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Posted 2018-07-08 05:10:58

I don't think I'm doing this shameless self-promotion thing right. Any pointers? I was hoping maybe I could have lots of readers checking my lame life story stuff out, but alas, I got nothing.

Guestimating my social media stats.
Twitter: 6 years, 86 followers; 1141 tweets; 0.2 RTs avg
Tumblr: 7 years; 32 followers; 192 posts; 3 likes avg
Facebook: 13 years; 220 friends; 718 posts; 12 likes avg
Weibo: 5 years; 2 friends; 419 posts, 0.0 likes avg

Truth be told, I come from a small town of barely 2000 people; 2 functional stop lights; a boring, overprotected childhood and broke (not poor) parents. I'll bet I'm not the only; I'll be damned if I am lol. I feel like those guys back home who are always posting on facebook about their new mixtape coming out :-/


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Posted 2018-07-07 05:05:35

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I was giving Japanese lessons to a White guy (this is important) while working out here? My roommate introduced us. He liked Japan (despite the fact we all live in China), watched anime, owned a samurai sword - you know, stereotypical Japanophile white kid stuff - and of course, wanted to learn Japanese.

Fine. I'll give lessons, was what I told him. Paid lessons, of course.

Time went on. Mind you, this guy (1)came to China with his girlfriend-slash-common-law-wife-of-13-years, (2) has a shamefully obvious case of Yellow fever and (3) like a lot of the foreigners I've come across, is pretty much here because China is an easy door into the Asian world... especially if you're White/Caucasian. (A while back, China got called out for practically rolling out red carpet for random white foreigners, giving them jobs just because they had beautiful white face, etc etc, different topic for a different time with a different bottle of sauce.) Anyway, that was the kind of dude I was dealing with.

Entitled. Racists. Ignorant af. But friendly to a fault. No one I would ever see myself being actual friends with.

Neither he nor his girlfriend spoke Chinese, so for the longest, they relied on my roommate's boyfriend who's a local Chinese guy to translate for them. Things happened, my roommate moved away; long story short, I ended up being the replacement translator for them, as I speak Chinese as well.

So, White guy - we'll call him "Nick" - and I continue with Japanese studies. Every week, twice a week, he'd come by my office in the evenings for Japanese lesson. No problems. I find out through conversation with him that he indeed gets around, thanks to an American friend of his who is rather sociable. We'll call THAT random White guy, "Dan."

Dan is your typical double chin, cleft lip, buck tooth, glasses-wearing White American male who always seems to be surrounded by Chinese girls whenever you see him. He managed to introduce Nick, just as White but not nearly as ugly, to a Chinese girl who's also interested in anime. She runs a booth at a Chinese anime expo thingamabob. Hoorah, they share common interest.

Story, story, story, Nick ends up sleeping with and establishing a fxxb buddy relationship with this Chinese girl. Things got so serious that he ended up with an STD, passed it to his ACTUAL girlfriend, got his face clawed for it and yet still invited the Chinese girl to their Thanksgiving dinner.

Nick's got balls.

(Note: At the time, I was only aware of these things because my roommate - who is a girl - was best friends with Nick's girlfriend. We talk lol)

Anyway, months pass and I'm still giving Nick Japanese lessons. After a lesson one evening, he decides to take me to a bar-n-burger joint for drinks. After a half a Cuba Libre, NIck's spilling his guts out about how much he hates being tied to one girl and feels he should screw whoever he likes because - wait for it - we are all animals first, humans second. (I personally have an issue with people stereotyping all animals, especially when they've not studied animal biology, but I digress. Nick ain't all that smart.)

Mind you, this man doesn't know about me, that I get down, but he starts prying at me anyway, wondering what it would be like to have someone like me "in his life." I stopped the conversation then and there because, well, he's drunk and I don't have time for drunken nonsense... without followup.

So that next week, I follow up. We go to the same bar, but before drinks come out, the topic comes back. Nick apparently misses those days of "puppy love," where people would flirt with each other. He misses the excitement of pursuit and exchanging nudes and sexting, which he and his girlfriend-wife-thingy don't do.

