worth.

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Age: 36
Ethnicity: Blatino
City, Region: Boston, Massachusetts
Country: United States
Sign: Cancer
Education: Masters
Gender: Male
Height: 5.11 "
Weight: 205 pounds
Build: thick
Waist: 36"
Shoe Size: 11.5
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Discreet
Hair: Low fade
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: Cigarettes
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Christian
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Relationships, Friendships, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, College Educated, Have Car, Have Own Place, Have Job, Adventurous
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He's back....๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
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Feel free to engage in a conversation. I'm here for the forums and for my entertainment not yours. Allow me time to respond to messages as I don't check my Inbox regularly but I always respond. If you visit show love in the form of a tag or a message. I don't bite but I am upfront. ;-)
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wrote at 2012-12-27 02:59:59

mikemike23 posted comment to this image:


wrote at 2012-12-10 14:24:00

Hey twiny twin. I miss you Mucho. You should send me your number or fb.


wrote at 2012-10-25 09:49:14

Hey honey bun!


wrote at 2012-10-17 02:45:07



wrote at 2012-07-28 20:58:48

airlinerguy posted comment to this image:
i want to see your hairy chest


wrote at 2012-07-09 02:04:39

Thank you Rican!!!!!!!!!!!!


wrote at 2012-06-14 15:56:07

*pokes my head around the corner.*


wrote at 2012-06-13 15:02:13

Thank ya, honey love!


wrote at 2012-05-12 19:16:47


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Mood : Tired

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Posted 2010-04-21 23:49:10

Have you stood in front of someone or has someone ever demonstrated the exact reflection of your contribution in personality. Example: When you are dating someone and they are loving, caring, sensitive and etc., you become displeased and do things to purposely make them angry just to expose that side of them. Then all the sudden that person takes note and decides to return the favor by doing the same thing you did to them. Do you get mad? or Just deal with it? Most people get really angry when they meet someone with the exact personality or contributes the same qualities you give. So my question is do you get mad at the man in the mirror or do you look and learn and realize that perhaps if it makes you angry that you should consider changing?


Mood : Happy

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Posted 2010-04-21 08:00:20

Versatility leaves room for expansion!

Why limit your potential experiences with someone when you can seek the best on has to offer.

When you restrict someone of their humanly experiences you only miss out on your potentials.

When someone is suffocating in a desire they will seek air in those who are willing to breathe for them.


Mood : Heavenly

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Posted 2010-04-21 06:50:31

Do you think age matters? In my opinion it does. Most people are not done with exploring the lifestyle until after the legal age of 21. So it seems weird to me why anyone 18 or even 21 years of***ge would be interested in settling down with someone when in fact that is the time where most people really engage in experiences ie: sexually, clubbing & doing things they were once restricted to do. Now I do know that there are people out there who are older in age who still partake in experimental activities but there are also alot of them who have been there and done that and are really in it for the name of love. But some of them have played or rather experimented so much that now their reputation preceeds them. Generally I don't introduce one's past into their future and their path for love however when it comes to someone who is young and barely past the legal age my guards are at attention. Do you really think that someone that young is really ready for love and are really willing to give up the best years of their lives to dedicate it to one person and miss out on the opportunity to experiment? I'm starting to believe that older men are the way to go because they have already been through that stage and now seek something more benefiting in their lives. But then again mean are never satisfied so what makes you think that they will be today. I suppose it's possible but in a lifestyle where glamor and who's the next best looking man is prime aka the gay lifestyle perhaps that idea may also be void.


Mood : Lonely

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Posted 2010-04-21 01:53:28

It was you and me
Till there was no more
I promised you love and trust
Why wasn't that enough
I kept hanging on
Hoping you would stay
I kept blaming myself
For making you lose faith
And I can't believe that
You've done this to me
Now I'm crying tears
Cause you were a lie
I wish that I never
Let you walk right in my life
My friends say be strong
They tell me move on
I gave you the best of me
And you threw it all away

And I can't believe that you've done this to me
And I can't believe that you've done this to me

Don't tell me that you and I
Are better off as friends
I don't believe a word you say
Cause you are just pretend
Where did you do, the man
That I truly love
You took him away from me
The day you walked away

And I can't believe that you've done this to me
And I can't believe that you've done this to me


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