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I never understood why certain people love going to funerals. I have an aunt, in fact my moms aunt too, who loves going to funerals. My mom use to say they like to be nosy, but they would go to family, friends, people they may have met and knew for a few weeks funerals.

But the crazies and weirdest thing I never understood is why people take pictures of the deceased lying in the coffin...and I went to one funeral of a good friend of mines and someone there was Video taping it, with a professional camera and tripod...Who the hell wants to go back and watch a damn sad ass, crying filled funeral or look at pictures of an overdressed enbalmed body.

I hate funerals...and if I don`t have to go, I won`t...I have sent my condolences to the families via cards and flowers, but showing up, I just cannot; especially seeing babies and young kids lying in a casket.

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