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:: The Basics
Age: 31 / 0
Ethnicity: Black /
City, Region: Brooklyn, New York
Country: United States
Sign: Leo /
Education: Some College /
Gender: Male /
Height: 5.11" / "
Weight: 185 / 0 pounds
Build: slender /
Waist: 34" /
Shoe Size: 11 /
:: Life Style
Style: Masculine /
Closet: Discreet /
Hair: Short /
Status: single /
Drink: Once in a while /
Smoke: None /
Tattoos: None /
Unusual Piercings: None /
Spirituality:  /
:: Interests
Relationships, Friendships, Versatile, Versatile Bottom, Bottom, Oral, College Educated, Have Car, Have Own Place, Have Job, Play Sports, Adventurous, Thugs
:: We Are Looking For
I am the founder of DENDERAH HOUSE INC. ABOUT THAT LYFE -STYLE ENTERTAINMENT presents New trailer series entitled '' OUR TRIBE our vision, AUTHOR OF ''WE ARE THE ANCE-stARS CHILDREN' and poetry from the soul''. WE are SPIRITUALY gifted young and older same-gender loving men and women of Afrikan,Carribean,Latino,Asian,Caucasian descent who are Dual gender beings born to help give insight ,heal ,lead many born with psychic GIFTS who are found in many religous and spiritual circles.Some call us rebels who don't easily follow along with the systems way of doing things ,we are unique beings born with certain characteristics that seperate them from the rest. Many express their insight through their creativity , their many expressions for these gifts who vibrate on the feminine side of their nature that allow them to connect with people on various levels ,they express creativity and a appreciation for life through intimate connections with gaia (earth).They know there more to Existence than what we see,they had past lives making Differences in humanity & Return to assist in these challenging times call the Dimensional shift(end of the world or cycle) they dream in colors,See into other worlds,their sexual energies are expressions of the life forces that they use to open gates within their body called (chakras) that allow them to connect with other Dimensions and feelings ,they often feel lonely but are magnetic with other people considered weird but really unique.They suffer alot of abuse growing up in hellish housholds they mask the world pain in their smile they internalize because they are Empaths(sensitive) to people's Feeling not sensitive as in weak, they experiment with periods of drugs ,depression , low self-esteem Run in with the law because of their Activist spirit, they move amongst us with a quiet power bringing light to places and people where its needed.Their gifted abilities come in many forms some are movers, feelers,seers and shifters they attract relationships that problematic, they love strong they are right-brain thinkers,their health may be troubled due to the low vibrations on this planet,they are moody at times & some they no longer desire to live in a world fill with negative energy.This society mis-understandings about their identity makes them feel some type of way ,they feel a strong connection to spirituality and nature and ideas that could help others make a difference, but get lost in Religions and crowds simply because it's THE ONLY thing their souls knows about God knwoing there more then whats being told. There body or heart shape faces, healing hands , Deep stares and Aura reveals their strong presence ,people with large eyes can see into the mysteries ,large heads and expanded foreheads distinct features have great Healing and intelligence they may have obtain a degree or rebel against the academic world simply because they could not digest the learning methods set up for them by the system being visual learners . They may have marks on their body that can't be explain and there eyes reveal a deep mysterious feeling ,Sex is powerful with them because they contain alot of pure energy giving their partner a eletcric orgasm due to their bodies being able to conduct chi (prana chi ,sakham or ase ),they rebel against the norms or laws set up by this world knowing the system is a enslaving system design to suppress free thinkers, they ponder on deep thoughts because the universe is constantly infusing them with soul-utions(solutions) to problems. They have a sense of what works and doesn't base on experience with previous incarnations,they are here to assist others in making their SOULS JOURNEY OR LEAP OUT OF HERE ,they have various positions in society where they can give insight, heal,inspire, teach bring out the creativity even in the entertainment world making records that bring ppl together. you may be looking to empower yourself and have been searching for those who think & feel a certain way , lost in a world that forgot what your purpose is ,we know society dogma has done more damage than good religion was used to help humanity at one point understand higher spiritual principles that got lost in humans Egos and political agendas ( vain things) The initiates had to be prepared for certain rites before learning the mysteries like when you take those steps you will learn what you need and things wil come to you facts not illusion ; simply healing and reconciling reaching your potential. Our activities was design for you to learn how to harness your personal energies and expand your awareness help in your goals toward personal development and self-healing ,our family is growing and centered around uplifting and guiding our tribe. we offer other services to help with connecting you to resources we are not solely dual gender beings call bi-sexual, ,poly-sexual,trans-sexual, inter-sexual or homo-sexual and recognize its sacredness and power. Their are ways to AWAKEN YOUR POtential fROM WITHIN ,once YOU become a member you will experience the most exotic feelings fROM your Serpent power called kundalini energy , you will start to know from within our members learn many things guys of all types attend our circle groups who passion is to enhannce Your connections. Once you accept the mantle your Financial life, LOVE life emotiOnal well being changes, WE LIVE IN A WORLD THAT DON'T understand OUR purpose and once you recieve your gaurdians(SPIRIT GUIDES) you will be guided .Our philosophy simple, our scriptures are qouted from the pages of life, our daily rituals is connecting with each other no matter race our message is love of self and kind ,we bond on many levels. our activities are not limited to exploring our entices , We enjoy life bringing fun back to parties,and community outreach. We engage as a family ,I have a entertainment component that nurtures singers,dancers,poets ,actors we crash EVENTS and bring a air of excitement, suspense and energy where its needed .Our programs and sessions has yielded tremendous results for others suffering from many maladies of life and SOCIETY , l am a Aspiring Author,Activist,sexologist and CUltural custodian, spirit messenger, simply a friend. I service PEOPLE in various ways sgl peoples, heterosexuals groups who are gay-friendly how to cultivate their higher self and spiritual energy, open gates within
:: Who We Are
