More educated, the less you’re to hide your your sexuality  
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Post Posted: 2018-02-13 02:41:17  
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2012-09-27 11:58:30

I think this has more to do with MONEY than Education.........
Cuz 9 times out of 10, if you're educated beyond a Bachelor's degree,
you're making enough to live in the best parts of town....
And the best parts of town are always upscale areas frequented by gays....
And if you're comstantly surrounded by a VISIBLE GAY PRESENCE, your guard will be down....

the reason why I don't believe being highly educated equals being more likely to be out...
Is because.....
Being highly educated does not mean you're making bread....
A lot of highschool teachers have 2 degrees or more but most of them don't make shit.....
A lot of social workers have Masters Degrees but most don't make over 20$ an hour......

And you could be a Ivy league grad struggling in NYC high ass rent and all you'll be able to afford is a room in some hood ass area with big ass NYC rats crawling out the vents like "was good?"...

So yes, you could be an educated gay black male living in some sketchy parts of town because your pockets are not lining up properly....and you will be force to be discreet or D.L because of where you live......Your education won't make you come out....

IT'S YOUR POCKETS.....your pockets will allow you to live in certain areas that will relax your nerves and encourage to live freely....THIS IS WHY MONEY IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT....a lot of you fags like to act like dick is everything....naw bitch....your pockets and dockets better be in order......

2018-02-12 20:23:32

You make some valid points. But plenty of poor Black faggots don't behave like flaming sissies and hoe-bags. LOL!

That varies from city to city and region to region.....the negro gay scene differs by geographic location.....but I can speak for Chicago and the ones here are soo mudafuckin trash.....a bunch of heathens.....they're mostly about house sex parties and always trying to recruit you to join their family....and what I mean by recruit is this.....In Chicago, Gay couples are always trying to recruit you to be a 3rd husband.....POLYAMORY is huge here....you could see a group of 4 niggas always hanging out and you'll be shocked when you find out all 4 of them are fucking eachother CONSENSUALLY..All 4 of them are aware and have agreed to sharing eachother.....and they're always finding specific types of dudes to add to their group....almost like a fraternity.......Now I know gay men love sex in general but I think the ones here in Chicago take the crown......and they only reason why HIV/Aids is not spreading like a wildfire is because they use the recruitment method....meaning....You stay in your group for fucking......If you're recruited, that becomes your crew for everything.....Almost like a gang....the gang culture here has found it's way into the gay scene.......and I'm sure you've heard of Chicago Violence and gang culture....it runs deep here......I've had a Doctor and an air traffic controller couple try to recruit me......and their selective too.....Certain groups want specific types.....so you can't be a McDonalds worker in a group of Engineers....that would never happen.....and they keep it a maximum of 4 or 5...nothing more.......see in Atlanta and D.C everybody is fucking everybody....in Chicago, we have a group recruitment system....same way you're recruited into a gang or frat.....

Post Posted: 2018-02-13 04:04:52  
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.Why do you need everyone in your business no matter your sexual orientation. Only the couple involved need to know everyone who aint contributing shit need to worry about there on life before it goes unders from lack of personal attention. I know this will fall on deaf ears of no life nosey people.
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