Last night i had a DETAILED dream about a forum reg.  
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Post Posted: 3 days ago 
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The delusion and narcissism of it all.

You can edit all the posts that you want. It still won't change the future.

I'm mad I noticed that. That was probably the intent. I am lowkey predictable asf. I need to take a break from here.

Post Posted: 3 days ago 
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2017-09-07 14:07:28

He ended up dating someone else in the dream and at that moment i realized how much i liked him


Its like we lived in the same apartment complex and he ended up all under some other nigga ....

The dream felt TOO real...

I had to watch them cuddle ...and be all lovy dovy

I think the over all feeling was i regretted not telling him how i really feel ??

Tf does this dream mean

All i know is it hurt my damn feelings tho to see him with someone else

I never knew i felt this way actually until i woke up


If dreams be the feelings you cant communicate in consciousness....then this was a WAKE UP CALL or a lil sign to be more upfront with my feelings a lil more...i guess because we are on the internet...i didnt think that i should call feelings real here and sum anything up to small crushes

Yet it doesnt go away....and i know better than to underestimate FATE



( no i will not reveal who it is)

Love you too joshy, poo

Call me after 11:oopm. I'll be home by then.
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