I retired city life exchange the big apple(n)yc for the peach (atl) now im peeling oranges(o but rn rnrn'mrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnIm far from the stero-typical mentality that others associate city boys with,I am very much down to earth (grounded ) ,when im not up in the air get it. ppl say I don't waste words and that I carry a air of mystery, but my goals are Astronomical (IN THE Stars), i am very much the social animal (say something i talk back ) but do have something to talk about plz other than who you slept with las nite(WAS IT THAT GOOD) ,the ppl i meet are so shallow ,the new word i learnt down huur was ratchet, YEA IM FROM THE HOOD BUT THE hood not all im about dont get upset because you cant find the right words to befriend me im not concieted ,just able to tell if your sincere, i treat ppl the way they act ,i am not bothered by what ppl say listen to their words it's about who they are ya'll are followers always tryn to be validated w to be accepted which shows you don't have a mind of your own (be you)but there are only some things that keep this Lion ON A LEASH , (yes im a leo ) it 's respect,loyalty, love is hard to keep (that word died and had a funeral was you there...lol rest in peace... ....I brought some life insurance but it didn't come with the bullshit, not liking someone base on what someone else say means you haven't grown up,how can ya'lll say ya want love loyalty, a good man who can give you something your not willing to give or dont even own...opp i have a passion for those who share there own dreams ( oh your a model ,actor ,singer dancer ,gottchu! but if you work at mcds hey more burgars for us get money lol.... my ideal person doesn't supercede unrealistic expectations (no you dont have to be a america top model or own the latest designer wear or even lie about your status ,age or preference to me superficial people spoil the soul, i'll takem genuine original & UNIQUE please! hold the Drama (I hate the spotlight I sweat to much ) i mean it's cute to be acknowledge is cute but being Appreciated is better!(who s real who fake ....Im a product of the challenges people face every day in life growing pains,set-backs,defeats ( been through hells fire sort to speak all i got was a tan...check) It's call life ,don't fault me if my personality doesn't match my UNDERWEARS yeah get the ruler the Dick big but my heart bigger lol or if i seem extreme or if im not rocking the latest gucci ,dolce gabbana shades alfits(MATERIAL GURLS) i like nice things but labels are not close to what describes me... or if i dont meet your expectations 'delusions' i mean of granduer,THERE nothing wrong with having standards but ya'll expect people to be what your not and own things you don,'t have and give them shade its because their alot of things in ppl we fail to see ( THERE personality ,humanity,their kindness their spiritual side or goals )an look into not at the body alone which is the skin of the spirit an the spirit is the skin of the soul the mind is where twin flames meet .... my objectives were not easy to reach (i have a long to do list) trust me im a little behind but on time because success for me may not be the same thing for you, no one is a loser in life if we have different life paths or goals not a finish product(being molded by life) bu my best is still before me . Trust is earnt but lying about your status is criminal don't take it out on the world you can heal yourself, im many things TO MANY people because we all wear a mask in society whats your Alter Ego look like? I dont share this with many I am clairvoyant some refer to as having esp or spiritual perceptor Are u confused? Let me help u The past. present. future are all one to me no im no them fake crystal ball gypsies the art of the pyschic may seem weird to you but we all intuitive when we get hunches(trust your instincts) i am not a Religious fanatic translation 'hypocrite '..not knocking what you believe........ the only sin is not being yourself we all seek the validation but if we worry to much about what ppl think we will never learn our own thoughts or true feelings we have a growing problem in our own community with the shady demeanor,stank attitude,self-hate,Down low not sure of themselves , thug mentality trying to gain points that doesn't belong in our culture I meaN not judging it has its place the health crisis is killing us and click culture dividing us ,we suppose to know our history many of ya 'll not happy with yourself giving others the constipated look or rolling the eyes get you ignored l see into the essence of things back to me i am a friend, father, compassionate, misunderstood ,hated for the wrong reasons. loved by many .a cause figher related to a prominent figure in history ,author,actor,poet,model for social change , im attracted to things dealing with social causes and personal achievements but none the less a human being funny there never a dull moment ,love to d@ance travel ,eat, and entertain company(who s over for dinner...THEY ASK WHERE DID THE LOVE GO in the Life we subscribe to? Things are not what they use to be check your status ,attitude and mind at the door..lol .....people are not comfortable with who they are .we discrminate between who top- bottoms- verse- trans and dont see that no matter what label u chose the world see u as gay , reality is calling pick up the phone look into your lover or desired person dont make sex the agenda make time worth while your right
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Perfect..that's hawt


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Thanx For The Tag.. Handsome.. Mucho Amor


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Thanks for the love man!


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photogenic . . .10


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Thank u boo...you're a handsome fella yourself!


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What store is that


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Stopping in to say hola lol
You're very handsome and seem like a no bs kinda guy
I like that


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Pool party sundays come out an get wet....

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Denderah house is a safe haven where members of our community can recieve the spiritual emotional cultural validation and support they need providing a place where various cultures can share there experiences, we are opening chapters around the world and building bridges joining people together in love unity peace, we started our own honorary society to acknowledge those who making strides and sharing their talents and making a difference, our house is a home to those who wish to join the family as we kick off our tour state to state we thank you fearless contributors for your support and will be announcing new members from various places who will be making appearances at our yearly conventions and fundraising events which will feature runway contest lectures, parties, special performances and reward ceremonies if you would like to join and recieve your membership card, shirt button,booklet leave your name, number, e -mail anf we will transmit a application to you, we appreciate your 27.00 contribution which would cover youryour gift package you can contact me at (917)9626316 for any inquiried


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Posted 2011-05-24 14:47:59

how coming out made me look within


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www. denderah.blogspot.com


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