Not my problem, I thought to myself.

And then he goes on this long monolog about how he feel he "settled" with the woman he's with because in actuality, he wants an Asian woman "like the ones in the movies that are submissive and have long beautiful straight black hair" because he wants "a cute little Lolita daughter with long straight, black hair, and I can teach her to be tough like those little girls in anime!"

This dude.

Anyway. Nick was just an interesting character I've come across out here. To this day, he hopes I can help him get to Japan one day and travel there with him, and "perhaps we can... experiment... together..."

Don't mind me yall, but in the meantime:
Dear Straight Men
I mean... "straight" men...
Leave - Me - Dafuq - Alone


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Posted 2018-07-07 04:34:27

It's been a loooong time since I've visited this website. In fact, you can probably assume that it's because things are absolutely dry out here in ye ol' Middle Kingdom.

I don't think I've ever felt more sexually ignored in my life,especially for a dude that speaks the language. It's like, back when I was in the US, things were normal - about as normal as normal can get for a gay dude who works out and keeps a condom stash. Not to say that I was just wild or anything, but if there were every a weekend or a holiday where I wanted to meet up with someone, it was as simple as going online, scouting about for a minute, checking out pics and profiles, chatting it up with one of you gents and then taking it from there.

But here? HERE?

It's a totally different ball game over here. Five years over here (contract) and I definitely can notice the "extra" amount of work I have to put into getting a simple conversation out of guys over here. Not saying they're all this way, but it happens so often and I've experienced this personally so often that it's safe for me to assume: socializing in China as a Black man ... it's work. A lot of work.

There are some guys here, both from the African continent as well as of African descent out here, but - I dunno - I've felt a bit of a wall trying to reach out to them just to talk about this kind of stuff. Most of them, I see them on some other app and I get a "OMG, FINALLY, ANOTHER BLACK DUDE. LET'S FXXK!!! PLEASE!!!!"

And I'm just stuck thinking to myself, if it EVER gets THAT bad out here... I need to be on the next plane out. No questions.

With that said, yes, I've met other Black men out here. They are extremely few, far between and difficult to come across because of China's internet connect, but they're here lol. Most of them are from African countries working as business men and whatnot. Occasionally, I'll come across a Black student from the US who would make excellent friends, but terrible fxxk buddies. And the lot of African guys, well....

For the most part, what Chinese guys I HAVE met who DO like me, they only like me so long as I carry myself according to the Black men they see in porn vids. Ya know, the ones mostly produced by white men wherein they only cast those who are bald, muscular, darker than dark-dark, extremely hung and overkill drag-you-by-the-hair-while-punching-you aggressive in bed.

Iono, BBC is compliment that I'm finding a hard time to accept, really-really. But I've talked to a lot of guys from African countries who wear that "title" with pride. You can see their profiles on Grindr or whatever mentioning "BBC. Love Asian Ass. Asian only. Ready to destroy Chinese booty" or some ish like that. I get it, though. I mean, maybe if I were that assertive about myself and my body, I'd probably at least save time in trying to hook up over here. Meanwhile, White dudes get floods upon floods of messages just from posting a headless horseman pic. (You know the ones lol). I feel like I have to auction myself off with every statistic to my being: my face, my body, how many inches I am, what dwindling hit count I have and everything else. I'm just not that kind of dude, meh.

Anyway, I didn't have much to say and it's pretty much my first real BGC blog entry. I hope to hear youz guyz thoughts/opinions on it and maybe even keep a guy company with some decent discussion/convo concerning the matter?


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Posted 2011-09-24 20:51:05

...send this as a message instead of the given the runaround these days =/



* _______ granted you access to his/her private images *


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Posted 2011-09-16 15:04:02

It's one thing to hold people to standards. It's another thing hold people to standards that not even you can meet. Really, why expect or demand your next boyfriend to be respectful, healthy, in shape and good looking when you're promiscuous, lazy, shamefully flabby and ugly? Cease!

I need a drink...


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