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Can I be a horny buddy friend and confidant? #DLLuvr #LuvsMyDudes

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Sexiest Latino 2014-11-18 23:22:28
:: The Basics
Age: 42
Ethnicity: Blatino
City, Region: Ellenwood, Georgia
Country: United States
Sign: Libra
Education: Masters
Gender: Male
Height: 5.08 "
Weight: 164 pounds
Build: toned
Waist: 30"
Shoe Size: 10
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine
Closet: Parents Know
Hair: Long
Status: single
Drink: Social
Smoke: Other
Tattoos: None
Unusual Piercings: None
Spirituality: Other
:: Interests
Friendships, Hookups, Top, Versatile Top, Versatile, Versatile Bottom, Oral, Rimming, College Educated, Have Car, Have Own Place, Have Job, Play Sports, Adventurous, Thugs, Foreplay, Wrestling
:: I Am Looking For
When We Fuck! NSA! #Fun #HookUpRegular#AFewGoodMen #ExNavyOfficer #LuvsMyDudes #IGotchu #NoSnitch #WifeWontEVERKnow #UnlessWifeyDown
:: Who I Am
*****SAVE TIME & ENERGY BY READING WHO I AM******* BORED! Need folk that have DEVELOPED minds...Body parts can be purchased, added onto, nipped tucked etc...BUT a MIND cannot be FAKED. You shouldn't try me either...I may be NEW to the fitness world...BUT My brain is like a Heavy Weight Champion... rnrnI am retired Officer from the Navy and IN Medical School for Radiation Therapy/Oncology & Biomedical Research. rnrn I haven't ANY TIME for foolish drawn out sissy shit like 1000 emails and messages. I drive in the left lane CRUISING on 80 mph for as long as I can. In other words, I am not here to court, date, or get married.rnrn#MenFUCK #TalkAfterrnrnI LOVED ALL THE FREELY OPEN sex I had during all the Mardi-Gras I ever been to in Rio,Brazil/NOLA/TriniTobago/West Africa. rnrnI spent the summer in Rio de Janeiro where me and 12 dudes got down together and regularly WITHOUT PUNK ASS HANG-UPs...we met, we fucked, we ate, we drank, we smoked weed and fucked some more...NO ISSUES. 1/2 them went HOME 2 wives...MEN PLAY overseas and bitches keep their place.. #FactzrnrnI had boxes of Magnums and ALL the boys FLIPPED. MEN FUCK. Our friendship can be the Game/Sex/Drink/Game/Smoke/Fuck/Game/Toot/Fuck - THIS BGC shit IS A MAN CAVE imho, so let's just get in the cave and get WET! rnrnBS to the rear of the bldg. Bold, cold and ready to Rock & Roll...step to the front and be ready for the Afro-Cuban ride of lifetime....Military MEN are usually NO BS type dudes...so If I come across as impatient and crass...it's deliberate. This profile picture is from a few years ago...you've been tested and should NOT be angry either....Grey hairs replaced dark hair at temples...goatee salt & pepper - I looked good then and I feel like I look good now...rnrnLet's SKIP the bullshit...If i give u # - CALL TEXT or send private pic to phone...rnrnPrivate requests are earned and should be RECIPROCATED without my asking...as we are ALL adults...I'm not 'after one thing' or the other. rnrnSome days I am HORNY a.f. and other days I just wanna talk to someone...On the HORNY days, we need to be quick about it....on the TALKING days; we can take all the time we want.rnrnI have 2 homes. We have privacy - I have my own everything and some things I have two of...I don't need ANYTHING but a mannerable ADULT who doesn't cum empty handed and is NOT hustling me for $$$ - HAVE YA OWN...rnrnBUT I can always host safely and discreetly... #LetsPLAYfrfrrnrnSoy Añgel Luis rnDigame - "Get at me" #DudesTho
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My Post: It's not been my experience that THIS generation is CONDITIONED to ob... read more

My Post: Monogamy is NOT the oldest or the GLOBAL norm...It is still a new con... read more

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#NoNeedToWonderILoveAss, #StraightToThePoint, #international
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pony tail


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uwanmna see?


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The hair..?


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Love the hair


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Nice thick booty


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Can you take some dick


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Posted 2013-04-06 16:43:00

I said this in another blog's response....

ALL I see on this site are DOUBLE MINDED PUNK ASS BOYS RAISED BY WOMEN without DADS to explain to them WHAT A MAN REALLY IS!!!!!! NO woman is 100% certain about what it means to be a MAN....Just as NO MAN can be 100% sure about what it means to be a WOMAN...as such, it seems all these incomplete BOYS have NO fatherly roles to draw from and ONLY have a FEMALE's point of view on LIFE matters....

This is why I am UNCOMFORTABLE here in the USA....MEN are WEAK. Boring. UNENGAGING. UNINTELLIGENT. OVER EMOTIONAL - When the fuck did that happen that MEN are such WIMPS?????

Monogamy is NOT the oldest or the GLOBAL norm...It is still a new concept. Why are gay MEN behaving like women with such a WEDDING mentality? Even Gay Marriage IS AN INSUTL because it STILL requires the following of an ARCHETYPE that was established by OTHERS for OTHERS....

Why can't Gay and Bisexual MEN create OUR OWN version of commitment? Who the hell wants to be with the SAME ONE MAN for ever? AND, what is the problem if ONE chooses another PATH? Where is the equity and DIVERSITY for those of us who NEVER wanted to be married? I am not anti relationship BUT gay MEN have no basis for a RELATIONSHIP because we are USING heterosexual models for relations that don't MEET OUR NEEDS....

I WILL NEVER Submit to a MAN...I am not PLAYING A ROLE....A MAN should be a MAN...period....I don't want another nigga paying my bills and shit...And I sure as SHIT don't need to dude telling me wtf to do; think; say or feel...WOMEN need that kind of direction; they are WOMEN....

Speaking on the matter intellectually, why are gay MEN following ARCHETYPES established by white heterosexual politicians and religious leaders whose W***EDOMS/W***EMONGRING are unmatched by our meager "sexcapades" any GD way?

MEN; working class and poor MEN are being bound to a set of rules that NO POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH is held to....Powerful MEN Make MONEY AND F***K EVERYTHING...poor niggas running around here looking for Prince Charming and s***t...its TOTALLY unrealistic...we are NOT wired for MONOGAMY as a rule....that is a CHOICE....and everyone is NOT obligated to honor THAT archetype...

SEX may well be OUR POWER and FEMINISM PHILOSOPHIES, which promote EMASCULATION, are negating our POWER AS MEN....

MEN F***K. MEN EXPLORE. MEN CREATE. MEN MAKE DECISIONS. MEN don't sit around like spinster b***hes waiting for another MAN to come "rescue" them into romance.....that's some bullshiggitty yo and I am so AMAZED that MEN are on BGC confused and UNCLEAR about this F***K SITE.... ijs

eHarmony explores dimensions WOMEN need....Ain't MEN really here to F***K? So why not be MEN???


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